Full Face Using FROZEN Makeup Challenge 🥶

James Charles
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HI SISTERS! In today's video, I decided to freeze every single product in my makeup routine! This makeup challenge was insanely fun to see which products still worked and which ones turned into ice cubes! Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe!
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EDITOR: Ryan Allen
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov




15 janv. 2021




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Commentaires 100
Micheal O Scanaill
Micheal O Scanaill Il y a 28 minutes
Did anyone see how cute he looked in the 🎿 gear
「Cøsxmo dog」
「Cøsxmo dog」 Il y a 37 minutes
I’ve never seen snow in my life *cri
Lady Belle
Lady Belle Il y a 39 minutes
Texas and it snowed for a whole week and it is so much fun here but REALLY cold
Maya Murphy
Maya Murphy Il y a heure
Love this look 🥶💙🦋
Extra_Bobatea Il y a heure
It's -26 minus where i live
Jessica McKnight
Jessica McKnight Il y a heure
I'm from South Carolina and it hardly ever snows here. So when it does everyone goes crazy and freaks out. All school closes and even some jobs shut down. We don't even have salt trucks or trucks to clear the roads. When it snows the city has to call in help from other places to get trucks here. But me personally I love the snow. I moved to Scott City Kansas for like a year and the snow that Kansas gets is unreal. When I was there it snowed like 6 to 7 feet and I still had to work and kids was still going to school.
Harshini Arun
Harshini Arun Il y a heure
I am from India
Kid’s VS Mother
Kid’s VS Mother Il y a heure
when james did that brrrrrrr hahah im dying
Leander Buttle
Leander Buttle Il y a heure
anyone else love the editor like he/she is amazing and funny
CELESTE JOHNSON Il y a 2 heures
I live in alaska😁
XX nommi_ chan XX
XX nommi_ chan XX Il y a 2 heures
Hong Kong and no we don't have snow 😢
Glitter Bomb
Glitter Bomb Il y a 2 heures
Yes we currently have snow here in Toronto. I can't imagine living somewhere that doesn't have seasons all year round. It sounds just too weird
trinity Il y a 3 heures
okay but why does he say DETHAW, it’s just thaw 🤣🤣
Anna Tyrrell
Anna Tyrrell Il y a 3 heures
When did James do his eyebrows
Jello Dog
Jello Dog Il y a 3 heures
I live in Alaska. yes
Mya Toussaint
Mya Toussaint Il y a 3 heures
Im from england waaaaa
isfunnehfav woofs
isfunnehfav woofs Il y a 3 heures
I live in canda and It's a bit snowing but I love winter
Rashika Waidyaarachchi
Rashika Waidyaarachchi Il y a 4 heures
Girls charles
Rashika Waidyaarachchi
Rashika Waidyaarachchi Il y a 4 heures
Do you know what James Charles ?girl name is
Y / N
Y / N Il y a 4 heures
"Am i dying?" -James Charles 2021
Sha abdo
Sha abdo Il y a 4 heures
Livia Kpa
Livia Kpa Il y a 4 heures
We have snow in denmark
Leonor Garcia
Leonor Garcia Il y a 5 heures
Am from Texas and it just gets cold 🥶 but sad to say there’s no snow 😞
roblox girl
roblox girl Il y a 5 heures
Iam from philipines so ok
Svans DIY
Svans DIY Il y a 5 heures
Im halv Danish and halv Icelandic but i live in Denmark. I LOOOOVE some good winther snow.
Gabrielle Wiltshire
Gabrielle Wiltshire Il y a 5 heures
There’s no snow in Australia so no
Imisi Olatade
Imisi Olatade Il y a 5 heures
Bellbird Park
xXmarshal LeeXx
xXmarshal LeeXx Il y a 5 heures
I live in a place where there is plenty of snow
Kate The Great
Kate The Great Il y a 7 heures
9:52 James: Am I dying? Me: 😂😂😂😂
Dana Steward
Dana Steward Il y a 7 heures
I think winter is fine once the snow was 8 feet deep
Neko neko
Neko neko Il y a 8 heures
I was watching this while makeing a scary roblox game- LOL
Solash Arias
Solash Arias Il y a 8 heures
No I am from Texas
Amelie Sienko
Amelie Sienko Il y a 8 heures
There is no snow where I live and I’m Aussie
Nana Vlogs n games
Nana Vlogs n games Il y a 9 heures
Tue foundation was so bright
LIZ VEGA Il y a 9 heures
I live in Kansas and it snows and it is freezing
Maggie Tanner
Maggie Tanner Il y a 9 heures
I live in the east coast, not in the part where snow ever comes. When we get snow (mostly every 7 years 😂) everyone wears all the clothing they have bc not many people have snow clothes in the city I live in. lol
Carmen Gutierrez
Carmen Gutierrez Il y a 9 heures
I love this video
Kaelyn McEvoy
Kaelyn McEvoy Il y a 9 heures
*james trying to be cute * *wut James thinks he doing: oo heh it’s so cute hehe Wut James REALY doing : oooOOooO00oooooooOoOooo
anonymous human
anonymous human Il y a 9 heures
Bro yes, there is snow here, i'm from michigan and I hate it.
Akash Lachman
Akash Lachman Il y a 10 heures
Parker Fam
Parker Fam Il y a 10 heures
There is snow where I live. There is snow outside right now and there are pros and cons about snow
Peter Miles
Peter Miles Il y a 10 heures
Parker Fam
Parker Fam Il y a 10 heures
