Hannah Brown Steps Out of a Limo on Night One - The Bachelor

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As the limo arrivals come to a close, the final arrival causes a huge stir: Hannah Brown. Peter Weber is shocked to see his ex, and the ladies in the house are dismayed to see someone from Peter's past. It turns out Hannah is there to return the set of pilot's wings that Peter gave her on Night One of her season of 'The Bachelorette,' and she wishes him luck in finding love. From 'Week 1,' the season 24 premiere of The Bachelor 2020. Watch The Bachelor MONDAY 8|7c on ABC, streaming, on demand, and Hulu.




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Commentaires 80
Joan Rain
Joan Rain Il y a 12 jours
That was a cruel act.
Sun Shine
Sun Shine Il y a 13 jours
Omg ,the cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese!!!!
bite me
bite me Il y a 15 jours
Probably the only time peter smile is super big
Westielover Il y a 18 jours
The fashion blogger girl is annoying
deserter moore
deserter moore Il y a 19 jours
what a moneyhorn hannah,she smells money-fame-glory,and she is ready to do anything..with how mens she goes in these type of idiots show?shame of her and her fake style...
djw80158 Il y a 19 jours
2:32 don't know her name, but Good Heavens she's fine
djw80158 Il y a 18 jours
@Jason peng ty 😉
Jason peng
Jason peng Il y a 18 jours
Sol aiman
Sol aiman Il y a 19 jours
Damn.. Hannah def has something all these other ladies dont, even tho there are hotter girls in this show, her confidence and sex appeal makes her level 3x these girls..
Sol aiman
Sol aiman Il y a 19 jours
Hannah brown btw
CJ Hunter
CJ Hunter Il y a 21 jour
I love watching shallow people.... 😂
haiha vpp
haiha vpp Il y a 23 jours
Xe cựu ho
Arina Il y a 24 jours
When Peter was tearing up while saying about Hannah, I was also tearing up
3v1yGe12 xtr31
3v1yGe12 xtr31 Il y a mois
That canadian blonde is so irritating idk y she even in the bachelor 🙄 an American-wanna-be Shame!smh
darren nguyen
darren nguyen Il y a mois
did anyone notice how madi raises her invisible drink at 3:28 ? same girl same
Claire B
Claire B Il y a mois
His face at 0:04 says it all. I can tell she truly surprised him and he definitely is still interested in her!
justythegr822 Il y a mois
Is there any normal person who watches this garbage? It is a complete mockery of tv
AnnMarie Yednak
AnnMarie Yednak Il y a mois
Okay but is no one talking about at 3:18 that one girl STILL has her windmill costume on??
LOADING... Il y a mois
This whole episode is horrible set up. They set up Peter to meet Hannah. Victoria F. Wtf.
Aaliyah La’cole
Aaliyah La’cole Il y a mois
I really wanted Hannah to choose peter😔
Faze Minecraft
Faze Minecraft Il y a mois
Everyone that goes on this show is a thot
Deanuh Osmani
Deanuh Osmani Il y a mois
0:46 omgg the girls scurrying over to the other side 😂
Deanuh Osmani
Deanuh Osmani Il y a mois
I love how the video starts with screaming 😂
sage bates
sage bates Il y a mois
Peters face when he saw her!
Suki B
Suki B Il y a mois
I wanna look that good and go see my ex tooooo
Bari Ashlyn
Bari Ashlyn Il y a mois
McKenna is so annoying. Jumping to typical. So glad shes gone
Jacqueline Gomez
Jacqueline Gomez Il y a mois
His voice is literally wavering at 2:50 if he doesn’t end with Hannah Brown I will sue.
Leona Tomy
Leona Tomy Il y a mois
"Is this legal?!"
Audrey Barnes
Audrey Barnes Il y a mois
They are literally in love with each other its obvious
Alaina H
Alaina H Il y a mois
Imagine if he picks her in the end and gives those back to herrrrr. that would be cute.
Ferlangga Loho
Ferlangga Loho Il y a mois
"Girl, we have a crisis" LOL seriously, girl ? Calm down
mrciee ___
mrciee ___ Il y a mois
The last time peter was genuinely happy😭😭
tr0ubledl0ve Il y a 2 mois
"Peter is everything that I've dreamt of and to think that I might not get that opportunity because she's here.. it's frustrating" lol not like there were twenty other beautiful women you had to worry about
Kaitie D'Addezio
Kaitie D'Addezio Il y a 2 mois
I wonder what it would’ve been like if Hannah chose Peter - or Tyler😳
Male P.
