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Today we're showing you how to make a giant tootsie roll, as well as how to make edible play-doh.
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14 avril 2019

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Commentaires 2 020
Diego Sanchez
Diego Sanchez Il y a 6 heures
My mom would love the giant toothy roll
BZZZZ Il y a 17 heures
giant pen giant tootsie roll giant ...
Marley Dees
Marley Dees Il y a jour
Him : NOT THAT I KNOW WHAT PLAYDOH TASTE LIKE... Me ; sorry but.. Everyone has tastes play doh before, its salty
Aidan P
Aidan P Il y a jour
Why don’t you get one thousand small tootsie rolls and make one big one?
Gamer 9000 Jeff
Gamer 9000 Jeff Il y a 3 jours
just Grose
Gamer 9000 Jeff
Gamer 9000 Jeff Il y a 3 jours
play doe taste like salt
Lilli Young
Lilli Young Il y a 4 jours
You should make a giant gusher
Deanna Cooper
Deanna Cooper Il y a 4 jours
mr poopy butthole
mr poopy butthole Il y a 4 jours
You essentially just made modelling chocolate.
Destiny Jade
Destiny Jade Il y a 5 jours
"This is a terrible idea... Im gonna do it anyways" 😂😂
justin doesvlogs
justin doesvlogs Il y a 6 jours
I was ramdonly scrolling and not looking at the FRvidr who made it and I thought it was healthy junk food but this is a little better
Rylan Cox
Rylan Cox Il y a 6 jours
Is it to big that’s what she said
Michael's diy
Michael's diy Il y a 6 jours
At 9:45 something happened
Da Bananananana
Da Bananananana Il y a 6 jours
Nor that I know what play dough tastes like
Thijs Dikkers
Thijs Dikkers Il y a 6 jours
are they a couple
Miana Rodriguez
Miana Rodriguez Il y a 6 jours
Blackout The Dingus
Blackout The Dingus Il y a 7 jours
With food, nothing is too big.
Jun10r 1117
Jun10r 1117 Il y a 7 jours
Anything is edible if you deep-fry it long enough.
Gacha Boy
Gacha Boy Il y a 8 jours
Nate:"playdoe tastes vile NOT THAT I KNOW WHAT PLAYDOE TASTES LIKE" Me:same👌😆
Teh Only Lonley Potatoe
I eat Tootsie rolls with the wrapper still on :)
The_ DragonzMeow
The_ DragonzMeow Il y a 9 jours
My mum used to make edible Play-Doh for me, it didn’t last long before going stale apparently
Rachelle Yaksan
Rachelle Yaksan Il y a 9 jours
Tootsie like booooooooooooooty
Prabhleen DIY'S and MORE.
How many of you know what playdoh tastes like
Eli Lopez
Eli Lopez Il y a 11 jours
Hellthy junk food but more crazy
Ulthor Chaotic
Ulthor Chaotic Il y a 11 jours
Really? No blueberry flavoring available? What is this madness!?
Weston Hinze
Weston Hinze Il y a 11 jours
Is it too big? That’s what she said
Diesel Dawg
Diesel Dawg Il y a 13 jours
Tootsie Rolls aren't round, guys. They're somewhat cylindrical.
EVTV Il y a 14 jours
can you make a giant candy cane
RamSLade On WoTB
RamSLade On WoTB Il y a 14 jours
*Dats diabetes friendly....* **blood sugar level 1000x more than regular blood sugar level...*
Jay Huang
Jay Huang Il y a 15 jours
Charlotte Adams
Charlotte Adams Il y a 15 jours
You melt chocolate in a boiling water with a glass bowel inside with the chocolate in it. 🍫
master man
master man Il y a 15 jours
9:45 what was that for the split of a second?
