Giuliani: I can't sit by and watch my country be sold out by Joe Biden

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Rudy Giuliani joins the 'Fox & Friends' live studio audience show to discuss the Trump impeachment trial and his investigation into Joe Biden's 'corruption.'
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24 janv. 2020




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Commentaires 100
Jason Walker
Jason Walker Il y a jour
Guilani luckky niqqas in brooklyn aint off him b
howardisrael benoni
howardisrael benoni Il y a 6 jours
This was in Jan 2020 so why isn't Biden behind bars,,,instead he is running for president of the USA , i always knew that the Mafia was running America, however i thought at least there would be some openness with the judicial system,,,,,,,
packingten Il y a 6 jours
FOX has sold out to the darkside!.
Wim Claes
Wim Claes Il y a 6 jours
Biden doesnt run anymore. He stays in his basement.
aliasannie1 Il y a 8 jours
Hey Rudy Baby, Having fun yet? You're a sorry excuse for a human being.
Fort Lee NJ & Much More
Please forward this video to all decent Americans!
M J Il y a 9 jours
Sloppy Joe 🍔 sleazy sleepy Joe got to go, he’s part of the slime in the swamp selling America piece by piece, and I still don’t know what the one and a half billion dollars given to Sloppy Joe 🍔 is for ? Did Swamp queen Hilary get 3 million from Russia? What the hell is going on ?
M J Il y a 9 jours
Thank you Mr Giuliani, you’ve always been tough. And your strength and wisdom is surely needed by the American people
Roger Rosales
Roger Rosales Il y a 9 jours
Khoo Siew Im
Khoo Siew Im Il y a 9 jours
Bravo.yes.agreed.101% How can j.biden betray Americans and sold the country for personal benefit yet he got the cheeks to stand up for Presidency election. What an internationsl disgrace !!!!!
Patti Glass
Patti Glass Il y a 9 jours
Thank you, Rudy! Talk louder and more frequently!
Jeanne Lipscombe
Jeanne Lipscombe Il y a 10 jours
🥰🇨🇦👍🙏🙏🌞👋🇨🇦 Bravo mayor Rudy !! & Fox
lindaLogan Logan
lindaLogan Logan Il y a 10 jours
We love this man God please send angles to protect him from any harm In Jesus name Amen
lindaLogan Logan
lindaLogan Logan Il y a 10 jours
All those people sitting there I would love to slap the crap out of them whose side are they We know the answer the criminals Hell waits for them all!!!!!!!
lindaLogan Logan
lindaLogan Logan Il y a 10 jours
These news people are jerks not letting him talk God said all this crime will come out so this is the beginning of it Pray people if you love God and this country please please please!!!
Danny Atencio
Danny Atencio Il y a 10 jours
We the Native Americans Indian don't want the Dem-o-rats take over our country like the Joe Dickhead Biden take over our country
Robert F
Robert F Il y a 10 jours
We know the Democrats are dirty. Even their followers out in the general population are usually very verbally abusive people who you would not trust to watch your dog for an evening.
G Zino
G Zino Il y a 10 jours
Zhivago KS
Zhivago KS Il y a 10 jours
Donald Trump would have landslide victory in this Presidential election in make America great again...🙏 In 2016 Presidential election we had Crooked Hillary... In 2020 Presidential election we have Sleepy Joe Biden😂 So Donald Trump all the way to be the next President of America 👌
whatever came of this?.....
Oks F
Oks F Il y a 10 jours
My husband was born in America, im 11 years American. My husband said yes Biden is big criminal, he was as vice president of Obama in my former citizens country in Ukraine and made very .. it's made me shame and shocking.
American Patriot
American Patriot Il y a 10 jours
America's not going to sit back and let Joe Biden sell out America either! Ever heard of the 2nd Amendment Joe!
Lonnie Summy
Lonnie Summy Il y a 10 jours
So whatever happened to all this??????