Male P. Il y a 2 mois
He didn’t want to let gooooo. 💔😍😭
Daniella Il y a 2 mois
He's such an amazing genuine man.
John Nix
John Nix Il y a 2 mois
It looks like prostitution to me
Maggie Babcock
Maggie Babcock Il y a 2 mois
Hannah’s perfect, so sweet and supportive but powerful in her own right. She would have been an incredible copilot....
rebecca Soto
rebecca Soto Il y a 2 mois
What an airhead??is she dating her if he was he wouldnt been doing show!!!
Evan Williams
Evan Williams Il y a 2 mois
They still love each other you can tell. Case of right person, wrong time
nour S Hilal
nour S Hilal Il y a 2 mois
That is literally not fair for the other girls she didn’t pick him when she was the one picking someone and now she comes back for another opportunity when he is th bachelor . Like of course she is going to come back to him is he is the bachelor !!! This made me so mad 😡
Erica here!
Erica here! Il y a 2 mois
Now why did they have to go and do that to him? Hmmmm!
Smokey Dawg
Smokey Dawg Il y a 2 mois
She’s desperate... shouldn’t have made such horrible decisions
Timi ade
Timi ade Il y a 2 mois
DAAAAMMMN all of the girls are so fine!
Colby Mathis
Colby Mathis Il y a 2 mois
Of course she did she has a personality disorder and is a home wrecker. Has to be in the spotlight.
Roblox Squad
Roblox Squad Il y a 2 mois
I he's Hannah b comes back and fights for him.
Briana Torbay
Briana Torbay Il y a 2 mois
Texas Ag
Texas Ag Il y a 2 mois
Wasnt she just on a boat with a tool from Florida dry humping?? Lol she's a veteran on these bachelor one...then the next one
c hello
c hello Il y a 2 mois
This is stupid, they could been together if there was more time together but maybe they just aren’t meant for each other tho they do love each other though. I hope both of them find the one.
Latoya Wooten
Latoya Wooten Il y a 2 mois
Not trying to make this a racial thing but I would love to see a black men be the bachelor.been watching for a long time and never have I seen a men of color be the bachelor.Come on abc y’all gonna have to do better🤦🏿‍♀️
Latoya Wooten
Latoya Wooten Il y a 2 mois
I won’t be watching! y’all could count me out
Molly Rose
Molly Rose Il y a 2 mois
His lil thumb rubs when he hugs her 🥺
Ariel Gonzalez
Ariel Gonzalez Il y a 2 mois
I watched that show and I'm totally shocked in a turn a events. Welcome back, ms brown.
Kasuga Pachaka
Kasuga Pachaka Il y a 2 mois
This two still inlove with each other
Ay BayBay
Ay BayBay Il y a 2 mois
All these years later.... I still think it’s strange to compete for a man on a tv show.
Nicole Marie
Nicole Marie Il y a 2 mois
You had your chance
Varaidzo1 Il y a 2 mois
Poor Peter, really hope he finds the right person. He seems like a great guy. If I was Hannah he would've been my first and only choice.
aspenrebel Il y a 2 mois
She is such a fraud!!! Can't stand her.
Tricia Larizza
Tricia Larizza Il y a 2 mois
Mean bitch
Crazygurl1211 Il y a 2 mois
At the beginning, the show at least pretended to have some class - it was about mature people who were looking for love. Those days are gone, with Hannah telling the whole world that she and Peter f*cked 4 times in a windmill. Just so lowbrow and no class at all. It's basically like an MTV show for college kids now, with screaming bimbos and people putting their sex lives on display for the whole world. I wonder how Hannah's future husband and children are going to feel about her announcing to the world that she banged a guy 4 times? I mean, it's perfectly cool to do it with someone when you have a connection with them, but there's no need to go around and tell everyone. She's just gross.
unclepatsy666 Il y a 2 mois
I think the show kinda made her look like a fool again. Hannah have tons of gurlfriends so take my word....get out of L.A for a month or two, regroup and stay out of all media to get perspective.
Jiarui Ye
Jiarui Ye Il y a 2 mois
Hannah is literally the only person I care about so I'm out once she's gone.
