Game Theory: FNAF, We Solved Golden Freddy! (Five Nights At Freddy's)

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Yes, it's time to talk about FNAF lore... again! Theorists, today we are solving one of the BIGGEST mysteries in the Five Nights At Freddy's universe - Golden Freddy. I know I've talked at length about our favorite golden animatronic bear, but here me out. The newest Fazbear Frights book CONFIRMED it! It's time to uncover the SOULS stuck inside Golden Freddy!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Pedro Freitas, Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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12 sept. 2020




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Commentaires 100
Golden Freddy
Golden Freddy Il y a 5 jours
"You still have more, matpat."
i blog 9393i ow my handi38rjrh Nevarez
Well mat Theres more in the future
Shadow Freddy
Shadow Freddy Il y a 4 jours
SirKolor Il y a 4 jours
Jokes on us this is actually Scott Cawthon on an alt account secretly dropping a hint
Termite Moderne
Termite Moderne Il y a 4 jours
You are just a recolor ! :(=
Waluigi_ Time_
Waluigi_ Time_ Il y a minute
With "Security Breach" being announced, MatPat gets to make 5 more years worth of FNAF videos. Can't wait for "WE WERE WRONG THE WHOLE TIME" and "WE CRACKED THE CODE"
Ban Astro
Ban Astro Il y a minute
He protect he attack but most importantly he always come back
Shidewaker 3
Shidewaker 3 Il y a 3 minutes
So apparently theres a trailer for the new game. But hey! What do i know
Ban Astro
Ban Astro Il y a 7 minutes
You should make an anime theory on the U.A traitor
Sonic movie fan 56
Sonic movie fan 56 Il y a 8 minutes
he kills, he attacks. if you try to stop him, he will always come back!
Coolcon Comedy!
Coolcon Comedy! Il y a 8 minutes
Baby has no face because enerd took it
berat ergin
berat ergin Il y a 23 minutes
zverko zveki
zverko zveki Il y a 24 minutes
zverko zveki
zverko zveki Il y a 24 minutes
The Man in room 1280 Is creepy af and how the guy looos creepy af aswell
I’m watching this with 87% battery
Eirene P
Eirene P Il y a 29 minutes
Can you do ta theroy about the fnaf security breach trailer expressing your emotions about it and what you think since you might know whats going on?
Glenn Quagmire
Glenn Quagmire Il y a 30 minutes
Ok but books aren't canon
Mr Gold
Mr Gold Il y a 35 minutes
JBSteve 1206
JBSteve 1206 Il y a 37 minutes
I know William is evil and a murder but I feel bad for him
hayliel herondale
hayliel herondale Il y a 49 minutes
so if both the crying child and Cassidy are trapped in golden Freddy, but the crying child it trapped in the bottom and can’t control the suit, that would explain maybe why golden Freddy can’t physically walk around, but the top half can move and twitch like it usually does
AquaKing_ Il y a heure
Has anyone ever considered that golden freddy might contain all the spirits of the victims, and might be controlling all the other robots? And golden freddy twitches cause all of them, or most of them are fighting for controll?
Gacha Rebecca
Gacha Rebecca Il y a heure
Here's a link of the new fnaf game will be released on play station 5 and play station 4 also available on PC a new fnaf game FNAF 9 called "five nights at freddy's security breach"
Robicmyster Il y a heure
Jsmsims06 Man
Jsmsims06 Man Il y a heure
Talk about security breach
Worthless piece of shit
trailer for the new game is out
Winger Wind
Winger Wind Il y a heure
William in a nutshell: He protecc He attacc But most importantly... He always come bacc
onion Onion
onion Onion Il y a heure
Matpat should do a theory on among us like the lore or why the imposter is killing the other crewmates . If it helps I think the imposter is either a serial killer or they went crazy over the possibility of a imposter that they killed anyone in sight ? I dont know I'm might be wrong .
adam smith
adam smith Il y a heure
*BEST VOCAL & VIDEO EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*
John Snyder
John Snyder Il y a heure
This is just obsession at this point.