Chris Skinner
Chris Skinner Il y a 10 jours
If they do Nothing to these pigs Then they Cant expect any of us to listen to these raggedy democrats in power.
Chris Skinner
Chris Skinner Il y a 10 jours
The democrat party is run by another NATION.
Dan Il y a 10 jours
this is back in Jan 2020 so far havent heard a thing and why is joe biden still running for president this whole thing is corrupt
Dan Il y a 10 jours
Russ Cude
Russ Cude Il y a 10 jours
DAN! I just had the exact same thought!!!! It came up in my recommended. Plus I wonder what Giuliani ever did.
Sharman Vita
Sharman Vita Il y a 11 jours
He is a bloody liar just like Trump
Carlos songs with lyrics
Carlos songs with lyrics Il y a 11 jours
Vietnam Veteran Sick , Lame & Crazy. Rudy your the dummy. You fell into the Russians trap . They figured you would be a sneech. To disrupt the Election against our democracy. Your a full Rudy.
Herculydia Il y a 11 jours
And here we are in Sept and Biden is running for president, untouxhed
Carlos songs with lyrics
Carlos songs with lyrics Il y a 11 jours
Joe Biden is not selling his own country . It's all B.S. political gains . Do you want a president that talks down our Military .He said that in National TV can't get any plainer then that . About John McCain. I'm a Viet Nam Veteran myself . Us Veteran's made this country for us as American to be . How is his slogan that he is going to make America Great . WW11 Veterans made this country Greater by winning that War your president is a Draft 🙌 Dodger. During my time in Vietnam . He got nothing on us that served. He is a spoil brat with a silver spoon in his buttocks.
Anaseini Fugawai
Anaseini Fugawai Il y a 11 jours
Good on you Mr Giuliani for bringing everything out in the air. May God bless and protect you from the Backward Democrats.😈😈😈
Gayle Todd
Gayle Todd Il y a 11 jours
Listen to this man . Telling how the democrats have lied about the President. And how they are going to be exposed .
Carlos songs with lyrics
Carlos songs with lyrics Il y a 11 jours
Look who's talking Rudy . You are lying Rudy you and Trump are dealing with Russia. Your full of B.S. If that's the case why is still running for President . You want to talk about drugs Trump Jr. does kocain. Pretty noticeable.
Herculydia Il y a 11 jours
Omg! You're A nut!
Gayle Todd
Gayle Todd Il y a 11 jours
Do you think the democrats are invited the pro life meeting. .
Pat Walther
Pat Walther Il y a 11 jours
it always fake news when trump don"t like it he so corrupt.
Landon Take America Back
Landon Take America Back Il y a 11 jours
How can the dems sell us down he tubes?
LUCKY HEX Il y a 11 jours
So nice to hear a politician tell the truth. And you know it's the truth bcuz even fox and friends were squirming in their seats
LUCKY HEX Il y a 11 jours
You are the MAN Rudy!
Luba Angel
Luba Angel Il y a 11 jours
Now Biden promised tons of money for Ukraine if he will win election, so they would not give any information about him and his son Hunter. Seems Ukrainian believe him😀.
LUCKY HEX Il y a 11 jours
So when is CNN gonna repprt on all the biden corruption? These POLITICIANS are worse than hollywood actors. Every OTHER day it's like im hearing about a Charlie sheen story times ten... Biden is a failure and if u vote for him ir not even trying to think about whats best for ur country and children. Wake up So CALLED woke crowd.
LUCKY HEX Il y a 11 jours
I love Rudy! He a fkn gangsta!
LUCKY HEX Il y a 11 jours
Rudy is just dropping facts and Fox and friends cant keep up :-)
David Martenson
David Martenson Il y a 11 jours
Jesse Il y a 11 jours
Rudy is so good!
Stephen Smith
Stephen Smith Il y a 11 jours
I Love Rudy
MIke Trusky
MIke Trusky Il y a 11 jours
The last loyal Republican wad McCain, hasn't been one since he died.
