Half in the Bag: IT Chapter Two

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8 sept. 2019




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Brian DiGiovanni
Brian DiGiovanni Il y a heure
For me, the old lady scene was reversed. I was in a theater the first time I saw the trailer in that scene and the whole theater laughed when the grandma was shuffling around naked. Normally I do like creepy stuff in the background, but it was just a naked grandma. The cgi lanky grandma did get to me though. I think it was because she was much bigger than I was expecting, and the stretched out limbs put her in the uncanny valley. It's like those videos where people mess with the body sliders in video games where there's a fine line between the outcome being absolutely hilarious or utterly terrifying. Lanky grandma was only on screen for a couple seconds, and I think if it lasted any longer I might have started finding it funny.
agustin s
agustin s Il y a heure
Thurgor Supreme
Thurgor Supreme Il y a 2 heures
Am I the only one who was secretly hoping they were going to do the orgy scene after all, but as adults?
Bee Jay
Bee Jay Il y a 2 heures
IT was boring....and tedious.
TheKevin546 Il y a 2 heures
I would have changed this movie, instead of the adults, i would have brought the kids back again, a semi new adventure where they would defeat Pennywise two years later. Also less reliance on CGI, i mean the old lady transformation was terrible, and more emphasis on practical effects, i kept thinking about Stan Winston through the movie, just hire a tall, skinny old woman and have her wear a great looking mask, Bev is looking at the photos from right to left and each one she passes the photos would become creepier and creepier, then she reaches the last one and there is a reflection on it, something is behind her, she looks back and there's the transformed old woman who tries to choke her, simple and subtle.
Juan Pablo Munoz
Juan Pablo Munoz Il y a 3 heures
So with y’alls LOVE of horrible please please please watch a show called Mutant-X on amazon prime. It is the FUNNIEST thing I’ve seen all week!
RetroGamerVX Il y a 4 heures
You see, I wasn't aware of the de-aeging, so I didn't notice it, assumed they'd shot the kids scene at the same time as the first movie.
Lucien Lachance
Lucien Lachance Il y a 5 heures
Chapter 1 was much more funny than it was scary, so I went into Chapter 2 thinking it would be just like that, and that made it enjoyable.
McFly Il y a 6 heures
I actually want to see the supposed original 4-hour cut.
Mykl S
Mykl S Il y a 6 heures
Hey! The Langoliers was an amazing made for tv movie!! That horrified my concept of tactile perception as a child, an agoraphobic sense of boundlessness. Untethered in a world of no land to stand. Plus those creatures were very menacing, giving me an irrational fear they might appear at any moment.
Cole Il y a 8 heures
Eric Il y a 8 heures
Did anyone else recognize the Fallout 4 music at the beginning when Mike was on the phone?
in so many words
in so many words Il y a 8 heures
anyone else feel like the special fx department were inspired by john carpenter’s the thing
Liam Horgan
Liam Horgan Il y a 9 heures
This movie is the closest thing to Evil Dead 2 you could ask for. I'm surprised Jay didn't love it.
Eddy Ray
Eddy Ray Il y a 10 heures
Jay doesn’t wanna see the Midsommar Director’s Cut. What kind of perverted cinephile is he?
Good Luck Morons
Good Luck Morons Il y a 10 heures
What's really going on over there at Red Letter Media studios?
Paul Nathan Mullock
Paul Nathan Mullock Il y a 10 heures
I'm pretty sure that the werewolf scene wasn't in the version that I saw last night....
SlapHappyDrew Il y a 11 heures
"It felt like a kiddy goosebumps movie" I actually really enjoyed the movie. And one of the thoughts that came to mind was that it felt like an old 90's Steven King movie which is always a plus to me cause I like that old cheesy stuff. I thought the sets were great and almost spot on to the old tv movie counter part. Just as well I also like the balance of humor and horror that was in it. "It" was creative and a lot of fun in my book. I always love hearing other peoples thoughts and I dug what you guys had to say!
