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Jeremy Jahns
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A film adaptation of the Hellboy comic book is once again made, this time starring David Harbour. But was it necessary, or even worth it? Here's my review of HELLBOY!




12 avril 2019

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Commentaires 2 400
Gus Sheppard
Gus Sheppard Il y a heure
It wasnt that bad. It was entertaining asf man ✌
andre chavez
andre chavez Il y a 6 jours
I watched this movie first and it was terrible, then I watched the Guillermo del Toro movies ( my favorite of them is the golden army) and it was even worst.
Lukas Sprehn
Lukas Sprehn Il y a 9 jours
It's filthy shite.
Black Rose
Black Rose Il y a 12 jours
Been binge watching your videos and decided to subscribe
Squeakypits Il y a 17 jours
“Give me the pig!” Jeremy jahns 2019
ShayneMeiro Il y a 20 jours
Okay, y'know what? Considering it *isn't* in the same universe as the original Hellboys, it's good! Okay? I will say it. I liked it. Little too much... Fluids for my taste (saliva, blood, various gore) but I still like it! There!
BaphometsHorn Il y a 22 jours
I felt like the Eldrazi creatures from hell were more interesting and better looking than Milla's character, those should've been her minions and the second to last/last fight. Would've looked a hell of a lot cooler and prolly could've made them seem more menacing than just choppin' normies apart. They were the best part of the trailer and a total bust in the movie, they're not anywhere near Hellboy.
batman 252387
batman 252387 Il y a 23 jours
Why did they argue about a fucking tree design
Mr. Mysterio
Mr. Mysterio Il y a 23 jours
Collin Gray
Collin Gray Il y a 24 jours
This review is the reason I started Castlevania, I love the show now
Flesh Mask
Flesh Mask Il y a 24 jours
Unpopular opinion : I like the new hellboy, I'll admit it's not high art, but I don't think it's terrible either.
Volgax364 Il y a 24 jours
I think this was fantastic.
MIRR0R0RRIM Il y a 27 jours
Watching the neck of your jacket opening and closing over and over is so very distracting to me.
Kyle Burroughs
Kyle Burroughs Il y a 28 jours
This vid has 666 thousand views, coincidence, i think NOT
Jacoby Dalvine
Jacoby Dalvine Il y a 29 jours
It's a piece of shit
Christophe Verger
Christophe Verger Il y a mois
Just watched it... and that was horrible , the joke were super corny, the cgi was horrible.. I hate that movie, felt like it was a four hours long movie
Chia Xiong
Chia Xiong Il y a mois
The ending was stupid af the blood witch just stood there and got her head chopped off my Hellboy LMAO
S M Il y a mois
I thought it wasn’t as bad as people are making it out to be, some of the comedy scenes are shit and if they changed director I’d be all for a second one but: 1. Why is professor broom like 60 shouldn’t he be way older if he found hellboy in his 30s in ww2 2. Shouldn’t his dad be like more loving in a way (I think john hunt was far far better)
rocknrollkid90 Il y a mois
The reboot is 👏!
nicolas osteguin
nicolas osteguin Il y a mois
🤣🤣 this movie made no sense, trash. Messed up the original two with just this one 😂🤣😂
Jay Dursley
Jay Dursley Il y a mois
first time i fell asleep in a movie with loud rock music and ripping heads off
jarodh2 Il y a mois
I didn’t hate the movie but the script is just sloppy and lazy. The script lacks a true focus. Also the have stupid jokes like the cell phone constantly breaks gag that is not funny peppered into the movie.
Artsy Fartsy
Artsy Fartsy Il y a mois
02:55-02:59 It's not, comics know better than that 😂😂
For Your Safety
For Your Safety Il y a mois
0:44 because everyone is an expert on everything
paul jones
paul jones Il y a mois
This movie wasn't needed
GHOULii Il y a mois
Just saw it, I think it’s funny they think their getting a sequel. Like god go have a seat next to avatar the last shyamalan
Xx pro-playz xX
Xx pro-playz xX Il y a mois
everything was fine other than the fact that i fucking hated the main charectors with all of my heart
Johan Frode
Johan Frode Il y a mois
I did enjoy the film. I think they knew what they wanted to do with it, the bar was set from the get go and it dident take itself to serious. Doing a hunt, at the bride "This is where we make our stand." With that fking thing on your head, bro. WT actual FK? And blood just because blood and gore, well why not, go for it. It is so over the top that you just smile at it. Id say it was a good time, not that id see it again.
ZeerXX Il y a mois
I love to see Hollywood fail. Nothing original anymore. Let the reboots burn.
Steven Ortega
Steven Ortega Il y a mois
I agree with everything excepts for the violence: uhm..... excuse me DEMONS COMING OUT OF HELL is a pretty good excuse for violence
FOX-Men Fan Guy
FOX-Men Fan Guy Il y a 12 jours
+Steven Ortega He didn't say it shouldn't have violence! The problem he had with it was that it was over-the-top, repetitive, and excessive.
