GachaLife TikTok Compilation #32

Its Selena 2
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3 déc. 2020




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Gacha._. tomboy123
Gacha._. tomboy123 Il y a 10 jours
3:36 this is the Best youtubers ever LET NO HATERS BE WITH YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOUR BEAUTIFUL :DDDD
Emily ROWLANDS Il y a 10 jours
Me my man and my sister was singing all night I kissed a girl😂😂
Emily ROWLANDS Il y a 10 jours
y/n Il y a 11 jours
3:12 song???
Abigil Lenhard
Abigil Lenhard Il y a 12 jours
The first one hahahhaha 0:07 5:53 6:03 8:17
Rose Animation
Rose Animation Il y a 12 jours
4:33 OMG yes I just couldn't it was too cute. Also, can someone tell me that creator's new Username because I searched i up on Tiktok and couldn't get to the video. Also 10:51 be a masterpeice
cmadz000 Il y a 13 jours
what the hey
Y Il y a 15 jours
See? There’s such a thing as a *fake knife* ! :/
GalaxyWolf_565 Il y a 15 jours
Aww the ones with the FRvidrs made me sad 😭 I love them so much!! Why did they get bullied
Imamcytstan Il y a 16 jours
DADOR, KYLA MAE Il y a 17 jours
random dude:bullys flaminco fans:i like you cut g
Bllve Il y a 17 jours
10:53 why am i simping over a GACHA character
・ B E E Z U S ・
・ B E E Z U S ・ Il y a 20 jours
6:04 I’m I laughing cause that kid said a bad word or that mans laugh?
bcaons playz
bcaons playz Il y a 21 jour
Don't do it Don't kill youself girl listen to the angel Don't do it devil bruh you ugly
Lemon Tea
Lemon Tea Il y a 21 jour
4:3 wats the audio?
Aubrey Beatrice
Aubrey Beatrice Il y a 21 jour
The lacking cupcake tribally bleach because hourglass multivariably wink minus a dramatic michelle. rude, accidental crawdad
Ñ ä ė m ø ø ł ï g h ł
Rachel is my favorite UWU
Sara Riverdale Lover
Sara Riverdale Lover Il y a 22 jours
2:39 i'll do this and more for my best friend
•Beanieinnit• Il y a 22 jours
“I don’t have a skull...OR B̸O̸N̸E̸S̸” I will tell my family and then just flop onto the ground to scare them 😈
Jamuna Gurung
Jamuna Gurung Il y a 22 jours
At 2:21 The police was Her brother she KILLED HER OWN BROTHER. welp R.I.P Brother 😔
Elizabeth Dogan
Elizabeth Dogan Il y a 23 jours
I may be 10 years old, but gacha life makes the world seem so small, like you just turn around and find someone cheating on you. :/
rxsixq-wxfflxz Il y a 23 jours
yftftctytcfy if it
sTiNg Mark Man
sTiNg Mark Man Il y a 23 jours
hyyuckies YT
hyyuckies YT Il y a 23 jours
Boi I just turned 7 and i just saw when will these gacha 6 year olds end-
ii Txshe ii
ii Txshe ii Il y a 23 jours
- Snorts -
Kaylene Mosqueda
Kaylene Mosqueda Il y a 24 jours
This is my favorite 0:07 🤣
Day Kinsey
Day Kinsey Il y a 24 jours
d~.~b I'm loving it😊
v_qlox Il y a 25 jours
It sucks that people think flamingo doesn’t care and be mean to him sometimes bc he jokes around all the time and looks like he doesn’t take it seriously. People have feelings!
Faceless_ ghostlove•
Faceless_ ghostlove• Il y a 25 jours
11:48 - 11:56 that's how we are with the Christmas lights lol
Alexis Kirk
Alexis Kirk Il y a 27 jours
if you never noticed then like and sub to the wonderful youtuber if you want pepa pigs voice is Elizabeth aftons voice like who knew
Blox Banana
Blox Banana Il y a 27 jours
The first one got me XD
"is there anything you can't do?" "see" IM DEAD
Day Kinsey
Day Kinsey Il y a 24 jours
Omg I love how long this comment is and I red all of itzzz👉👈
Teyrnon edits
Teyrnon edits Il y a 28 jours
6:43 is no one going to talk about how that tik Tok lokey freaked the shit out of me
roberto hinojosa
roberto hinojosa Il y a 28 jours
don't you love the fact that you crying on the floor bc one of those tiktokers was your bfs until your mother made you delete tik tok
Raccoon girl
Raccoon girl Il y a 29 jours
4:55 what's the sound called?
