Has Stephen King Won Writing?

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
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National Medal Of Arts winner Stephen King had a lot of critics early on. But they're dead now.




12 sept. 2015




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B.Roberts Il y a mois
Due to his tendency to write graphic novels of horror i forget that he wrote shawshank the green mile and stand by me all classics
redredblood1 Il y a 2 mois
1:40 is such an unintentional diss bahaha. Colbert’s face says it all...
Jireh Mae Mon
Jireh Mae Mon Il y a 2 mois
This just crossed my mind, like how would it turn out if somebody asked Stephen King. THE STEPHEN KING to write a romance novel?
Paulo 0
Paulo 0 Il y a 2 mois
SJ ARYAN Il y a 3 mois
Ultimate king
Jack Green
Jack Green Il y a 4 mois
No, he has not won writing. King admits that there are plenty of writers who will simply never get a break. The sad fact is that the best writers will never get published due to competition.
Dulles Perez
Dulles Perez Il y a 5 mois
Jeanie Chowdury
Jeanie Chowdury Il y a 5 mois
He is so cool.
Peter Petruzzi
Peter Petruzzi Il y a 5 mois
His mustache potential is 100%
moe joe
moe joe Il y a 6 mois
is it true that stephen king stole many ideas from alfred hitchcock.
Nonie Gaming
Nonie Gaming Il y a 6 mois
The simple answer is... YES
vxCOCOxv Il y a 7 mois
My ONE and only favourite author. He’s a very, very talented writer.
shortietiki Il y a 7 mois
Goddam how did he get so old.? wait how did I get so old?
smack daddy
smack daddy Il y a 7 mois
Steven on Stephen
mila kohen
mila kohen Il y a 7 mois
a well-deserved bling!!!!
Jenn Lawson
Jenn Lawson Il y a 7 mois
He may not be my writing genre influence, but he will always be my reading influence, and writing inspiration. 😁
Cell 90
Cell 90 Il y a 8 mois
He is a legend....but he is so a humble and beautiful human beeing...i love his humor and stories..
Il y a 8 mois
He is the man 🤘🏻
Bleep Normal
Bleep Normal Il y a 9 mois
He’s fascinating. I’ve always loved the guy.
Soviet II
Soviet II Il y a 9 mois
Mr. King is not just a Master Storyteller, when you get into his works, your mind is swept away, to another place and time. You see the world from someone else's point of view, and of course share in the characters fears, loves, hate, sorrows. And when I close a book after reading a while, for a split second it's like - woo oh right - and you are back in your life. What he can do with his short stories has no comparison. What I have read, that he can do with just a few pages of writing, has no comparison!
Carly Corday
Carly Corday Il y a 9 mois
Lay into him, losers. A 70-year-old man. "He looks funny! His lip is weird! His philtrum is large! Ew, he's like a character from his own books, all icky and wrinkledy like!" LOL, time for my Fukitol pill. The bad news is, we are all going to die. The good news is, we are all going to die.
Kaela Creighton
Kaela Creighton Il y a an
They've done so odd things to my memory, but I do remember getting a coin. It was the award of doom. Hopefully, Obama didn't curse that when he gave it to Mr. King.
Melissa Orkus
Melissa Orkus Il y a an
cross gordon
cross gordon Il y a an
If Stephen king sharpened that medal to make it a weapon it would be a 'riza from Wolves of the Calla
Inzam Haque
Inzam Haque Il y a an
"Op; Psych!" Stephen King.
Sophie Il y a an
“You scare the hell out of me. Can I have a hug?” That will so be me if I ever get the honour to meet him.
moodist 1er
moodist 1er Il y a an
There's a mason award, now he doesn't have to sell his slaves to secure his children's future..
Lee Pink
Lee Pink Il y a an
He’s so funny & sweet!
Mackenzie Hiller
I truly don't understand why but books do not scare me. I love reading and I've read hundreds of books, but I feel like the only thing that books haven't done is made me scared. Books have made me cry and laugh and everything. I even had an assignment in school to write a horror story and I could not do it. Words don't scare me. The closest I've been to scared while reading was when I read Needful Things and got to the part where Brian dies, and even then I was more shocked than scared.