Wail Liwa
Wail Liwa Il y a mois
Wail Liwa
Wail Liwa Il y a mois
Nice work
twinfyre Il y a mois
Is it just me or does Jeremy's hair get bigger with each new video?
Daily dose Media
Daily dose Media Il y a mois
I thought it was good.. not better than the first but definitely a fun movie..just needs a more creative writing tea.
Heath Marshall
Heath Marshall Il y a mois
What did y'all think about Ben Daimo? Loved him in the Comics.
Eric Burton
Eric Burton Il y a mois
We gave Hollywood a pass on the changing of characters with the Incredible Hulk. But to do that with Hellboy, its UNACCEPTABLE!! You cannot replace Ron Perlman as Hellboy!! And don’t try and remake beauty and the beast without Ron Perlman dammit!!!
Jg3000 Il y a mois
Not a bad movie, not great either.
ij A
ij A Il y a mois
I just saw this movie in the theatre today . It. Was. AWESOME. Best money spent this year. I enjoyed it very much 😁
Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton Il y a mois
I hated the script.
Joseph Archer
Joseph Archer Il y a mois
Nah, Keep da violence ;-j I want to see it again intoxicated. Wd b a trip!
Joe Northstar
Joe Northstar Il y a mois
Violence, gore and gross what else do you want.
Kane Kennedy
Kane Kennedy Il y a mois
I could list tons of things but, above all else: good story, good acting. This film had neither.
John Doyle
John Doyle Il y a mois
The pig was so funny 😂
Parzival Il y a mois
I am a tremendous Hellboy fan. Love the comics, absolutely loved the Del Toro films. Was skeptical about this one, but the trailers made me a little hopeful. I am very sad to say this was one of the worst movies I have ever seen. I had to watch the Del Toro films right after watching it to cleanse me of the monstrosity that is this new film. When I was watching Ron Pearlman Hellboy, I honest to god, forgot for a good 2 hours that the David Harbour version existed.
james adams
james adams Il y a mois
Dude🤦🏽‍♂️shut up. Seriously. Your just saying anything negative you can. This movie was so so got damn funny and subliminal and action packed. You are a piece of shit
Janno JJ
Janno JJ Il y a mois
I ENJOYED THIS MOVIE. I don't fking understand why everyone is whining.
latonya ingram
latonya ingram Il y a mois
It was very gross.I love violence and gore,but it gross
young Da
young Da Il y a mois
I enjoyed the movie
Zachary Nixon
Zachary Nixon Il y a mois
Have you read the Hellboy comics? They're pretty violent.
Parzival Il y a mois
Well. The comics are violent, and mature. The Del Toro films are not violent heavy, and they don’t have foul language. But those movies are far superior. Why? Because Del Toro and Ron Pearlman cared about the story and characters. And made those movies that did them all justice.
Scott Fieldsend
Scott Fieldsend Il y a mois
Lex Loadgiver
Lex Loadgiver Il y a mois
In other words it’s hot trash and I’m going to see some hot trash tonight.
Uveni Il y a mois
God of war but done wrong. Pure unnecessary, nasty gore and just plain nasty. Not Mortal Kombat and not God of war good and a whole bunch of running around for no reason to defeat a villain that could have been blown up but no less do boring "let's make sects and kill mens" shenanigans.
Gabriel Snowboy
Gabriel Snowboy Il y a mois
That wrestling scene at the beginning is just one of the many scenes that didn't need to be there. It was that kind of movie.
The 9th Planet
The 9th Planet Il y a mois
It was pretty good, not great but not bad either. For me the editing was the worst part. But I still recomend it, an ok film.
Shawn Shawn Binks is the sith27
The thing i like in this novie is that even though he is treated like shit he still chose to be a good guy regaurdless and he feels more..idk like someone who wasnt raised as good and it works
Kyle Campbell
Kyle Campbell Il y a mois
Tobs W
Tobs W Il y a mois
Millie jovovich is a guaranteed stamp of shit on any movie. Seriously. They need to make it illegal for her to act in movies. Her acting skills are so shit and she has done so much damage to cinema that she shouldn't even be allowed to act in a B grade porno.
oldschool zombie
oldschool zombie Il y a mois
It just felt like it was missing something , like with Guillermo version you fell into this world of style and monsters and this felt empty .
Blaze The Movie Fan
I’m sorry you didn’t like it. I hope I’ll like it more than you did.
MrJakeJimmy Il y a mois
Terrible movie! I give it a 1/10
Hugh Jhass
Hugh Jhass Il y a mois
Hellboy was great. I loved the first two as well but this was great too.
