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Sean Evans checks in from quarantine for a state of the union on Hot Ones. The bad news? No new episode this week due to social-distancing protocols-flatting the curve is more important than flats and drums right now! The good news? We've got some brand-new Hot Ones interviews on deck that are already shot and ready to roll out in the coming weeks. Plus, Sean provides a personal update from his apartment and tells the harrowing tale of his recent fainting spell. We miss you, spice lords-stay safe, stay home, and stay spicy!
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26 mars 2020




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Commentaires 80
First We Feast
First We Feast Il y a 2 mois
Which Hot Ones episodes top your list to re-watch during quarantine? Give us your Hot Ones Mount Rushmore.
Chris Dvoracek
Chris Dvoracek Il y a 8 jours
Ken Jung episode
John Smith
John Smith Il y a mois
First We Feast Jeffrey Epstein’s prison guards. They could have used something hot and spicy to keep them awake while guarding Epstein. Maybe the heat will jog their memory of that day.
Mike Jardin
Mike Jardin Il y a mois
I loved Gordon Ramsay except for his excessive swearing late in the ep. But he is so expressive.
Diogenes2077 Il y a mois
Perhaps do a medly about how the show evolved during 11 seasons
just for fun
just for fun Il y a mois
Stevo/Johnny Nox/ and Steve Austin
Vhan Il y a jour
Season 12 should have a “hottest fan” challenge. Pick a fan and fly them out for an epic Hot Ones experience. Hope you’re better, just got my season 11 set of bottles, love the los calentes roho. The last dab sent me into sweats and sniffles
Nate Reniger
Nate Reniger Il y a 2 jours
how did you not make a clickbait title with a crazy face
Srikanth Potukuchi
Srikanth Potukuchi Il y a 4 jours
Check it out I tried eating Scorpion's Kiss:
titsbeerbong420 Il y a 8 jours
SAM Brothers
SAM Brothers Il y a 9 jours
Sam evans please make FRvid Live! Let us interview you while you are eating hot wings! Hot ones series inspire me so much, I think doing a content like this is easy and fun, support me please?
Leti Bugg
Leti Bugg Il y a 11 jours
Just an idea - we would love to see you do an interview with Blove FRvidr! Virtually would be fun as well. Send her the sauces and she can't open the box and setup until the interview. Oh this will be Awesome!!!
Betty Ravioli
Betty Ravioli Il y a 13 jours
Sean kinda looks like he would be a track coach or history teacher. idk just a thought
Jonathan Chavez
Jonathan Chavez Il y a 15 jours
woe same thing happened to me what your doctor said it was ?
Kana Beats
Kana Beats Il y a 15 jours
dang man. sean got hit hard that sucks
Cynthia P
Cynthia P Il y a 16 jours
Please do another one with Bill Burr but from his home, like Bert Kreischer :-)
Steinar Flaten
Steinar Flaten Il y a 16 jours
Checkin in on loved ones: you! Also im eating megadeath wings atm yesterday it was mad dog ;)
Yummie mummiee baaabyxoxo
Pleeaaseee have the Try guys on hot ones 💕💕🙏
Destiny Watson
Destiny Watson Il y a 17 jours
jared keeso
Algo+codehawk Il y a 19 jours
@First We Feast dude- you should do a hot ones chicken wing mail delivery service :) then we can have virtual hot ones competitions and you can do virtual interviews :) :) :)
Ty V
Ty V Il y a 19 jours
stay safe brother, hot dab family or friends, web hot ones with someone who can cook, send them the hot ones and make a whole cooking video of it so everyone else can participate. aye....take care of yourself, ...i think you are getting weak cause you aint keeping up with that hot ones! lol
KING AKS Il y a 20 jours
Hope your blessed bro🔥
David Araujo
David Araujo Il y a 22 jours
That music made it intense.
Danica Luna-DiGiacomo
Danica Luna-DiGiacomo Il y a 22 jours
You're doing A great job! Stay safe!
