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Gav and Dan learn about tranquilizer dart physics using slow mo as a helpful tool. Don't try this at home unless you have 400lb gorilla running at full clip towards you. Watch outtakes here!
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Filmed at 1000fps and 3000fps with a Phantom Flex 4K
How a Tranquilizer Dart Works in Slow Motion - The Slow Mo Guys




12 févr. 2020




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Commentaires 100
Gabriel Pinheiro
Gabriel Pinheiro Il y a 10 jours
You could have taped the baloon so it didnt explode
Gabriel Pinheiro
Gabriel Pinheiro Il y a 10 jours
Tape the point f incision I mean
ChillEzzE,R, Il y a 10 jours
4:47 is a slowed down Minecraft death sound
Kyle Sky
Kyle Sky Il y a 11 jours
Full one of those darts with heroin and meth and shoot me right in the neck with it please
Kyle Sky
Kyle Sky Il y a 11 jours
Fill one of those darts with heroin and let me dress like a rockstar and run around and shoot me with it
_ Splintered _
_ Splintered _ Il y a 11 jours
Anyone else notice the glitter particle at 7:10? Biggest party popper ever
Nikki Il y a 12 jours
Dan is so funny sometimes. I love the end where inspecting the dart and the liquid goes in his Eye. Gav is more serious film guy but Dan is not only stunt guy but really entertaining when he describes his experice, idea or story telling with what ever they are using that day for Slow Mo.
shuralmehki Il y a 12 jours
Gav: I need to borrow a Phantom and an HD monitor this weekend. Production Company: Are you going to keep it clean and return it unsoiled? Gav: ...
Anthony Davis
Anthony Davis Il y a 13 jours
Idea. Police officers should only be equipped with very very very powerful tranquilizers as a last resort.
ALPHA 16 Il y a 13 jours
9:38 Dan: we can shoot it on a dini Ark survival evolved player: hold my longneck rifle
Bill Armstrong
Bill Armstrong Il y a 19 jours
Doesn't look like any dart I've seen in the US..
Assimonem Il y a 20 jours
HOW is the piston pushed forward? A reverse vacuum? look close and see it has a special mechanism at the piston? Anyone know?
Assimonem Il y a 11 jours
@ThyBountyHunter That explains it pretty well. Thanks for the reply. (A reverse vaccum !) A pressurised container! that is the dyslexic part of my brain.
ThyBountyHunter Il y a 11 jours
Between the two sections (where the air is stored and where the medicine is stored) there is a connection for air to travel. As there is a plug on the needle nothing can come out. So when you fill the top with air, the return valve makes it impossible for air to escape so now you created a pressurized container. It is pushing on the return valve as well as the plunger that would push the medicine but at the end is plugged it can't do that. Once the rubber is pushed away on the needle the pressure pushes the medicine out the hole in the needle.
0tuken Il y a 22 jours
lmao 8:52 NSFW
droogsurgeon1440 Il y a 22 jours
David Bowie at the end there
Kristina Rodgers
Kristina Rodgers Il y a 23 jours හරියටෆිල් කීවේ සිනාසෙමිනි පෙනෙන විදිහට තරුණ ජනයා පවසන පරිදිමේ දිනවල
Catherine B
Catherine B Il y a 26 jours
Why is no one talking about where they wrote NSFW? Killed me.
Risen Rogue Academy
Risen Rogue Academy Il y a 26 jours
Do this again with a faster camera.
Benjamin Abe
Benjamin Abe Il y a 27 jours
"I do have a bit of a cough at the moment" That aged well
Bigdipper3600 Il y a mois
Who ever reads this God has a plan for you . Stay positive and strong. Not for likes just trying to spread the word of God to you..🙏❤
Huntero Il y a mois
4:05 how coronavirus started
Phil Giglio
Phil Giglio Il y a mois
Obturation as well as acting as fletching to ensure if flies straight.
Мария Петрова
He :says that it is not in Russian Я:Что ты говоришь🗿?
Hdbry Hfhdj
Hdbry Hfhdj Il y a mois
Short answer: pew pew gun shoot and makes you sleep
Gameslayer- Yt
Gameslayer- Yt Il y a mois
Daddymitchy Il y a mois
Is that Q?!
Quarantine fun house!
I’m trying to grow my FRvid Chanel, let me know what you think of my content, have a great day!! :)
Dtomper Il y a mois
8:51 My 12 year old friend trying to explain to me why I exist
اذا اشتركت تاخذ حلاوة مصاص
سلو مو قايز
kousik araveti
kousik araveti Il y a mois
for supar slo mo watch the slo mo action at 0.25 playback speed
EZSantuy Il y a mois
*Ark Player Gather Here*
Sachin Singh
Sachin Singh Il y a mois
I love slow 😍
Игорь Табурет
Че за фетиш, называть английские видосы, русским языком?
Hans Marley
Hans Marley Il y a mois
2021 doctors be like We have tha vaccine! Everybody form a line Doctor:Starts pointing tranquilizer at people People: wait this isn't what we payed fo--
Dxrk_Plxys Il y a mois
Никита М
Никита М Il y a mois
Русский смотрит:
Javier Santos
Javier Santos Il y a mois
I lol'd at how 8:51 is NSFW.
Mabok Jamban
Mabok Jamban Il y a mois
15fps ?
