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Henry goes missing during a family photo shoot, so they go to Charlotte for help. Everyone gets distracted by the wheel of ribs Jasper bought.
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18 juil. 2019

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Commentaires 46
Mohamed Hire
Mohamed Hire Il y a 5 jours
henry cool
Toxic Gamer
Toxic Gamer Il y a 13 jours
Hey have you seen henry
Shekina Laeticia
Shekina Laeticia Il y a 14 jours
I'll really love that we got entire episodes
Lilian Jones
Lilian Jones Il y a 20 jours
Hahaha the plant popper is funny
Lilian Jones
Lilian Jones Il y a 20 jours
Menaka Kajan
Menaka Kajan Il y a 27 jours
i wish ther is henry danger 2
SKY RANGA Il y a 27 jours
When is junk n stuff gonna look rich
kittens UwU
kittens UwU Il y a 28 jours
I love this show
Quek Playz
Quek Playz Il y a mois
I just saw this episode!!!!!
Nythiya Jayamanee
Nythiya Jayamanee Il y a mois
Piper look's adorable in that wensie and i love henry danger😊😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Malachi Spencer
Malachi Spencer Il y a mois
Why is Charlotte feeding a plant
James Bostick
James Bostick Il y a 21 jour
Malachi Spencer the plant wanted a gummy gum
serah lina
serah lina Il y a mois
KingXSlash Il y a mois
how can she talk to peppe if she is muted 0:24
Angry Turtles
Angry Turtles Il y a mois
My dad died laughing about wheel of ribs
M.H.A BOYZ Il y a mois
Hy guys this is my FRvid channel I'm trying to post any sports please support me by subscribing I'm trying to get 1k by 2 weeks show some love please.
hunter karol lou luna 635
Henry danger
IlusionDesu Il y a mois
who's here before the 10k visual?
jamie logan
jamie logan Il y a mois
Henry is gong to look like Steve from stranger things!!!!
Christian Corriveau
Piper looks cute in a onesie
Luis Alvarado Zamora
wHeRe ArE yOu?¿??¿
Miłośnik muzyczno rolkowy
-- video-- welder on the mirror, probably also powers and training
knightingz xD
knightingz xD Il y a mois
I said be GENTLE,!!
knightingz xD
knightingz xD Il y a mois
Lol so funny
Husna Waseem
Husna Waseem Il y a mois
Olivia Stars Coleman
What season is this
GhostlierCube Il y a mois
@awesomegirl5 no its Season 4
awesomegirl5 Il y a mois
Season 5
waleed unicorn
waleed unicorn Il y a mois
I love you nickelodeons
jѧԁє ѧ
jѧԁє ѧ Il y a mois
Please do these more often
Master zach RBLX
Master zach RBLX Il y a mois
Safaa Mham
Safaa Mham Il y a mois
henry danger NICE
Alfaro TV
Alfaro TV Il y a mois
Henry is the best
not_leshane lim
not_leshane lim Il y a mois
I love henry danger a lot especially the musical !!! PS post more 🤧❤
Mystery Life
Mystery Life Il y a mois
Owl Teez No not yet but they’re having one on the 27th
Sean Sheep
Sean Sheep Il y a mois
Friday 27th July 8PM fir America
Owl Teez
Owl Teez Il y a mois
not_leshane lim wait, they have a musical?
Marina Dushaj
Marina Dushaj Il y a mois
Abena Estelle
Abena Estelle Il y a mois
First? Like please 👇🏻
Beck Gilligan
Beck Gilligan Il y a mois
ItsRainanda Il y a mois
I love henry danger video's
lia benito
lia benito Il y a mois
Omg first
te aroha roberts
te aroha roberts Il y a mois
Saad Hussain
Saad Hussain Il y a mois
I love this
ZAC Biharie
ZAC Biharie Il y a mois
Tramy the little unicorn
First lol
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