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26 janv. 2017

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Commentaires 9 876
Varun Naik
Varun Naik Il y a 26 minutes
more deep dives needed!!!!
Angelina :/
Angelina :/ Il y a 5 heures
Omg right when I started the video I thought you were zoe laverne
Anna Podhorszky
Anna Podhorszky Il y a 9 heures
Jenna always asks everybody, wht's up with them, but who asks Jenna what's up with her?
Erika Jenkins
Erika Jenkins Il y a 16 heures
i wish they had reacted to "liquid ass fart" auto play lmao
Gabriella Townsend
Gabriella Townsend Il y a 2 jours
5:00 look at the men’s health thing. FRvid head quarters: DEMONITISED
Emma Norton
Emma Norton Il y a 3 jours
I can't even imagine how funny it would be for Julien to try to tell Kpop groups apart
EmilyAnne Il y a 3 jours
Wow who knew Julien came up with Ross's prank before he did with the treadmill outside
Hannah Sutton
Hannah Sutton Il y a 4 jours
I think Julien’s brain would explode if he ever met Anne Hathaway, Julia Roberts and Sandra Bullock in person 😂
Scooby Doo
Scooby Doo Il y a 4 jours
“Oh wow he didn’t even blink” 😂😂😂
Emma Rud
Emma Rud Il y a 5 jours
Please do more videos like this I enjoyed this way to much
Eli/El/Ellie Wibbens
Eli/El/Ellie Wibbens Il y a 6 jours
XxX Wild _ Soul XxX
XxX Wild _ Soul XxX Il y a 7 jours
Vegemite is a yeast extract so it is edible but also useful for other things 😜😂 I only know that cause I’m Australian
Katie Anderson
Katie Anderson Il y a 8 jours
Literal deep dive: 5:20
Katie Anderson
Katie Anderson Il y a 8 jours
Tell me why now I actually wanna attach a bunch of planets to my body and spin around to see how hard the sun has to work 🤦‍♀️
Alexis Perry
Alexis Perry Il y a 8 jours
That abyss triggered me
Aislinn B
Aislinn B Il y a 10 jours
I come back to watch this video every once in a while just to absolutely sob at julien not being able to tell the difference between 3 women that as a child I also couldn’t tell the difference between. So I like I get it, but I’ve also not had that issue since I was like 12. It’s the funniest video on FRvid for me undoubtably.
Wrev Flatwoods
Wrev Flatwoods Il y a 12 jours
god im autistic and me and julien like... shit we both face blind but at least i can identify anne hatheway
NatureLvr Il y a 13 jours
"That's crack" lmao
bluejazz511 Il y a 14 jours
I watch this all the time just so I can watch julien freak out and Jenna laugh cry over Julia Roberts 😂😂😂
Rhonda Gulliver
Rhonda Gulliver Il y a 14 jours
Julien Gandalf with fireworks laugh @ 8:13
StarlightxSlasher224 Il y a 14 jours
Morgan Pasewicz
Morgan Pasewicz Il y a 14 jours
pause on 2:42 it looks like they gonna kiss over the snail birth
Olivia Hafner
Olivia Hafner Il y a 15 jours
Pleeeeaaaaaaassseeeeaaaaaahhhhh! Can you make a video of Julien trying to guess the actress? Him not seeing the difference reminds me of Andy ( Ellen show) getting scared :D I am crying of laughter!
hannah d
hannah d Il y a 16 jours
I don’t care what anyone says, julien not knowing the difference between Sandra Bullock, Anne Hathaway, and Julia Roberts will always be comedy *gold*
Jezebel von Tex
Jezebel von Tex Il y a 16 jours
Being farveblind is a true thing I can't even recognize my self on a picture just showing my face
Emily Kaplan
Emily Kaplan Il y a 17 jours
boobie cheese cafe
Caroline Bingham
Caroline Bingham Il y a 18 jours
Murrayyy Waddlers
Murrayyy Waddlers Il y a 19 jours
Omg Julien totally has AT LEAST partial face blindness I’m dying
Cecil Rosse
Cecil Rosse Il y a 19 jours
*tie a bunch of planets on your body and spin around to see how hard the sun has to work* BITCH I AM SCREAMING
Rex Au
Rex Au Il y a 20 jours
hi there 2019 here
Madison Schromm
Madison Schromm Il y a 20 jours
Kaylee Chrystal
Kaylee Chrystal Il y a 21 jour
People use Coca Cola for cleaning too
Daddy Blue Jay
Daddy Blue Jay Il y a 22 jours
‘Stop putting your boobs in my mouth’ said no one ever
Olivia Bodily
Olivia Bodily Il y a 23 jours
Alessandra Solari
Alessandra Solari Il y a 23 jours
omg please re-do the sandra bullock, anne hathaway and julia roberts thing
Matti Mac
Matti Mac Il y a 26 jours
I just realize that it was a Emilia Airhart on the Google banner in the background & not Daria Morgendorffer...Thank you IPhone for finally allowing me to type Daria & not diarrhea!!!