Digitalbumpin Il y a an
Fuck you Stephen King. You libtard piece of shit.
Lexey Middleton
Lexey Middleton Il y a an
And they call liberals snowflakes....
adarsh singh
adarsh singh Il y a an
I love this man💓😍😍
Fiona Lee
Fiona Lee Il y a an
I. Love. Stephen.
Ivo Byrt
Ivo Byrt Il y a an
"You scared the hell out of me. Can I have a hug??" So adorable.
Jason Hillstrom
Jason Hillstrom Il y a an
Stephen King's forum is a bunch of retired and unemployed losers over 50 who have nothing better to do. The moderator is also a cunt.
Crisantechell Muse
Didn't know Stephen King was a G
Majessa Dunn
Majessa Dunn Il y a an
love this guy, he's just as awkward and adorable as you'd expect him to be.
voteZDLR Il y a an
The one thing that annoys me is how frequently he is always talking about how "it pays the bills, you know what I'm sayin'?" and "It pays well" in the other Stephen Colbert clip with him more recently. In the intro to The Stand, in the foreword he cites how the reader, if they choose to buy the book upon leaving the store, are giving him what the publisher had deemed a "fair market price" of what was like $4.95 or something like that, blah blah blah. The dude has made a LOT of money in his life, there's no question about that, but you have to at some point begin to believe he's taken that corporate approach to his work more than he's ever like to admit. I mean, even George RR Martin who has been credited with creating Thrones (and has not had a single movie made for him yet, that's where the money is spoiler alert) is only sitting at a modest $50-60 million. Stephen King has like half a billion dollars. I love Stephen King, too, btw I am just saying I really hope he's not equating his work with money. At all. Because really that doesn't make a damn bit of difference in the quality of his work. It matters to him, clearly, as it should anyone in charge of their own finances, but it has nothing to do with the works he's done, IMO.
HB Games
HB Games Il y a an
I Love stephi
Krieghandt Il y a an
And not a Mueller in site *sigh*
N. W. Dood
N. W. Dood Il y a an
True story: in 5th grade, my school in Bangor, ME had a fair in the gym and events in nearby rooms. One of these rooms had a sort of haunted house. Now, it just so happen that some of the prizes being given out in the gym were 3-foot rulers. I decided to visit the haunted house room and it was filled with "monsters", which was not surprising. The surprise came when I hit one of the monsters with my ruler and found out later on that I had in fact hit Stephen King. I believe he was not very happy about that.
N. W. Dood
N. W. Dood Il y a an
I went to school with Joe King for 1 year....weird kid
Sky Dalbah
Sky Dalbah Il y a an
he's terrifyingly adorable.
Harshvardhan Jha
He looks like a guy who wrote The Shining
Laurent Jade
Laurent Jade Il y a an
The greatest storyteller of our time.
G G Il y a an
If you look at his eyes can you tell if he has read a book before
Nodel Oliver
Nodel Oliver Il y a an
I would give my right hand (the one I write with) and everything I own, to be taught by Stephen King, in the art of terrifying people with simple words.
Joyee Luk
Joyee Luk Il y a an
"So you know, i've become a teddy bear with little daggers" Mr. King is Freddie from 5 Nights, guys
K. R.
K. R. Il y a an
very cool!
itkojecockot Il y a an
funny how "The Shinning" is probably his best movie adaptation...... and yet, he hates Kubrick's movie......
RedpandaFlan Il y a an
U scare the hell out of me hug me
RedpandaFlan Il y a an
He’s my favorite horror writer
Pol Mak
Pol Mak Il y a an
communistjesus Il y a an
Stephen interviewing Stephen...
WWE Themes Old And New
If u type in stephen king on google it says he died in 2006 wtf google
Stick-It Productions.
And now I'm imagining a Stephen King teddy bear with little daggers.
David Hayward
David Hayward Il y a an
Great guy
Melvin Shaw
Melvin Shaw Il y a an
We are one Spielberg away from having my three favorite Stephens all together in the same place
Caffeine Red Squirrel
Sai King
superplan89 Il y a an
I’m so glad he is still with us. First book I ever read, Hearts in Atlantis, then rose madder....and more.
RED Il y a an
So talented man, I love him.