How China Built a Hospital in 10 Days

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Select footage courtesy the AP Archive
Select Footage courtesy 大紀元新聞網 and
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Commentaires 80
春天的猫 Il y a heure
it's all about saving life,so nothing impossible,if u really want to do~
Ben C
Ben C Il y a 2 heures
As a Chinese, I want to say that no Chinese will eat bats! absolutely
bebecitajuanita Il y a 4 heures
this is hilarious but fishy.....
Ester Tan
Ester Tan Il y a 7 heures
Wow... only 10 day make it build hospital🤔
Dongha Xu
Dongha Xu Il y a 14 heures
HuoShenShan Hospital is built like this First of all, you need an urgent order: led by the China Construction Third Bureau, Wuhan Construction Engineering, Wuhan Municipal Government, Hanyang Municipal Government and other enterprises to participate in the construction, on the 50,000 square meters of tidal flat slopes by Wuhan Zhiyin Lake, directing 7,500 builders and nearly 1,000 Taiwan ’s machinery and equipment set up a military standing for all Chinese people and the tormented citizens of Wuhan-"In ten days, a life-saving hospital with a capacity of 1,000 beds will be built." Then you need Beijing Zhongyuan International Engineering Design and Research Institute to complete the design and construction drawings of Xiaotangshan Hospital 17 years ago in 78 minutes. Then it was submitted to Wuhan CITIC Architectural Design Institute without reservation, and Dr. Huang Xizhang, the national survey and design master, repeatedly advised the gains and losses of experience. You need CITIC Architectural Design Institute to convene 60 designers in one hour, set up a public welfare project, contact hundreds of BIM designers across the country to participate, and go all out to fight: come up with a design plan within 24 hours, within 60 hours Consult the construction unit to finalize the construction drawings. You need Wuhan Hangfa Group to quickly enter the site to start site leveling, road and drainage engineering construction; at the same time, an emergency engineering construction team composed of two listed companies, High Energy Environment and Dongfang Yuhong, is responsible for anti-seepage engineering, sewage treatment and medical waste transfer facilities Construction; we must also call China Railway Heavy Industries, a subsidiary of China Railway Industry Corporation, in the most difficult time, and quickly increase aid to catch up with the construction period. You need the State Grid and more than 260 power workers work continuously 24 hours a day. Before January 31, complete the relocation of two 10 kV lines, the placement of 24 box-type transformers, and the laying of 8000 meters of power cables, and start power delivery on time. You need Yiwei Lithium Energy. Before the laying of power cables is completed, silently provide a silent generator car to solve the emergency power supply problem of key equipment such as communication base stations You need Huawei, China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom, China Tower, China Electronics, China Xinke, Zhongke and other front and rear companies to cooperate closely and coordinate operations. After quickly completing 5G signal coverage in 36 hours, they also delivered cloud resources 1. Core system computing and storage equipment, and built a remote consultation system with the PLA General Hospital. Then you can set up a camera behind the three Osmanthus fragrans trees to start live broadcasting, and then summon tens of millions of cloud supervisors to watch the "Send Grey Sect" and "vomit" supported by Sany Heavy Industry, Zoomlion Heavy Industry and Xugong Machinery. The sauces are busy 24 hours. You need a CNPC on-site fuel truck, and requisition Sinopec Zhiyin Avenue gas station to provide oil protection for the project site, while providing instant noodles, boiling water, meeting space and temporary toilets. You need all the production personnel of the Three Gorges Group Ezhou Power Plant to stay in the factory to provide guarantee for Wuhan's electricity; China Railway Construction Expressway gives priority to the release of materials from Huoshenshan Hospital; Baowu Steel, Zheshang Zhongtuo, and Minmetals Development provide