GOP Senators Give Lame Excuses For Voting Against Witnesses In Trump Impeachment Trial

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Republican Senators including Lamar Alexander, Lisa Murkowski and Marco Rubio spent the weekend offering lame justifications for their vote against calling witnesses in the Trump impeachment trial. #Monologue #Comedy #Election2020
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Commentaires 80
Alcagaur1 Il y a 13 jours
There's history's lens - "Donny and the 'Well, whatever' presidency."
Bos La Moss
Bos La Moss Il y a 22 jours
Gee, I wonder if the people in Kansas agree that the Chiefs don't represent Kansas. Kansas City, MO is directly next to Kansas City, Kansas. Gee, it's almost like Colbert is just really reaching to find anything he can to make Trump look bad. I highly doubt any Chiefs fans in MO will care, unless they are just like Colbert.
khuang96 Il y a 27 jours
John is underappreciated 👍
32thoth Il y a mois
Why single out one female republican? What about the other 50 republicans?
bbsy1 Il y a mois
I’m sorry, but if you don’t know the difference between socialism and communism, then you should never discuss politics.
AngelC28 Il y a mois
Alexander: Leave it up to the voters. Be careful what you wish for...
Caroline Morphis
Caroline Morphis Il y a mois
We will send trump down the river Jorden
Okkie Trooy
Okkie Trooy Il y a mois
No other country in the world has any idea what the heck we are doing..... That sums it up quite nicely 😄
Marcus Kingstanley
Marcus Kingstanley Il y a mois
you know its good when dumocrats say its bad
Mary Rose Kent
Mary Rose Kent Il y a mois
It’s Mos*kō, not Mos*cow
Peter Resch
Peter Resch Il y a mois
And Vladimir Putin is sitting in the Kremlin rubbing his hands together and saying to his mates "Look what I've done, I've brought chaos to the Americans and their political systems. I've destroyed their constitution and divided the country... am I good or not".
So Frosty
So Frosty Il y a mois
I'm tired of them giving him the "he's new and learning" excuses. He's the friggin president in his third year. Stop it. If I hadn't learned what I'm supposed to be doing at work after three years I'd be fired.
Uthman Baksh
Uthman Baksh Il y a mois
One look at the Trump defense team and Yep, He's guilty as hell!
Durandal475 Il y a mois
"...people you just don't expect they're gonna do it... and they don't." --> 3:17 Jon's face. The best facial expression ever.
Cheryl Anne
Cheryl Anne Il y a mois
hey Mitch Trump will go after you Too!
Cheryl Anne
Cheryl Anne Il y a mois
Do the republican's REALLY think Trump won't come after All of Them Too??
Cheryl Anne
Cheryl Anne Il y a mois
Does Melania translate for Putin during Trump's bedtime Stories??
Cheryl Anne
Cheryl Anne Il y a mois
All of you should watch the Documentary on The Family!
Mac Il y a mois
Our president ... such a deep thinker.
Thomas Larsen
Thomas Larsen Il y a mois
I miss Dave!
Mopar pilot
Mopar pilot Il y a mois
Trumpanzee love's Moscow. It helped him get millions of fake votes in 2016 and made him Putin's puppet! He also got to make the infamous "pee pee" tape there, also known as "golden shower" or Donnie Deauchbags favorite way to wash the orange spray tan off of his face once a month!😱😀👋
TJ Robinson
TJ Robinson Il y a mois
These are actually gonna be funny after Trump is re-elected in 2020 cause the DNC would prefer anyone but Bernie Sanders. ☑️Iowa ⬜ New Hampshire
cooljazz8 Il y a mois
The Republican party has been worthless for a long time. It's just a tool for the corporate owners of America. It's been that way since Reagan 40 years ago. Republican voters have become so accustomed to being lied to by the party, by Fox media, by Limbaugh, and other propaganda pushers, they have no idea what a lie is.
Mike Wanner
Mike Wanner Il y a mois
Predictions . You will be off the air in one year ! There is no evidence . The weakest impeachment case ever brought . Waite until hunter biden . Stroke clapper , and Brennan are indicted .. you will look dumber then you did during the Russia hoax. And that was pretty dumb .The people around you are lying to you . And you are lying to the american people . Have a little class and go back to comedy .
Debbie Menon
Debbie Menon Il y a mois
You Liberals have failed, over and over again, go find safe places again bozos. Trump triumphs!! Liberal Bozos tantrums!!
Debbie Menon
Debbie Menon Il y a mois
Stephen Colbert I get why you are jealous of Sean Hannity. He's better looking than you and is on the winning side. The truth hurts poor Stephen.
