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I didn't have any part of coming up with this whole idea, but saw it last night and thought it was pretty cool. Definitely don't want to see my local pho houses and taco shops go out!!
Hoping all this won't last long, but until then...

Stay healthy & ENJOY!!!

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Matt Stonie
Matt Stonie Il y a 6 jours
Sorry, took abit to edit this and kinda too late to order food now.. (or maybe not) 🤔 Just wanted to say whats up & check in. More Challenges to come! Stay safe & healthy everyone!
Al kadmy الكاظمي
The print head of care and attention to this email is not rated user rating,
nlemac lil baby mac
Been watch since i was 5. I'm 13. Damn
nlemac lil baby mac
Matt.Can you do a "10 Popeyes chicken sandwiches in 45 minutes or less" video one day?
Dony pratama
Dony pratama Il y a 2 jours
Matt Stone makannya satu ember LOL 😆😆😆
King Star
King Star Il y a 2 jours
Matt Stonie no way Man U live in the same area it’s tuff but stay safe man
kyzercube _
kyzercube _ Il y a 8 heures
I waited 2:27 for some of that ROPE ACTION BOI!
Paulo Maldonado
Paulo Maldonado Il y a 8 heures
Matt says: stays healthy Matt: ok now imma eat a gigantic meal here
Ike Nwoga
Ike Nwoga Il y a 9 heures
Cashier: Good, at least you'll be good for a week Matt: Sure...
Thien Nguyen
Thien Nguyen Il y a 9 heures
#takeouttuesday!! Do Thai food next. #thaifoodtuesday
Diva Larissa
Diva Larissa Il y a 9 heures
Why do i feel like your face look different tho? 🤔🤔
Emily Pomeranz
Emily Pomeranz Il y a 10 heures
Hi Matt you need to picture for youtube channel I try be nice 😁
Nicolas Alicandri
Nicolas Alicandri Il y a 10 heures
Matt please do more of this, this is great content.
Nicolas Alicandri
Nicolas Alicandri Il y a 10 heures
I can’t tell if Matt Stonie would be the best or worst food reviewer.
Annie Wang
Annie Wang Il y a 11 heures
❤❤❤❤❤ this made me love u
Im_nEarLy_EpIc Il y a 11 heures
Plot twist: Matt actually has a hole in the back of his neck, which makes the food exit the back of his neck and then falls onto the floor.
JackGeezy Il y a 12 heures
One lucky win at Hotdog Eating Contest, chump
Owen Chan
Owen Chan Il y a 12 heures
Lets go finally a video
Prince Paisley
Prince Paisley Il y a 12 heures
I guarantee you guys when he stopped filming, he did not finish all that food
Naruto Uzaamaki
Naruto Uzaamaki Il y a 13 heures
When covid-19 is over 19 and it’s not allowed to touch you
Aysu Yiğit
Aysu Yiğit Il y a 13 heures
erick narvaez
erick narvaez Il y a 14 heures
his dumps must be massive
El Guida
El Guida Il y a 14 heures
Donate and Help us from here 💔🙏🏻 :
King D117
King D117 Il y a 14 heures
You fear the great joey yes ?
Jocasta Il y a 15 heures
Did stone just call covid a disease??
ファントム Il y a 16 heures
How much supermarkets did he have to go to to get these ingredients
TACTIC4L GAMING Il y a 16 heures
Nobody: Literally Nobody: Matt: oH mY sNacK
BuBu TheGoat
BuBu TheGoat Il y a 16 heures
He can make eating food dramatic
Wrxual Il y a 17 heures
Where did you buy it from? I'm about an hour from San Jose and I've had Phu once and it wasn't a great experience. I've been wanting to give it another chance, and yours looks great
Fishlife1213 Il y a 18 heures
R.I.P joe diffie🥺☹️🤧
Phúc Anh Đỗ
Phúc Anh Đỗ Il y a 18 heures
bun pho ha noi me from VIET NAM
Blu Flipzz
Blu Flipzz Il y a 18 heures
I LOVE FU. ITS SO GOOD I HAD IT AT MY STEPMOMS HOUSE AND I FELL IN LOVE. we had the spring rolls with peanut butter try it! It soooo good. I love your channel Stonie, i'v been SUBED for a loooooon time lol.
Maddie Harris
Maddie Harris Il y a 19 heures
How does he eat a lot and don't gain weight.😂😂😂😭 #lmbo
Sam Henwood
Sam Henwood Il y a 19 heures
Wow looks good ; )
Fatima Fijo
Fatima Fijo Il y a 19 heures
Keep safeee
钱多多 Il y a 20 heures
Makmak Dionio
Makmak Dionio Il y a 20 heures
Matt is still young hahaha after many year
PRAKASH TARAL Il y a 21 heure
Corona viruses spread in Amer ica
ANAYALATER Il y a 22 heures
I dont get this video why does it not show him eat the whole bowl
Sanket Mohapatra
Sanket Mohapatra Il y a 23 heures
i only watch you cause i am hungry af I also love your challenges...