Hugh Jhass
Hugh Jhass Il y a mois
Hellboy again? What about Spiderman again... And again
Vic S
Vic S Il y a mois
Early sign of bad story telling: Hellboy goes to Mexico to find a BPRD agent who was investigating vampires. Said agent gets turned into a vampire luchador. Hellboy kills him and the audience is supposed to feel emotional since Hellboy is distraught over this. Next scene, Hellboy is picked up to go on his next mission after spending weeks getting drunk. The vampire plot gets dropped. No scene of Hellboy going on a path for vengeance. Nothing... moving on
Ryan Brown
Ryan Brown Il y a mois
Maybe the irony of a film about a demon superhero coming out a week before Easter has something to do with the film's poor release
shadow wolf 77
shadow wolf 77 Il y a mois
I saw the movie yesterday and thought that it was garbage, but a piece of garbage that I would see again if it was on Netflix or something. there were only something good about the movie but very few and the CGI was absolutely terrible, I don't know the work that goes into CGI but clearly not a lot of work went into that.
MagmaBeast 15
MagmaBeast 15 Il y a mois
Is it me or does this dude move to much, STAY PUT
alfie mikhail
alfie mikhail Il y a mois
The physical manifestations of the spirits in the movie are known as "ectoplasm", a well-known type of manifestations among medium/spiritualists circle
Jfund12 Il y a mois
At the end, it was just another in the office feeling they left one. Which does seem appropriate in concept. It just wasn't fulfilling.
gotans con
gotans con Il y a mois
Fan 4 stick that's to funny good show your power level is over 9000 bye
steel ssstu
steel ssstu Il y a mois
Fantastic film, much better than most wanker reviewers are saying, go see it and don't listen to these twats who hijack FRvid with this movie review shit it's a good movie
ThomasdWell Il y a mois
I hated it. Mostly cause everyone felt meaner, the swearing was over done along with the gore. But the real kicker for me was just how they took actual stories from the comic and stitched them into short little segments. Worst one being the 'backstory' of Hellboy and Alice which was boiled down to he told a fairy to return the baby and he sits down on a couch for some time before the baby is returned. As a fan of the comic series, it was just a waste of time if they cut the beginning narration (which omg, who and they're grandmother doesn't know King Arthur's sword) to King Arthur cut the bad lady in to parts, they could have given more weight to the pig man having a real grudge other than, "hellboy touched me with iron for half a second and that really hurt my feelings." I feel bad for David Harbour cause he had so much going against him because he wasn't Ron Perlman and more often than not he was fairly convincing, but man was the dialog shit. I sat in the theater and actively thought to myself, "someone wrote this and no one said to take a second pass." Not to mention the Blood Queen was assembled pretty quick and really wasn't a threat. Baba Yaga was a greater threat for the small screen time she had. I will say that the monsters were good and that Baba Yaga will haunt my nightmares with her weird swaying tits. Mind you the comic version of Baba was much more like an old unsuspecting woman you'd pass by. Still flipping bold of them to add a teaser for Abe AND Koshchei the Deathless
Rob Scofidio
Rob Scofidio Il y a mois
Just saw it on a Friday night showing; all 10 of us in the theater. Agree completely; won’t be seeing this again, at least not on purpose!
G Richard Yamagata
G Richard Yamagata Il y a mois
Great Review! I was looking forward to this movie. Your trailer review sold me on seeing this. I share your views. When are they going to hire you to fix the movies before they are released to the public. Then again there is nothing they could have really done. Thank you for the review.
Geeky Fanatic
Geeky Fanatic Il y a mois
The moment they announced Ron Perlman wasn't going to play hellboy in this movie, I knew it was going to be bad. Turns out, I was right, but Hellboy was a good part of it. Strange.
yoseph Denny
yoseph Denny Il y a mois
I enjoyed it, but I agree with a lot of your points
Dumont Il y a mois
I loved the 2 old pnes
Iserior Il y a mois
Liked the first Hellboy, don´t care for Golden Army. I had a lot of fun with this one. Story and Characters are alright, nothing special but they have a certain B-Movie charme. the action is solid if you can tolerate some CGI hick-ups. The comedy is nothing really special, pretty much "to cool for school" attitude from some characters somtimes but it wont break the atmosphere of the scenes. Regarding the music, i cant complain, mostly Metal, some of it clearly inspired by DOOM. The biggest point of critique for me is the sometimes frantic cut and rushed story. The movie is very fast paced with very few calm moments and all events just stack up so fast you dont have much time to process it. Like i said, i had my fun and think that i got my moneys worth of entertainment. Also i would like to see a sequel.
