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Its Selena 2
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30 nov. 2020




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Bella Mears
Bella Mears Il y a 7 jours
1:26 hit different to me lol ;-;
Rahma_Official Il y a 7 jours
6:14 the music is so calming
Brooklin Johnston
Brooklin Johnston Il y a 11 jours
What was the songs name at 6:25 mins? Ive heard it before.......but i cant recall when or brings me some sad vibes for some reason.....
• Løvley •
• Løvley • Il y a 19 jours
1:02 what is the meme or song?
Kianah Fernandez
Kianah Fernandez Il y a 20 jours
you thinking u know 4:33 video
Rihanna Bryndis Spataru
12:40 , 11:46 , 8:17 , 1:25 , 0:50
itz peyplayz
itz peyplayz Il y a 22 jours
4:04 to 4:52 NO SPEAKA TACO BELL
Thatonegay Il y a 22 jours
i need the original uadio that goes with 00:50 😂
Mariana Castellanos 7-3
Mariana Castellanos 7-3 Il y a 23 jours
12:40 Link of the tiktoker, what happens is that I look for it in Tiktok but I did not find it so could you give me the link?
It`z-Kiko-Loko-Guide ́z
It`z-Kiko-Loko-Guide ́z Il y a 26 jours
𝚞𝚟𝚞 𝚒𝚜𝚑 𝚋𝚘𝚘𝚝𝚒𝚏𝚞𝚕...
•bxbalover• Il y a mois
“I-is that blood..?” OF COURSE IT IS ARE U DUMB
Baileygurl_K Il y a mois
I HEARD "is it Cailou?" 😭😂
Lucy Elam
Lucy Elam Il y a mois
Was that Donald Trumps daughter because her skin was orange and hair blonde
•That one gothic girl zaca•
“OH itS yoUr gIrlfRieNd” “DoNt woRrIe SHES bLinD” Her: bit*h i might be blind but I ain’t dead for sure dumbash
꧁c a r o l i n e꧂
now i think that i am perfectly ready if a boy comes up to me at my school and say “oi oi” to me
MoonCqfe Il y a mois
Emma williams
Emma williams Il y a mois
307 got to me cuz the song train wreck he made the song train wreck cuz his sister was in a train wreck
•Mxrcuriiez• Il y a mois
3:05 lowkey my fav song
Yummy BubbleCake
Yummy BubbleCake Il y a mois
Yummy BubbleCake
Yummy BubbleCake Il y a mois
Bøbå_Tėå •Blue_berry
I Love your videos 🖤✨
Rikku The Conure
Rikku The Conure Il y a mois
9:58 Ah yes... A fake knife...
Ėrî Čhåñ
Ėrî Čhåñ Il y a mois
That’s me lol 🥲🥲 8:06
Tegan Berg
Tegan Berg Il y a mois
Don’t know why but the peppa pig one made me cry
skyline 0_0
skyline 0_0 Il y a mois
Its start great : Hey a letter Mid way stil great : i have friends End it got funny: oh thats not a letter Etdit : the time 8:07
Nathan Williams
Nathan Williams Il y a mois
fire nation
fire nation Il y a mois
people:aww i dont deserve 100k followers. Me:BI#CH TAKE IT YOU WANTED TO GET ON THIS APP FOR A REASON
NOOB GAMING Il y a mois
8:18 Wuts the Name if da meme
alondra castillo
alondra castillo Il y a mois
12:21 doesn't that mean there are like a dozen of people with you or is it just me....
Trash iisMe
Trash iisMe Il y a mois
0:22 does anyone know what their tiktok is? I can't find it
Summer Il y a mois
People stop doing depressing stuff it'll get me banned form watching and making gwcha it just ruins gwcha
Aubrey Wilson
Aubrey Wilson Il y a mois
10:12-10:17 and 12:37-12:56 are awesome!
Clover Il y a mois
Im so ugly" "aha you know what? You are" she's like "whatchu say?" Girl you heard me , you ain't deaf and no I'm not changing my decision.
Gisele the rain wing
0:51 wot
Bunny Uchiha- Itachi's Wife
my knife yo life ooooohhhhh not the knife hahahahah
Eucalyptus Il y a mois
Can anyone speak Spanish……
Blue Angel Cupcakes
Woman: And I want him to stop drinking! Man: ... I want a Divorce.
