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Learn about Rise of the Elements, the ranked season, client improvements, and game modes.
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10 janv. 2020




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Влад Морозов
чёт графон и физика говно
mikey Il y a 7 mois
Just remove autofill entirely and increase mmr disparity between solo q players. I'd rather have a bronze support main than a gold autofill support.
Efka e
Efka e Il y a 8 mois
Broader skill range is fine. I honestly can only play mid at Diamond level anyways. I don't mind to see a gold in my Diamond game as long as everyone's on their roles. Please remove auto fill and allow to queue as n number of roles. Please display the number of players that are waiting for a game in every role. I think this would remove a lot of toxicity. People are annoyed because they sometimes have to play as not what they want and when they finally get their role game is ruined by another autofil. I have seen gold players stand well in lane with their main against challengers more often then I have seen an auto filled player do well. TL;DL Role is more important than rank.
K J Il y a 8 mois
well guys your mmr system is not fun to play
marwan Il y a 9 mois
Why does he looked constantly surprised ?
Hani Aladham
Hani Aladham Il y a 9 mois
too dramatic to a game. but gj :)
Cassidy Warner
Cassidy Warner Il y a 10 mois
-Got me in the mood to climb -gets demoted
Lucas Córdoba
Lucas Córdoba Il y a 10 mois
We don't want autofill supports!!
system32 Il y a 10 mois
I wish the rank mode was like in Runeterra that way its easier to rank up /.
Alex Chan
Alex Chan Il y a 11 mois
someone please answer my question. If i was gold 4 last season, why did i get placed in silver 3. Shouldn't i get placed in silver 1?
Ruciuxx Il y a 11 mois
Thanks for giving me 17lp per win match.I have played 42 games and win 32 of them.And im still in bronze
Moncik98CZ Il y a 11 mois
"we have been listening" XDDD more like " we checked graphs and algorythm told us"
Moncik98CZ Il y a 11 mois
unbalanced, as always. Remove Yasuo and YI and i might start playing again
Juan Maldonado
Juan Maldonado Il y a 11 mois
Yeah amazing with the autofills but I still get people a full elo above me in flex. How are gold I players getting into silver games? IDFK
Jacob Cass
Jacob Cass Il y a 11 mois
Still waiting to fix there stupid MMR that they gave me after 10+ losing streak with afk+autofill+bad players
Định Mệnh
Định Mệnh Il y a 11 mois
I said: Riot games My friends: Ridiot??
Mauro Espinoza Martinez
Ian Skrivarnik
Ian Skrivarnik Il y a an
I really just wish that if my win rate is 58%, people that have a win rate of 33% don't get in my games. period. not just on my team, I don't want them on the enemy team either. I've legit peaked at 65% win ratio this season, and when my I think 8 games losing streak began, I checked the difference between my and enemy team for most of those games and what I saw was, the enemy team's average win ratio was A FUCKTON bigger than my team's average win ratio. this was happening until my lose streak ended and I dropped to around 45% win ratio, now I am getting some balanced matches and I got back to 58%, but I am expecting some lose streak soon just like last time, with my team being full of losers while the enemy team will have decent players. I can just smell it.
Truce Feud
Truce Feud Il y a an
So... AURF came out and ended after 2 months from release. Clash is just about done and over with of only 3 weeks, but All for one hasn't come out yet. It has been about a month since you took AURF down. When will the next game mode come around again? I need a place where I don't have to try so hard just to play the game.
how about jsut let us play any of the available game modes we want instead of forcing us to play modes we don't. If your issue is you dont make enough money from the normal game when fun gamemodes are out... maybe make your normal game more fun so people are not constantly waiting for something fun to play. no reason to stop people from actually having fun with your games.
Ivan Georgiev
Ivan Georgiev Il y a an
Guys i dont play ur game anymore bcs i have lag spikes with good fps and good ms idk where is the problem but i cant find support for this so i just stop and i feel good now
dobbynation Il y a an
Instead of making new things how about fixing the old things that really need to be fixed? Like for example why did you remove the skip devision system? If you do not belong in a certain devision, do not make that player suffer for the whole devision where they do not belong. I've had some bad games myself like everyone else but riot please do you actually think it is funny when you are 15/6/8 and your whole team goes scores like 4/14/2? I mean the reason player quit league of legends is just because your ranked queue system doesn't work. So please go fix this, i'm not saying i am all that great and it is possible that i deserve to be in my current devision. But i don't think anyone deserves to get to lose a lot of games when they are obviously not in the devision they belong.
TheShadotz Il y a an
How about fixing the community? The only difference between toxic waste and the community is that the latter can leave games as well.
TheLlamagator Il y a an
I just want matchmaking to feel like real matchmaking..
