Gordon Ramsay Being Served The Worst Fish Dishes On Kitchen Nightmares

Gordon Ramsay
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Some of the worst fish mains being served on Kitchen Nightmares.
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10 mars 2019




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Commentaires 4 676
oh yeah yeah
oh yeah yeah Il y a 5 heures
10:48 I would definitely hire that guy and pay him double if I had a restaurant
Richard Simmons
Richard Simmons Il y a 10 heures
I’m Nino!!!!!
Isabella Pappas
Isabella Pappas Il y a 14 heures
Thenlobsternisnstill good even though it’s dead and decaying
ZSlaya Il y a 15 heures
The one guy with the lobster is a good dude because he is concerned about his customers
Axolotl Il y a 17 heures
The only good crab is Maryland crab
Jalil Lollis
Jalil Lollis Il y a 17 heures
I find it disappointing that I, a 17 year old with no training or experience outside of helping my grandparents cook, can very easily make food better than these restaurants
Jalil Lollis
Jalil Lollis Il y a 18 heures
Hell nah! To da nah nah nah
Kiran Prakash
Kiran Prakash Il y a 18 heures
11:20 The Seven Kingdoms need someone stronger than Tommen, but gentler than Stannis.
Colin Il y a 19 heures
Head chef of the first clip is a good guy. "Successful opinion" was right
savage diamonds
savage diamonds Il y a 19 heures
Seafood restaurant sells fake *krab* Captain D's sells realer food than this restaurant
Jordan Dill
Jordan Dill Il y a 19 heures
crazy how one guy can cause a kitchen to just explode
who do you think
who do you think Il y a 20 heures
aren't those fries a little dark? *N* *O* *P* *E*
itz sugar
itz sugar Il y a 21 heure
*after this ill never trust restaurants ever again unless gordan is with me.* 9:37 ooooo she givin him the haaaand
kurgan highlander
kurgan highlander Il y a 22 heures
the music ruins everything in the American version of this show. The British version is much better. No censorship and no shitty dramatic music
kurgan highlander
kurgan highlander Il y a 22 heures
the waitress looks like a cheap, retarded bimbo with a lobotomy gone wrong
TST Not_Sniper.17th
TST Not_Sniper.17th Il y a 22 heures
2:52 how do u know
TST Not_Sniper.17th
TST Not_Sniper.17th Il y a 22 heures
0:31 staring at me like I m big muscle head meatball lol
James Il y a 23 heures
How can they call that shit English style
prXarN Il y a jour
Am I the only one thinking Sofia Vergara?
Just For Fun
Just For Fun Il y a jour
It's raw raw raw raw raw its fucking raw
Jhonalyn Malonzo
Jhonalyn Malonzo Il y a jour
0:30 big musle head meatbaall oghhnoooo cant stoo laughing🤭
Jin Seon
Jin Seon Il y a jour
10:07 I’m shocked. That’s the first time a man doesn’t want a woman in a kitchen lmao.
Juanita Richards
Juanita Richards Il y a jour
I'm glad the poor lobster was dead before they boiled it alive.
totallytoast2O totallytoast2O
Wtf soup shouldn't be cold!! I'm 12 and I even know at least the basis of "serving good food"
Kodak uzii
Kodak uzii Il y a jour
Gordon:is he dead Other guy:no I think their just sleeping😂😂🤦🏽‍♂️
ZeXo Noble
ZeXo Noble Il y a jour
Where do the chefs learn how to “chef”
Shaun Kauffman
Shaun Kauffman Il y a jour
"that guy over there, staring at me like some muscle head meatball" lol got me fucking dead xD
chris tundern
chris tundern Il y a jour
that catalina is a firecracker mang...whooo
TheReelIvan Il y a jour
10:50 why did the waiter sing, seemed kind of unprofessional
Cheo Delirio
Cheo Delirio Il y a jour
(a) A VERY successful opinion - exactly. Isn't that why you have him there? (b) When she told Ramsey she was still in business with her ex, years after they split, you could just see in Gordon's face and voice he was thinking "f*** me, this is gonna be bad" (guess they sank all the joint wealth into the business and neither of them could buy out the other). (c) "Even though it died, it's good" Daaaaaamn...
Taco Corn
Taco Corn Il y a jour
In the beginning that dude was.probably thinking that "are you out of your mind that Crab is trash" when gordan gets his food "well I was right that crab is trash
Manchester Is Blue
Manchester Is Blue Il y a jour
Me Being Served The Worst Quality video On FRvid
john folsom
john folsom Il y a jour
My only question is how does he know what a breaded condom taste like?
