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The Mayor of Flavortown looks to extend his jurisdiction to Hot Ones county in this out-of-bounds episode of Hot Ones. As he suffers through the likes of Zombie Apocalypse and Da Bomb, the "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives" star weighs in on everything from his relationship with Drake, to his status as the Meme God. Winner winner hot wing dinner!

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27 avril 2017




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Commentaires 80
hrovat97 Il y a an
Guys, First We Feast is run by Complex, and this is Complex's Australian channel. This isn't stolen, it's their own show.
Hi Hi
Hi Hi Il y a 7 heures
@*Jazz Music Stops* *country music starts playing*
irrelevant Joker
irrelevant Joker Il y a 9 jours
@Nitrous Oxide ur stupid
O Il y a 19 jours
@JUST 4 TRUTH huh?
Lisa Lynn
Lisa Lynn Il y a mois
@Quoc156 ok I deleted it
Quoc156 Il y a mois
@Lisa Lynn your wrong, 100%, have you not read?
Chain Highlights
Chain Highlights Il y a 23 heures
guy fieri was not fazed by these wings at all
Inked Angels
Inked Angels Il y a jour
Best episode yet!
NiNi Na
NiNi Na Il y a jour
This is the first show in which hot sauces I actually have in the pantry are used. And yes, teach your kids to cook!
Niranth Prakash
Niranth Prakash Il y a 2 jours
this can be where famous rapper snoop dogg on this show to know how good he is with spicy wings?
Dj Taylor
Dj Taylor Il y a 3 jours
TEACH YOUR KIDS TO COOK!! well said!! he did not brag about himself, he said teach yr kids to cook! awesome
Hay8 Il y a 3 jours
I've always wondered why sometimes the variety is different. Sometimes the last dab is the 2,000,000+ one. Other times like here, the last one is 550,000. I guess maybe they give the people a choice between a few different packages lol
Dima Keane
Dima Keane Il y a 5 jours
It's great to see the loud, bombastic personality isn't just an act, that's who he is. Big fan of Fieri and H.O.
Mr. Fbi
Mr. Fbi Il y a 5 jours
Disgusting homophobic pig
Blias Treb
Blias Treb Il y a 6 jours
Still my favorite quote in Hot Ones comes from Guy, "For the record: No Water, no milk."
Meta Lucie
Meta Lucie Il y a 6 jours
No one wanted to reference that one episode Guy did when he ate the Triple Six wings?
example text
example text Il y a 7 jours
I seen guy and I just thought about that time when he said, "wow, that is gangster."
Emely Silva
Emely Silva Il y a 8 jours
I love guy! He’s seems so cool
Gianna Il y a 8 jours
Guy fiero is unironically michael scott
Cameron Cusick
Cameron Cusick Il y a 9 jours
Tabasco is not hotter than sriracha tf are they smoking. That scale is not accurate
Christine savage fam
Christine savage fam Il y a 9 jours
Teach kids to cook. Best thing guy said
graham grasdal
graham grasdal Il y a 9 jours
The hottest you gave Guy was a Blair's sauce? 550,000 scoville when you gave Maisie Williams 2,000,000?? Do you ask up front how hot the guest is willing to go?
Anton Johansson
Anton Johansson Il y a 9 jours
No water, no milk.
genie kish
genie kish Il y a 9 jours
It’s fieri or fieti ? Was Sean saying fieti at the end or am I nuts here?
jukeboxwiz Il y a 10 jours
Watching these, I see either all drums or all flats. Does the interviewee get their choice?
Carlos Canales
Carlos Canales Il y a 10 jours
"Did he die?" ......... Pretty close. I'm dying laughing remembering that episode.
Geoffrey Connors
Geoffrey Connors Il y a 10 jours
he destroyed that, no issue
Eris Lykos
Eris Lykos Il y a 10 jours
You know, people just shit on Guy Fieri, but the only thing that I know so far he did was follow his dreams, I love this guy like he says dope shit like flavor town.
M G Il y a 11 jours
Guy is the best man.
Ardent Dfender
Ardent Dfender Il y a 11 jours
I like the Rub and Dab Dab Rap song. That was cool and Guy too.
Brandon Jodway
Brandon Jodway Il y a 13 jours
Bulshit! I like this guy at a chef but, he didn't eat any of that.
R. M.
R. M. Il y a 13 jours
Fieri is a wuss
Haitaka123 Il y a 14 jours
Wow, it’s fresh that he gives good advice instead of a plug at the end
Daniel Hughes
Daniel Hughes Il y a 14 jours
Now we know why steak n shake bit the barrel
brian kleinkopf
brian kleinkopf Il y a 14 jours
I Grow ghost , scorpion & Carolina reaper perrs…. but I orderd sum of Yur Hot Ones sauce Sean.... cant wait to try it... u Have a subscriber....BTW!!! ^5s keep it goin Bro
Alejandro Quiroga Mansilla
Guy had an amazing speech at the end, he is right
Brody Walker
Brody Walker Il y a 15 jours
He's so snide sometimes. Fierri gets on my nerves. And he is a prick irl. Lol
Tcamp Il y a 16 jours
I want to see Peter Jackson
Eric Portillo
Eric Portillo Il y a 16 jours
14:30 that was better than most rap now
Nick Monahan
Nick Monahan Il y a 16 jours
It didn’t show him eating the hot af wings......
