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This report - - is compelling evidence that the leaker in this case is fake.
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[PC Gamer] This GTA 6 'leak' is detailed, but almost certainly fake
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8 juil. 2019

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Commentaires 1 340
derek storey
derek storey Il y a 7 heures
Don't bother!!
jordan harvey
jordan harvey Il y a 10 heures
I want gta 6 to be in newyork imagine on ps5 and snowing near Christmas that's the only reason
packlesswolf1 Il y a 10 heures
The Know is better
MXWL Il y a 12 heures
for real tho...when will that building be finished???
MXWL Il y a 12 heures
so Scarface....
Sam Mor
Sam Mor Il y a 13 heures
The game will be on march 2020' 5 city's including Japan. Tokyo. Large ships to bye. Be a cop. Chose missions from the start.
Onizuma13 Il y a 13 heures
The only information R* has plugged was that the development for the next game will be tough because of the constant changing social views in our society. GTA uses current social satire but now a days its really hard to be satirical without pissing a few people off. I also believe that it was confirmed that it will be on next gen only. They usually like to wait and do a double dip (They did with GTA 5) when current gen goes old but the ideas that they have wont support it. SO I kind of believe in the multiple locations thing. Most likely Vice City and one other place. Be it an island or actual city. Takes a lot of memory to have all that plus more interiors. As for what I think personally. Jumping through time is the best idea. Especially since they could change satire and opinions depending on the current era. Imagine being a young punk that moves up in the 80's. Then time flashes forward to the 90's or whatever and you actually play as an entirely new character and you see the changes that your original character has done.
Sam Mor
Sam Mor Il y a 13 heures
March 2020 coming soon
Mitch Il y a 14 heures
All I fucking want is a North Yankton Stories DLC PLEASE!
Esso Janahi
Esso Janahi Il y a 15 heures
Honestly if you believe this leaks, you know nothing about rockstar. Rockstar does so many things perfectly and when it comes to keeping game development classified, they are arguably the best at it.
eLi FILMS Il y a 22 heures
"Think Butts...and Porno. .........lots of Porno!!!"
50sausagesatonce Il y a jour
holy shit, Lawrence looks like John Travolta
yuNG JimeNaCe2900
yuNG JimeNaCe2900 Il y a jour
So what Rockstar is gonna remake Vice City and NOT put Tommy Vercetti
Aaron Brokfield
Aaron Brokfield Il y a jour
Whos that Guy behind the Laptop with the HUGE HEAD he looks Animated
Naz Da goat
Naz Da goat Il y a jour
I want a modern gta 6 tbh
Lawun Bryant
Lawun Bryant Il y a jour
Packie leaving the airport in GTA 4 was huge clue that it was happening somewhere else. Maybe the death of Devin Weston and the horizon at sea may mean something or Trevor's problems including the border patrol and Madrazo somehow could be a big part of his business too. He may hinted to be a really bad dude but this is the United States. Trevor's drug trafficking connection may lead to a mission crossing the border. Maybe the Clyde is on the road somewhere but out of the business for good but in a funny way.....Maybe Gerald gets a bigger role leading to wesrabout of CJ for a side mission of a returning character that sets the whole things up to end a long war possibly leading to a peace treaty of gangs or mafia.
john hope
john hope Il y a jour
PredatorKingdom Il y a jour
I hope they do the World Map and call it a day. I don't like the one city thing anymore it's the 2020s now we need a bigger world now.
PredatorKingdom Il y a 21 heure
@William Stewart I like that plan as well just release it in 2021 and add onto it. They can add-on a new city every year or every 2 years. That's actually what they should've done with GTA V was started in Los Santos then added on Liberty City, San Fierro, and Las Venturas. I play more online now anyways so the offline story part of the game is not that relevant to me as it used to be.
William Stewart
William Stewart Il y a 22 heures
Graphics are pretty damn good now, same with physics. I say just release "grand theft auto" and keep building off the same platform. You can constantly update it as time goes on.
DSNCB919 Il y a jour
Cant wait I havent bought a game in a hot minute
K 70
K 70 Il y a jour
DSNCB919 facts
windowSS Il y a jour
GTA 5 released in 2013 and I still didnt complete it and now we are speaking about GTA6
Demxnizatixn Il y a jour
windowSS I finished gta 5 3 times in pc, xbox 360 and ps4
Brandon Holyfield
Brandon Holyfield Il y a jour
Nobody wants to play a game that’s set in the 80s
Robert J
Robert J Il y a 18 heures
Gta vice city
Headtop Protector
Headtop Protector Il y a jour
You look like Kevin Feige holy shit
lim3lif3 Il y a jour
I wouldn't mind working at ubisoft or Rockstar lol
Blair Solomon
Blair Solomon Il y a 2 jours
Is there any credibility to these sources? Or are they random posts on random forums and gfk52?