xXSunshineTeaXx Il y a 29 jours
I fucking hate uwu smol beans i want to bash ones skull with a sledge hammer then flush it down the god damn toilet and if one of those little shits respond to my comment saying "sowwy :{ Uwu unu u-u u^u u>u uvu ;-;" i will detroit smash you into space like can they not go up to me every 3 damn seconds saying ";-;" like stfu mochi i dont give a shit that your a smol bean and im a tall bean like if your a smol bean and im a tall bean. like if your smaller then me doesnt that mean i can stomp and curbstomp you? YEAH IT SURE DOES MEAN THAT sorry if this was offensive it had to be said
izuku midoriya deku
izuku midoriya deku Il y a 29 jours
cung bik
cung bik Il y a 29 jours
i cant stop looking at the love song one
kayla hare
kayla hare Il y a 29 jours
notrikuatall Il y a mois
7:05 PLS-
Aesthetic stuff
Aesthetic stuff Il y a mois
6:07 idk if anyone else noticed this but no ones talking about it soooo this laugh definitely belongs to Chris evens
王琳 Il y a mois
Channasabrina Ros
Channasabrina Ros Il y a mois
Sophie Otene
Sophie Otene Il y a mois
whats the show to the one saying mommy mommy and shes not her mom? and the kid is a one eyed thing?
TTvBella Il y a mois
I'm crying inside dis girl AMAZING 👁👄👁
Travis Leblanc
Travis Leblanc Il y a mois
I love it so much ❤️
Joannie Fortier
Joannie Fortier Il y a mois
2:37 it not means MILA NOOOOOOOOO! it means NO STOP IT.
Melon Lord
Melon Lord Il y a mois
6:56 tho...🤤🤤😏😏😏
• Angelic Dreams •
FrankyChoco Mew
FrankyChoco Mew Il y a mois
To everyone who sends hate comments you realize that other people have feelings not just you and also they are trying their best so stop doing it
Smol potato UwU sis
If u wanna act like a girl be a girl
Faceless_ ghostlove•
11:14 - 11:44 damn they are spoiled
Janice Luamanu
Janice Luamanu Il y a mois
The last one hit hard tho😔😔
METIN Il y a mois
0.20 what song name pls saye
Amalie S
Amalie S Il y a mois
Moral of the story: theres nothing wrong being lgbtq+ never judge people from know they are any person matters everyone is almost the same and your all loved
Bella the dog
Bella the dog Il y a mois
The xenophobic steven promisingly yawn because mine alternatively form off a null bolt. amazing, scientific temple
Royal dimond
Royal dimond Il y a mois
I feel sad for all the youtubers who get hate comments :(
Teal Loves Yawning
Teal Loves Yawning Il y a mois
JJ London
JJ London Il y a mois
omg this was made on my birthday
Taryn Hyder
Taryn Hyder Il y a mois
Kyoka Jirou :D
Kyoka Jirou :D Il y a mois
dude 'HOLD THIS KNIFE' them: *pUTS FAKE BLOOD* me: dude does this look like this has blood? them: me: them me: h u h? them: h u h? *stares for an eternity* (realizing its suppose to have blood and does a meme of it so its actually not logic)
Suriati Sulaiman
Suriati Sulaiman Il y a mois
3:52........Stop The Video Right There......One Of FRvidr Name " InquistiorMaster " When Her Old Videos Have Comments Have " Eww I Hate You InqiustiorMaster! " " InqiustiorMaster Can't Even Said Anything To Everyone That Loves Her......So Pls Make InqiustiorMaster Happy! And ZachryZaxor
Jazmine Nelson
Jazmine Nelson Il y a mois
I think I see the girl version of ennard in this but they changed him a bit
Purple CrewMate
Purple CrewMate Il y a mois
👊🏻-Human👊🏼-Human👊🏽-Human👊🏾-Human👊🏿-Human Remember guys were all the same even if we look different🥺
Piper Salcedo
Piper Salcedo Il y a mois
thank you! youtube
Darkest Light
Darkest Light Il y a mois
Epic Logan
Epic Logan Il y a mois
Lucero Jose
Lucero Jose Il y a mois
Oh my you funneh FRvid wow like funneh
Treasure Madaris
Treasure Madaris Il y a mois
im gona kill all the haters of every channle tell me who they are and yes im a demon
Madelyn Pagan
Madelyn Pagan Il y a mois
Kitty Sapphire
Kitty Sapphire Il y a mois
4:18 what’s the song???