JJ Claxton
JJ Claxton Il y a 12 heures
But Richie being gay and learning he was in loved with Eddie came out of nowhere.
JJ Claxton
JJ Claxton Il y a 12 heures
Now kids are being de-aged and its funny now they have to worry about their age
Raptyrn Il y a 12 heures
So many movies have just become CGI ridden, glorified cutscenes that it makes you wonder why a video game cutscene-esque movie wouldn't do well. It's all this shitty generation is capable of absorbing it seems because we're all that infantile and stupid.
frbe0101 Il y a 14 heures
I liked it! It was a great comedy... wait it was intended as a horror movie?
Jammonstrald Il y a 14 heures
Two words for why the movie had a weird tone and threw "funny" stuff in awkwardly: Jordan. Peele.
J5 Il y a 15 heures
Sᴜɪᴛ Yᴏᴜʀsᴇʟғ
It Chapter Three will be 4 hours long, no horror elements, just all character development for you. :D
the saint
the saint Il y a 19 heures
What a load of shite this review is
bassplayer2011ify Il y a 19 heures
There is no character development because all of that happened when the characters were kids
Adele Thomas
Adele Thomas Il y a 23 heures
I noticed the editing at the Chinese restaurant table, but I thought it was to push our focus onto Ben who was eves dropping on the conversation between the two, he was in the soft focus in the background. Maybe I noticed that more because I was staring at Ben mostly. lol
Hungry Boy
Hungry Boy Il y a 23 heures
Lol, another Schick razor ad roll-out, for this RLM clip. Wow. Shick is what Pennywise appears as to Gillette!
Adele Thomas
Adele Thomas Il y a 23 heures
I did like the reference to The Thing...even though I saw it coming a mile off.
Adele Thomas
Adele Thomas Il y a 23 heures
Bill Hader in It Chapter 2 is the highlight of the movie. I actually really enjoyed it all, with a friend who's scared of horror films. It was what it was and I got what I came for. I do wish that they had more of the clown instead of the monsters, but meh. Now you'll make me question my thoughts as I hit play to this video...
benepla Il y a 23 heures
i watched this before I saw the movie and literally jay was exactly correct. Like technically it was competent but it was deeply hateable
Christian Il y a 23 heures
Once again, bullying solves everything!
Trevor Wellington
Trevor Wellington Il y a jour
do the new jacobs ladder it sucks lol
Faint Sounds
Faint Sounds Il y a jour
Name all the spooky clown scenes with with pennywise. Not a lot. Pennywise itself is not in the movie that much theres more humor than pennywise.
Faint Sounds
Faint Sounds Il y a jour
Mike likes when they're talking absolute nothing with lame humor? Ok mike w.e. you say. At least the clown brought some life to it. Oh btw I hated this but hearing mike talking about no characterization and too much spooky clown is mind boggling. This was a snoozer due to the characters doing a lot of nothing with some talking, a lot of pointless scenes with some lame spooks and pennywise sprinkled in.
Garrett P
Garrett P Il y a jour
I don't understand why since they knew there was going to be a direct sequel, they didn't just shoot the movies back to back.
MissPennyGoodman Il y a jour
i finally saw this and that adult eddie in the pharmacy/leper/morning angel quick little one second scene, was so bizarre that it just made me laugh hard. it was so strange and so out of place; i had no idea what was going on for that literal 1 second.
Robert Martin
Robert Martin Il y a jour
You have crystal skull vodka on your desk! ...that’s an odd thing for me to get excited about. Lol.
Gear2nd Gandalf
Gear2nd Gandalf Il y a jour
I do not agree with Jay at all. This movie is entertaining if you can turn off your brain, but I understand RLM has to review movies critically in a logical way. No harm done. At least recommend the movie for a decent time killer and it's more fun to watch with friends. IT chapter two is worth seeing at least once and is a mixed genera of thriller/suspense/drama/comedy/horror.