Bassy Torres
Bassy Torres Il y a heure
Why 😭
CG_Imp Il y a heure
but why change the name tho? its genuinely upsetting me that things change just to throw us off. things dont get solved, just extended
fnaf pro
fnaf pro Il y a heure
Hey sorry I ment ballora
Buddy Land
Buddy Land Il y a heure
Matpat love your videos and i got a couple theory's for you, First is about bite of 83 if you look at the model of the pixel fredbear and golden freddy they don't match up so I found a mode that does dreadbear model fits bite of 83 fredbear model the most, Second theory about vanny she must be close to glitchtrap in some other way so I thought what if she is either mrs. afton or aftons sister maybe because they have to have closer relation some how right ? Any way that's the end of my theory hope you might like them.
payday payday
payday payday Il y a 2 heures
hole in the theory. I found it yesterday but I was too lazy to comment on it. you said that old man consequences told Cassidy to let him go but if he was a hallucination by Cassidy why
Tarekabu Qaddum
Tarekabu Qaddum Il y a 2 heures
Where are u the fnaf sb trailer came out and u are not making any thory!!!!!!!!!!!😠😠😠😠😠😠
deathtamer666 Il y a 2 heures
And like clockwork the trailer drops. I don't know if Scott is leaning in to the meme, if it's him just dropping when there is a sudden spike in FNAF search traffic, or if this is just a really weird series of coincidences.
Kakarot 64
Kakarot 64 Il y a 2 heures
Golden Freddy is a stand ez
Wiccangamer 033
Wiccangamer 033 Il y a 2 heures
Sick of FNAF. Never played it, never will. Love the channel but this video is a hard pass.
The og Liam
The og Liam Il y a 2 heures
Theres a new fnaf security breach teaser out
Kyrie Espayos
Kyrie Espayos Il y a 2 heures
Jesus Christ it has been six years since the first video now I feel really old
Element o' Chaos
Element o' Chaos Il y a 2 heures
**6 years ago** MatPat: hi, just a random theorist here.. Scott: imma *start* this man's whole career..
Element o' Chaos
Element o' Chaos Il y a 2 heures
**6 years ago** MatPat: hi, just a random theorist here.. Scott: imma *start* this man's whole career..
othon bastos junior
othon bastos junior Il y a 2 heures
One prove is nithmare fradbear in ucm say we know wo or Friends are
Risk Runner
Risk Runner Il y a 2 heures
Okay so if William is in a coma would that mean michael's still alive since he can't die until he ends what his father started and most likely being kept alive by his brother aka half Golden Freddy
Rohan Narahari
Rohan Narahari Il y a 2 heures
drnazri69 Il y a 3 heures
The story of Chris afton please?
isaiah trumbo
isaiah trumbo Il y a 3 heures
The Golden Freddy theory actually makes a lot of sense, and my hypothesis is that G-Fred it's able to move or really do anything because there are more souls in the animatronic than there are parts to control so it ends up being a constant struggle between some if not all the souls to control parts of the body, and I'm assuming since there's this constant struggle for control that it would explain why G-Fred is only ever shown to move slightly in sporadic jerky motions. I think this explains the movement and well the usual lack thereof better than it just being a wearable spring locked one that isn't loaded to move on its own, but I digress, since in the games, William Afton's body is still in the suit and completely able to move unhindered, probably because the spring locks are loaded in place through his body. 🤷‍♂️
Azriel Lescault
Azriel Lescault Il y a 3 heures
I am call it. Matpat and Scott must be working together. Because now the trailer is out for the new game. Interesting.
that one lesbian
that one lesbian Il y a 3 heures
Now we're introduced to Gregory. I can hear your raging anger from canada
Kodie Chapman
Kodie Chapman Il y a 3 heures
Watch the new book come out on Halloween
MEHMET KAĞAN FİDAN Il y a 3 heures
I found something very interesting if we visit the site of scott games you can examine the picture than you will see "#2093" or "#cc0000"if you change them maby you can get sommething
Amazing Gamer
Amazing Gamer Il y a 3 heures
Good luck with the new game mat
Daily Beauty Tips by Cherry
You should make a among us one like the backstory why the imposter want all ded.