John Doe
John Doe Il y a an
AUTOFILL DOESN'T WORK, SPECIALLY IN RANKED. I'll wait longer a lot longer for a Non-Autofill ranked match. I rather do that then play a match in ranked in a role and champion I don't want to play.
AntiRoxasAMV productions
Instead of eternals give us performance based LP loss on losiung games. Sounds way more fair if you think about the fact that no matter how good the system is youre never able to predict human nature.
DemonBroken Af
DemonBroken Af Il y a an
It's a failure, an horrible one
AFB Il y a an
Revert the client, morons.
Feeluck Il y a an
well how about you put some effort into making those crafting animations skip'able? its so annoying that you have to watch like 10 times that you earned some BE with (random event token name here) and have to click it every. single. time. ugh! make animation less timey, or only play on the first time a day or sth. it'd help alot
Eresall Il y a an
Wheres clash
Snuggie Il y a an
"Now let's play some ranked" How about: not until you do some balance changes and fix match making Riot: WHATS THAT?? DID YOU SAY TOU WANTED A NEW CHAMP??
the cali lifestyle
i feel like this game is just getting worse
DarkJx1 Il y a an
Where's the autofill update??? (It's the end of the month already and I'm not even ranking cuz that thing hopefully makes matchmaking better).
Sebastian Albert
" maked your ranked climb better". Yeah, got +20 LP by a win and -18 LP by a lose. Feels great and i am silver4 dafuq.
pappa 009
pappa 009 Il y a an
Let's go play some rank ! My mid- 0/21/1
Luiz Maurício
Luiz Maurício Il y a an
TheMarius Il y a an
Do so I wouldn't have to spam items, to open the same item 40 times... Let me do it at once.
junhong Lim
junhong Lim Il y a an
My summoner name is fidadlescooper just saying
junhong Lim
junhong Lim Il y a an
Like today I played a rank game and riot punished me when I was fed and was doing my own thing until my adc Caitlyn started saying I was trash and questioning me with her ping
junhong Lim
junhong Lim Il y a an
PLS do better in punishments for players
Ace Il y a an
This guy is hardstuck bronze and leagues lead design is gold. No wonder everything is going to shti
Lucas Nascimento
So don't play ranked till they fix the autofill?
joeri buntinx
joeri buntinx Il y a an
Instead of rewards and useless emotes making you guys better get a look to a better placement en rank pointing system, cause its not good.
AbbyKat Il y a an
The report system needs to be fixed. Riot should keep the permabans for scripters, cheaters, win traders, botted accs, etc and remove the permaban for griefing and mildly negative attitudes. It doesn't make any sense whatsoever that trolls don't get banned but people calling them trolls do. For the love of god please fix the report system. Biggest problem in ranked.
modrnlol Il y a an
In queue for 20 seconds, get's auto-filled to jungle.
Mert Can Elkaya
Mert Can Elkaya Il y a an
Treyez Il y a an
His eyebrow game is strong
G3 Il y a an
We made some changes for 2020. Elder dragon now gives everyone a auto casted veigar ult. New champs are just as broken. Mage items still make no sense. Top lane is as forgettable as ohmwrecker. bUt NoW wE hAvE a NeW kEyStOnE and its all of them combined POGGGGFF
khalid al shehhi
Yay one for all
Jesse Kim
Jesse Kim Il y a an
"One thing that can get in the way of a great League experience is when the client doesn't do what it's supposed to do..." Jan 16,2020 - wait, whered my friends list go :/ Thanks for "fixing" the client jeremy. You managed to break it even more!
Goth Scott Summers
what about clubs? when will you guys actually revamp clubs and tags? like, yall forgot this exists or something? HELlOOOOOOO btw, clash? sorry, i have no friends, not happening, have fun everyone
Coolboy 99
Coolboy 99 Il y a an
Making top usefull and nerf mage items? No? Okay
duduś game
duduś game Il y a an
jesteście oszustami miała być wprowadzona aktualizacja że nie da sie spaść z rangi a spadłem żygam na was
D .rose
D .rose Il y a an
please unblock Iranian IP help us
treymtz Il y a an
I really want more defined itemization for AP users. AD champs general don't cross each others build paths, where as AP champs will almost always be buying identical items. RoA should be more than just a stat stick that heals a little when you cast abilities, its passive in most team fights is negligible. Give mages their clear items and more tanky champs that build AP their own items.
Vex Il y a an
Adam m m
Adam m m Il y a an
why am i getting silvers vs diamonds in ranked. ty
Emil Hedemann
Emil Hedemann Il y a an
Help tham kench he is reduced to dust
Krystian S.
Krystian S. Il y a an
invisible Nunu,broken Aphelios,conqueror,new champ (Sett) who is too little to strong.. mmm.. nice...
