Here's Why the 2020 Toyota Supra Could Be Better

Doug DeMuro
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It's time to review the 2020 Toyota Supra. Today I'm taking you on a tour of the new GR Supra, and I'm showing you all of the quirks and features of the 2020 Supra. Then I'm going to drive the new Toyota Supra to show you everything you need to know about the Supra.
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13 mai 2019

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Commentaires 26 674
Lexy Lexy
Lexy Lexy Il y a 4 minutes
They would never mess with old cars
javi p
javi p Il y a 34 minutes
This car......isn't a supra. Some kind of wanna be hack job.. 😭😭
Outta Bubblegum
Outta Bubblegum Il y a 37 minutes
-Toyota- BMW Supra
let me hold # 2 pencil because they testing
Bad because BMW isn't reliable like toyota and more expensive.
Jay Il y a heure
Gettin hot in there aye Dougie?
Abijith Aiyer
Abijith Aiyer Il y a heure
Please do POV when you drive!!
Sir Pumpington Of Dumpenshire
This would definitely be a vehicle for a racist, a White Supramacist.
Andy W
Andy W Il y a 2 heures
Your "doug score" is helplessly biased towards modern cars. Your lens for features, for instance, is as if the moment you make the video is the only point of reference for what ammenities should be on a vehicle. You never go back and re-review a vehicle a couple years later and downgrade scores because features are less than they are years after it's been produced. When reviewing older vehicles please take into consideration what the market was like and give comparative scores. Ie the Miata getting a 2? In 93 that was more like a 5. ...What else are you time biased in?
Silverbreaker Il y a 3 heures
hahahahahaha!! this car is a fucking hoax!! dlcs on cars
BatmanRZ Il y a 3 heures
Mkiv rz owner of 14 years, im more excited about the new rav 4 tbh
BatmanRZ Il y a 3 heures
So tldr. They fucked up
victor quezada
victor quezada Il y a 4 heures
Let's go 2jz swap!!!!don't care how tunable it is it doesn't have that amazing sound when that 2j screams uhhh so sexxyyy when the 2j screams baby give me more !!!!!!
SD_ Aaron
SD_ Aaron Il y a 4 heures
would you want honda to build you a rolls royce 8:08
Niel Tupas
Niel Tupas Il y a 5 heures
Toyota lost their good name they should just give up on sports cars like the new supra is trash and the 86 is like the saddest and slowest car my golf GTI with borla exhaust and ABT tune can beat both sports cars with my AC on😂😂😂(jk guys not actually being serious)
anselmi apina
anselmi apina Il y a 7 heures
They could make next supra based on Lada or Volga
FPS Entertainment
FPS Entertainment Il y a 8 heures
1.Toyota : we cant make a better supra model,but you can go to a tuning company to do so 2. Doug Doug we dont care about it being a BMW,we care about the soul of the supra thats whats matter,this new supra just dont have the toyota soul in it,like they just do it for money,not out of passion
Hector Delgado
Hector Delgado Il y a 8 heures
So they talk about tuning companies but nobody trying to tune this piece of shit they trying so hard to make sound like tubing like MK4 disgusting
Raphael Dittman
Raphael Dittman Il y a 9 heures
This guy doesn't know what he is talking about! The old super became a legend because of what it could be turned into. Do your research that's what they were going for with this car it's customize ability! They didn't want to make it the ultimate super car! They want to make it something that you could change into whatever you wanted it to be. And if you do your research a lot of engineering when in to make it Just that! So they succeeded Stop dissing things when you don't know what they were going for! O yea go screw yourself you snowflake Libtard!
Brandon Turpin
Brandon Turpin Il y a 10 heures
Fun car? Yes, yes indeed. Supra? Not even close. Other than the badge..
TheZombieKillerHD Il y a 10 heures
So it’s a bmw not a Supra this is kind of disappointing
Parkway Playthroughs
Parkway Playthroughs Il y a 10 heures
Doug looks super sweaty lol
Rico Win
Rico Win Il y a 10 heures
Supra 2020 scored higher than the supra mkIV?!
