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No olive oil. Water isn't seasoned. It's not even boiling.
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In Hell's Kitchen, two teams compete for the prestigious job of head chef at a top restaurant, all under the guidance of world-class fiery chef Gordon Ramsay.




11 août 2019

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Commentaires 1 838
worth Il y a 7 heures
do you guys ever feel that gordon might just be a little bit manipulative
Cameron ‘
Cameron ‘ Il y a 8 heures
Gina’s water would’ve been seasoned.
Zaafar Jat
Zaafar Jat Il y a 10 heures
I’m stressed
Augtivism Il y a 10 heures
That "AND LAST TIME" has to be my favorite Hell's Kitchen moment
2,000 subs with no vids
2,000 subs with no vids Il y a 12 heures
EzioAltair1 Il y a 14 heures
Why would you put olive oil into the pasta water? It´s kind of useless since it just floats on the water
Nicholas Grguric
Nicholas Grguric Il y a 14 heures
Stfu Lacey no one fking cares
Memes Danker then dank
Memes Danker then dank Il y a 16 heures
1:44 my man Gordon ain’t getting away with that voice crack 🧐
Durable Ninja
Durable Ninja Il y a 16 heures
*Season The Water*
Ellen Irem
Ellen Irem Il y a 17 heures
David Wilson
David Wilson Il y a 17 heures
Hey! I’m joking you STUPID COW!
Jesse McElroy
Jesse McElroy Il y a 17 heures
How come for reality TV sake you can just be verbally abusive as you want to people, if this happened in an ordinary restaurant people would be fired and law suites would be flying left and right.
issatr4p Il y a 17 heures
no one: white blonde girls on the show: *YES CHEF*
Jason Kryka
Jason Kryka Il y a 19 heures
Yes your water should be salted Gordon Ramsay's a douche
MajorFlatter Il y a 19 heures
We were joking about the water aren’t seasoned, but the madlad actually did it
Dr. Ben Dover
Dr. Ben Dover Il y a 19 heures
"I'm joking you stupid cow"
Pea Zalez
Pea Zalez Il y a 19 heures
Honestly the way he speaks to people is so awful and degrading but that’s tv business lol these people know what they’re signing up for
Red Barron
Red Barron Il y a 19 heures
Shrimp was raw well obviously Ramsay was blind sending that out
regalshot.24 Il y a 20 heures
"Your fucking pathetic" ... "Yes chef"
Sk Sisters
Sk Sisters Il y a 21 heure
Gordon Ramsay is the rudest person ever, I thought he is supposed to be helping not telling people that they're stupid.
genki2genki Il y a 21 heure
I just wonder what the point is. He yells, he screams, he insults, and it's all watchable. But what is to be learned about cooking?
Jormunguandr Il y a 23 heures
Gordon as drill sergeant
Isas Dance
Isas Dance Il y a jour
I like to use Seasoning salt instead of regular salt for my pasta water.
Lanky Lanky
Lanky Lanky Il y a jour
This man is a savage 4:59
Nathan Crowe
Nathan Crowe Il y a jour
Just putting it out there, youre not supposed to put oil in pasta water
Harsh Uttarwar
Harsh Uttarwar Il y a jour
Waiter : Here's your water, Sir. Gordon: It's so *dry* .. and *cold* in the centre! *Disgusting* ..
NOVA Il y a jour
“Im joking you stupid cow” now was that necessary
firebirdude2 Il y a jour
Colleen needs her safe place. Later, she sued Ramsey for making her cry.
NOVA Il y a jour
Nigga said the water is unseasoned wtf🤣🤣🤣
CuriosityFTW Il y a jour
Steven Fortier
Steven Fortier Il y a jour
he isnt your average white person. he wants the fucking WATER seasoned.
Philip Newman
Philip Newman Il y a jour
I know that Gordon Ramsay is an amazing cook and all that, but I could never eat in a restaurant with him screaming blue murder all the time in the background. That'd do my nut. Would rather go down the local chippy.
Ganesh Reddy
Ganesh Reddy Il y a jour
Gordan, you are a fucking idiot. Is that how you behave with women and force her to repeat the sentence.
Stealthed Nexus
Stealthed Nexus Il y a jour
I can cook pasta better than these people
Adam Jacob
Adam Jacob Il y a jour
He meant like putting salt in it. Cause salt helps bring it up to the boil quicker
maddy !!!
maddy !!! Il y a jour
“you’re fucking pathetic” “yes chef”
Super Noodles
Super Noodles Il y a jour
BadVibez Il y a jour
yes chief the ice is frozen not fresh
avid hiker 207
avid hiker 207 Il y a jour
*The water is R A W*
Keith Foester
Keith Foester Il y a jour
NOBODY: Gordon Ramsay: Complains Water Isn't Seasoned
TJ.BOY A* Il y a jour
5:00 “ I’m joking you stupid cow” 😱😱😱
Martin Blee
Martin Blee Il y a jour
All I know is that censor guy for TV must make a fortune off this one series!
Naoufalaa A
Naoufalaa A Il y a jour
Gordon:your FUCKING pathetic. Karen hairline looking ass cook:yes chef
umeng2002 Il y a jour
"The water is RAW!!! You muppet."