Joel Sines
Joel Sines Il y a 22 jours
Man that sounded scary af. Hope you get better! And if I could have three wishes regarding your show🤣 they would be Conan O’Brien , Kate McKinnon and Conor McGregor 🙏🏼 Stay safe
LegitimateFight Il y a 24 jours
I think this is semi common actually, and I've read (don't quote me on this, I could be wrong) that is a main cause of people having a stroke or heart attack when someone has no preexisting health conditions. Its the whole "blood rushes from your head when you stand up to quick" thing, except its your body going from a resting state to an active state to quick and the heart hasn't pumped enough blood to the brain yet. I'm probably wrong but I think that's what it was.
Dj none
Dj none Il y a 25 jours
Course correct and love sack Added to daily vocabulary
SLUSHI brawl stars
SLUSHI brawl stars Il y a 25 jours
Too much hot sauce man to gonna kill you bro lol jk
Kyle Young
Kyle Young Il y a 26 jours
After all this madness is over you need to have Twiztid on the show!!! I hope you get better man.
Jay Scholtes
Jay Scholtes Il y a 26 jours
Get better, Sean.
AshotofJamieson Il y a 26 jours
Our man survived the Bomb and the Last Dab like boss! Ain't no way the rona is takin him out!
Grace Moore
Grace Moore Il y a 26 jours
Calculus Owl
Calculus Owl Il y a 27 jours
I hope you get better because you do eat a lot of hot wings for a living and spicy food.
Jessica Atkins
Jessica Atkins Il y a 27 jours
#1)Chef Gordon Ramsay #2)Shia LaBeouf #3)Liza Koshy
casey zocchi
casey zocchi Il y a 28 jours
Let’s get Nyjah Houston!!!!! Please!!!
hiddeninthewires Il y a mois
you drank too much water
Seef Q
Seef Q Il y a mois
This is insane: I literally fell in a similar fashion with the same symptoms. Probably just coincidence but glad you're okay too!
Cool John
Cool John Il y a mois
djcandle Il y a mois
Can we get Mark Wiens on one day?? He lives for spice!!
Wrong Kinda Robot
Wrong Kinda Robot Il y a mois
all day i dream about... hot sauce?
courtney parrish
courtney parrish Il y a mois
I like it this way, the tv show is a no to me. Unless you add celebrity's and play games with it
M B Il y a mois
Damn Shawn, glad you are ok. Keep fighting the good fight! Love and prayers for you, and glad the show is still going strong! Stay safe man!
Samantha Bunn
Samantha Bunn Il y a mois
sooooo are we gonna get that interview later on or nah...
Beth Il y a mois
ok so I have two questions 1) are you just sick or do you have coronavirus? 2) did you piss on yourself when you fainted
Local Cool guy
Local Cool guy Il y a mois
Get Tyler the creator on the show
Meursault Il y a mois
That story was incredibly concerning. But he somehow made it funny.
vizzie manson
vizzie manson Il y a mois
Jim carrey.... 😖😣😞😓😩 stupid coronavirus
Richard Skalski
Richard Skalski Il y a mois
One of two possibilities as one comment before noted, Hot sauce withdrawal or you're getting old. Known fact older men can have a drop in blood pressure while standing up to take a wiz in the middle of the night. Corrective action is to just sit and wiz and you can save on house keeping around the toilet as it is hard to see at night while standing to take a wiz, especially if you might have had a drink or five before bedtime. :)
Eugenia T
Eugenia T Il y a mois
Anybody else crushin on Sean?
Kenny Kennington
Kenny Kennington Il y a mois
Mauro_RK Il y a mois
Sean I said it b4 and I will say it again u are king of hot sauces... as for me I appreciate the struggle it is to eat hot wings every month lol
Adrian Gomez
Adrian Gomez Il y a mois
When are we ever gonna see a hot ones episode with Keanu Reeves?
Clark Stelter
Clark Stelter Il y a mois
The Last Dab is finally getting to him
TashaVelvet Il y a mois
hot chicken soup for you!
TashaVelvet Il y a mois
Just mail them the sauce and vid chat the interviews watching them open and dab the sauce!!! Come on!
Sippidi Duuua
Sippidi Duuua Il y a mois
Scary stuff... Shit happens, why though?
kelmac1122 Il y a mois
I would love to see either Salma Hayak or Sofia Vergara on your show
Baine Il y a mois
Take care of yourself Sean, we can’t lose a real one like you! I’m sure you’ve already talked to a doctor but if not, you definitely gotta get on that. Figure out why you fainted, the cut on your chin is the least of your worries!
