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This report -éo-VDe8GDfjM7Y.html - is compelling evidence that the leaker in this case is fake.
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[Reddit] Next GRAND THEFT AUTO TITLE Details (Project Americas)
[PC Gamer] This GTA 6 'leak' is detailed, but almost certainly fake
[Twitter] @jasonschreier

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8 juil. 2019




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Commentaires 1 739
Ellom Lolking
Ellom Lolking Il y a 10 jours
Jevon Beckford
Jevon Beckford Il y a 24 jours
we need GTA 6 out soon mn
Chosen One
Chosen One Il y a 25 jours
Winners don't sell or do drugs, they viciously murder those that do. --Me
A Gholem
A Gholem Il y a 26 jours
Heavens Dark Phoenix
Heavens Dark Phoenix Il y a 29 jours
I'm expecting gta 6 in another 5 or 6 years.
Jamie Dalton
Jamie Dalton Il y a mois
Should be like a roadmap type gta in London
Detenatron 360.
Detenatron 360. Il y a mois
Decided to search and guess what ERR ZACK COCK TVVVVVVVV.
Joe Il y a mois
Marija Simoliuniene
In radio
Marija Simoliuniene
In gta 5 if you listen carefuly and have time you could hear a guy saying that you can travel to liberety city
Shortm8 Il y a mois
Anyone watching after GTA VI is out?
Andrew Wilkey
Andrew Wilkey Il y a mois
The multi city thing makes sense because they need to hit all the biomes, amd Miami is flat. Adding Cuba, Cumbia or Brazil allows them to add stuff like farmland hills mountains and jungle.
LIL KEE Il y a mois
Hopefully this is fake
eatyamom Il y a mois
Sort of similar to mafia 2 set over a couple of decades
bob the builder
bob the builder Il y a mois
You should be able to take plane rides to different places in freemode by airport or your own planes
bob the builder
bob the builder Il y a mois
Next gen not ps4 or xbox one So ps5 and xbox ___
You Tuber
You Tuber Il y a mois
Sounds like it's gonna suck
U cant stop me punk ass copbitch
If RDR 1 was out in 2010 and the gta 5 trailer was released one year later that means that literally *ANY* second every one of us can get a notification saying " Grand Theft Auto 6 official trailer"
James Grooms
James Grooms Il y a mois
I want a GTA 6 on my PC that's 150 gigs in size. A map that's 3x the size of GTA 5 with 50% more buildings to go in, more cars/trucks. Also add police jobs like in LSPDFR. I AM SOOO TIRED OF DDLC. Just nake GTA 6 VERY LARGE, then every 2 years or so sell an expansion to make it even better, just like B;izzard did it with World of Warcraft.
Kemp Got Skillz
Kemp Got Skillz Il y a mois
What if gta 6 just uses the rdr2 map again but modern, I'd honestly like it
TaylorBoyTv Il y a mois
2:56 bodies of water 😂😂 no real bodies😭😭🤣🤣 the way did dat
The trunk idea makes no sense. In RDR2 it worked because you didn't really steal others horses, and even if you did, you could have yours follow you around so unless they have self driving cars or a shared trunk between every car in all of these cities, this idea I think truly shows how little thought was put into this "leak". If it worked in one of the two ways mentioned, the leaker would mention it.
orrr lllyy
orrr lllyy Il y a mois
we get to play ricardo milos ? :V
Atte Il y a 2 mois
Uhh 80s?😕
Dan0402 Il y a 2 mois
The guy from the thumbnail looks like Agent Peña from Narcos Netflix show
Mike Williams
Mike Williams Il y a mois
Dan0402 it is
Landon Hagan
Landon Hagan Il y a 2 mois
I saw on one of the leaks that the cities outside the US would have their regular real-world names. It's a small thing, but it actually kinda fucks with the feel of GTA. I really hope that part either isn't true or at least changes before release, because it'd be lame as fuck if they didn't make some creative new names.
Smurves Il y a 2 mois
Well that is ridiculous that you'll have to buy a 500 dollar console just to play gta6.. I won't be playing for a long time.