Mr Anderson
Mr Anderson Il y a mois
Haha. I told you losers to quit getting your news from losers like Colbert and Kimmel. Trump wins again. He will keep winning. Get on the winning team and stop the derangement.. Trump 2020 bitches!
MforMovesets Il y a mois
Calling someone a communist for honeymooning in Russia while colluding with Russia. Sigh. Heart attacks never hit the right people.
Pfälzerwald Gumby
Pfälzerwald Gumby Il y a mois
If only the toilets in Washington worked...
Pfälzerwald Gumby
Pfälzerwald Gumby Il y a mois
I am not a US-American, but I grew up there and was about 8 when I learned the there is a KC, Missouri and a KC, Kansas. The teacher asked a trick question and it stuck...but then again I am not a moron.
max sa
max sa Il y a mois
america has fallen.....
jackbauer322 Il y a mois
The GOP is the new human centipede ...
Just Me
Just Me Il y a mois
Ah, our Impotus. When I think of tRump, I think of Al Capone.
Jame Franco
Jame Franco Il y a mois
You fools knew that the Russians-Republicans (Yes, a few months ago they lifted sanctions on a bank that Trump and Putin used, then they gave a chunk to the Russian State(D-What is he talking about?).Hypersonic mid range nucs to kill us in Eur.(Trump lifted the ban on midrange nucs-WTF).Every 1 of you knew that not 1 Rep...Admit it, fix this delusion and Indict him!ASAP!
Jame Franco
Jame Franco Il y a mois
Why do they have to make excuses-“So, hey you other 18 Republican Senators (Dem.-What does he mean 18?) The Minority Party(D-What does he mean by Min.Party) if we convict Trump our party goes into the Sewer, if we dont the enemy party goes into the sewer”.This DISGRACE is MY Parties fault. Come out You cowards face the Facts!
Marie Carroll
Marie Carroll Il y a mois
😹 I hope your graphics department gets a great bonus this year. lmao
MosesPlays Il y a mois
You know the title 'President Elect'? I think from now on EVERYONE on the media and online should refer to Trump as 'President Impeached' Trump.
xyzyx69 Il y a mois
if thats the way they wanna play, fine. I didn't like this game anyway. lets tip over the board now.
Peggy Trawick
Peggy Trawick Il y a mois
Adam Schiff of the Intelligence Committee
Peggy Trawick
Peggy Trawick Il y a mois
Nancy Pelosi who is Speaker of the House. She is a Catholic
Chris Parayno
Chris Parayno Il y a mois
Simple, senate voted Trump in and senate obviously wants to keep him in. Once again, the fact that we have senators who have their own agenda means our government does not work for the peoples best interest
Johannes Hügel
Johannes Hügel Il y a mois
☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ 👍🏽 👍👍🏿👍🏾👍🏼👍🏻 ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
Richard Chalgren
Richard Chalgren Il y a mois
Lame? They had nothing.
Jeremy G
Jeremy G Il y a mois
it doesn't matter what the American people want, you guys proved that last election. It's like a bad dream you cant wake up from
Alfred Nueman
Alfred Nueman Il y a mois
Yes, flush Trump down that toilet. Then run drain cleaner so he doesn't plug it up. He is just a big ball of grease, you know.
amcdonald10 Il y a mois
Jon's facial expression is priceless!
ladygg6 Il y a mois
This is the most unintelligent man, in the White House and the World. Now we know why Putin wanted him as President. America we're the blame for this madness. This man, doesn't know his geography or math (no wonder he has filed so many bankruptcy).
Alresu Il y a mois
Well, I thought it completely possible, Kansas was not a state (although I am aware, that it includes the big City Metropolis and the way smaller one Smallville) and Trump messed that up. So,, it was not as bad. Mixing up sports teams seems is very, very, very low on the list.
Drew More
Drew More Il y a mois
I’m Colbert and I’m a dumbass and I still say, “ TrUmP cOlLuDeD wItH rUsSiA” you need to grow up and actually learn one thing. This moron lost sleep over impeachment and actually thinks Adam Schiff is a true leader. Give me a break you freak
I cant be the only one who gets a headache from shaking my head so much, trying to figure out what the hell Trump means when he says anything.
Derek Jones
Derek Jones Il y a mois
Trumpf hasn’t learned his lesson
mike jubb
mike jubb Il y a mois
In first Rocky it's a tie. He didn't win until second film.
TJ Robinson
TJ Robinson Il y a mois
Apollo Creed wins in Rocky. 🤦‍♂️
Tom Andries
Tom Andries Il y a mois
It has been proven : truth does NOT matter to Republicans. Bended over for Trump, they can't look up and face reality.