steel; ,keel. You also have to use food from outside China and grain and oil donated by COFCO to provide three meals a day for thousands of workers; Hubei Zhongbai Warehouse and Alibaba ’s Tao Xian Da will build a “contactless cash register "Supermarkets provide workers and medical workers with a convenient and safe supply of daily supplies. During construction, you need cement from Huaxin, fireproof coating from Hebei Junhui, galvanized round steel from Chia Tai Pipe, magnificent and energy-saving rubber and plastic insulation materials, 5931 toilets and faucets from Huida Sanitary Ware, and bay safety fire alarm 3500 sets of integrated houses, three companies including Jiaqiang Energy Saving, etc., spheroidal graphite cast iron pipes of Xinhua, China municipal and construction pipelines of Yonggao, 4,800 sets of steel components of China Metallurgical Corporation, and 50 sets of Zhuzhou McMet Power supply equipment, 2000 valves of Shanghai Guanlong Company. After the house is built and then renovated, you need 100 management personnel and 500 construction personnel of China State Construction and Construction Corporation to complete the indoor and outdoor ground rubber laying, bathroom and buffer floor tile laying, and the interior decoration tasks of more than 200 wards. After the decoration is completed, you need a full set of more than 2,000 computer equipment provided by Lenovo Group and a professional IT service team stationed on the site; all public LCD screens provided by TCL Electronics; tablet computers provided by Xiaomi; Ziguang, FiberHome, Chianxin Provided network and security equipment; Internet hospital cloud platform provided by Weining Health. Professional equipment is indispensable, you need CT equipment of Shanghai Film United Medical, Shanghai Trust, Neusoft Group CT, ICU ward and operating room special medical air conditioner of Weifang Yashi, thermal imaging chip of Shanghai Integrated Circuit Industry Association, Shanghai Xin Nuofei 930 sets of UV disinfection lamps, professional lighting equipment of Op Lighting, 2000 electronic thermometers of Lepu Medical and 700 finger oximeters, professional air purifiers of Huiqing Technology and Aojiahua, and medical service robots of Orion Star ; Ou Yada Home Furnishing management team and bed supplies. All the above material transportation relies on domestic and global green channels jointly opened by Chinese logistics giants such as SF Express, Zhongtong, Shentong, Yunda, EMS, Alibaba Logistics Platform, etc., to transport relief materials to Wuhan for free from all over the world. Finally, let the professional team install the Gree air conditioner, and wait for Haier's engineers to rush to the scene because the road is closed and carrying the refrigerator, and put the beautiful water dispenser and water heater in place. Outside the door, dozens of negative-pressure ambulances donated by Yutong Bus and Jiangling Group have been ready to go. When you think of it, someone will always provide it in time; if you do n’t think about it, someone will provide it. A filing cabinet worth 200,000 yuan, 14 Luoyang furniture companies rushed to work overnight, and only told you after delivery that "no need to buy, we donate." The 8,000-pound winter melon, Shanghai green, and coriander were drove 300 kilometers away from the veteran Wang Guohui of Baiji Town, Shenqiu, Henan Province, and were sent directly to the construction site on New Year's Eve. One ton of "Zizhong Blood Orange" was carefully selected by Huang Cheng, a farmer in Shuinan Town, Zizhong County, Sichuan Province, who is not rich. The 400 benches were donated by Tao Chen, the owner of Taobao, who had been in business for less than a year, to see the workers who rushed around the clock to donate.
ayio yan
ayio yan Il y a 15 heures
xin An
xin An Il y a 20 heures
It was nice to see the kind words. I hope you will come to China after the outbreak and see for yourself the development and current situation of China. Without prejudice you will see the real world
Russian Bias
Russian Bias Il y a jour
availablehage Il y a jour
The economic prosperity and govt control is unique to country can pull it off
availablehage Il y a jour
That's almost warlike speed..imagine China going Into a war..