Jessica Gaffney
Jessica Gaffney Il y a 16 jours
"this is a terrible idea" "..." "I'm gonna do it anyway" If that's not my mentality then I don't know what is😂😂
BOYZLIE247 Il y a 16 jours
I know there’s probably already a dozen other comments of this but Play-Doh is already edible
Brandy Asher
Brandy Asher Il y a 17 jours
Kamryn Miklic
Kamryn Miklic Il y a 17 jours
Kamryn Miklic
Kamryn Miklic Il y a 17 jours
Kamryn Miklic
Kamryn Miklic Il y a 17 jours
Derek Hovinghoff
Derek Hovinghoff Il y a 18 jours
My mom has a recipe for edible play-doh I forgot the proportions but it's just peanutbutter, confectioner sugar, and honey
V01D Print
V01D Print Il y a 19 jours
Carl Schmiedeke
Carl Schmiedeke Il y a 19 jours
Oh, but does taste like a real Tootsie roll
Tiger Gaming
Tiger Gaming Il y a 20 jours
There is no such thing as too much chocolate
RivqYahBat Tanakh
RivqYahBat Tanakh Il y a 21 jour
why not melt all the tootsie rolls from store to make a BIG tootsie roll?
Survival Boss
Survival Boss Il y a 22 jours
So hard to not make that’s what she said jokes.😂😂
SpaceLuv Gamer
SpaceLuv Gamer Il y a 22 jours
Can you take a carnation as in the flower and put it in glow stick liquid and she if it glows?
Toxic Ghost2938
Toxic Ghost2938 Il y a 22 jours
9:46 there was a flash what was it? Comment if u know
wes Reusch
wes Reusch Il y a 23 jours
Hey guys, question for you. What would happen if you dip a cell phone in liquid nitrogen? Would it work after rethaw? Would it stay on? What would the outcome be off different phones?
Logic Smackz
Logic Smackz Il y a 23 jours
Not a frickin titty role
Pikalop Il y a 24 jours
Me: *pranks friends by eating playdough* Friends: Haha thats just edible playdough from TheKingofRandom Me: *Continues to eat the real playdough* The what?
Noelle Coombs
Noelle Coombs Il y a 24 jours
Can you freeze dry cooking oil and can you make a bake potatoe with a torch
sharpbelt 636
sharpbelt 636 Il y a 25 jours
I’ve never had a tootsie role☹️
Cake n Bacon
Cake n Bacon Il y a 25 jours
Tootsies are the worst candys
Nate S
Nate S Il y a 25 jours
You guys should do a really long front roll up
Ross Shepherd
Ross Shepherd Il y a 25 jours
What's the equivalent of a Tootsie Roll in the UK?
Shrek#FavoriteAnime anime anime
that is smaller than my tootsie rolls
Basket Baller215
Basket Baller215 Il y a 26 jours
This vid should’ve been made by healthy junk food
LadyZubat Il y a 26 jours
what Calli forgot to mention is water also causes chocolate to seize up so using oil or power based food colorings and flavorings are your only real option
WeeWolfcute Il y a 26 jours
9:46 king of random symbol flash
KillerNoob Il y a 26 jours
What a weird name
honestly same
honestly same Il y a 27 jours
Technaly you are the queen of random
Ozy The lucky bunny
Ozy The lucky bunny Il y a 27 jours
Modern problems require modern solutions.....
Ghost Ninja
Ghost Ninja Il y a 27 jours
Please make a giant chocolate chip cookie
Sermani Jackson
Sermani Jackson Il y a 27 jours
10:44 I do haha
onewayjoel123 1
onewayjoel123 1 Il y a 27 jours
Is it just me or did the corn syrup look like a vodka bottle 😂
DramaHannah2 XX
DramaHannah2 XX Il y a 27 jours
7:59 “This is a terrible idea...I’ll do it anyways!” This is mee
Caleb Helms
Caleb Helms Il y a 27 jours
Send it to la beast
small pupper
small pupper Il y a 27 jours
That's gotta be a lot of trans fat.