Proxy Payload
Proxy Payload Il y a mois
Why is every sentence by this guy an attempted punchline? :s
Andrew Pearson
Andrew Pearson Il y a mois
But I honestly never thought the CGI was bad except when they showed hellboy being summoned or whatever as a baby
Andrew Pearson
Andrew Pearson Il y a mois
I went to see it twice and get why people disliked it but I still thought it was a really good action movie
Evan Font
Evan Font Il y a mois
Generally speaking, the original Hellboy doesn't hold up all that great. Mostly because of the human character guy who works with Hellboy is a complete tool and his whole subplot of trying to steal Selma Blair from Hellboy doesn't really work. But shit, and least it's still kinda fun and funny.
Reece Lively
Reece Lively Il y a mois
The giant fight was the best thing about the movie.
Wile.E Mario
Wile.E Mario Il y a mois
I liked the movie.
Westwood Da cat
Westwood Da cat Il y a mois
I thought it was a amazing
schubbel Il y a mois
I think is succeded in the rare so bad it became good. I enjoyed it but recognize it as a terrible movie.
Skyler Anderson
Skyler Anderson Il y a mois
Oh man comparing this to fan4stic is savage
onika inyam
onika inyam Il y a mois
I'm a big fan of Guillermo Del Torro's Hellboy, but I would have to say that WE ACTUALLY ENJOYED THIS MOVIE! The scene with the Baba Yaga will haunt me forever!
Undead dissection
Undead dissection Il y a mois
My god why did they not just make hell boy 3 for fucksack
Thu Linh Nguyen
Thu Linh Nguyen Il y a 2 mois
Cant get over David's dad bod 🙄
Neo Art School
Neo Art School Il y a 2 mois
this whole time I was like he sounds like a Washington guy... you just move to seattle making that money or...
Robert Brewster
Robert Brewster Il y a 2 mois
More than anything it felt like a tv show season condensed into a 2 hour film.
Robert Botello
Robert Botello Il y a 2 mois
I seriously just walked out... I was in the scene where hellboy and the dad come back to mansion and everyone is dead. Gosh I was falling asleep. Horrible music choices, pace was way to fast. Dialogue was pointless. Gore was meaningless
Bob Bob
Bob Bob Il y a 2 mois
I don't care if it is the worst written movie or the plot sucks. If it entertains me then I like it and will watch it again And this movie entertained me
josh lamb
josh lamb Il y a 2 mois
I liked it. I thought it was better than captain Marvel.
Hugh Jhass
Hugh Jhass Il y a mois
Captain marvel sucks
Marlon Davis
Marlon Davis Il y a 2 mois
Guillermo can still put out the 3rd Hellboy if he wants, I'll definitely buy a ticket for that.
johnulcer Il y a 2 mois
FOX-Men Fan Guy
FOX-Men Fan Guy Il y a 12 jours
+johnulcer SHUT-UP.
Pat Green
Pat Green Il y a 2 mois
I was going to click like but then you punched me in the FACE!
Automaton 42
Automaton 42 Il y a 2 mois
Best part was the last 20 mins seeing demons come out of the ground. Seeing hellboy on a dragon was badass and should of been longer scene. So many unanswered questions and plot holes .
Automaton 42
Automaton 42 Il y a mois
@Matt Gates As in what happened to Hellboy's mother and father. They showed brief flash backs of them but there was no understanding of where they went as far as I watched and listened. Next plot hole is the time between Hellboy as a child and then a adult , like there is no real back story on Hellboy to make us relate to him . It's just here is him coming out of the hole , we took him and raised him but you won't see it because it might make the movie longer or uninteresting. Seriously if you're going to reboot a movie then show everyone the shit the character went through to get to this point that he/she should feel the need to help Humans. Not leave it towards the end to just make a choice based off his fathers words . Another Plot hole is that if the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense felt the blood queen would bring about the end then why just leave her parts with such little defense thinking that evil can't find it's way into a monastery. I felt more for Gruagach than Hellboy in the end. Again the end was more exciting than the rest of the movie but I don't think using Del Toro or Ron Pearlman would of made it better unless it was totally darker and more rated R than they went for . Once it's released on Blu-ray I'll be able to slowly account for all plot holes. These are the only ones that made me think more about the story than prolly intended.
Matt Gates
Matt Gates Il y a mois
Automaton 42 What plot holes? Just curious if you have legit ones or if your just on the bandwagon
DINSTAR-AS Il y a 2 mois
Saw this movie on a slow Tuesday... spent a lot of time thinking about my poor choices in life during the movie. On another note, the sound volume was so loud, it was impossible to fall asleep.
MrJakeJimmy Il y a mois
The song selection was so loud during talking scenes, I could barely understand what they were saying. (terrible British accents) shit tier movie.
Ravendarke 777
Ravendarke 777 Il y a 2 mois
That's a shame for David Harbor, when will these studios learn?
boiboiboi Il y a 2 mois
[ALERT] underage people who didn't watch the movie and denied good review is on comment section
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