yitao guo
yitao guo Il y a 11 heures
China will not initiate a war unless someone fires first
John C
John C Il y a jour
The comment section is filled with propaganda from the Chinese communist party
Jumk Zhang
Jumk Zhang Il y a jour
John Yuen
John Yuen Il y a 2 jours
I do not believe that the wet market in Wuhan caused this Corona Virus. Asian people have been eaten wild animal for centuries. Infect many people in Asian countries still eating wild animals and bats even to this day and they have no problems been reported to link with this virus. If the Wuhan wild animals passed the virus to people who ate them, this is NOT science. It is NOTING than a political propaganda. We need to separate between facts and lies. Lets assume that animal did have the Corona Virus that means that animal's parents. grandparents, great grandparents etc also have that virus. If the animal's parent or grandparents have that virus, that means people would have that virus long before December, 2019. People would have gotten this virus like 2016 those people who ate their grandparents. The other problem with eating wild animals caused Virus is not Science because Chinese people do NOT eat this animal RAW. They cooked these animals for hours. According to the Health Department in America's current rule, if any meat is cooked to an internal temperature 175 degrees and or above, it is safe to consume. If the Chinese people cooked these animals for hours, the internal temperature is 200 degrees and or above. Under this high temperature, all virus are killed. If all the virus were killed. how can this virus infect any human? I am surprised that many politicians and news reporters know very little about science. Sadly to say many lazy reporters did not do their homework and take other people's word as a gospel truth. Many people had been deceived.
孙让 Il y a 2 jours
Chenxu Xiong
Chenxu Xiong Il y a 2 jours
Pray for all people in the world! Besides, welcome to China after coronavirus are controlled. Most time Chinese governments are reliable and most Chinese people are friendly.
好课笔记 Il y a 2 jours
Skyline Timelapse
Skyline Timelapse Il y a 2 jours
China: BUILT a hospital in ten days. Some countries: BLAME China for three months.
Cam看世界 Il y a 2 jours
Purple Wind
Purple Wind Il y a 2 jours
Compare to tent hospital in Central Park in New York City...
Zang Jie
Zang Jie Il y a 2 jours
Thanks for all kind people’s comments from all different countries, though we may have different culture and different systems, as well as there some imperfect aspects, we are seeing the country are getting better, even miracles. We need unite together to fight against the Virus,the real enemy.Thanks again for all your kind and positive words♥️
Barrie Davies
Barrie Davies Il y a 2 jours
You,, 59,353 likes,, who think China is great, go and live in China,, dont come back, if China is that good ask Hong Kong, Tiawon , people about China ,, you sick bastards..
JJ coal
JJ coal Il y a 3 jours
Free Sadness
Free Sadness Il y a 3 jours
China is the most overpower country in the world, because NO country could build a hospital in 10 Days. This is the proof that China government tried their best to save their people and the world.
Simon Roy
Simon Roy Il y a 3 jours
Everything that happened in China is extremely efficient, and it is incredible to take anything out.
Zhihan Li
Zhihan Li Il y a 3 jours
China: Builds a large hospital in 10 days USA: Builds a airport in 10 years
摇扶 Il y a 3 jours
Popular Media
Popular Media Il y a 3 jours
Please tell me why the prefab parts for the hospital buildings were built before corona? Did they know the virus release date ahead of time?
Micheal Wang
Micheal Wang Il y a 2 jours
Those prefab parts are used for build temporary buildings in the construction sites. They are everywhere in China because a lot of constructions are undergoing nowadays in China.
HongYu Gong
HongYu Gong Il y a 2 jours
Beacause they often build hospital...
Tsung Bender
Tsung Bender Il y a 3 jours
China used to build the same hospital in 2003 for Sars. Chinese government indeed hid the information to their people, but the international receive the warning from CCP on January 3rd.
Black -Senpai
Black -Senpai Il y a 3 jours
10 tens to build a hospital, in my country they wouldnt build anything
CG NET Il y a 3 jours
I have to say no gov is perfect, either Us or china. Got it? The fact that US is so arrogant is why it has so many cases right now. CCP is corrupt, but it's not useless, please accept this fact. US gov also is not without its problems, do you agree?
Ultra Wu
Ultra Wu Il y a 3 jours
As a Chinese .For me CCP is not perfect,even sometimes it's totally awful.But This time CCP did a nice job ,though at first its performance was terrible.Lcukily goverment realized the reality as soon as possible at the end of January
boama Millicent
boama Millicent Il y a 3 jours
Still unbelievable 🤦‍♀️
chrisadamsgh Il y a 3 jours
unbelievable! This is awesome!!
Cyril Chui
Cyril Chui Il y a 3 jours
Britain built a hospital in 9 days. It is built inside an Exhibition Centre so no need to lay sewage or pipes or air-con.