KillerRabbit Il y a 23 heures
Wait... this is food ?
tinolino GAMING
tinolino GAMING Il y a 23 heures
Hey matt where is this pho place located?
Raksta84 Il y a 23 heures
Stay at home, stay healthy and...i hope you're weel...everyone of you. wishing the best, from Italy
samantha Il y a 23 heures
matt you can add up ads in your videos so we can help you a little bit too
dillan_is_a_ killer
This is the man that causes world hunger
Enrique Parra
Enrique Parra Il y a jour
Silly FRvid, I couldn't say nigger but nigga is allowed? Now I'm not being blocked? I'm just saying this as a reference to another comment.
Prashant Mishra
Prashant Mishra Il y a jour
Matt Stonie : exists Thermodynamics : My whole life is a lie.
Pinezy Il y a jour
You see this on your first date. Wyd?
Chaninsaenkampa Il y a jour
This​ Thai​ Food​! ก๋วยเตี๊ยว​ กับ​ ก๋วยเตี๊ยวหลอด
Peanut B
Peanut B Il y a jour
Yo I live in Southern California too
tokyo ghoul king
tokyo ghoul king Il y a jour
Matt "help stop spreeding carona virus" Matt: walks inside Chinese shop Me:bitch
Ryan Tasi
Ryan Tasi Il y a jour
Me: how are you alive Matt stomach: why am I alive
Up Urs
Up Urs Il y a jour
What if kitchen staff has Coronavirus? :/
Wesley Il y a jour
Takeout Tuesday should be a fulltime thing sometimes you don't upload enough
mladen marinkovic
mladen marinkovic Il y a jour
Ram Tirumala
Ram Tirumala Il y a jour
You should take top shot and close shot of the food .
Damien Bell
Damien Bell Il y a jour
That’s a great idea. Take out Tuesdays. Do It!
Nice cleaning
Маргарита Семененко
jawline ahem'
jason stricklin
jason stricklin Il y a jour
You must take some epic sized dumps eating all that food
Chloe Yoo
Chloe Yoo Il y a jour
Angela Salinas
Angela Salinas Il y a jour
Love these new videos
Kim Jensoo
Kim Jensoo Il y a jour
Español x1
Mr. Beastly
Mr. Beastly Il y a jour
Dat jawline though....
socio sanch
socio sanch Il y a jour
Ma and Pa restaurants: It's over, we're done for *blinding bursts of light and angelic singing starts* Matt: *emerges* I'D LIKE TO PLACE AN ORDER Ma and Pa restaurants: WE'RE SAVED!!!!!
Allie SpongeBob97
Allie SpongeBob97 Il y a jour
Can you do a full menu sonic challenge
October Il y a jour
Ordering delivery to your door exposes the delivery person to unnecessary risks..
EyT Noodles
EyT Noodles Il y a jour
Pho slaps, Matt 🤤😍
Yacinta Mae
Yacinta Mae Il y a jour
Burak unal
Burak unal Il y a jour
corona aint stoping us
j p
j p Il y a jour
Drop those videos !!!
Rodrigo Faria
Rodrigo Faria Il y a jour
Do you have hetetochromia?
Kaleb Garcia
Kaleb Garcia Il y a jour
People starving in Italy tho
Lujan Gaming
Lujan Gaming Il y a jour
#takeout Tuesdays
Shea Crivello
Shea Crivello Il y a jour
I used to love sriracha on everything until I worked for a place that carries sambal oelek (made by the same company but for some reason not as popular) your bottles looking low (not really xD) so I figured I recommend it. I put that shit on almost everything 🤣🤣🤣 #GameChanger 🤪 also am I the only one that likes to reuse my ramen/pho containers? 🤔😅
CHJYT Il y a jour
See how quickly you can eat a giant gargantuan from Jimmy Johns
Daniel Veiga
Daniel Veiga Il y a jour
Corbucci eats
Larry Pendleton
Larry Pendleton Il y a jour
Hey Matt, great to see you're still going. I like the idea "Takeout Tuesday". Keep doing what you do, and thanks for supporting the local restaurants in your area, we should all do our part and do the same!
wed3k Il y a jour
That slurp is disgusting
OfficialNugg420 Il y a jour
Everyone please stay home stay safe #TakeOutTuseday
Sloane Marks
Sloane Marks Il y a jour
Nhok Fury
Nhok Fury Il y a jour
It "phở" and "bánh tráng cuốn" ?
Abdullah mohammed Antakia
So apparently this is what my grandma wants me to be like😂😂
Leo Pham
Leo Pham Il y a jour
This food is from VietNam
Pure Luck
Pure Luck Il y a jour
I have meet a handful of people from San Jose and they were sorta weird, but YOU seem like a genuine and chill guy, no weird vibes at all. :)
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