Atlas Shrugs
Atlas Shrugs Il y a 11 jours
Hidin' Biden sincerely believes deep in his heart that come November he will beat Ronald Reagan - or is it Ronald MacDonald? - He can't remember!
ObiWan Kenobi
ObiWan Kenobi Il y a 11 jours
And to think there are mugs out there that are going to vote democrat, wake up you clowns! Absolutely disgusting!
melchor tapulgo
melchor tapulgo Il y a 11 jours
America please beware of Joe Biden is Obama and his Father Satan's crony.
Nick Papas
Nick Papas Il y a 11 jours
Giuli come back...Nyc its a mess
Catherine Espitallier
Catherine Espitallier Il y a 11 jours
Carola Sury
Carola Sury Il y a 11 jours
Michele Helberg
Michele Helberg Il y a 12 jours
Was all these scams; travel etc. on the American tax dollar. I see treason that more than the Bidens should be charged. Hilliary needs to go down as well.
Andy Freeman
Andy Freeman Il y a 12 jours
Remember everyone, this is the guy that took down the Mafia, just remember that.
Tse Huang
Tse Huang Il y a 12 jours
Giluiniani is expired! He has 0 leadership!
eugene sych
eugene sych Il y a 12 jours
Today is September 15, 2020. What’s happened? Where is everything you promised will open Pandora’s box? Why Obama, Biden family, Clinton not in the jail? Where is justice?
Huguette Gilbert
Huguette Gilbert Il y a 12 jours
john dobbins
john dobbins Il y a 12 jours
Giuliani let them get a word in brother
ManFromMars 53
ManFromMars 53 Il y a 12 jours
You can literally 100% prove how dirty these dems are and yet, most people don't care. Brainwashing business must be good...😒
Bernie Amaral
Bernie Amaral Il y a 12 jours
Attaboy Giuliani go baby
Mike Duran
Mike Duran Il y a 12 jours
The thing is the American people forget so quick how crooked Biden is
Mike Duran
Mike Duran Il y a 12 jours
I agree make Dems pay for cost legal I should not have to pay for........
John Wales
John Wales Il y a 12 jours
We, the American People need to drain the swamp! It's not just the Democrats that are corrupt. We need to vote all Career Politicians out of office.
Sean Jones
Sean Jones Il y a 12 jours
Trump willfully lied about the danger of Covid 19 since February 7th. Don't vote for a LIAR!
Clarence Sauls
Clarence Sauls Il y a 12 jours
Quid Pro Joe . Told the Ukraine President he had to fire the lawer looking into Baresmia within 6 hrs. That they wouldn't get the million dollars from the USA. Came back laffing, saying dang he fired him so they get the million.
Barney Brown
Barney Brown Il y a 12 jours
Well when the airwaves are under the complete control of Antifa and BLM add the news media to the list of terrorists organizations,Hate groups and Anarchists that are destroying our infrastructure
Envious Green
Envious Green Il y a 12 jours
I hope that in the future we'll have another Rudy Giuliani!
j c
j c Il y a 12 jours
j c
j c Il y a 12 jours
Satochi Nakamoto
Satochi Nakamoto Il y a 13 jours
Isn't odd how the fox media rushes Rudy off the stage like fox want to sweep it under the door.
robert desmarais
robert desmarais Il y a 13 jours
This interview was 7 months ago???
Larry Moore
Larry Moore Il y a 13 jours
Love you, Rudy
JoAnn Dryoel
JoAnn Dryoel Il y a 13 jours
Baden himself said on news along time ago about firing the guy unless he gave him the money , right on TV
Sandra Il y a 13 jours
Let's share this video!
Wil Scott
Wil Scott Il y a 13 jours
And the idiot STILL interrupts !
Wil Scott
Wil Scott Il y a 13 jours
7 months ago,,, it’s not been on MSM YET! Yataheh!!!