John Refalo
John Refalo Il y a 3 jours
8:45 the Soviets were helping them
John Refalo
John Refalo Il y a 3 jours
@ray ronan lol ik
ray ronan
ray ronan Il y a 3 jours
John Refalo thats ccp flag
richard sun
richard sun Il y a 3 jours
It is about the abilities of mobilization and coordination of resources. I am proud of what my country can deliver wihin just 10 days. Don't be sarcastic. Recognizing other advantage is a virtue as what they did was of the people, by the people and for the people.
Bladimor Il y a 4 jours
Man, I'm currently in China working as a teacher, and though I am not Chinese, I can't help but feel goosebumps at this feat. China really can be amazing. Fuck anyone that downplays this construction/impossible feat of engineering. I am allowed to be proud of this country.
Lin Sora
Lin Sora Il y a 4 jours
persimmon Il y a 4 jours
This is why sometimes its better to have a strong executive government than a balanced legislative government.
Renato So
Renato So Il y a 4 jours
Wonderful job.The world need to know more about CHINA like this!Good Job!
Yinxing Zhang
Yinxing Zhang Il y a 4 jours
From beginning to the end, the author always has bias view on China
Ayesha Noor
Ayesha Noor Il y a 4 jours
Check the facts here
Luly Il y a 4 jours
China is way more technologically and industrially advanced than most other countries.
Todd Lee
Todd Lee Il y a 4 jours
Twitter is pretty much a racist play ground controlled by the US government to spread hate and fake news.
Daniel A
Daniel A Il y a 4 jours
you are comparing SARS death percentage to corona2019 death percentage in the hospital; apples and watermelons ?
Pamela Grace Atendido
Pamela Grace Atendido Il y a 4 jours
It feels like the construction was similar to the construction of Great Wall... A massive construction and engineering
西門吹雪 Il y a 4 jours
bat soup was from Palau not China.
Justin Kory
Justin Kory Il y a 4 jours
At present, according to the epidemic situation in China, there is a total outbreak in Wuhan, and then the outbreak in Wuhan is sent to the whole country.So that means this is an imported case.Now look at the outbreak in the United States.The United States is a multi-state outbreak.What does that mean?
Junyuan Ma
Junyuan Ma Il y a 4 jours
It means the mighty US medical system can treat sophisticated cancers but can not detect a new kind of virus.
Suleman Idachaba
Suleman Idachaba Il y a 4 jours
In nigeria the money disappear in 10 days
goodboy2222 Il y a 4 jours
USA virus.
Laura Stui
Laura Stui Il y a 5 jours
I hate those people who eat wild animals and hope Chinese government to regulate it immediately nationwide. But I zipper up my mouth for a real reignition of COVID-19 for so far no expert really find out its actual cause.
Jade Feng
Jade Feng Il y a 5 jours
Proved no evidence shows the coronavirus was started from a bat and still finding the Zero patient now
Haoyang Wei
Haoyang Wei Il y a 5 jours
when this video was posted, many were highlighting the "quality of construction" and deliberately ignoring the miracle that is happening. Meantime, there's one guy @Names ( ) who said (and i quote) "not really. it is just a concrete slab with pre build boxes similar to shipping containers put on top. it is not a real hospital. What I find more impressive if that we dont get these human kind threatening diseases in the rest of the world. Step up your hygiene game china :P" who's laughing now?
Nithin kumar
Nithin kumar Il y a 5 jours
Next you should make a video about how China distributed the corona virus to the world in less than 2 months 🦠 #RIP to all the people who died :(
Junyuan Ma
Junyuan Ma Il y a 2 jours
@Nithin kumar Doesn't really matter. You blamed China. I showed you US, land of the free, home of the brave, beacon of freedom. If US underperformed, how can you blame a third world developing country with 1/6 of US GDP per capita? China only has one peak region. US has multiple peak regions. It started in US. The only country which has 24ish deaths and worth boasting is Australia, which is basically living alone in the South Pacific. Other country's numbers, mostly South American countries, are highly in doubt as they don't have a strong pubulic organizing. Population density in Wuhan, NYC and Lombardy is higher than Australia.