Gian Louis
Gian Louis Il y a 2 mois
Rockstar should include Ridin' in GTA 6 radio
Kenny Michael Alanya
Kenny Michael Alanya Il y a 2 mois
So u guys know what this means? Practice Spanish 🤣 Fuck a subtitle
FUZZY KING Il y a 2 mois
winners *don't do* drugs, they *sell* *em* . EPIC xD
Raheem Williams
Raheem Williams Il y a 2 mois
😀who can play grand theft 👋🏾auto with being a reliable 👣star I well I won 😀I’m happy that the new 👋🏾soundtrack yup I go wild 👣like with analog working work;
Yu Ji
Yu Ji Il y a 2 mois
Rrd2 is definitely “done”
MySkullSide Brandon
MySkullSide Brandon Il y a 2 mois
Why would they do this when we spend so much time on 5 ..shouldn’t they add more things to GTA 5 ..why would I spend money on a game that goes back to the 1980’s when we’re heading to 2020 am doing all this on gta 5 for nothing...🤔
Kenny Michael Alanya
Kenny Michael Alanya Il y a 2 mois
Well Gta Vice city was based on 80s. So I think back in those days its better . U gotta realize GTa makes realistic games. And in 2020 it's hard to make a realistic game when you consider some cars are electric or hybrid and its harder to car jack. Plus SJWs run the show now. So yeah we wouldn't see a lot of people insulting etc because of snowflakes. GTA 5 is based on late 2000s the last decade to be real fun and u can say whatever u want and not have to worry about being offensive 😒
Hitanshu S
Hitanshu S Il y a 2 mois
I don't want GTA 6 I want BULLY 2.
A Before V
A Before V Il y a 2 mois
Wouldn't be that hard it was done pretty good in driver 76. Switching era's. If what it says is true could be a similar situation prison or something comes out 20 years latet
Danny Gambrel
Danny Gambrel Il y a 2 mois
GTA 6 is comin soon.....midnight club 5 has been leaked already!...."hmmm....?...."? What is goin on with midnight club 5 Miami!"
Eric Falcon
Eric Falcon Il y a 2 mois
PlayStation has to stop with the paying every year!!!!!!!
Gixxer Jake
Gixxer Jake Il y a 2 mois
Tommy Vercetti Cameo
Lorenzo Guice
Lorenzo Guice Il y a 2 mois
They sell em😂😂😂😂
Anthony Lewis
Anthony Lewis Il y a 2 mois
I cant be the only one that's thinks this, but the dude at the start of the video looks like the guy giving out champagne in the new casino DLC just needs glasses lol
brandon chatman
brandon chatman Il y a 2 mois
I know the show
daRa Il y a 2 mois
Grown men that can be your father basically having animal orgasms over speculation of a game release that has yet to even be released... *.*
Magic Trick88
Magic Trick88 Il y a 2 mois
GTA VI release is probably late 2023
Ryan Bugg
Ryan Bugg Il y a 2 mois
"winners don't do drugs, they sell 'em" 😂😂😂 now I'm subbed
Watches&Cars Il y a 2 mois
If it's in brazil it will be trash like just caus i like it to keep it in the US
///AMG Il y a 2 mois
Trash I don’t want another rock star game back in the day wtf it’s 2019 so keep the shit up to date 1970-1980 and online gonna be in he 80s that is trash man what a fucking waste I don’t want to drive old ass cars see old houses
Striker MC
Striker MC Il y a mois
Man.. u smell
DeathSeekerism Il y a 2 mois
santiago norena
santiago norena Il y a 2 mois
its fake because it would have been colombia only a dumbass would spell colombia
Ricardo Torres
Ricardo Torres Il y a 2 mois
Froggo Il y a 2 mois
Game is coming out Christmas 2020 or summer 2021
Andrei Paul Anastasiu
Andrei Paul Anastasiu Il y a 2 mois
Stop this and focus on Red Dead to PC!!!!!!!!
jimmy robertson
jimmy robertson Il y a 2 mois
i just saw gta 8.
Jermaine Leon
Jermaine Leon Il y a 2 mois
He said 🗿
XENO YUKI Il y a 2 mois
So if it has an online mode how would that’s work does it take place in the past or present
Jacob Webb
Jacob Webb Il y a 2 mois
Have all of you taken Adderall at the same time? There's little to no time in between conversations haha
Ghost Spillcce
Ghost Spillcce Il y a 2 mois
I knew it would be Vice City 4 years ago because the title would have to be *GTA VI*ce City
Deepak Vs
Deepak Vs Il y a mois
Lewis Ferris
Lewis Ferris Il y a 2 mois
Better not be set in the 1970s
Mirza Redzepovic
Mirza Redzepovic Il y a 2 mois
Lewis Ferris why not
Marlon Johnson
Marlon Johnson Il y a 2 mois
The thumbnail 😂 I'm like is that Javier Pena from Narcos?
Kenney RivEra
Kenney RivEra Il y a 2 mois
I just noticed that lol
FFakee -
FFakee - Il y a 2 mois
sol porter
sol porter Il y a 2 mois
Sick of games using realistic carrying mechanics of it's not survival, just gets boring with realism
Nathan Seyforth
Nathan Seyforth Il y a 2 mois
Winners don't do drugs.. they sell them
Michael Greenwood
Michael Greenwood Il y a 2 mois
With a proper licence they may continue legally but with out a proper licence they may be or end up doing a long time in lock-up as convicted fellons.
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