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Starring the incredible talents of Brandon Rogers, Richard Horvitz, Erica Lindbeck, and Brock Baker!
In HELL, imps are the lowest of the low in society, but what happens when one starts an assassin business? This happens!
Follow Blitzo (the 'o' is silent) as he attempts to run a startup killing company in a very competitive market, along with his weapons specialist Moxxie, his powerhouse Millie, and his receptionist hellhound Loona. With the help of an ancient book obtained by one of the princes of Hell, they manage to make their work possible and together they attempt to survive each other while trying to keep their business afloat.
Bad Language warning! Not meant for kids or probably some people! All demons welcome though!
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25 nov. 2019




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Commentaires 93 620
Elli Martin
Elli Martin Il y a jour
is there an episode two?
Ellouise Heinen
Ellouise Heinen Il y a jour
Vivziepop, you are probably the best and creative animator! (Camila Cuevas as well :D).
Smol Alien Creature
6:13 Awww she smiled because he said she was part of the family!!!!!!
Ambroz Skale
Ambroz Skale Il y a jour
I wish hell would really be like that
Nora Teenie
Nora Teenie Il y a jour
Ah damnit I liked that kid :(
Kaleb Faulkner
Kaleb Faulkner Il y a jour
Moxie try’s to talk to kid normally but is insulted for no good reason it’s somewhat funny
YogiHan D. Darkfighter
Its just like Cartoon Network for adults and its 100 times better. I dont know why but its nostalgic. Its like the cartoons that I watched when I was young, and they grown up with me.
Bryony6210 Il y a jour
Blitzo: "Loona is an important member of our family and we dont get rid of family" Loona: *smiles for the 1 out of the 2 timES in this vid* Me: OTP OTP OTP OTP
XxMøøn_EyesxX Il y a jour
Now wouldn’t Angel Dust love that owl guy
Jason Inman
Jason Inman Il y a jour
Is this a part of hazbin hotel
Jason Inman
Jason Inman Il y a jour
Ok wtf why the bleeping 🤣🤣🤣🤣
glitch trap
glitch trap Il y a jour
Oh Christ on a stick, I guess there is a god, best line ever
InnerCrescent 65
InnerCrescent 65 Il y a jour
2:18 dont mind me
Cara Sicotte
Cara Sicotte Il y a jour
Ive seen this 3 times and I have just now realized that Luna is watching Hazbin Hotel on her computer
Zaraenia Il y a jour
Blitzo: Happy adoption anniversary Lunny. I got you a little something~! Luna: is it a cure for sifilis? Blitzo: i-
Just Peachy
Just Peachy Il y a jour
Luna is legit April Lundenburg and you can’t convince me otherwise
Lexi Reeves
Lexi Reeves Il y a jour
Michael and Blitzo should be friends
Kimberly Mellentin
Kimberly Mellentin Il y a jour
Хазбин пасхалки
Reed Sanders Fander
i thought blitz was gonna show up at the end with moxxie and millie and be a fucking ass hole, but i still loved it
GachaKassy Il y a jour
But like. Is that not Branden Rogers or his twin brother or somet
PringlesAhoy Il y a jour
If you get the Click reference, say Aye. 0:12 - 0:16
Kearan Filer
Kearan Filer Il y a jour
“i’m not naming any names here...moxie”
Ice Bear
Ice Bear Il y a jour
So...Brooklyn 99?
TheArmedwithWings Il y a jour
did any1 notice how Moxxie somehow magically changed guns from what seemed to be a double barrel shotgun to a sniper rifle or DMR you would get from a star wars stormtrooper. what kind of arcane black magic is this?
Gāchā Māi
Gāchā Māi Il y a jour
Is no one gonna talk about 4:09 when Loona was watching Hazbin Hotel?