LegoStamps Vidz
LegoStamps Vidz Il y a jour
4:37 turn on auto generated English captions
Allah- A
Allah- A Il y a jour
This show proves Americans can’t cook
Sky-view Il y a jour
@ 11:35 there is some cook on his phone, and we all know nowadays most people go into toilets for number twos with their mobiles and the next thing he’s cooking without gloves or washing his hands. It happens in many restaurants. Stop eating out full stop.
Sky-view Il y a jour
The very reason I rarely ever eat out in restaurants, unless I can see the kitchen otherwise I’m not paying to eat there....
shoaib rehman
shoaib rehman Il y a jour
fuck your life man u distrub people
Skinner31 Il y a 2 jours
Should have eaten the crab from the other side of the sandwich before tossing it.
thepeiwitch Il y a 2 jours
Gordon Ramsay walks into a restaurant. UHG!!!! The air is BLAND!!!!!
Evan S
Evan S Il y a 2 jours
I kept losing my shit at the waiter at 10:30 awkwardly singing his way out of the situation hahahaha
ritu ramola
ritu ramola Il y a 2 jours
this's all scripted🤗
Carley Henderson
Carley Henderson Il y a 2 jours
Takes a bite : “oh fuk me”
FreeZe_Echo Il y a 2 jours
0:30 why did you make me this way why why
KeviKop Il y a 2 jours
Meanwhile I’m here eating week old pizza thinking it tastes amazing.
Sam Il y a 2 jours
Okay, if Ramsay tells you something is salty or cold, TASTE IT. Don't get a fucking thermometer and refuse to accept the truth. 🤦🏻‍♀️
Hynce Il y a 2 jours
'muscle head meatball'
Bella Duh
Bella Duh Il y a 2 jours
"That lobster's fresh, even though it died it's still good." What the heck???! This chef is dumb
Raphael Chomete
Raphael Chomete Il y a 2 jours
Itsss rawwwwww!!
ak2304 Il y a 2 jours
"even tho it died, its, good..."
Wolf Tatties
Wolf Tatties Il y a 2 jours
That lobster is fresh, even though it died it's good lmao I'd punch that guy in the face serving me that shit. After I knocked him out I'd record me pooping on his forehead.
Jus Toxin
Jus Toxin Il y a 2 jours
"that's one man's opinion" "That's a pretty successful opinion though hahaha" my man 😂
ItsJustRoseLove Il y a 2 jours
Orders honey salmon The sauce is like honey Uh yeah wtf did you expect from "honey pecan salmon"
Nischal Giri
Nischal Giri Il y a 2 jours
ItsJustRoseLove agree
David Tichborne
David Tichborne Il y a 2 jours
hope bout the horses thing I've ever tried a beefaroni and cheeesewhiz sandwich mabey Pete here can try that for his next food challenge
David Tichborne
David Tichborne Il y a 2 jours
how about the groses thing I hate when the word perfect or whatever it is on here corrects me an says the wrong thing
ItsJustRoseLove Il y a 2 jours
I hate when the owners or waiters stand or sit there staring at him eat leave him alone let him do his job
Joshua Louis
Joshua Louis Il y a 2 jours
Head chef/Owner: I can't just figure out why my restaurant is failing. Gordon Ramsay: Here's what you need to do- Head Chef/Owner: DON'T TELL ME HOW TO RUN MY OWN RESTAURANT!!!
TheNevilleHood Il y a 2 jours
Kick the guy out the kitchen on his phone god damnit😂
I'm everywhere 1000 subs
namco003 Il y a 2 jours
"Fuck me." -Gordon Ramsay
KushFriendlyXeX Il y a 2 jours
I love how these people call Chef to come and tell them what they are doing wrong then when he tells them what they are doing wrong they get pissed off and give him shit about it
KittyKat Il y a 2 jours
Food: ok guys, LETS BE ARTIFICIAL! Gordon Ramsay puts crab meat in mouth, tasted then spits out. Gordon Ramsay: *"Am I a joke to you?"*
kennyx221 Il y a 2 jours
10:38 -Yeah...He loves it. *Gordon Ramsay did NOT love it*
Tommy Sanderson
Tommy Sanderson Il y a 2 jours
“That lobster is fresh. Even though it died, it’s still good.” WTF?