Nithin kumar
Nithin kumar Il y a 3 jours
Junyuan Ma Wanna hear a fact? There was 24 deaths in my country when you were typing this reply.. wanna hear a fun fact? The virus originated from China!
Junyuan Ma
Junyuan Ma Il y a 3 jours
@Nithin kumar That's interesting.
Junyuan Ma
Junyuan Ma Il y a 3 jours
Nithin kumar Almost forgot to tell you, Beijing and Shanghai had cases from Wuhan. Shanghai had 350ish cases. Shanghai and many other Province-level districts reported new cases twice a day. Central government gathered the subordinates' data and publish official reports. Any reliable data source on US federal level? US CDC gave up at the start of the outbreak, leaving each state alone to report its own figures. CDC didn't even bother to add all states up and report daily. Where is the most reliable data source for all US? John's Hopkins? Excuse moi? A pure reasearch institute which does not have administrative enforcement all over the country? How do they know about the quality of data and unify statisitcal standard across all states? Most states are still running tests in limited number of people. Many patients who show mild symptoms still can't be tested. Many European countries already announced that they only count cases of severe patients. If China had done so, Chinese people, along with so-called pro-democracy Chinese activists and western media would have accused China for hiding the truth, evil communists, Chinese Chernobyl. Well, China did better than western countries but still got blamed. You can always quetion China's statistics for some factors can't be seen by the public, just like I can say you are keeping sex slaves in your basement and you won't let me in to search. Even you let me in, I can still say you knew my visit hid them. Saving Chinese lives don't need your beliving in figures. It is you who need every reason to negate China's work. Otherwise you feel psychologically distressed. I understand. Go to check the chart of daily new cases in China and US. Also compare the first order derivative of the lines which represents total cases of different countries. US is the steepest. The only reasonable explanation is that US did not started testing at early stage and let virus spread for so long. High medical cost, quality in test kits, high threshold for testing all contributed to it. There are people on Facebook and FRvid recalling severe respiratory symptoms during last holiday season. They commented that their whole family got seriously sick, coughs which didn't go away, fever and difficulty in breathing. Doctors just diagnosed them as respiratory infection and sent them home if flu tests were negative. How couldn't the mighty US doctors found the virus? Because you can't look for something whose existence you don't know. Even if they might thought of a new virus, they may not have test equipments to seperate and measure DNA/RNA. Such tests are also expensive even if you have the facility. Not every hospital has high-level labs and machines, even in China, therefore a joint testing and reporting system is needed. Chinese hospitals and labs are mostly state-owned, an evil ownership according to US market doctrine, which makes this system efficient. In a market oriented system, incentive for private institutes to do a job that has little profit and high externality is weak, unless with high pay. Public guided system is task oriented. Failing to finish task is worse than not profiting enough. Chinese public hospitals can use each other's resource when a task meets great public interest. During the hard days in Wuhan, labs of state owned and privately owned companies are all in government's unified direction. US now has done 1.3 million tests but only retrieved 50% of the results. They lost the rest of them. That is poor directing and organizing. That's the result of freely letting things doing on states level rather than country level. Welcome to socialism. As for R0, you obviously know something but does not know all. R0 in different scenes has different values. US is a country on wheels while Chinese take more public transportation. I used to have respiratory symptoms every couple of months during junior middle school, but less frequently happened after I rode a bicycle. I have ailments more frequently after I took buses to work but never got sick during my stay in US. Many Americans live seperately in houses. Shortly after USAMRIID was closed by CDC, a care center for senior people were reported having respiratory infection. US communities are not in walking distance from each other and people have less daily contact than those in Wuhan and NYC. This virus is not like Ebola which definetely show heavy symptoms. 80% are mild and can recover without supportive treatment. When infection was in low number, you only see flu-like patients increasing a little, and maybe a little more pneumonia cases which can also be attributed to flu if you don't test for new virus.
Nithin kumar
Nithin kumar Il y a 4 jours
Junyuan Ma Well we can go on on about this till we both catch the virus, Truth will prevail one day and we ll see who is right.. just letting you know the R0 for this virus is copyrighted by China 😉 Its weird how all these viruses originate there?