Lily Elliott
Lily Elliott Il y a mois
3:34 Everyone: *thats actual how they felt* Flamingo: wHa dId i dO??? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH shut up noob.
Isabella Gonzalez
Isabella Gonzalez Il y a mois
Mia Maynez
Mia Maynez Il y a mois
Eat_Your_ EGGSS
Eat_Your_ EGGSS Il y a mois
you look like cinderella... BEFORE THE BIBITY BOOBITY BOO
Gacha Ece!
Gacha Ece! Il y a mois
ophelia geer
ophelia geer Il y a mois
at 3:17 when he said o-ophelia it killed me because irl that's my actual name! 0-0
Tabitha Ladd
Tabitha Ladd Il y a mois
the fuck aphamu is preganent and sheś and all of them dont need to chnage there perfect as they are 3:57
Metalllic Il y a mois
9:39 is SOOOO so cringe
Nightmare sans Girl
6:44 why she do that
Bella the dog
Bella the dog Il y a mois
The naive dinghy substantively launch because ring micrencephaly bump under a foregoing tyvek. piquant, purring tile
Elizabeth Lawrence
Elizabeth Lawrence Il y a mois
The best tiktok on this one is where some youtubers say to not bully thats my fav!
Mae Oraa
Mae Oraa Il y a mois
that chld loo soooo monter
• Hardcore Toast •
the one with inquisitormaster, the real film is inquisitormaster reading a gacha story 🐸
xXGaquaXx Il y a mois
0:54 that 4 best friends having a vc and then minding thier own buisness Me: tOtAlLy ReLaTabLe💅💅 Me either:oh online classes T-T
Shaw_Pika_Song168 Il y a mois
3:33 stop bullying youtubers or anyone else. you never know when they will disaper because of *YOU.*
Storm Hill
Storm Hill Il y a 21 jour
That's true, and plus you never know what happens in youtuber lives. When you think words you say aren't hurtful, but it is hurtful to the person, so if you don't have anything good to say then so don't say anything.
Verse pk
Verse pk Il y a mois
in 8:40 why would she kill herself she could of just do it in that girl ;-;
Villian Shoto Todoroki
So no one is talking about the one with ldshadowlady, flamango, and others
?Flowers? Il y a mois
When it got to the ded little girl I needed to go to the bath room but I was scared 😳
?Flowers? Il y a mois
I went to the bathroom so quickly
•Elsa's Tea•
•Elsa's Tea• Il y a mois
It’s so sad at that one tiktok seeing four of my favourite youtubers like that I never new they felt that way 😖😞
Stxxxberry_Flower Il y a mois
Sam RiRo
Sam RiRo Il y a mois
wednesday 123456789 o me god
stepanj's Gaming Life CZ
4:14 you know what i mean ? ;-;
Muhammad Fatha
Muhammad Fatha Il y a mois
Lulu Tamlim
Lulu Tamlim Il y a mois
My daddy’s got a gun my daddy’s got a gun you better run my daddy’s got a gun you better run hehe
Anthony Melton
Anthony Melton Il y a mois
what the haek
Fnaf_Random Il y a mois
3:34 Listen if you’re bored listen if you don’t want to live you will want to live and you can face to the boys listen if you’re bullied listen if you don’t want to live you will want to live and you can face to the bullies😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂👩🏾👩🏾👩🏾👩🏾👩🏾👩🏾👩🏾🧑🏾🧑🏾🧑🏾🧑🏾
Arianna Rosales
Arianna Rosales Il y a mois
0:31 I need to know what that song or sound is because it's so yEs✨
J P Il y a mois
this is sad at the yt part :(
StitchtheWitch Il y a mois
who knows what the soundtrack of the second tik tok is? its a good movie!
Brett Kuntzsch
Brett Kuntzsch Il y a mois
3:34 is true about those FRvidrs. I feel bad for them. For all of those FRvidrs that got bullied, don’t listen to them and just be you. Love yourself, family and friends. Bullies don’t understand the pain in you. They just bully because they want to be satisfied just watching you crying and being in pain. Live on your life and keep on making videos that make u happy. Hugs to all FRvidrs! ❤️