EliteSaiyanWarrior Il y a 2 jours
Let me feed the chief....listen let me feed the chief
IrishVault 0017
IrishVault 0017 Il y a 2 jours
gummy zilla
gummy zilla Il y a 2 jours
The lady in the teal jacket is like what I imagine when my Hispanic friends talk about their mom.
Nicoletta Ciccone
Nicoletta Ciccone Il y a 2 jours
Wow all these cheap bastards owners of the not want to buy fresh food, it is outrageous that is why I cook and eat at home! 😊
Thomas McLeod
Thomas McLeod Il y a 2 jours
Dont buy Jordan cleats and get this meal 🤣
SuperOliverPlayz Il y a 2 jours
He’s so rude
Jack of Knives
Jack of Knives Il y a 2 jours
5:23 just by looking you can tell those fries and extremely greasy.
Jack of Knives
Jack of Knives Il y a 2 jours
This guy is just sitting there eyes glazed over staring at Gordon with a blank expression. *If he didn't keep moving I'd think he was dead or a statue
Nate Guerra
Nate Guerra Il y a 2 jours
That screaming lady is a fucking idiot
Kiran Goodbay 1234 Kiran Goodbay 1234
I am really big fan of you
The Hockey Tahk
The Hockey Tahk Il y a 2 jours
Marcelo is hammered the entire time he's cooking. check 10:40
S4m S4m
S4m S4m Il y a 2 jours
2:50 How does he know what that tastes like? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Dylan Barker
Dylan Barker Il y a 2 jours
that wife loved going back to the kitchen with Gordon's advice to tear into her ex 😂😂😂
chris tundern
chris tundern Il y a jour
best part ever lmfao
Fahad Nezam
Fahad Nezam Il y a 2 jours
0:15 When you in one of those "deep thoughts".
Angelina Colon
Angelina Colon Il y a 2 jours
“That taste like a breaded condom in your mouth.” That quote will be placed on my tombstone
Angela Miller
Angela Miller Il y a 2 jours
Was it just me or the reason that the man was staring because he may have a been starving that could be the reason
Wild West
Wild West Il y a 2 jours
Is it RAW?!
ManiacalMattMedia Il y a 2 jours
The ONE fish you should NEVER mess up is Salmon! Fuck that manager and his stupid ass recipes!
ESC Logical
ESC Logical Il y a 2 jours
That last guy was pretty arrogant
Ashley Genge
Ashley Genge Il y a 2 jours
Gordon Ramsey should visit Chuck E. Cheese
DopeDon Juan
DopeDon Juan Il y a 2 jours
love a spicy chica
Sarah Something
Sarah Something Il y a 2 jours
As brutal as he can be I love that he is polite and respectful to the wait staff.
Abzino 1
Abzino 1 Il y a 2 jours
when your looking at your food and gordon ramsay at the same time lol 0:22
Oliver Queen
Oliver Queen Il y a 2 jours
CBP Playz
CBP Playz Il y a 2 jours
What’s the episode at 5:35 season and episode vise?
Nootnoot1311 Il y a 2 jours
“Even though it died it’s good” What?
kristal storms
kristal storms Il y a 2 jours
Oh my god that one chicks voice is so annoying. She screeches everything she says. No wonder why the 2 of them got a divorce
Mariah IshTrash
Mariah IshTrash Il y a 2 jours
10:49 *Me as a waiter* 💀🤣
KatzRtheBest Il y a 2 jours
I feel bad for the staff in the restaurant with the head chef unable to accept criticism. Everyone knew it sucked but she wouldn’t do anything/let them change anything.
Alicia James
Alicia James Il y a 2 jours
"It just the lobster was dead before they *KILT* it". Classic😂
Can i have 10.000 subscriber?
Let Me Tell You Who Is Awesome Read the second word
Mike Elek
Mike Elek Il y a 2 jours
"Big musclehead meatball ..." :)
vinny Il y a 2 jours
How do you let food like that leave the kitchen, doesn't anyone look at it first
Luigi Il y a 2 jours
" I'm gonna bring it baaAAAaaAck"
Billie Bleach
Billie Bleach Il y a 2 jours
“What happened with the sooooooooouuuuuuuuupe?” “Go to your bar” Marcello is the man.
Sheng Hong
Sheng Hong Il y a 2 jours
I have to say,Goldman say what he wanna say,but he didn’t say he is always right
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