Rori Rory
Rori Rory Il y a 5 jours
South Africa has been building Medupi Power Station since 2007 it's still not finished. Eskom outages continue in 2020.
houston34 Il y a 5 jours
lol, so in the end it did not out pace china, but usa, italy, spain, uk, france and on and on
TopCarsPH Il y a 5 jours
When WHO is so useless and giving wrong signal, we all suffer.. and correction that's not hospistal, its only quanrantine rooms #makechinapay #boycottchina
Jielin Zhou
Jielin Zhou Il y a 2 jours
​@TopCarsPH I don't want to argue with you either. Let me tell you this, I spend half my time in China and half of my time in so-called western country every year. As a result, I can compare what I witness in these countries by myself. Furthermore, I was in China during Chinese new year so that I endure the entire journey. I saw what we did to fight for this virus by myself, in addition, I do have friends live in Wuhan and I have friends who are doctors voluntarily went to Wuhan. Therefore, I think I am more knowledgeable than you about this virus. What I am going to tell you is China did a wonderful job to stop the virus. I am not sure where are you from but I do wish you all the best to stay away from this virus because I realise one simple fact from this pandemic is when facing virus, we are all the same. Cooperation is the only key to solve the problem. Good luck.
TopCarsPH Il y a 2 jours
@Jielin Zhou If you live in china nowonder you have different views, arguing with you is useless. World is already at odds with china and WHO. Time will only tell what consequence will china and WHO recieve. Sending low quality testkits is already considered crime in some countries.
Jielin Zhou
Jielin Zhou Il y a 2 jours
@TopCarsPH I think you are either blind or brainwashed. WHO warned the world this virus is deadly since January. what did your country do to prepare for it? just laughing at China? and think this is none if your business?
TopCarsPH Il y a 3 jours
@Junyuan Ma Yeah China along with WHO fooling the world, what do think will happen with those two? I just hope the retribution to chinese people will not be severe. Chinese reputation are dead.
Junyuan Ma
Junyuan Ma Il y a 4 jours
@TopCarsPH No. You passed H1N1 without major issues just because you are lucky. H1N1 was flu after all and was not as lethal as COVID19. US basically used the same strategy it planned to use this time. What western world wanted was to control the virus without stopping the economy. That's why they laughed at China's lockdown in January. They thought it was a primative measure which only incompetent authoritarian communists did. When they found it necessary to keep people at home, they said it was learning from Italy's experience, not China's. Even after they found it necessary, they did not do it in iron fist, letting COVIDIOTS gathering and partying. Several days can make differences of several times.
Lulu Il y a 5 jours
Not true that the Wuhan Gov only released notice one month after the first case. In fact doctors noticed one of the first strange pneumonia cases on or about Dec 17. Took a few days for more similar cases to show up and then escalating to municipal level.
Dou Bi
Dou Bi Il y a 5 jours
所以中国人一般在遇见技工时尊称对方为"师傅" That's why Chinese usually call a technician as "master worker"
Zhong Hong
Zhong Hong Il y a 5 jours
There are many reasons to be able to build a hospital in ten days: 1, Wuhan has a very large wholesale market called Hankou North, almost all can buy things. 2, Wuhan next year there are two subways completed to open, where there are a large number of construction workers and professional designers. 3, Wuhan is one of China's important transportation hubs, can reach any city in China in a day
Camille Jin
Camille Jin Il y a 5 jours
I remember that a worker was going to Wuhan to help build the hospital. His son was studying at university and told his dad, Dad, please let me go to Wuhan to help build the hospital with him. His father was afraid that his son will be infected with pneumonia. But His son say it again and again, he really want to do something for WuHan ,at the end ,the worker promised to take his son to Wuhan to build a hospital together. I was really touched by the warm-hearted young guy in China.I see the Chinese have always been united in the face of major disasters. As long as everyone works together, there is nothing to be solved.
Willaraz Il y a 5 jours
Why show bats when saying 'wild animals' Was it the bats?
Black Bird
Black Bird Il y a 5 jours
China proved itself the Global Leader!
Sambit Pradhan
Sambit Pradhan Il y a 5 jours
China pay all damages for world
Yujie Li
Yujie Li Il y a 5 jours
This corona virus is not originally from China.