Number2 Il y a 3 heures
Too late I'm a jojo fan now, it's taken his too long.
Cihan Serdar Kızılcık
Cihan Serdar Kızılcık Il y a 3 heures
hey matpat who is grogery in the security breach trailer i need help from w fnaf big brain like you
Supsas Il y a 4 heures
Just thought I’d throw this out there and see what other people think about it. I was recently listening to the death lines from the animatronics in ultimate custom night. We all know that the vengeful spirit was talking to us through the mediocre melodies animatronics, but I think I noticed something else. If you listen to nightmare fredbear’s lines, obviously his voice is all distorted (likely because of the nightmare animatronics’ theme), but when I listened closely I’m pretty sure I could hear the vengeful spirit in there. Compared it to the lines from the melodies (hard to do because it’s quiet but you know) and they sounded very similar to me. That plus what was covered in this video got me thinking of something: what if the nightmare fredbear is one of the spirits in golden freddy, and the normal golden freddy we’re more familiar with is another? If we think of the golden freddy appearing in front of us in fnaf 1 as our character’s little brother, they could be trying to appear normally or friendly because they want to see us and not scare us away. They might not be angry or anything, just wanting to see their family again and possible scared of what’s happening, not really angry about anything. But a second spirit “living” inside the suit with the other child that’s probably very angry and wanting revenge? They likely wouldn’t want to appear normal or non-threatening. If they found the person they hated and somehow appeared in front of them (say, inside a nightmare?), they’d likely want to appear as terrifying and dangerous as possible. Or maybe they’d have no choice in their appearance and it just reflects on their mental state. I don’t really know how compelling this is, but what do you guys think about it?
Mia Apodaca
Mia Apodaca Il y a 4 heures
MatPat: "I've solved Golden Freddy" Scott: "Hold my beer" *releases Security Breach* I swear Scott had this planned somehow...
HAPPYWARRIOR 73 Il y a 4 heures
Who is gregory? Ive been a fnaf fan in 3 years and still doesnt know who gregory is
Godzilla Il y a 4 heures
Fnaf has a new trailer pls make a video about it
Clint Rinonos
Clint Rinonos Il y a 4 heures
Matpat! roblox has a lot of myth characters and their backstories arent still well known, mind make roblox theory's?
William Afton
William Afton Il y a 4 heures
I always come back.
Nobody Il y a 3 heures
ChillPepsi Il y a 3 heures
Yap Jia Hong
Yap Jia Hong Il y a 4 heures
I just watch casually I have no idea what's happening 95% of the time
Big HeadNub
Big HeadNub Il y a 4 heures
Matpat Theorize The Security Breach Trailer Now >:C
Cherrycamaro357 Il y a 4 heures
Yo you ready to explain this new trailer mat pat I hope you have fun with that the new fnaf game
KENT YESHUA FLORIA Il y a 4 heures
6:15 Ahh yes... a good dead meme :))
Gem TheMiraculous
Gem TheMiraculous Il y a 4 heures
I just realized something. Hearing that Golden Freedy has multiple souls adds new meaning to the lights going out in FNAF 3. One of the souls might have been put to rest then when we did the happiest day mini game which is why we don’t see it there but it’s still moving in Ultimate Custom night because another took over in its place. I wonder if when a soul gets put to rest whoever is left can end up in charge of the body or not?