olivia hingley
olivia hingley Il y a 27 jours
10:30 he got most of them right at least
desmondforever08 Il y a 28 jours
Jenna and julien are literal best friends
Kayle Kat
Kayle Kat Il y a 28 jours
I think guys can’t see facial features well lmao
Doggos R cool
Doggos R cool Il y a 29 jours
They fuckin matching with they hair!!!!
EveryDayTeen 007
EveryDayTeen 007 Il y a mois
Hearing them talk about vegemite... Thinking they don't understand what baking soda is to LMAO
Emma Emma
Emma Emma Il y a mois
Steven Pesce
Steven Pesce Il y a mois
Honestly still my favorite video everr
Jack Il y a mois
Julien was talking about cutting off a thigh and consenting people to eat it and it being vegan but little does he know there was a guy who lost his foot in an accident and he took it home and got some weird friends to come over, cook it, and eat it. That human foot/calf meat was vegan....
coalstaindlife Il y a mois
I really want another one of these Jenna!
Arvetis Il y a mois
Julien is clearly a product of the US sex ed system
Robert Smith
Robert Smith Il y a mois
"Booby cheese cafe" im fckin dead 😂😂😂😂
Mallory Hodgkin
Mallory Hodgkin Il y a mois
i thought they were the same til i was about 20
Nat Louise
Nat Louise Il y a mois
Is Julien Dyslexic 😅
lindsay sibley
lindsay sibley Il y a mois
I’m crying at Julian with the Julia Roberts picture 😂
Stuey Plays
Stuey Plays Il y a mois
Just high as fuck thinking she on Tour de France 😂😂😂
TheRavenfish9 Il y a mois
Madhurima Kumar
Madhurima Kumar Il y a mois
Re-watching this video because why not, please do a third deep dive video so that I can rewatch that a hundred times too💙
Louisa Thompson
Louisa Thompson Il y a mois
Obesity: "Marbleee reach for your dream Marbleee"
andrew reardon
andrew reardon Il y a mois
*god, i’m sO fUcKiNg TuRnEd On RiGhT nOw*
Karmi ROS
Karmi ROS Il y a mois
I’m crying at the Julia Roberts part because I feel the same 😭😂😂😂😂
Gabi B
Gabi B Il y a mois
I love that Anne Hathaway is in there 😂 I always confuse Bill Murray and Tom Hanks.
Chellips Il y a mois
tay5250 Il y a mois
a booby cheese cafe
Kristina Heimbuch
Kristina Heimbuch Il y a mois
@ 0:10 Jenna please still do this!!!
Karina Blanchard
Karina Blanchard Il y a mois
I can’t make a good thought if I could think it
Marcela Galvez
Marcela Galvez Il y a mois
You should show julien some drag queen and let him guess their names or persona
isabelle fitch
isabelle fitch Il y a mois
I was trying to pause the video, and I was clicking on the youtube screen on the green screen looking for the mouse than realize that I am stupid...
MemsTheMEME *-*
MemsTheMEME *-* Il y a mois
I feel like Julien just doesn’t know who Sandra Bullock is in general
ialicat Il y a mois
The vegemite info is straight up trolling.
k p
k p Il y a mois
Poop candle
Olivia Kimble
Olivia Kimble Il y a mois
You should do another Jenna ratchet salon with Julien again.. You guys make good videos together
Mikaela McSweeney
Mikaela McSweeney Il y a mois
5:01 Staphylococcus and Streptococcus are two of the most common bacteria found in human breast milk all over the world, even in healthy women without infection. My microbiology professor had a guest speaker come and teach us about the human milk microbiome a few weeks ago.
urfavbookworm Il y a mois
Julian made me laugh so hard for this one that I thought I’d need to go to the hospital after 😂😂😂
Emma B.