Zhihan Li
Zhihan Li Il y a 3 jours
Yujie Li There was a confirmed case in USA before China, but they didn’t know it was coronavirus and the old man was sent back to China. That’s how it started.
Pls Come To My Channel 100
Yes it is
Jason Perks
Jason Perks Il y a 5 jours
I love how they bulit it with bars over the Windows. It was basically a room to lock people in. That's why there was heaps of video of police dragging people there against their will. People didn't want to go there. It was 10% hospital 90% quarantine holding facility. That's why china built it. Not to help people but lock them up
Hong Yang
Hong Yang Il y a 5 jours
Pawan Sharma
Pawan Sharma Il y a 5 jours
World doesn't want to hear any bullshit from or about china . Liars , cheats , China has given a pain which it will pay for .
Jiahong Lin
Jiahong Lin Il y a 5 jours
first of all, it’s uncertain that how the first person got infected, by eating wild animal is just one assumption.
Mene Tekel
Mene Tekel Il y a 5 jours
China builds lots of things of really poor quality.
笨笨熊 Il y a 22 heures
​@Mene TekelOKOK, keep on believing your western media and enjoy the virus : ) I firmly believe your government will take good care of your people : )
Mene Tekel
Mene Tekel Il y a 22 heures
@笨笨熊 If you had a drop of compassion for the Chinese people you wouldn't support an oppressive government.
Mene Tekel
Mene Tekel Il y a 22 heures
@笨笨熊 No, I don't believe CCP propaganda. You don't know what country I'm from which goes to show how brainwashed your response is. Your smile face is not convincing at all. The whole world' medias is wrong, only Chinese government media is right.
笨笨熊 Il y a jour
right now chinese people are almost come back to normal life , however western media will never post it :)
笨笨熊 Il y a jour
@Mene Tekel belive it or not , the price chinese paid are much lower than your people,let's wait and see : )
Jay Dean
Jay Dean Il y a 6 jours
Westerners thinks communism is bad. If you have a population of 1.4 billion, it is the best way to create order and community. Capitalism does not work in a pandemic crisis.
qichao pan
qichao pan Il y a 6 jours
中国2个月前就开始面对汹涌的疫情, 难道大家都不看新闻, 现在还有人怪中国没有更早的提醒他们?
Youguan Hen
Youguan Hen Il y a 6 jours
Now we see which government cares about human rights and lives. I see why CCP has so much support now.
Elememon Mapping
Elememon Mapping Il y a 17 heures
They’re also kinda forced, but for the most part, I agree... they’re, like, the only country that REALLY care. Of course, there’s everything the media doesn’t want you to know, but whatever lmao
john bacon
john bacon Il y a 3 jours
we saw it too in China
Chong Kf
Chong Kf Il y a 6 jours
They did over the most important festive celebration period (Chinese New Year)..= Christmas day. Chinese culture = 先有国,后有家。 Country needs come first.
Zonglin Yang
Zonglin Yang Il y a 6 jours
Bat is not the source of coronavirus, be more seriously.
Frostydelusions Il y a 6 jours
So are you just gonna pretend there aren't leaked vids of those 10day hospitals leaking water everywhere?
Charlotte C
Charlotte C Il y a 6 jours
WSJ: how China make hospital in 10 days, then put a picture of a converted gym on top of the article.
transition lenses
transition lenses Il y a 6 jours
Well, they say the Chinese eat anything with legs, except tables and chairs.
Uncle Sino
Uncle Sino Il y a 6 jours
No,USA is the NO 1 country,USA doesn't accept No 2.Actually China is a country which has a history of 5000 years,most in its history be the NO 1 country.Actually it is China which doesn't accept NO 2.
lokoR Ryan
lokoR Ryan Il y a 6 jours
I don't know how can the US and the UK government officers blame that they are misled by the polished data China offered, if so, then how can this vedio which tells clearly how severe this virus can be be made in middle of Feburary ?
trevorter Il y a 6 jours
Yet this is much more sophisticated than the scout tents in central park
GX C Il y a 6 jours
It’s not perfect. But better sleep on the street
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