Imran Khan
Imran Khan Il y a 11 heures
i fell asleep
Ronnie Sousa
Ronnie Sousa Il y a 11 heures
I just realize as this car ages it's gonna have that weird old BMW smell, and not the classic old Toyota smell.
Damon Cord
Damon Cord Il y a 11 heures
I take a drink everytime a tuning company is mention Now I have liver cancer
mint hos
mint hos Il y a 11 heures
just doesn't seem very appealing compared to lexus or bmw or even audi.
Smokin Soldier
Smokin Soldier Il y a 12 heures
honestly I think this is good forward thinking to be able to provide the product for as cheep as possible and enable someone whom is so inclined to increase performance.
Eduardo Cesarman
Eduardo Cesarman Il y a 12 heures
All caers even your favorite or the most expensive one can be better.
Euphoria52 Il y a 12 heures
Honestly, Japan hasn't been able to make a decent performance car in a while. They've done great with motorcycles but they've sort of just settled with making normal sedans and compacts, outsourcing their performance models to other companies.
BossManSays Il y a 12 heures
Well that explains why it's so ugly. It was designed by BMW. Il y a 13 heures
guinnster1 Il y a 13 heures
Doug "The Angry" car reviewer.
DJSekuHusky Il y a 13 heures
So...a Supra...with VANOS. Y’all have fun with that when it fails. You know, when VANOS snaps, half of your bank account disappears...
Norwegian Blue
Norwegian Blue Il y a 13 heures
Wow, it has like 50 more horsepower than a 2011 Honda Accord V6! Clearly this an engine for a legendary flagship sports car in 2019!
tatt oo sticker
tatt oo sticker Il y a 14 heures
This is actually against EU laws but they managed to fudge it in this case.
Patrick Jin
Patrick Jin Il y a 14 heures
Fix your sound.
Pro Noob
Pro Noob Il y a 14 heures
It’s z4
brandon faris
brandon faris Il y a 14 heures
I think this car will be a flop. I hope i'm wrong. Supra built up it's legendary status by being a competitor for the GT-R, NSX, 3000GT and RX-7 . Today the GT-R and NSX has evolved into supercar territory so why not the supra? Hope they will introduce a TRD version
UseMeAbuseMe4Ever Il y a 15 heures
If I wanted a BMW, why would I go to Toyota?
Google Sux
Google Sux Il y a 15 heures
Big tachometer in the center but no manual transmission!
SpinOnAllFours Channel
SpinOnAllFours Channel Il y a 16 heures
Did Dougie jump in a swimming pool before this video?
ivan espinoza
ivan espinoza Il y a 16 heures
I feel like toyota didn't really put that much effort into the supra because theyre more focused in hybrid and electric technology
rprznt123 Il y a 16 heures
The emergency inside release in the back is a legal requirement, as the reversing camera for all new cars
Andy Ham
Andy Ham Il y a 16 heures
Say what you want but this is one sexy ass car. Love the wheels on here. Everything about this car looks amazing.
Toby Il y a 17 heures
I've come across many of your videos. But this one made me subscribe.
x FiAzc0
x FiAzc0 Il y a 17 heures
Red Rum
Red Rum Il y a 17 heures
It should have same spoiler from mk4 supra
Grid Il y a 17 heures
0:56 note the instarust on the brake rotors take to take lol
Chris Ashcroft
Chris Ashcroft Il y a 17 heures
Supra? You mean a detuned, rebadged, reskinned BMW Z4. Buying this car is like ordering Sushi...and getting bratwurst.
The Tet
The Tet Il y a 18 heures
Your tongue is massive.
Martin Ivanov
Martin Ivanov Il y a 18 heures
hot steaming pile of shit = supra 2020. oh i mean bmw with few toyota supra badges... sry
Spartains Il y a 18 heures
The problem isn't that its BMW. The problem is that it isn't Toyota. The Supra was a Toyota, with Toyota parts, and a Toyota engine. When people want to buy a Supra, they don't want to buy a BMW Supra, they want a Toyota Supra.