Emma B. Il y a mois
I’m julien with Beyoncé and like three other people idek
Thisisanartthing Il y a mois
My grandparents used to live near a breast milk ice cream shop before it was shut down
Mia Gadsby
Mia Gadsby Il y a mois
My cheeks hurt after juliens struggle at the end
doctor kreger
doctor kreger Il y a mois
That first “fattest dog” was a *rare doggo*
Octavia Blue
Octavia Blue Il y a mois
Same Julian
larrosoir Il y a mois
this will forever be my favorite thing on the internet
Screaminglemon631 Il y a mois
Legitimate question; What is wrong with Julien? Does his brain not recognise faces? What's going on here?
HowDareYou Il y a mois
Am I the only one who started getting confused by Anne Hathaway/Sandra Bullock/Julia Roberts because of Julien? Like, goddamn I started questioning myself.
Emma Barrow
Emma Barrow Il y a mois
i think Jenna would lose her mind if she found out i'm a quadruplet
Diana Bates
Diana Bates Il y a mois
Are you guys have something to tell you when you if you do that make something being the sun spinning around there if you have to make noise because in the universe they are noise and the Earth has his own sound the sun has his own sound poodle has it on sound the sun has his own sign that I say that but anyway go to you will enjoy it and you were here to sound the different sounds from the different planet and so awesome the planets that's the moon makes his own sound but the earth makes the most songs you won't believe you me when you hear it Universe make sounds and I can imitate those sounds for you
Morgan Parker
Morgan Parker Il y a mois
I’m just convinced that for some reason Julien’s brain just can’t process Sandra Bullock.
Morgan Parker
Morgan Parker Il y a mois
Wait do you think if he tried to draw Sandra he’d draw Julia Roberts?!!!!!
Lisa Smile
Lisa Smile Il y a mois
JENNA! Make a suite out of cotton balls and turn yourself into a cloud
Blah Blah
Blah Blah Il y a mois
What I've learned from this is even white people cant tell white people apart 😂
Sage Markham
Sage Markham Il y a mois
I mean I kind of understand Julia Roberts and Sandra Bullock, but Anne Hathaway looks COMPLETELY FUCKING different.
Ashli Renee
Ashli Renee Il y a mois
The Julia Roberts whole situation took me out😂😂😭😭
Mina;- Piee
Mina;- Piee Il y a mois
Replace all the pictures in your house with Julia Roberts, Anne Hathaway, and Sandra Bullock
Nini Zambrano
Nini Zambrano Il y a mois
Warning Dont watch this if your Eating.. halfway through a Burrito and Deep dive Begins..after Tia and gets really gross
Wild Wolf
Wild Wolf Il y a mois
*Julia Roberts*
RamadaArtist Il y a mois
10:16 "Oh NO." I feel that. That concern is real.
Kay Spitz
Kay Spitz Il y a mois
HoaTzIn : stink bird
Snail Kid
Snail Kid Il y a mois
fun fact snails are hermaphrodie
Kathe V
Kathe V Il y a mois
When I was a kid I also used to think Julia Roberts and Sandra Bullock were the same person xD
Alicia's channel
Alicia's channel Il y a mois
Just remember this all started with celeb twins
John Smith
John Smith Il y a mois
tater gaming
tater gaming Il y a mois
does anyone actually want to see theplanet thing as well
Hope Mackenzie Frey
My favorite thing about this video is every time Julien refers to an animal giving birth, who clearly is female, as “he”
Chtere 201855
Chtere 201855 Il y a 2 mois
I met one of the air buddies, the dog who played mudbud that dog is still alive I met him like 3 days ago
Natty Kitty
Natty Kitty Il y a 2 mois
The ending had me literally crying
love raeleighhh
love raeleighhh Il y a 2 mois
the part where Jenna looks up Julia Roberts gets me every time lmao has me dying when she shows him the collage of “1000 images of Julia Roberts” & Julien guesses each one a different lmao 😂😂😂
Ayla Freedom
Ayla Freedom Il y a 2 mois
id like to see another one of these
Holly Derylo
Holly Derylo Il y a 2 mois
As a twin, I can confirm that it is just the same as having a regular sibling
CRUMPLED WIG Il y a 2 mois
Plants are actually animals
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