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Its Selena 2
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2 déc. 2020




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Mocha Strawberry
Mocha Strawberry Il y a 4 jours
Green eyes represent the plants that give oxegain I have green eyes UnU
9:33 So blue eyes do not represent the storms- What do you mean you disrespect the 90% of the people who have blue eyes- Even there is no "tiNt oF GoLD" in it Still- It's special- To be honest- Blue eyes and every eye color is beautiful- I do not care if this is a tiktok the people who did the discord of it is actually pretty mean-
Crayoncroo Il y a 10 jours
Gacha logic: Boy: *cheats* Girl: *calls friend* hey wanna kill my bf? 😃 👍🏾 Friend: why? Girl: he cheated on me 😞 Friend: *light it up* Boy: dies Friend and girl: we committed murder, feeling good
V ._.
V ._. Il y a 10 jours
1:20 this one is dumb. You kissed another guy and you expect your bf to be ok with it? Its dumb prank and they get what they deserve
E W Il y a 14 jours
11:33 you won’t regret it
Aurora Gaming
Aurora Gaming Il y a 15 jours
I like the last one cus't blue is my fav color
Sleepyhead Alec
Sleepyhead Alec Il y a 18 jours
8:18 -8:21 wow i feel bad for that manican Plz dont spam if i spelled something wrong ik its there im just to lazy to look up the correct spelling
Pam Il y a 19 jours
4:41 wut is dis song called? ;-; I’ve tried so hard to find it
david montague
david montague Il y a 19 jours
so whats green then
Mimi Mimi
Mimi Mimi Il y a 19 jours
My favorite parts: 0:25 0:39 3:27 3:57 7:22 10:31 I love this video :'3
Miriam Rapport
Miriam Rapport Il y a 19 jours
I don’t understand the first onr
Eduardo Bas
Eduardo Bas Il y a 20 jours
Omg the eyes one... IDK WHYYYY IT MADE ME SAY AWWW😢😢😭
•Kyłié• Il y a 21 jour
9:33 The best message i've ever heard-
Twitch UNCUT.
Twitch UNCUT. Il y a 21 jour
Unexpected...but Sub for the youtube algorithm ;) destroying this Subscribe Button, you could also try to destroy ours. plus, we also have some pretty cool vids. ;) Sorry, but I just had to do it :p ...hope you don't mind the plug.
Shirley Wang
Shirley Wang Il y a 22 jours
My favorite tick-tock part was the one of foxy and Bunny because like I just love you so foxy and Bunny Also it my opinion I’m sorry if you don’t like the ship
Gabriella Field
Gabriella Field Il y a 23 jours
us blue eyes people can easily kill brown eyes people than
ZiZi's World
ZiZi's World Il y a 21 jour
Wow all eyes are beautiful that's what I think and you got it all wrong cause brown eyes are like the ground and there is earthquakes and they cause tsunamis so uhm yeah and blue eyes represent the ocean but like I said all eyes are beautiful😗💅🏾✌🏾
Gabriella Field
Gabriella Field Il y a 23 jours
the one with arnt you hapy you played with matches that actaully haappened in my school some dickhead where playing with matches and the oval caught on fire so yeah
LuckyGem Il y a 24 jours
9:33 whoever said that, thx I now feel better about my brown eyes. (I've wanted bleu eyes for a lnog time LOL)
LuckyGem Il y a 24 jours
SteamYT Gaming
SteamYT Gaming Il y a 25 jours
Ok, so now we know. If someone cheats on you, just yeet a Grenade into their House. You're totally not gonna get arrested for murder- **Sarcasm Level 1000** 7:12 Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.
Taya Beesley-Jacobus
Taya Beesley-Jacobus Il y a 25 jours
The first one the sound is from vampire diarares 0:07
cherxshi Il y a mois
11:50 the nostalgia is powerful here..
carmona7378 Il y a mois
Lorraine Luckett
Lorraine Luckett Il y a mois
cora Monaco
cora Monaco Il y a mois Como se llama la cancion
琳儿 Il y a mois
laila Chavarria
laila Chavarria Il y a mois
What is the song name for 6:22
laila Chavarria
laila Chavarria Il y a mois
Eh- imma gonna not eat for 3 days ill be replying how its goint!!