Alpha Beta
Alpha Beta Il y a 2 mois
I didn’t’t like Hannah on the season where she first appeared as one of the girls...she was psychotic then and still is. Get rid of her and I would prefer to never see her mess up another season of anything!!
Sarah Il y a 2 mois
He’s such a cutie.
TENcannons Il y a 2 mois
Hannah needs to read this asap. You may not realize it, but every second, two people die. What happens then? Is there a heaven and Hell? Are you "good enough" to get to heaven? Look at the Ten Commandments. Have you ever lied or stolen? (regardless of the value). Ever looked with lust and therefore committed adultery in your heart? (see Matthew 5:28 ). You may see these as "no big deal" but God sure doesn't. He is Holy and said, "be Holy, for I am Holy." God sent His Son, Jesus, to live the perfect life we never could. He took God's wrath on the cross for sinners. Jesus paid the punishment for our sins against a Holy God. Then He rose from the dead. Cry out to God for mercy, confessing and forsaking your sins. Put your trust in Jesus( rather than " good works") to save you. Read the Bible daily and obey what you read. Please don't be mad, I really care about you and everyone else who reads this. Take care and have a great week or weekend. God bless.
Trevor Michaud
Trevor Michaud Il y a 2 mois
why did she even show up? like this is retarded man.
Carla Barrera
Carla Barrera Il y a 2 mois
He is definitely still in love with her. She is to but she knows that she needs to let go so he can find love once again. She’s beautiful & her smile ..... WOW 😍 Wish them both the best. Maybe in the future they can work it out.
Mother Hugger
Mother Hugger Il y a 2 mois
It’s not fair to the other girls. You already had your chance
Swavna Heisenberg
Swavna Heisenberg Il y a 2 mois
Just get together already. These girls are being made a joke of. Talk of making business out of emotions.
Heather Esbjorn
Heather Esbjorn Il y a 2 mois
It's plain to see that their story is not over.
Emily r
Emily r Il y a 2 mois
Sarah Yang
Sarah Yang Il y a 2 mois
He is not as good looking as the ladies. He is a lucky guy.
Tigerrose Lili
Tigerrose Lili Il y a 2 mois
ABC and Hannah are manipulative AF. I don’t know why people are rooting for Peter to be her 3rd choice.🙄
D A Il y a 2 mois
Hannah broke his heart again when she gave him back his wings. His eyes were tearful. He also looked disappointed, and up until that point he looked hopeful, as if he wanted Hannah to ask him if she could be in the house.
Briana Torbay
Briana Torbay Il y a 2 mois
Mama Sauce Recipes & More
Go away!!!! Stop stealing Peter’s thunder....... tired of your mascara streaked bawling face! Tired already! Over it!
JoMoe G.
JoMoe G. Il y a 2 mois
Hannah the sluttiest bachelorette ever
Joanna Edwards
Joanna Edwards Il y a 2 mois
Hannah is still a fucking reptile lunatic wacko paranoid minded moron who is searching for something that is completely out of whack and Peter is a damn fool that probably not even close to being over with that wacko paranoid lunatic sob
Donna Green
Donna Green Il y a 2 mois
Hannah picked Jed over Peter! God love Her but i am not sure she should be picking her own love interest by herself. Wings made him cry!
Sassy Traveler
Sassy Traveler Il y a 2 mois
Guess what? They will continue hannah and peter's love story on Bachelor's in Paradise i can see it happening LOL
Antonio Chiappetta
Antonio Chiappetta Il y a 2 mois
Pretty much, this is a whore house for one lucky stud.
J aj
J aj Il y a 2 mois
Oh my gosh I know you guys need ratings and the contracts but I wish Peter and Hannah B could just be left alone. And Peter better run for Hannah B🙏🙀 Many are shading Hannah but I don't think she deserves it
Cynthia Smith
Cynthia Smith Il y a 2 mois
Enough of Hannah Brown should have listened to her dad your fifteen minutes of fame is over girl bye
Ana Beltran
Ana Beltran Il y a 2 mois
Hannah doesn’t deserve Peter, but you can tell he still has feelings for her. His face lit up when he saw her. I hope he finds someone that truly treasures him.
Mark Perez
Mark Perez Il y a 2 mois
Getting really annoyed with Hannah showing up out of nowhere
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