Xenith TN
Xenith TN Il y a 19 heures
People need to stop whining about the A90 supra because it isn’t a real supra or it doesn’t live up to the expectations of what a supra should be, yes I do agree that the car is no where near as good as the old one but, there is no reason to call it a bad car. The new supra only comes with an automatic transmission which makes sense because of one reason IT’S A GT CAR it was never a stand alone sports coupé, that’s why in certain countries such as the uk where only 800 surpass were made 600 of which was an automatic, was branded as a gt car, the only reason manual supras was made because street racing was at its highest point and automatics were not as fast as a manual. “It has a bmw engine” ... so what the mclaren f1 had a bmw engine but, it’s considered one of the greatest cars of all time, what just because it doesn’t have a mclaren made engine doesn’t make it a real mclaren... The car isn’t great but you people need to grow up.
mavis beeswax
mavis beeswax Il y a 19 heures
This is actually against EU laws but they managed to fudge it in this case.
The TechReader
The TechReader Il y a 19 heures
What an ugly car. It's BAD when a 20 year old car looks BETTER than the newest model. Then again look at BMW. E46 is still way better looking than any newer 3 series.
LeviHead Il y a 19 heures
BMW Supra
Andery Smith
Andery Smith Il y a 20 heures
After bying Z4, in a rear put name Supra, it's a better more,
TheWiseGuy Il y a 20 heures
Looks EXACTLY to a BMW Z4
Lee Hilton
Lee Hilton Il y a 21 heure
Doug looks a bit like Quinten Tarrantino & sound's like Emo Phillips. Could be their luv-child?? I'm disappointed with the new Supra! I feel Nissan & Honda have left Toyota behind. I still prefer the previous model's styling & potential. I have an R33 GTS (600 BHP) This Supra in comparrison looks & perform's like a hair-dresser's car. Until proven otherwise, I think Toyota haven't delivered justice to the iconic status of the Supra legacy! If U look at the hotizon, its a Skyline that can see U in the rear view mirror! 😂
WoodworkingStuff Il y a 22 heures
Wait, so if it's BMW, does it not come with turn signals then?
suka slav
suka slav Il y a 22 heures
the door panels are on purpose, in order to emulate a cockpit
sid viciouss
sid viciouss Il y a 23 heures
Take a shot every time you hear "TUniNg cOmPAny"
keith davis
keith davis Il y a 23 heures
Terrible...just fucking terrible.
RP Il y a 23 heures
So much for the "legend"... Just get a Bemer and stop fooling yourselves with a plastic Asian knock off.
adreucatraucali Il y a jour
Toyota needs to understand the reason many people like their cars is because of the reliable engines they make,,this is like a big version of the FRS .
VANZ STRINGZ Il y a jour
One of the main Problems is that it's a huge oxymoron of a car between the euro and JDM markets. It's name is the JDM king of cars "THE SUPRA". But it's made by BMW and based off the z4. A car not many really think about at all to be honest. Not that it's a bad car, but it's not really the king of JDM we thought it'd be. The GT-R is outshining the Supra now because it's an actual super car.
MrAnonymule Il y a jour
Love your channel man, but I couldn't be more disappointed by this car. It is a half-measure by Toyota, and typical of the company, really. My honda accord coupe has a front strut tower brace from the factory. The reason they left out the things that would make this car awesome is cost cutting, not the tuner market. They didn't want to spend the money to develop a worthy successor. Hell, Nissan did it years ago when they reintroduced the 350Z and managed to make a decent successor to the 300 without it costing 50 grand or more. This car is a travesty. If I wanted a bimmer, I would buy a bimmer.
André Barrett
André Barrett Il y a jour
The best part of the car is the SUPRA badge.
International Architectural Systems FZE
As per Scotty the Supra is another BMW .
Collin Bru
Collin Bru Il y a jour
This guy is awesome. Just about every video he has goes over many aspects of a cars design, and the video is nice and long. Perefect for saturday morning coffee. Thanks Doug!
JohnSTF72 Il y a jour
Pros: This car has almost all of its quirks and features taken from German manufacturer BMW. Cons: Almost none of the new Supra's quirks and features are Japanese, apart from the Logos. Doug Score: 9 Dissapointed Supra fans out of 10.
elekid330 Il y a jour
I think the black passenger door is like that to match the driver cockpit lmao
Jaron Waters
Jaron Waters Il y a jour
Car Enthusiasts: MAKE CARS EASIER TO MODIFY!!!! Also Car Enthusiasts: WhY dId YoU MaKe Me AdD pArTs MySeLf?