Azziz Ben
Azziz Ben Il y a mois
Evil must have devilish followers and fire waiting to see the soul as bacon.
Tracey Edwards
Tracey Edwards Il y a mois
Lololol c’mon Steven why would you insult Sponge Bob Square pants? 🤣😂
felicity4711 Il y a mois
My browser does not recognise the video format
Todd Il y a mois
Gotta love his eRick tRump inpression!
Emilia Holmberg
Emilia Holmberg Il y a mois
How is it even possible to mix up to compleatly different things like socialism and communism
HAWKWIND Il y a mois
They all do kinda look like pork chops.
Jesse Reiter
Jesse Reiter Il y a mois
Thank our lord that you don't run America your brain is seriously demented which is typical of most talk show host .
Ricki B.
Ricki B. Il y a mois
I would embarrassed if I voted for Trump,but trumpster's are proud of it and brags about it! Trump is a embarrassing idiot ,so do Trumpster's even care that people look at them the same way or even worse
LowlyGrinder Il y a mois
Even I knew Kansas City and Kansas State were to different places and I'm British.
pepino735 Il y a mois
FRO 3SEATS Il y a mois
a liar gonna lie and too bad our Pres isn't smarter than a 5th grader. As an American, I am ashamed of The Senate republicans and they Will answer to GOD for their actions.
Han Wang
Han Wang Il y a mois
Why isn’t it an issue that the education system failed so much that there are people who still say things like ‘when I see Burnie Sanders (a self proclaimed democratic socialist) I think communism’. Please people, get some learning done and understand the difference between communism and socialism! They are not the same thing. It’s like saying ‘when I see money I think corruption’. Yes they are related, but they are far from being the same. And better yet, read some Marx’s works. Marxism is also different from both of the teachings above
phoenixrising7777 Il y a mois
Just remember Republicans and trolls yelling about salty liberal tears and MAGA 2020........... *whatever you do can be done right back to you.....and you won’t be able to say a word because of all these dangerous precedences you set* . You have no moral ground to stand on with your actions and your president. Pray that Democrats or any future parties are not as cult-mindset as your party is since Democrats at least know what the Constitution is.
Teresa Miller
Teresa Miller Il y a mois
Colbert deserves the Nobel Piece Prize
Daniel Hann
Daniel Hann Il y a mois
love the lone "boo" at 2:17
Willie Godbolt
Willie Godbolt Il y a mois
The Republicans are the nerds being bullied at school for their lunch money, but instead of reporting the bully to the principal to end their misery, they start stealing from their parents, classmates and even the principal so they will have more money to make the bully happier.
Pawee Sayson
Pawee Sayson Il y a mois
Does anyone here knows how to do that lip trick?
Orchid Lilly
Orchid Lilly Il y a mois
Thank-you Stephen*
Michael Sylvester
Michael Sylvester Il y a mois
Jack Hackman
Jack Hackman Il y a mois
LOL..Say whjat you want...Trump is a dictator and not one person will ever confront him.
Jack Hackman
Jack Hackman Il y a mois
LOL..LOL..Trump is still Dictator in chief. Nothing will hurt him.
Joey Snyder
Joey Snyder Il y a mois
Everyone that feels upset by these Republican clowns that voted to help Trump cover up all these ridiculous crimes that he without any doubts committed needs to remember these ignorant senators and vote to get them out when possible. You wouldn't want someone getting away with murder in our society we would put a stop to it right away. Yes that is a huge leap from what Trump did. But what he did and what the Republicans are blatantly helping him cover up is the beginning of how my example could actually happen. It is an absolute joke!! Any crime that has been committed you should be punished accordingly so no matter how rich you are and regardless of your social status. You should be held accountable for that the way any other average joe would have been held accountable if it is a fine or jail time whatever. Our society has always been pretty fucked but I feel under Trump is has just gotten so much worse. Please wake up people....
Liza Belle
Liza Belle Il y a mois
Vote BLUE 2020 Presidential election! We need to vote out Trump and the GOP they are traitors to their oaths and the constitution!!
Electric Cervix
Electric Cervix Il y a mois
9:33 - "Meet Chuck with Press Todd" hehehe
AARON LECIAS Il y a mois
Since the republican senators acquitted Trump who is bent on cheating in the election, therefore these senators except Mitt Romney are cheaters considering they embraced a cheater and expected to cheat any elections in the future.
Marina Kaye
Marina Kaye Il y a mois
Didn't the Pres. refer to a "stanctuary" in his State of the Union address? What did you expect?
Jeff Easterwood
Jeff Easterwood Il y a mois
Who paid for that defense?
TJ Robinson
TJ Robinson Il y a mois
Trump. Just like Clinton paid for his.
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