Amit Master
Amit Master Il y a mois
Amit master
Jibrail Yakub
Jibrail Yakub Il y a mois
Does anyone think of madagasgar movie becuase of the end of the the needle
Thugesh Il y a mois
Tranquilizer just remind me to play granny
abdullah ahmed
abdullah ahmed Il y a mois
Mr. Holasシ
Mr. Holasシ Il y a mois
И что оно делает у меня в рекомендацыях? Вас также?
Abdumajid Ilyosxonov
А что такое binod
Mari -
Mari - Il y a mois
У меня тот же вопрос
название на ютубе: на русском я нажимаю, тем временем название: меняеться я: шо?
It’s ya boi Russia
Техно кот
Техно кот Il y a mois
Не название на русском а слова которые говорят на другом языке.
Александр Чеботарев
Субтитры в студию
W1ndy Il y a mois
A zto
Pablo Escobar
Pablo Escobar Il y a mois
Жмите мне много лайков чтобы иностранцы думали что я пишу что-то важное.
AV Smart Support
AV Smart Support Il y a mois
Aalu ki chatani
Google map ravi
Google map ravi Il y a mois
Yuvan Cool
Yuvan Cool Il y a mois
Where is Binod
Razz zley
Razz zley Il y a mois
Nice video
Vlad088 Il y a mois
Раша ты где?
Князь Никита
Название на русском,а в видео ниодного русского слова
retinex Il y a mois
В ютубе есть функция называть видео и делать описание под разные языки. Поставь в ютубе английский язык и увидишь, что там уже английское название
Mudzakarah Qolbu
Mudzakarah Qolbu Il y a mois
Wow Amazing
Jaime Roldan
Jaime Roldan Il y a mois
Did someone feel as uneasy as I did by seeing this video?
DeadLone Il y a mois
Неплохо Юзя ученый
Денис Т
Денис Т Il y a mois
Так я и не понял - почему двигается поршень в дротике?
Geemfosht - полюбил 2К19
Засчет воздуха
- Fortn1ter
- Fortn1ter Il y a mois
Alloonver Il y a mois
Alloonver Il y a mois
10 %slow mo 90% waste
Ezra Tanner
Ezra Tanner Il y a mois
8:51look at his hands
ThE FlAsH DaY Il y a mois
Alit Woles
Alit Woles Il y a mois
Suku Dayak punya
54_CaHTuMeTpa - 54 Сантиметра
Русские есть?
-RaSuL- Il y a mois
Русское название
The part u r looking for is at 4:44
Masroor Alam
Masroor Alam Il y a mois
Sune Nielleren
Sune Nielleren Il y a mois
Try do tomskas intro for content gav, pllleeeeassse
Groten Hois
Groten Hois Il y a mois
Call Me AK Gaming
Call Me AK Gaming Il y a mois
Ruski fi
Ruski fi Il y a mois
Интересный факт: Ты этого не искал
GR Techs
GR Techs Il y a mois
Ghost's Gamer
Ghost's Gamer Il y a mois
Please make vedio on stunt bike
Gaming Vigour
Gaming Vigour Il y a mois
Now I remember granny 😅
MyNameIsNotShort Il y a mois
Ketamine you use ketamine
The Yeet Corgi
The Yeet Corgi Il y a mois
*Harambe, behind the scenes*
tihzho Il y a mois
I like you guys in the garage / backyard much better.
Gaming X YT
Gaming X YT Il y a mois
8:51 hahahahha
The AlphaLaser
The AlphaLaser Il y a mois
Them : It's beautiful Me: Not if it is shot on you
Yaman Tube
Yaman Tube Il y a mois
hello youtube
Soothe Music
Soothe Music Il y a mois
Slow Motion Guys, God Blessed , Love from me,😊❤💐 #soothemusic
Ruslan Il y a mois
Кто русский
MrWeez Il y a mois
Hmmmmm.... Я)))
Михаил Соколов
Почему бы и нет? :)
Yash Kumawat
Yash Kumawat Il y a mois
Cyber Cover
Cyber Cover Il y a mois
Can we add a poison there? It’s maybe can be a Weapon LoL
MEBA LYN Il y a mois
That bgm is annoying
Syed Nabeel Chishti
8:52 observe his hands f**k🤣
Walter Gerling
Walter Gerling Il y a mois
This was the first video I watched of you guys... brings back 2019 memories
Yash Sharma
Yash Sharma Il y a mois
The Last Lcch
The Last Lcch Il y a mois
8:51 *NSFW* lol
MrWeez Il y a mois
who inc.
who inc. Il y a mois
amazing amazing amazinggggggg educational video rich with info in a very well put together form
Atif Mughal
Atif Mughal Il y a mois
Your video is starting after the half time watching of watching time your video make small videos on the points,,,
The Blah Family
The Blah Family Il y a mois
This is how they do it. In JURASSIC PARK!
Shrek abused your wife 10 minutes ago
8:52 Gav, thats kinda sus, what have you been up to now?
tiny youtuber
tiny youtuber Il y a mois
you looks like shaggy from scooby doo
Alec Warner
Alec Warner Il y a mois
Let’s do something in the comfort of much indoors!!!!
Sheriff Mario
Sheriff Mario Il y a mois
According to preview name this video should be 10 seconds long.
Lucarion YT
Lucarion YT Il y a mois
Pax Time
Pax Time Il y a mois
Me in the comments looking for the part your looking for people
KianM707 McCorny
KianM707 McCorny Il y a mois
I saw your fire tornado thing if you can can you do it with water.
shashank honey
shashank honey Il y a mois
Perfect game for corona patient.
sorcery cooker
sorcery cooker Il y a mois
Fastest People in Slow Motion