Stephania Charles
Stephania Charles Il y a mois
11:38 me: wait- wasn't that the cat "senpai" thing?? Great job for killing it
Megan Tran
Megan Tran Il y a mois
This made me feel good because i have brown eyes :’) 9:33
『sᴘᴀᴄᴇ sᴛᴀʀᴢ』
7:24 these types of gachatubers annoy the freak out of me. Don't kill someone just for cheating -_-
Dj glitch Daim
Dj glitch Daim Il y a mois
That made me feel better about having brown eyes I mean hazel brown rice
Lunar & Beary
Lunar & Beary Il y a mois
0:40 Imposter with kill cool down (21 sec) : Faking task Random Crewmate : Hey did you see anything sus Imposter with kill cool down (18 sec) : Yea, I just saw- *signals other imp* Other imposter : IM HERE DEAD BODY REPORTED! Imposters vouching for each others
spideyxomq Il y a mois
The brown and blue eye one made me feel good Bc I actually have brown eyes ✨😊
Inga Urbonaviciene
Inga Urbonaviciene Il y a mois
love evrything and my eise are brown
• Moonlight Wolf•
What's rhe song on tik tok of like you traped someone in lights and then you turn it on its like chrismas meme can someone please tell me what's the name?
noemi OwO
noemi OwO Il y a mois
Hola :>
noemi OwO
noemi OwO Il y a mois
Hola hi hello oi hola gente hi guys hello guys io gemte xd Pues yo me odio :)
Ayz Castillo
Ayz Castillo Il y a mois
The second one is so heart breaking
Ember Ecco
Ember Ecco Il y a mois
PILOT_ SNIPES Il y a mois
Respect the blue gang
Some_Trash Il y a mois
5:25 where can i get the lyrics to this lol
Cross titans go gacha
4:51 What is this song?
the pink lama :3
the pink lama :3 Il y a mois
Is so true to me
the pink lama :3
the pink lama :3 Il y a mois
Aaliyah McBride Guess
I always put my boyfriend in the basement
Fatima Dombroski
Fatima Dombroski Il y a mois
F ahre
ridwan tan
ridwan tan Il y a mois
If someone calls you selfish then say ‘I dont sell fish’
ok i have no hate for the one where the girl kisses another man for a prank so then her bf goes and kisses another girl shes has a right to be mad for it but its her fault so I just dont think that he should be sad its her fault ._. But thats what i think if u hate on this comment I dont give one fuck on what u say :P
《amy》 Il y a mois
old me:always wanting blue eye but I have brown eyes watching the part of this vid of telling how brown eyes are special me now : I'm sticking with brown eyes :>
Wolves Den Ranch
Wolves Den Ranch Il y a mois
The mayor was a biggest mistake
Keona Gilliam
Keona Gilliam Il y a mois
Omg I want to burn my school to 🔥👅
Carolyn Martinez
Carolyn Martinez Il y a mois
5:08 ah you didn't know she was like that when you bully her she was like that before
wolf sisters sisters gacha
The first tik tok it’s bossy that he thinks he’s the boss 😎
trident plays
trident plays Il y a mois
How I would react at that situation 11:34.
Gwyn's Fun with Toys
What song is the with the girl hitting the boy for thinking she hit the other girl from @ii_aestheticlia
•Rose Balloons•
brown eyed and half a heart. Me and my twin
:coffe-z- -w-:
:coffe-z- -w-: Il y a mois
That tiktok that said "DoNt KiLl ThE vIbE" me be like DoNt KilL tHe ViBe KaReN
Essentially Spoiled Sisters
I don’t want blue eyes anymore now T.T
•Day Dreamer•
•Day Dreamer• Il y a mois
5:20 Every five year old be like:
Annalise Felton
Annalise Felton Il y a mois
I didn't choose to have blue eyes tho..