Ocean Vlogs
Ocean Vlogs Il y a mois
When the Donald trump one came I called what the little girl was gonna say 🤣
source Lak
source Lak Il y a mois
11:08 Susie just told peppa then how the frick did peppa already make a card. She jus found out!
Longest Name
Longest Name Il y a mois
3:28 He’s twice the size of her
lilSushi Il y a mois
9:55 lmao how could a knife be fake?
mely u
mely u Il y a mois
4:20 "chupo pijas gratis" JAJAJAJJAJA
NORA HOPKINS Il y a mois
2:43 ʷ ʰ ᵘ ᵗ
Devanney Aguiniga
Devanney Aguiniga Il y a mois
Don’t let anyone get in your way
clownx - cloud
clownx - cloud Il y a mois
3:31 smol ❤️🔪
Zyonni Fowler-Wakefield
i like how the girl say shes ugly but then the other girl said she was ugly
Elle Guy
Elle Guy Il y a mois
11:16 KaMiNaRi Is ThAt YoU?!?!
Tris Bonaiuto
Tris Bonaiuto Il y a mois
Random girl: YOU LIED me: you said she lied😚
Gacha Girl
Gacha Girl Il y a mois
Just a question how the hell can you hold us know if it’s fake like Bruh
Gacha Girl
Gacha Girl Il y a mois
No hate
6:13 someone know the music name? Please i love dis music ❤️❤️❤️ :D🙏
@ɳαɳαɱเ ❤️❤️💖❤️💖❤️✨
@ɳαɳαɱเ ty ❤️
ɳαɳαɱเ Il y a mois
Towards the sun - Rihanna
pink fox
pink fox Il y a mois
0:41 omg lol
xxDark_Angel xx
xxDark_Angel xx Il y a mois
✨ At some point you will see this comment somewhere else ✨
Yazmin Tamayo
Yazmin Tamayo Il y a mois
0:41 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
xX_MaeYtChannel_Xx Il y a mois
why does the pink eye'd girl in 1:47 and 1:55 look like dora to me? *i've gone insane*
Kristin Hackbarth
Kristin Hackbarth Il y a mois
6:16 what is the name of the song remix the song is called towards the sun but I can't find the name of the remix if someone could find the name of the remix for me that would be awesome
Daphne Morales
Daphne Morales Il y a mois
Nichole Gathers
Nichole Gathers Il y a mois
The second tiktok I'm in love with it
Eliana Chrisanthis
Eliana Chrisanthis Il y a mois
The Spanish one lol
Isabelle Il y a mois
don’t kill your bullies don’t kill people cheating on you don’t kill people for fun don’t kill people because they copy you lesson learned, don’t kill people, always give people chances, help world peace
Samantha Flores
Samantha Flores Il y a mois
0:44 lol
Samantha Flores
Samantha Flores Il y a mois
Samantha Flores
Samantha Flores Il y a mois
Samantha Flores
Samantha Flores Il y a mois
Samantha Flores
Samantha Flores Il y a mois
Samantha Flores
Samantha Flores Il y a mois
Ammoya Darlington
Ammoya Darlington Il y a mois
Your channel just made my night better because one of my friends told me something inappropriate about my mother and was literally making fun of it showing every one everything but I have a awesome boyfriend so I am happy 👀
Aya Ganon
Aya Ganon Il y a mois
fake nifes are made from plastic and you can tell its fake or real by the looks and texture
Peachy 99
Peachy 99 Il y a mois
Question on some of 10:38 legit I see them all the time but some of them are only blind on one eye so how does the “boyfriend” forgot she’s blind in one eye legit it’s either he has lost memory or he has a shitty brain like that’s the most simple thing like huh?
Døki -Dãy
Døki -Dãy Il y a mois
6:55 r/thathappened in a nutshell
MochiAngxl Il y a mois
4:03 what did he say?
George Rodriguez
George Rodriguez Il y a mois
Lovey Lis
Lovey Lis Il y a mois
You said of did you mean or?
the_virgo_fangirl Il y a mois
hold up how did peppa make the card when she just found suzy was leaving ??