John Taras
John Taras Il y a 13 jours
Rudy is still the man
post boredom
post boredom Il y a 13 jours
How he went about it?? As if Rudy should treat international thugs like fine crystal..?That interviewer is pathetic.
Mary Wristen
Mary Wristen Il y a 13 jours
It should be investigating, so we the people can know the truth!!!!!!!
SEAN LEI (Student)
SEAN LEI (Student) Il y a 13 jours
oh man trump has already sold out the U.S.A ppl blindly support donald dump
Ky Nguyen
Ky Nguyen Il y a 13 jours
Trump 2020. 4 more years.
Dinah Mattos
Dinah Mattos Il y a 13 jours
No we can not allow that. Everyone get out and vote Trump! It is the only way . Anything less is a vote to communism .
Joker Box
Joker Box Il y a 13 jours
"his holiness" what a scam. church has been involved for centuries in this BS
Tedd Liu
Tedd Liu Il y a 13 jours
Rudy never lie
Tedd Liu
Tedd Liu Il y a 13 jours
Don't let joe Biden fool you again.8 years of corruption in 0bama administration should be enough
Charles Svingholm
Charles Svingholm Il y a 13 jours
Fox News is more dangerous than opioids that is called mind washing! Please broke away from the cult!!!
Donna Green
Donna Green Il y a 13 jours
God Bless President Trump
Margaret Howard
Margaret Howard Il y a 13 jours
Biden is corrupted and a fake vote trump vote God.
Margaret Howard
Margaret Howard Il y a 13 jours
A vote for democrates is a vote for satan vote trump vote all Republican vote for god and freedom and law and order.
John Barron
John Barron Il y a 13 jours
Andrii Derkach :::MAGA - My Administration Got Arrested from Ukraine with love
Tracy Clark
Tracy Clark Il y a 14 jours
Theresa Walmart delivery numbers mailed card to me Kandy Sloan I need to get food from Walmart delivery if you want me Kandy Sloan watched not movies I was baby stole from my real family in New York city and I no controlling no camera no dangerous mentality criminals who are mr Judd mr Rudy Guiliani mr Tomfiton Judge JUDY dr Gorda dr. Rahimi please protect me KANDY SLOAN I need justice for my Life Kandy Sloan Nancy Grace thank you very much thank you no dangerous mentality criminals who are in custody of their lives and]
Micheal Henderson
Micheal Henderson Il y a 14 jours
Democrats need to be charged with crimes against America corrupt communist party VOTE FOR THE GREATEST PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP
Alex Il y a 14 jours
Haha Giuliani collaborated with a Russian spy Derkach to get this disinformation 😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣 traitor
andrew paul
andrew paul Il y a 14 jours
Yuvelka Martinez
Yuvelka Martinez Il y a 14 jours
The mainstream media is controlled by the satanic elites, the NGO'S, OEA and all those who wants this country to fail.
Yuvelka Martinez
Yuvelka Martinez Il y a 14 jours
The best mayor in NYS.
F. Puttstycker
F. Puttstycker Il y a 15 jours
I AM Isreal
I AM Isreal Il y a 15 jours
Thank you for bringing these corrupt evil people to justice.
Martin Kineavy
Martin Kineavy Il y a 15 jours
Respect to Trump and other 4years for Trump in November election. Obama Biden Nancy Pelosi and Hillary will face the law on lieing about Trump in the 2016 election about Trump with Russian this was all done to stop Trump in president Obama office to get Hillary in office. And tell me why did Chinese give Biden Harris and black lives matter group and the Democrat party over $500m sings 2019..?????? All Irish people in the USA will go out in person in November election to vote for Trump.. Martin from Ireland
Van L
Van L Il y a 16 jours
Giuliani is sitting by and watching his country go to hell while defending his loser friend Trump, but he is as racist, and as ignorant as Trump.