Redstone Knife
Redstone Knife Il y a jour
make more Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss
Dado_the_Dodo Il y a jour
6:03 *When someone calls you and says that Hazbin Hotel looks shitty *
Dado_the_Dodo Il y a jour
Your ideas are just too much ! Love them
Angela Runner
Angela Runner Il y a jour
Brandon Rogers last 2 brain cells at war 0:00 - 11:12
Timoon 404
Timoon 404 Il y a jour
Кто из России
Fall Inky
Fall Inky Il y a jour
Vaggie: This isn't some musical hun. Millie:People LOVE musicals sir!
WolfGal :3
WolfGal :3 Il y a jour
Did anyone notice Luna smiling when Blitz said she was a part of family? 6:09
Lance Baker
Lance Baker Il y a jour
Hey is the voice of Moxxi the guy who played Invader Zim
fuk mei dady
fuk mei dady Il y a jour
I just noticed that the shape of Blitzo's head is similar to the tallest's from invader zim
fuk mei dady
fuk mei dady Il y a jour
Unsweetened AlmondMilk
"...All i see is my dads asshole talking to me..." Best line of the whole entire pilot- also, wtf kinda childhood did he have?!
Ricki Jarreau the tiny spinel
Tall bitch: Brandon rogers Freckle child: Richard horvitz Wolf and gurl married to freckles: Erica lindbeck ( I think) LIL BOI: Brock baker ( I also think as well idk)
kingdrey 699
kingdrey 699 Il y a jour
Is that Brandon Rogers
Ann 31
Ann 31 Il y a jour
Chloe Hensley
Chloe Hensley Il y a jour
I just noticed that at like 4:08 Luna is watching Hazbin Hotel lol
Suga Wolves
Suga Wolves Il y a jour
Vivziepop: this Helluva Boss Fans: Dear God... Vivziepop: there's more Fans: no
Wolfatron 01
Wolfatron 01 Il y a jour
Did anyone else notice when blitzo said loona was family she actually smiled
Danh Vô
Danh Vô Il y a jour
4:08 Charlie
Gabbie 19
Gabbie 19 Il y a jour
So..we're not gonna talk about what Luna was watching on 3:20 ?
Mr. Clever
Mr. Clever Il y a jour
I would say this is better than hazbin hotel
Charles Moody
Charles Moody Il y a jour
Made my day just to hear the voice actor who plays invader zim say fuck sometimes shit like just makes better imagine if ed edd n eddy or spongebob went full cuss factory be hilarious
Ily Il y a jour
I can hear Brandon Rogers
Cruz Lopez
Cruz Lopez Il y a jour
fucking kaos from skylanders
Justin Pierce
Justin Pierce Il y a jour
This looks actually really good and shows potential. 100x better than hazbin hotel, i actually laughed, the darker style of comedy is beautiful and it had only a couple of meh kinda cringe moments... God damn you made me laugh, i dont think you understand how much i appreciate that in a day and age were everything is retardedly political. i appreciate how much heart and soul put into this and i really hope this goes somewhere
WightMamba Il y a jour
Alot like invader zim, including the voice actors
Bryan Alejandro
Bryan Alejandro Il y a 2 jours
I just realized: The Immediate Murder Professionals acronym spells out I.M.P. Blitzo’s species is an imp demon...
•Gacha_Sunny• Il y a 2 jours
Brandon rogers fits perfect with mean+exited murderer
Doge Il y a 2 jours
I feel like Loona when she needs to blow off steam, I kick babies
Tiff Animates
Tiff Animates Il y a 2 jours
Instantly recognized brandon roger's voice
Rina Rose
Rina Rose Il y a 2 jours
Say aye if you recognize the voice of Zim from the old Nickelodeon show
The Nick eh 30 fan
The Nick eh 30 fan Il y a 2 jours
Thanks for having Brandon Rogers
Golden foxy
Golden foxy Il y a 2 jours
I like this jingle
Six Didn't Die
Six Didn't Die Il y a 2 jours
When your brother has his phone out when you kissing your crush You 7:19
Dusty Il y a 2 jours
1:30 I'm sure that this is a reference to Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus, when the Tallest pull up Zim's profile.