504daniel Il y a 2 jours
lol gta 6 isn’t anywhere near the close future, gta 5 is constantly adding content keeping people busy and still rolling out money as well as red dead redemption 2 a major release rockstar just let out, gta 6 may be in development but is for sure yearsss away, hopefully they give us something perfect to look forward to with all this time as well as next gen console graphics, id also like to see a touch of blood and gore like red dead😬😬
504daniel Il y a 7 heures
Pm thagoat doubt it, as long as gta 5 is bringing in big money we wont
Pm thagoat
Pm thagoat Il y a 12 heures
504daniel it might come out 2022 unless bully 2 is the next game
Carlos Sarralde
Carlos Sarralde Il y a 2 jours
These people don’t age 🔺
l - S A V A G E S - l K I L L CLAN
I just want a dark and serious grand theft auto game similar to grand theft auto IV. Grand theft auto V was to light and comedic, it felt like it was made for kids compared to the past GTA's.
kavmanproductions Il y a 2 jours
I’m late af, so this is where the great Adam Kovic has been hiding
Herman Gandjob
Herman Gandjob Il y a 2 jours
where is Ashley
PlayStation/BDS al asqa mosques
GTA TOKYO'S; done by Sony's or Sony's studio's again. via ROCKSTARS collaborate too thanks. pretty please.
PlayStation/BDS al asqa mosques
hopefully vice city's remastered too thanks ROCKSTARS. pretty please.
PlayStation/BDS al asqa mosques
GTA 6 BRAZIL/VICE CITY'S + PS5 confirmed again. can't wait.
PlayStation/BDS al asqa mosques
GTA BRAZIL! + PS5 confirmed again too... via 2022 era confirmed... no early adopters again. can't wait... PS4/3 , vita, backlog game's & GTA 5 = SATISFIED BABY'S. he'll yeah.
Geomancer 09
Geomancer 09 Il y a 2 jours
Gta 6 needs a prison where If you get caught or busted you can goto jail were lots of other players could be obviously you’ll be escorted there by a vehicle and your mates will have to get you out before you get to the jail when you get there you’ll be transferred to a prison lobby we’re there are other prisoners in the jail you can either stay and do your work in prison, break out or do your time but this is a long shot I mean there’s so much more to say other than that this would be an absolutely awesome feature and will make me get busted all the time or get my friend busted and scream down the mic laughing as a drive by the escort car with my middle finger 😅😀
Romeo Gallardo
Romeo Gallardo Il y a 2 jours
Everything about this video is completely bullshit
Paul Il y a 2 jours
In my opinion, Vice City started the 80s are cool again trend.
DaGAMA Il y a 2 jours
Who the hell wants to play outside the USA
I see fucked up shit in the night
Red dead 2 was shit lol
The ZX
The ZX Il y a 2 jours
I just want a a brand new city, why do we have to get vice city again I want something outside of America like Japan or Russia or SOuth Korea
KiraOnii Chan
KiraOnii Chan Il y a 2 jours
Like I always said, I don't believe anything unless it's from R* themselves
Doggonaut Il y a 2 jours
While watching narcos I was thinking this is just like GTA with cops shooting out of helicopters and acting like maniacs. Hoping the online is some sort of sicario vs narco deal.
Jordan Richie
Jordan Richie Il y a 2 jours
Fuck this game it's gunna be set in the 80s and 70s I'm good
PlayStation/BDS al asqa mosques
so called annoying micro t etc confirmed too.. lol!.
PlayStation/BDS al asqa mosques
2022 too. PS5 title's confirmed..
PlayStation/BDS al asqa mosques
PlayStation/BDS al asqa mosques
PlayStation/BDS al asqa mosques
I knew it's Vice city/Brazil's cities too . FUCKERS yeah.
Anonymousdev1l Il y a 2 jours
will your cars testicles shrink when it gets cold?
MarinRayado Il y a 2 jours
Imagine that you can fly from LA to Miami and to NY and that the story starts back from the late 70’s and goes on until the present moment as you do missions with 2-3 different characters.
BRXZZY Il y a 2 jours
I’m hoping online is based in present day because of the fact that they have more opportunities for weapons, vehicles, and online story than a 70s-80s online mode.
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