Gothboi .
Gothboi . Il y a jour
Costumer: where is the spare tire in my supra Toyota: you’ll have to ask BMW about that chief
Kㄥモ口乙 Il y a jour
Vladimir VojtaML
Vladimir VojtaML Il y a jour
This is probably the most retarded car making philosophy ever... Might aswell have the tuner company build me a whole new Mk.4 Supra.
Jim Bo
Jim Bo Il y a jour
Power is not good enough. It's under-powered compared to the competition in that segment.
Joshua Xiong
Joshua Xiong Il y a jour
The one good thing I can say about the new Supra is that at least it is a decent modern sports car that is affordable for most people. Imagine if they pulled a Nissan GTR and made it a luxury sports car valued at $100k+ for a base model.
Elon Musketeer
Elon Musketeer Il y a jour
Toyoda supra
Crossovahh Il y a jour
I legit think everyone would be more happy if they just started making MK IVs again with an updated interior. Imagine being able to buy a brand new MK IV with a stock 2JZ
Bree Peng
Bree Peng Il y a jour
Doug: Mismatched door panels will not make production. Toyota: BEHOLD THE LAUNCH EDITION!!!
Kevin Quattro
Kevin Quattro Il y a jour
The new Supra is basically the GoT season 8 of cars.
SyntheticNation Il y a jour
Am I the only one who just found out what BMW stands for ? 😬
Allahmein Crews
Allahmein Crews Il y a jour
This car is an epic fail!
Michael Myers
Michael Myers Il y a jour
Sargon of Assyria
Sargon of Assyria Il y a jour
I'm confused why couldn't they just use Lexus? And that front end looks like a it could've been a celica. There's nothing toyota SUPRA about this car. What a letdown 👎💩
SupaHotFire Il y a jour
Me: i got into a minor accident and would like to send my car to your nearest workshop Toyota : THE TUNING COMPANY
panggop jio
panggop jio Il y a jour
Hey Doug, could you clarify just a bit more, is this the new Supra?
Alexandra Sinclair
Alexandra Sinclair Il y a jour
BMW engine with less HP than original... hmmm... less stress, reduce wear and tear... more reliability. Toyota has been doing this for years on their cars. They always have less HP, but the engines last forever!
Wolfstanus Il y a jour
If it was better then it would not be at the price that Toyota wanted it at
Mike Beer
Mike Beer Il y a jour
The back end looks like a TVR
Peepmysneaks Il y a jour
Ryan Hawthorne
Ryan Hawthorne Il y a jour
Best review to date! Mostly because it was honest. I took away! The car is s BMW. Toyota is looking to make aftermarket money off of it by using the Supra name. Toyota can build it better but is chosing not to do it as they know they can sell out a small number of these cars annually and they have done the math. Bottom line was all about Toyota's bottom line!
Gorilla Toyz
Gorilla Toyz Il y a jour
$59k . Hmmm It’s cool looking but a Model 3 dual motor is $10k less for equal performance . I guess the value is the aftermarket projects one can do!
Anacreon Skull
Anacreon Skull Il y a jour
omg nice car pal
Noways Il y a jour
Toyota is basically saying ehh we’re to lazy to finish it soooooooo tuning companies take it from here
Steve Marroquin
Steve Marroquin Il y a jour
It’s like the PlayStation Classic Mini, the Japanese put out a product that’s issue ridden and that’s going be in every forum and magazine on earth... it’s strong publicity, your going to hate it because you can never touch it outside of Diecast/Video Game version...
David Smith
David Smith Il y a jour
Its BMW twin has like 50 more hp, Toyota turned it down on purpose.
Robert Turnbull
Robert Turnbull Il y a jour
Fake air intakes says it all.
ZX Spectrum
ZX Spectrum Il y a jour
I love the look I must say! I wouldnt mind one thats been modified by a passionate car nut off Ebay in 10 years time!
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