Patrick.mp4 Il y a jour
i need my water spicy, with a tint of lime chalk.
cheeseman Il y a jour
You didn't specify the water was meant to boil pasta in, not to drink.
Caspar Cubitt
Caspar Cubitt Il y a jour
hells kitchen contestants in a nutshell. contestant 1: i can't believe he/she can't cook something so easy, i mean are u stupid or something 2 episodes later contestant 1: *messes up an easy dish* forgets earlier comment
Sackem Jay
Sackem Jay Il y a jour
“She cannot be normal” lmfaoooo
tatiana krizay
tatiana krizay Il y a jour
“Just joking u stupid cow”
big boss
big boss Il y a jour
Iamadumb bitch
Iamadumb bitch Il y a jour
😬he did not need to call her a stupid cow tho
caleb chandley
caleb chandley Il y a jour
Honestly thought he said put more spaghetti in there and she said yes chief and then he said I fucking joking u cow honestly that was actually a dick move more than usual but that’s just me
4Kjay Gamer
4Kjay Gamer Il y a 2 jours
Gordon is mean and rude
Uh Huh? ?
Uh Huh? ? Il y a 2 jours
Swear to god that statefarm ad where that girl says “Well it finally happened” came out at the perfect time. (Saw this video from the picture for those who are confused) 😂
Toby Jones
Toby Jones Il y a 2 jours
2:02 when someone farts and it hits you proper.
Norakami Il y a 2 jours
you also gotta season the stove too!
Sweet Babes Tiktok
Sweet Babes Tiktok Il y a 2 jours
Is this people studied culinary or cookery / or chefs? Or they're just engrs. Teachers or etc
kermit_san_ 420
kermit_san_ 420 Il y a 2 jours
No fucking way, the stars aligned to bring us this moment
Clash Forever
Clash Forever Il y a 2 jours
WTF 1 hour the longest I have waited is 20 mins I that was in a really busy restaurant!
John von Horn
John von Horn Il y a 2 jours
Marco Pierra White sneaks in and offers to add a Knoor stock cube, saying, "It's your choice, there is no recipe"
Omni G
Omni G Il y a 2 jours
Coi would make Josh so proud
Matthew Coppola
Matthew Coppola Il y a 2 jours
Whats it like to rush a fraternity? 1:50
Absolutum Maximum
Absolutum Maximum Il y a 2 jours
Someone needs to beat the shit out of Ramsey.
Tyler the tiger
Tyler the tiger Il y a 2 jours
6:24 his face 😂😂
Baerto Meneguzzi
Baerto Meneguzzi Il y a 2 jours
I feel like this channel is taking the piss out of him now
Skull Il y a 2 jours
Waiter: *Gives Gordon Water* Gordon: *Dry, Cold, Bland Very Bland.*
The Crazed Masked Squirrel and Bella the Labrabull
Welp ain’t this episode gonna become a meme •_•....
SGO1 Il y a 2 jours
FaZe bUttOx
FaZe bUttOx Il y a 2 jours
Gordon: Hey madam, you're fucking pathetic Colleen: Yes chef Gordon: I'm fucking kidding you stupid cow Coi: Yes chef Obedience 100
bartlett247 Il y a 2 jours
In a 7 minute video about 20 seconds were spent on the non boiled and unseasoned water and that's what they found to be the main subject of this video?
Ghostkiller166 Il y a 2 jours
1:41 I don't understand what she did wrong here. She said it right 3 times then brain farted, what's the problem.
Amin Cira
Amin Cira Il y a 2 jours
Cy Brunel
Cy Brunel Il y a 2 jours
When you make authentic Italian/French style pasta dishes you serve for $150/300 a plate the preps should understand all this shit from basic training 101. He has a lot of dumb fucks in his team just for show, no 3-4 Michelin Star chef would put up with this ignorance, lol.
Adam Binyamin
Adam Binyamin Il y a 2 jours
Gordon: "WHERE'S MY WATER?" *Gets a glass of water* Gordon: "It's fucking *RAW* you stupid cow"
RoyaleHighKnowItAll Il y a 2 jours
"COME ON GUYS THE LADIES ARE READY TO KICK YOUR A-" *FRvid has entered the chat* "BUTTS.."
WhenYourPillowTPoses Il y a 2 jours
Gordon : you pathetic Girl: yes chef 1:19
Leo Gibbons
Leo Gibbons Il y a 2 jours
I love Chef Ramsay prompting them to roast each other's food on the spot lol Ramsay: C'mere. What's that taste like? Chef: Uhhh....tastes like that fake play-doh we made in kindergarten with peanut butter and a little bit of sardine juice Chef Ramsay: Fuckin right it does! Fuckin hell!
Craig Whitney
Craig Whitney Il y a 2 jours
Sorry Gordon, but olive oil in cooking pasta is a no-no. It takes away the ability of the pasta to absorb other flavors added later. In addition, never say demeaning things to your staff. It doesn't accomplish much and you will find them smoking a joint in the alley to get over it. Why do you have to be such an incredible prick?
Brayan Ramos
Brayan Ramos Il y a 3 jours
Imagine being Gordon’s kids😭
Itz Lone Wolf
Itz Lone Wolf Il y a 3 jours
1:09 if you did your job properly he wouldnt moan at you