Melissa Robinson
Melissa Robinson Il y a 18 jours
I love Guy's closing statement about teaching your kids to cook. My kids are too little, but they love stirring a pot and watching their parents in the kitchen. I know that cooking is important; everyone has to eat. Hmm... Guy should do a carnival food or a food truck competition. I'd watch that!
Riyan Khaliqi
Riyan Khaliqi Il y a 19 jours
We need Keanu Reeves on this show
Snider 23
Snider 23 Il y a 19 jours
Guy is a legit good dude... like extremely selfless. He just raised $20mill for the fight against Covid19. Doesn't say a peep.
David Noik
David Noik Il y a 19 jours
They should put the Nando’s peri-meter so people can have some sort of perspective
local1925 Il y a 19 jours
Sean Murphy: " you remember signing lean cuisines and throwing them in the crowd Shows video of guy signing lean cuisine* Guy James :"nah I don't remember signing lean cuisines and throwing them in the crowd, yeah I kinda remember signing and throwing lean cuisine in the crowd" Pasta is a hell of a drug
Eric Rabb
Eric Rabb Il y a 19 jours
I feel Guy on this one " Teach your kids how to cook". This is from a guy who is 23 yrs old. I didn't learn a thing and kicking my self for not knowing how to make a decent breakfast..(Grits)
B Lam
B Lam Il y a 20 jours
Notice he said teach your KIDS to cook. Not teach your girls to cook. And he says cooking is A LIFE skill, not a wife skill. Thank you, Guy, for saying that. Thank you.
FRANCISCO VILLA Il y a 21 jour
William Kelly
William Kelly Il y a 21 jour
A show about eating hot wings that cuts out the eating of hot wings so he can run his mouth
Ben B
Ben B Il y a 21 jour
This man is a national treasure
Rolf Guyer
Rolf Guyer Il y a 22 jours
What would it take to make this jerk just go away?
Slayer Il y a 22 jours
I think Guy Ferry is one of the most unlikable people I've ever seen.
MaXaNoMaLoUs Il y a 22 jours
“Teach your kids to cook” awesome thing to say. It’s the way I feel about music. Teach your kids to appreciate
Dead__Ghost13 Il y a 23 jours
20:11 😂😂😂
Yo Joe
Yo Joe Il y a 24 jours
Love this show but this guy has the worst taco restaurants I’ve ever been in. Great potential, terrible service and very poor food.👎👎👎👎👎
denisha m
denisha m Il y a 25 jours
and no is gonna help guy with his hair after all these years??? wow what a world we live in
jaymorpheus11 Il y a 26 jours
His hair starts to catch fire. The scared look on his face is right before he buckles and passes out.
Andrew figura
Andrew figura Il y a 26 jours
Guy talks alot! LOL
Harshith Subramanian
Harshith Subramanian Il y a 27 jours
Damn he rarely struggled through the interview. No water no milk 😂
Ken Kummer
Ken Kummer Il y a 27 jours
You should put Catfish Cooley on this show that guy been eats the Worlds hottest stuff for years.
YamiAtemYugi Il y a 27 jours
I couldn't help but "aw" when I heard the story about Drak and Guy's nephew also that example he gives about how to get a owner of a store to relax is a LITTLE too specific for it NOT to be true
Robin Hoodlum
Robin Hoodlum Il y a 28 jours
did he die ? pretty close ... lmfao
Jack Il y a 28 jours
“We got em’ today, right??” LMAO
Wendy Kgosi
Wendy Kgosi Il y a 29 jours
boring guest
Jim Nixon
Jim Nixon Il y a mois
You need to have these guys back with the 2020 sauces. In this day and age of remakes... no. You need rematches.
illuvius32 Il y a mois
Can we be honest for a second? That Hot Ones Remix was a bop. You know it. I know it. Package to sell, Sean. I'll buy it.
Samantha L
Samantha L Il y a mois
We need a John mulaney episode
RJP X Il y a mois
I hate people who eat really loudly like that. Fieri is a such a rancid fucksack.
down2two Liketoknow
I like him. I didn't till now know him besides his show. I found him likeable smart and more good stuff.
Link Rapter
Link Rapter Il y a mois
Imagine nard ward doing this
Cars Of Pennsylvania
he's a smart guy, much cooler than the memes may suggest
Marie Sharps Canada
lol we love the mayor of flavour town !
Guy is a savage! What a champ!
Pasta Qahl
Pasta Qahl Il y a mois
He is a talentless asshole.
Alex Mallory
Alex Mallory Il y a mois
Guy is pure entertainment. What a legend.
Alfonso Cardiel
Alfonso Cardiel Il y a mois
Ese es mi gallo
My Dewde?
My Dewde? Il y a mois
Homeboy ended on a double whammy of respect. That, is why he's mayor.
Alfonso Cardiel
Alfonso Cardiel Il y a mois
Ese es mi pinche chef favorito
Kathy Tarman
Kathy Tarman Il y a mois
Guy is a flame eater no water no milk. Why to go.
ItzS34n Il y a mois
Am I the only one laughing at the fact that they completely followed the recipe and showed it on the video😂😂😂😂
Andrew Kidrick
Andrew Kidrick Il y a mois
Raymond Tuft
Raymond Tuft Il y a mois
why don't he eat #the last dab"?
A Google User
A Google User Il y a mois
Why is there little vision of him actually eating?
brandon carnes
brandon carnes Il y a mois
Your editor is a master.
Linda Varjos
Linda Varjos Il y a mois
“For the record, no water or milk.” What a badass!