Chantelle Waite
Chantelle Waite Il y a mois
I love the brown eyes bc I have brown eyes but I like blue but that make me feel happy about my brown eyes I love them on other ppl not on me but blue don’t fit me but it would if I was born with it probably ☺️
Chantelle Waite
Chantelle Waite Il y a mois
I meant the brow thing about eyes
Gåçha_ _Gøre
Gåçha_ _Gøre Il y a mois
Michelle Boyle
Michelle Boyle Il y a mois
This is a good message to spread 9:33
Elclispa cinnomon
Elclispa cinnomon Il y a mois
9:32 made me like my brown eye color 😭I love my eye color
Chan Ah Har
Chan Ah Har Il y a mois
*me looks at the white eye girl* Me mind: is her died or blind?
H i m a r i c h a n
Does anyone know the name of the song on the last one? 12:39
kirsten Il y a mois
let me know when u find out
CloudyXDragxn Il y a mois
9:18, does anyone else just not understand these? i need an explanation
MoonBubbles Il y a mois
can u put one of my vids on ur video?
Dima Karim
Dima Karim Il y a mois
my hair and eyes are brown i kinda colored a bit my hair yellow heh...
X_xDarkLord2x_X Il y a mois
dose enyone know the song to the last tickTock at the end? cuz for some reason im digging that tune in that music
Lemon popz
Lemon popz Il y a mois
5:12-5:22 👌
lonely ones
lonely ones Il y a mois
Alright guys tell me whats the song at the end.... Pls.... ;m;
Reynaldo Senturias
Reynaldo Senturias Il y a mois
At 10:15 is nice
KawaiiPeaxy Il y a mois
My eyes are Black so that mean IM empty
Reynaldo Senturias
Reynaldo Senturias Il y a mois
At 3:16 is soo frickin funny! And at 6:18 what title is it becuase i forgot cause i know that at 6 years old...
ruffy. Il y a mois
2:16 I like it-
Høney Lemon
Høney Lemon Il y a mois
2:53 ima leave this here to remind me
Ariela Hudson
Ariela Hudson Il y a mois
11:31 im fr dying lmao
MI gacha
MI gacha Il y a mois
8:12 lol same
Nyah Il y a mois
Quinn Garrett
Quinn Garrett Il y a mois
I don't tell people this but this is how I feel 😆😅😂😭
「•Kira Misu•」
4:04 can you pls tell what is the name of this meme/song?
《•Violet Ray•》
weird story- one of the tik toks by meow had ft.foxy in it-
《ŤØŘÇĚŘ》 Il y a mois
Pure cringe
имперка фотазийная
Я единственый руский
Jackie Ayon
Jackie Ayon Il y a mois
0:24 I love that Riverdale moment. Like that really shows how much B and V love each other. Best B and V moment. Ever.
Jackie Ayon
Jackie Ayon Il y a mois
0:24 I love that Riverdale moment. Like that really shows how much B and V love each other. Best B and V moment. Ever.
Jackie Ayon
Jackie Ayon Il y a mois
@Carah Kreimer Yes they did
Carah Kreimer
Carah Kreimer Il y a mois
That’s my favorite one and they did a really good edit
I want To die
I want To die Il y a mois
2:06 how is he just gonna assume he was gonna ask that
dokie dokie literature club
Its cristmas theemed jas u seen da colors
Caty T
Caty T Il y a mois
Whats the song of the last tik tok called?
E B Il y a mois
10:20 I almost cry 😢😢
Nutella plaz
Nutella plaz Il y a mois
4:43 he looks like Funtime foxy lol
iLxY• Il y a mois
Please somebody tell to me what song is of 3:51 (or the meme), thanks!
Yeoh Je Yee
Yeoh Je Yee Il y a mois
5.06 I- liltary I WAS FULL OF TEARS
Mango Sage
Mango Sage Il y a mois
Chloe Xaviera
Chloe Xaviera Il y a mois
I have brown hair and brown eye
Carolyn Martinez
Carolyn Martinez Il y a mois
5:41 we need school so we won't be dumb and if we are dumb we don't get a job no job no money no money no food so you die with no school we need school so we can get jobs and have money so we can bye food and drinks and closes and a home so you going to be dumb with no school so good luck being poor 👁👄👁
Alyssa Hester
Alyssa Hester Il y a mois
2:29-2:49 is my fav parts
Wolfie Cookie pack
Wolfie Cookie pack Il y a mois
my feeeling are hurt my eyes are blue i have a preety bad life i cut and my parents hate me
Bioncii _
Bioncii _ Il y a mois
2:30 my fav
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