BlackReaper23 Il y a an
the client is literally screeching right now... its worse than the servers in s3... can't see the names of my friends, still 1/4 games i don't get my rank nor rewards for it, the buttons in the shop become unclickable half of the time, seeing friends as ingame while they're finished and thus unable to inv me etc..
Chei Il y a an
Give us dual audio
MrAnimeman1 Il y a an
Animated Rick
Animated Rick Il y a an
Is this that cringe rioter that tilted Tyler1 so much
Mai Big Butt
Mai Big Butt Il y a an
I will not play ranked until it approaches 3 months before the end of the season.
Battery High
Battery High Il y a an
Old man that has been bronze for 5 years straight. Makes sense why league is horrible.
Grimxonic Il y a an
I have played LoL for 4 years and never heard "clash" so IDK what he is talking about....
Arian Yambao
Arian Yambao Il y a an
Can you guys add a "pause" feature in Ranked Games?
Ιωάννης Κιτσίκης
FIX THIS TOXIC SYSTEM AT RANKED 8 TO 10 GAMES AFK AND FLAME, the matchup on lower elo is CRAZY you never can find 5vs5 equal teams you always will find HUGE DIFFRENTS i unistalled it
Regie Rofqn
Regie Rofqn Il y a an
Kapan nih om? Kok lama banget! Udah ga sabar nih soalnya di ML w ga ada ruang jadi pro player wkwkwk
deoxys221 Il y a an
How about we ban peoples ip address if they are in iron for a whole season?
Slaneys Il y a an
Can you guys back the dominion mode pls
Alberto Ribeiro
Alberto Ribeiro Il y a an
Blood moon
TahWinningD Il y a an
For the love of god, put new players in bronze or lower MMR instead of gold.
Fabian Lorenzo
Fabian Lorenzo Il y a an
Ok, but when you fix the client bugs and connection instability ?
AngelicSnipez Il y a an
The client needs to get replaced not fixed :D
1 1
1 1 Il y a an
we don't want autofill in ranked
Sense Wolf
Sense Wolf Il y a an
I just miss the long games too much damage at the end of this meta season not enough tank items to counter it for me that is I mean ya they can nerf some champs damage and such but in all reality. Just feels like tanks are slowly being forgotten just in my opinion. Sett may make tanks look nicer when hes out but I can only give my opinion even if it may look stupid.
VinceU Il y a an
Console pls
TheAnonymous 04
TheAnonymous 04 Il y a an
I'll give you a feed back, buff akali.
Bas Buskens
Bas Buskens Il y a an
This guy literally annoyed me from min 1 probably something to do with: "I am the lead gameplay designer"
Trimatrix D
Trimatrix D Il y a an
How about you put TT back into the game
Grant Aquino
Grant Aquino Il y a an
One for all! One for all! One for all! One for all! One for all! One for all! One for all! One for all! One for all! One for all! One for all! One for all! One for all! One for all! One for all!
ThrunkEx Il y a an
Not to alarm anyone, but where is the Honor rewards?
RoCapBG Il y a an
"The Client" Me: Finally reverting to the old one
RoCapBG Il y a an
Or we can just remove autofill from ranked????
BliDz Il y a an
"Let's go play some ranked" - Riot then proceeds to pair me with 4 new players and a smurf enemy team, nice.
Kaizo Sensei
Kaizo Sensei Il y a an
time to get hardstuck in Iron IV
Jim Sakadakis
Jim Sakadakis Il y a an
hackblackrose Il y a an
I just got really distracted by his eyebrows
Andrés Ksnv
Andrés Ksnv Il y a an
I feel Riot Games was the company to only recieve comunity backlash and outrage but never gave up being grateful and kind to the players. I was one of them who never trusted Riot in game changes and decisions, but now that I've seen all the passion inside all of the incredible amount of projects (as I've always liked the characters and universe, just not the gameplay), I feel I can trust Riot for everything that will come.
TheBucket24 Il y a an
Their Fixing the client? I'm so hyped LOL
Midnight Gamer
Midnight Gamer Il y a an
jungle is ds rn
Richard Shin
Richard Shin Il y a an
wtf? this video has the same amount of likes as how many bots ive encountered in ranked
Big Il y a an
He seems nervous, maybe people are rioting outside
FaceDarkiin Il y a an
please do something with aatrox.. not something bad maybe give another chance for Victorious Aatrox? buff him a little bit idk.
Jason Il y a an
"get your crew together" yea. hahaha. crew. right. now where did i put mine...?
NegativeZero Il y a an
You can borrow mine. All zero of them!
N H Il y a an
sooooo yet again they didnt and arent doing anything....
Weird Thing
Weird Thing Il y a an
well, fine, yea but what about PvE mods?
Joseph Bevan
Joseph Bevan Il y a an
Yeah but why can't I look at my friends' profiles if they're offline? I see no reason in removing this feature.