Cpt Dinosaur
Cpt Dinosaur Il y a jour
To make a good horror movie you can't have comedy during spooky scenes and you can't show the spooky thing too much and especially avoid a big stupid cgi monster....also avoid an invisible force throwing people around the room thing. Also avoid too many jump scares because they are over used and rarely used correctly.
Dee Construction
Dee Construction Il y a jour
Brie Larson would make a great Borg Queen!
Thanatos Il y a jour
In her all female borg cube.
Daryl Carpenter
Daryl Carpenter Il y a jour
21:29 You didn't see blood because IT'S NOT THERE!
Solus Il y a jour
How were the adults less well armed than the kids were 27 years ago? Why didn't Mike bring a gun?
Kristina Weber
Kristina Weber Il y a jour
I liked the movie! There were some parts that should have been cut to spend more time on character development, I agree there. But I thought It was scarier in this one, as he more clearly preyed on the fears and failures of the adult versions. Each one had to face their fears to beat It. And some scenes did scare me (gay couple, little girl under bleachers, Paul Bunyan), while I laughed out loud at the schlocky horror of other moments (old woman, leper).
Kristina Weber
Kristina Weber Il y a 8 heures
@Z Dada Well, for that one, *scare* might be a strong word. I thought it was an effective scene, particularly once we find out that Richie is gay. This picture of traditional masculinity blown out of proportion and attacking him was a good metaphorical idea.
Z Dada
Z Dada Il y a 12 heures
Paul bunyan scene scared you? I laughed when that happened.
Aaron Heaton
Aaron Heaton Il y a jour
"visa versa"
Bill Il y a jour
George Romero was attached to the stand, not IT
Sass Hole
Sass Hole Il y a jour
brain gremlin
Hans Castorp
Hans Castorp Il y a jour
Can I get some love for The Langoliers?
Nathan Witus
Nathan Witus Il y a jour
I was ready to leave the theatre at the two hour mark. Super boring movie 2/10
CabanaCaseda Il y a jour
Yeah seeing the werewolf chase scene instantly killed any desire I had to see this.
zegmaarRobin Il y a 5 heures
Teh Douglas
Teh Douglas Il y a jour
Half inda baaaaaaaaaahrg
Dylan House
Dylan House Il y a jour
jay needaclean he shirt
wtfsattawtf Il y a jour
Bollywood Best of the Worst??? Indian Terminator????
StarWarzFan7777 Il y a jour
In the 1990 version, Henry actually accomplished something by wounding Mike, making sure he could not travel with them into the sewer, so they'd be weaker. In the new version, Henry did not accomplish anything and Mike had to tag along into the sewers and the cave because the writers needed him for huge exposition dumps about the ritual.
Doug Crane
Doug Crane Il y a jour
when this movie wasn't boring it was kind of funny. I get that It was a big book. that's why it only needed to be one three-hour movie. the middle of this movie was a checklist of watching 7 people remember their scare from the first movie and be scared again (and not be killed). there was no time the characters were in danger. certainly not from CGI messes.
ThornInTheEye Il y a jour
Some parts of this movie were borderline experimental
Exeidur Il y a jour
I thought the movie was hilarious. Mostly because a guy two seats down got incredibly scared at every single jumpscare (actually screaming and hiding behind his coat). Half the cinema just ended up laughing at him, which made watching IT a very enjoyable experience! So yeah, I agree that it's not particularly scary, though it has a few creepy moments in it. Also no plot or character development, so I don't feel the need to ever watch it again.
Hungry Boy
Hungry Boy Il y a 23 heures
I'm guessing that guy thought Blair Witch and Paranormal Craptivity were scary, also.
Graham Peel
Graham Peel Il y a jour
About the voices - THANK GOD SOMEONE ELSE MENTIONS THIS, Annoyed me so much, very obvious ADR.
tsukishiro70 Il y a jour
They did digitally de-age the kids. It's stated as such in the movie's page on Slashfilm:
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