Blueberry Heart
Blueberry Heart Il y a mois
Dramatic Arts Gacha
0:44 This is me everyday of my life, every second. Couldn't walk if my life depended on it
x M A D D I E x
x M A D D I E x Il y a mois
"I wasnt the one that made you look like a wooly mammoth" Me: FORKTEIFK3IFJRIEJBRIVITIGIR9 The only reason I'm laughing so hard is because I was that person that would've said that if something was wanting attention and saying their ugly
BrigadeCaP 1
BrigadeCaP 1 Il y a mois
1:38 what does a prannacteas look like. Oh a sitk with a thing on the end. Ok so this is a GUN. WOW
Stitched up Wolf UwU
Dude how do people get so many likes?!? Them: hey.... I like pop corn Me: What phhhf they got so many likes WTF!?!😞😿😾
MacKenzie MacLeod
MacKenzie MacLeod Il y a mois
"I'm not the one who made you look like a wullymamith"😂
Stefanie Woro Asmarani
I hate it when it's like no part 2 i often smash my phone and hate the creator much
Eunhik Il y a mois
3:56 what's the song name?
Nina M
Nina M Il y a mois
10:37 Bruh if someone is blind in an eye u could tell Bc it would be white or they would have a cane or rescue dog
•Ćrazîer Kłøud•
Omg I just heard corpses voice and I wanna dieee it’s so deeeeep
Hanna Hoang
Hanna Hoang Il y a mois
My house my rules... MY KNIFE YOUR LIFE BRO YOU WANNA GO said the girl lmao
Kawauna Smith
Kawauna Smith Il y a mois
Im. Shook golden ramsy has a game out
TheWolfSquad weisman
6:54 OMFG... I love it
¿Neko_Feathers¿ Il y a mois
Click and keep watching -> 8:08
If you see this comment its because your cute!
3:05 Me at flee facility in roblox: GET ME OUT :C My bff: *no*
kawaii potato
kawaii potato Il y a mois
Bakugo is bgbg
Bakugo is bgbg Il y a mois
5:55 She goes in the boy locker-
Bakugo is bgbg
Bakugo is bgbg Il y a mois
@Random Rat oh-
Random Rat
Random Rat Il y a mois
They r both boys locker so the pink one must mean girls and blue bois
Dumbieee :3
Dumbieee :3 Il y a mois
With the girl who keeps saying she’s ugly with what the girl said to her well I feel like I’m ugly but I don’t say it out loud but if this was me and the girl said that to me I would say.. “girl thank the lord finally someone agrees with me! Your my new favorite BFF! 😁” xD
Zeynep Duman
Zeynep Duman Il y a mois
My Ugly Drawings And Me
0:43 : exists Me who watvhes corpse but got here to check out whats been happening in gacha community:
Priya Leroy
Priya Leroy Il y a mois
I saw all my Tik tok friends in there yay
Bakugo's_bff Il y a mois
But they are kaminari and sero....
Sam Sletmoe
Sam Sletmoe Il y a mois
I hate the long Spanish tik toks like dang add a part 2
Aᴜᴅʀᴇʏ Fɴᴀғ
2:50 ahhh yes the satisfying bite of 87 crunch.Never gets old ♡︎
Socks Magee
Socks Magee Il y a mois
i never heard of a fake knife she has knife I KNOW THAT MAGIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what!
-Ava- Il y a mois
The reason I like to watch tik tok on FRvid is..... I don’t have to use my lazy hands to scroll
Asethic Turkey
Asethic Turkey Il y a mois
3:38 Why would a kindergartener kill herself they don’t even know how to shoot a gun and also there is teacher can make you expelled by bringing guns and fire a boy 2 years ago my school made a fire in a toilet ;-; *im sorry if not a kid but she very small* ;-;
Gacha Luna
Gacha Luna Il y a mois
Did u fell for it
Annaliis Makotkina
Annaliis Makotkina Il y a mois
i cant find your tik tok i only find fanbage
Lakshikha Palaniswamy
3:30 bruh she is tiny af I don’t understand how does the creator is like oo the tiny girls looks so cute
New House Together?!