Marrah Smith Valverde
PLEASE INVITE THE TRY GUYS TO THE SHOW. That’s my hot ones dream.
SirArnoldGrylls Il y a heure
Buzz feed ew
Gianyana Peroza
Gianyana Peroza Il y a 3 jours
Simon Winther
Simon Winther Il y a 7 jours
Theyre so annoying
Fernando Espinoza
Fernando Espinoza Il y a 16 jours
hell to the fucking no bruh wth
acidcookiegirl Il y a mois
I was just watching the episode they eat spicy noodles in quarantine and having the same thought!
S M Il y a mois
Sean, are you ok? Seriously ..I hope you are . It sounded really frightening to me. Sending you good vibes. Feel better soon.
Staple's Metal Adventures
Andreas Dharmawan
Andreas Dharmawan Il y a mois
Sean : telling his sickness to doctor Doctor: damn you're good at this
David2legit2quit Il y a 4 jours
“So, I seem to be noticing a trend of dizziness, soreness and constant headaches all day and I’d like to know your comment on that?” WebMD: *sweating* damn this guy’s good
John Il y a mois
Sean I'm trying to buy hot sauces and I can't find Da Bomb or the house Hot Ones sauce. All i can find is the traditional hot ones and the XXX last dab, but there is one in the middle that everyone loves.
John Il y a mois
Can you help me find these two sauces? I checked your links and can't seem to find them.
Al Sol
Al Sol Il y a mois
Sean is a national treasure I swear.
Chris Harwood
Chris Harwood Il y a mois
President Trump or Senator Cruz
ridingdirtyface Il y a mois
Hah that pic of you in the suit and gasmask screams JESSEE PINKMAN
A_lot Il y a mois
Honestly unless its something your keeping private its prob stress dude, stress fucks people up, try to take a breather and maybe stream some stuff!
Terry Lee
Terry Lee Il y a mois
Anyone, but Rachel Ray!
Saulo Avelar
Saulo Avelar Il y a mois
Dude... I hope you get through. We all miss you guys. #stayhome #stayhealthy #stayhome
Jschwindler Il y a mois
Violently fainting 😂😂😂
Becky Cravens
Becky Cravens Il y a mois
That bathroom issue happened to my 15 year old son once. His doc said it was because it was hot in the bathroom and it caused a dizzy spell which made him faint. All I heard was a pound on the wall. Super scary. I hope you're doing OK now Sean.
LoVeLy S
LoVeLy S Il y a mois
I wish you all the best and please take care. Thank you for all of your awesome content.
Ash Glover
Ash Glover Il y a mois
Hope you’re doing ok and healthy and that you don’t have Covid!
Andy Elliott
Andy Elliott Il y a mois
get courtney love on the show so we can finally get some answers!
ICE IKEAYI Il y a mois
Stay safe Sean glad your feeling better really enjoy watching hot ones
Nik Nazneen
Nik Nazneen Il y a mois
Send them the wings and have a live interview hahaha
Joe Rico
Joe Rico Il y a mois
Your body is adjusting to less hot sauce in your system.. and you replaces it with all fluids... basically you were detoxing your body bro.. that’s all..
Tom Simms
Tom Simms Il y a mois
Did you piss on yourself?
Tom Simms
Tom Simms Il y a mois
Dont be dieing bro we all need you on the planet
Daniel King
Daniel King Il y a mois
Oh man, that's a bag trot - hope you're feeling better Sean
MG Il y a mois
just use protective screen between you and guest
mellina moore
mellina moore Il y a mois
Hey man, wow. After all that I'm glad you're okay. I miss you too!
Tyler Bell
Tyler Bell Il y a mois
Want to do a hot ones video chat? I have a badass fryer and a lot of sauce! I can be interesting for just a regular dude!
Shylo Blackner
Shylo Blackner Il y a mois
You might wanna make sure you don’t have a seizure or that you didn’t have a seizure. Hope you’re doing well!
Foxtrot Smith
Foxtrot Smith Il y a mois
Hey, don’t worry, on April 30 the social distancing guidelines are over
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