Melon LI
Melon LI Il y a 4 heures
That's why to have a good and bad ending...
erik animation
erik animation Il y a 4 heures this vid tho
Makayla M
Makayla M Il y a 4 heures
Even if his theory’s were all 100% wrong and I didn’t take them as actual facts. Without the super high text scores and gpa from the past. He’s still extremely smart, tho go over your previous thoughts, realize you missed something or was wrong about something, and make something even better is genius.
rant man
rant man Il y a 4 heures
I think Matt patt is the one in an everlasting nightmare. Scott cawthon releases one more book and 30 videos come out about how it fucks with the past theories. And we though smike milked fnaf
Makayla M
Makayla M Il y a 4 heures
Wait this has been out for days why did I choose to watch this at 12:37am
Makayla M
Makayla M Il y a 4 heures
Every time I think it’s the end. Thanks for keeping this alive though
Mike plays Stuff
Mike plays Stuff Il y a 4 heures
Matpat:we solved Golden Freddy *Security breach trailer realeses* Next week Matpat:We solved Security Breach
Winston Hall
Winston Hall Il y a 4 heures
Dear matpat you know the villain bane from Batman that uses the super steroid known as venom to gain rapid muscle mass can something like that truly happen your old fane thanktank
Tony T Vlogs
Tony T Vlogs Il y a 4 heures
With the release of the new trailer I wonder what he's gonna say
watervapors Il y a 4 heures
I'm a little disappointed that Cassidy is no longer female, kinda too bad. I liked the idea of Golden Freddy having a female soul that was vengeful.
Damon Payne Rheinhardt
Damon Payne Rheinhardt Il y a 4 heures
Matpat, you know the they're gonna thwart you out of spite. I'm convinced the creators of FNAF know you're pulling your hair out over this and enjoy your pain. Don't give them the satisfaction.
Crystill Il y a 5 heures
Hey mat pat do you think you could do a theory on We Happy Few?
Titanic theories uncovered
I'm pretty sure the stitch rate is in security breach in the kitchen or a new animatronic but it was weatherized so something happened but I think it's looks like it has new things on it but exactly like it you shood woch it p.s 1 watch the kitchen pot hanger I'm a huge fan of your Channel I even do my own theories.thank you sincerely Audie
Emily Bowden
Emily Bowden Il y a 5 heures
Hey so I just saw the trailer for Security Breach, I was curious to know when we'll be seeing a theory based on it, especially the character in the second slide part that's obviously not Vannie
I'm Shay Qwq
I'm Shay Qwq Il y a 5 heures
hey matt, here's a fnaf videoyou should watch, about a trailer
I Don't Know How To Draw
I Don't Know How To Draw Il y a 5 heures
Still waiting for him to comment on Scott's mpreg fanfic of him 🙄
tyler williams
tyler williams Il y a 5 heures
Ps5 fnaf trailer we need a theory
Juan Rivera
Juan Rivera Il y a 5 heures
react to the knew security breach trailer you’ll love it!
ExyPlays-3- Il y a 5 heures
chris afton is shadow freddy
YourPalSal Il y a 5 heures
so, matt, read the fanfic scott wrote yet?
Cinnamations Yt
Cinnamations Yt Il y a 5 heures
I’m still waiting till he does a theory on special delivery
Jessica Stimpson
Jessica Stimpson Il y a 5 heures
Hey, I have an idea about the new Security Breach trailer. I think the deep voice warning Gregory may be.... some form of Psychic Friend Fredbear. *cue theme song*. If I'm right, that would make this "Gregory" either the crying child or someone similar. Obviously it's not perfect and there are a LOT of wrinkles to iron out, but I'm working on it. Oh, also it sounds like Nightmarrion, but that may just be me. I haven't had a chance to check voice actors yet.