Isabella Noske
Isabella Noske Il y a 28 jours
9:45 did you guys notice the TKOR logo come up for a millisecond?
Xx RangoNLevi06 xX
Xx RangoNLevi06 xX Il y a 28 jours
i literally had my first tootsie roll last week
Kjerstina Harmon
Kjerstina Harmon Il y a 29 jours
You basically just made modeling chocolate. It's used in cake decorating.
wolfiesoft sox
wolfiesoft sox Il y a 29 jours
dont worry i think we all know what play-doh tastes like
Non-Stop Play
Non-Stop Play Il y a mois
9:46 King of random logo... just if I were wondering
Jared sanchez
Jared sanchez Il y a mois
Can you cast gallium in play doh
Miri Bengal
Miri Bengal Il y a mois
Play doe is edible in the first place
Miri Bengal
Miri Bengal Il y a mois
I’m eating a joint Hersey’s kiss while watch a video about tootsie roll
Sasà Zebr8 A Sicilian Football Manager
"That's not a tootsie roll, that's a tootsie roll" Crocodile Dundee xD
Catherine Bonnette
Catherine Bonnette Il y a mois
What would happen if you freeze dry or dehydrate school glue
The Poeletariat
The Poeletariat Il y a mois
I desperately want to give these to my theoretical children and take them to the park just to see the look on other parents face when I just watcg my kids eat playdo
Christy Aucoin
Christy Aucoin Il y a mois
liandri and erik
liandri and erik Il y a mois
Can you please try and make a giant kit kat a giant PS chocolate and a giant toblerone chocolate
Michael Cuellar
Michael Cuellar Il y a mois
"You can if you are making hard crack cannddi"
Nathan Ortiz
Nathan Ortiz Il y a mois
Hey what happens if you melt 💯 life savers and make one giant one
Hadlee Jennings
Hadlee Jennings Il y a mois
Do you know Mr. T
elmocursed ROBLOX
elmocursed ROBLOX Il y a mois
I don't get it sometimes Calli isn't in the video and sometimes Nate isn't.
Can you give me that bc I love the way it taste and it my favorite candy
Deadly Wheaties
Deadly Wheaties Il y a mois
2 drops of flavor *glug glug glug*
User us3r
User us3r Il y a mois
Have you done anything with vaseline? If not, can you do some experiments like freeze it, put it in the vacuum chamber. Do some crazy things with it
Gakupo Kamui
Gakupo Kamui Il y a mois
OMG HOW MUCH FOR THE EDIBLE PLAY DOH! 😍 Blame the pregnancy cravings and Kate. 😂
The Ninjassasin
The Ninjassasin Il y a mois
This video was originally how to make a giant tootsie roll
Tyler Moen
Tyler Moen Il y a mois
Bbc diy
Swizz God69420
Swizz God69420 Il y a mois
Wait I thought play-doh was already edible😳
thenicewarewolf Il y a mois
Ok so i have had play dough before and I don’t mind the taste 😂😋
Kylie D
Kylie D Il y a mois
7:46 “Yup!”
WolfCat• :3
WolfCat• :3 Il y a mois
1:36 and yaaaaz
isYeetBoi Il y a mois
10:21 the most dangerous game show
isYeetBoi Il y a mois
At the beginning i was a bit worried about why theres play doh there
pinkpickachu 5656
pinkpickachu 5656 Il y a mois
At 9:46 there crown signal shows up for 1/4 a second! Like if you also saw that!
pinkpickachu 5656
pinkpickachu 5656 Il y a mois
@Mack Jeff I thought I went crazy when I first saw it 😂
Mack Jeff
Mack Jeff Il y a mois
i thought i was the only one who alwau see that
Kat Playz
Kat Playz Il y a mois
Diamond Jub
Diamond Jub Il y a mois
Oh Yeah yeah
Oh Yeah yeah Il y a mois
Rewatch 9:45
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