Noah Kleppolsen
Noah Kleppolsen Il y a 5 heures
When will scott say Its correct or not. The 100th episode
PamGotchaLife UwU
PamGotchaLife UwU Il y a 5 heures
Omgosh I just watched the last one before this and I was thinking that I was like what if golden Freddy is Chris and Cassidy because I don’t know if this is true but and Cassidy is talking to him through the log book then I saw this and was lik 😦😨. AHAHAHAHAH YASSSSSS SOMEBODY THINKS LIKE ME
Applemonster87 MC
Applemonster87 MC Il y a 5 heures
Im here because of the new fnaf security breach trailer
L2020 Il y a 5 heures
Amanda Powell
Amanda Powell Il y a 5 heures
Dear mat pat I hope you read this but I don’t want this to take to long so in another video you didn’t follow your original theory of Minecraft you followed a real world issue. Instead you talked about the illagers following the cargo cult. My theory is that the illagers weren’t missinterpriting the end portal but rather they were drawing their plans out with the models of the end portal. I think it’s the same with the maps and other things. I also think the beds were just made like that because it made them bigger and I’ve seen players do it for show
Amanda Powell
Amanda Powell Il y a 5 heures
I know it’s been like five months since that video but I haven’t had a chance to do anything in a while I’ve been busy so my apology has been given for being late
SORATH Il y a 5 heures
Cant wait for security breach
new Xxblaze santos
new Xxblaze santos Il y a 5 heures
1987 use that
Tristano 227
Tristano 227 Il y a 5 heures
I can agree with The Crying Child being Golden Freddy but I still think he's Michael with Foxy Bro being Foxy and his friends being the others except Cassidy. Just hear me out, The reason Golden Freddy can't move is because Michael isn't there, William brought him back and after he was brought back Golden Freddy was left as a lifeless corpse (Jake and Andrew - Jake) that is stuck shaking as Cassidy refuses to let William die and after the fire Michael, Elizabeth, the older brother (Foxy Bro), and the other victims (except Golden Freddy) are put to peace as Cassidy like Matpat said "Lingers on" tormenting William and not letting him die. I think that maybe in another theory (the ending hint) there is so many spirits fighting for control so Golden Freddy is stuck in a never ending struggle to move and see.
lemons and oranges are yummy
New fnaf trailer out you know what to do
Anna Sundholm
Anna Sundholm Il y a 6 heures
Aligator mask = Montgomery Gator?
Danilo nieto
Danilo nieto Il y a 6 heures
It makes me angry to think that there is someone out there who knows the actual lore and isn’t telling us smh
Geliton Man
Geliton Man Il y a 6 heures
At 11:20 there were little letters and I put them with the words they were on and for "text" the letters are DVN FI and "clues" has N I M B N MCK M WAX. If that means anything let me know
it yah boi meep chan
it yah boi meep chan Il y a 6 heures
Maybe another spirit from another murderer that William had before the 5 missing children is one of the people were a controlling golden Freddy, maybe I don't know, and now the bite of 87 and Cassidy are now struggling to figure out what's wrong. And what's right because of the other person, right, like Andrew and the other maybe someone else is in there, but they don't know which one is who
SoundWave 0504
SoundWave 0504 Il y a 6 heures
Me when matpat summarized the epilogue of the 4th book and having just finished bunny call: Oooooooooooooooooh
Miss Sheep
Miss Sheep Il y a 6 heures
kington pop
kington pop Il y a 6 heures
can you do among us plz :D
FluffyShadows Il y a 6 heures
For those who have seen the new Security Breach trailer, here are some things to pay attention too: Warning: spoilers ahead.... 1. First scene, left hallway; there is a shadow shaped like Vanny and distant footsteps 2. The male voice that ISNT Vanny’s 3. Animatronic in the kitchen 4. The kid named Georgie 5. He’s isn’t the only kid there 6. How Vanny’s voice glitches 7. The bloody body bag in the kitchen 8. Helps appears in the background, forgot where though 😣 There are more, so make sure to take a closer look because Ik I missed some, just wanted to give some generally noticed ones.