James is so smart!
Emma Dickerson
Emma Dickerson Il y a 10 heures
I live in Mississippi
ツjeni Il y a 11 heures
Flash back mary is that you?
Amyah Edwards
Amyah Edwards Il y a 11 heures
I do not live where it snows I live in Titusville
Annalynne Martz
Annalynne Martz Il y a 11 heures
Yes a thousand times yes
Amanda Holmquist
Amanda Holmquist Il y a 11 heures
Qban Eli
Qban Eli Il y a 11 heures
Taryn Looms
Taryn Looms Il y a 11 heures
wisconsin.............................................. duh
dulce maria guerrero bravo
i live in denver
Kent michael Encabo
Kent michael Encabo Il y a 12 heures
My place is always hot and sometimes cool but people doesn't go out side for a tan where am I?
Sarah Faircloth
Sarah Faircloth Il y a 12 heures
Nope I live in Florida where it gets really cold sometimes not all the time but I have lived in Florida all my life and have never seen snow
Diya Persaud
Diya Persaud Il y a 12 heures
James: where u guys live, is there snow Me: *in Canada* OMG YESSSSS James: do u guys like the snow? Me: OMG NO!!!
Makenna Lappe
Makenna Lappe Il y a 12 heures
That was so fun to watch and i really want to try that
hiSs_ItsSoapie Il y a 12 heures
lol it doesn’t snow here in florida
Annabella Townsend
Annabella Townsend Il y a 12 heures
me theres a lot of snow
Katherine Guthrie
Katherine Guthrie Il y a 12 heures
This video was foreshadowing for the snow storms that came love u sister
Zohara 1626
Zohara 1626 Il y a 12 heures
Yes I have snow and it is a love hate relationship for me
inkredible art tattoo studio
James it's defrosted ok
「 Teddy bear 」 random stuff here-
Wait omg at 10:47 I was eating that 😳 I can tell it's peanut butter strawberry jelly sandwich
Lousie Prince
Lousie Prince Il y a 13 heures
Mississippi it haven’t snowed but it has recently
Vivienne Cote
Vivienne Cote Il y a 14 heures
James: is there snow where u live? me: "omg it is so hot today all i need is a tee-shirt! I cant believe it is 4 degree's c "
J V Il y a 14 heures
hate snow. wouldn’t be sad if i never saw it again 🥶
Sofia Campbell
Sofia Campbell Il y a 14 heures
Yes there is snow and I live in Wisconsin you know the cheese state and me and snow have a love-hate relationship 😂😬
Mallory Smith
Mallory Smith Il y a 14 heures
Mallory Smith
Mallory Smith Il y a 14 heures
Yes kansa
Natalia Constantinou
Natalia Constantinou Il y a 14 heures
I live in Cyprus pls don't hate and I love make up and I never saw snow there 😢
Chloe saldivar
Chloe saldivar Il y a 15 heures
Lol the thing that drawed my attention was the...Baja blast!!
Kim Shorten
Kim Shorten Il y a 15 heures
I live in Australia
Doris Lloyd
Doris Lloyd Il y a 15 heures
i don't really live in a place with snow i live in norfolk virgina
Katsuki Bakugo
Katsuki Bakugo Il y a 15 heures
Texas and no quq
Maria Rosa Scaglia Britos
Maria Rosa Scaglia Britos Il y a 15 heures
There is soooooooo much snow. P.S I live in the north
Carpe Diem Events & Verhuur
netherland loloololololo by the way im in love with your videos en every time im sad je lite up my day if you love jamescharles videos like
iz lloyd
iz lloyd Il y a 15 heures
in Texas it's freezing I do not like winter time in Texas
K Pike
K Pike Il y a 15 heures
No it Dosen’t snow here in Adelaide :( I saw snow once in Tasmania for a little break off school
;-; WhO tOoK dA cOoKiEs
;-; WhO tOoK dA cOoKiEs Il y a 15 heures
Yes it snow's in Engaland
Savage chicken nuggets
Savage chicken nuggets Il y a 15 heures
yah its snowing
Matt Olsen
Matt Olsen Il y a 15 heures
Why do u have a hole cubard of coke? Cupboard* 😑??
Emily Scears
Emily Scears Il y a 16 heures
,,,,,”dethawed”,,,,, sure
Emily Scears
Emily Scears Il y a 16 heures
That blush was,, a little THICC and chuncky tho-
Emily Scears
Emily Scears Il y a 16 heures
I’m from Colorado, the United States, we have snow and I love it
Perlina Jeffrey
Perlina Jeffrey Il y a 16 heures
No im From St.Croix United Stastes Virgin Islands and it NEVER snows here .-.
Lila Niles
Lila Niles Il y a 16 heures
Is it just me or did anyone else think in the beginning the heart make up look was a filter???
Aubrie Nunn
Aubrie Nunn Il y a 17 heures
you should do a frozen one dip challenge
Lil Leah bri :P
Lil Leah bri :P Il y a 17 heures
I live in Germany but now we have like a winner and summer together it’s like a really pretty I hate snow ❄️ but it’s very very very gorgeous
XxHarvest_GamerxX Il y a 17 heures
I’m from Canada so obviously there’s snow, plenty of it
M. S.
M. S. Il y a 17 heures
James: *gets headache* Also James: Am I dying??
M. S.
M. S. Il y a 17 heures
I love the snow
M. S.
M. S. Il y a 17 heures
I have lots of snow
Tabitha Farkas
Tabitha Farkas Il y a 17 heures
You should do a FROZEN movie makover
touleen badah
touleen badah Il y a 17 heures
on jordan its snow from a weeks if it did int snow thats gana be i did not snow from 5 years ago and it just snow 2 days
Natalie Vaught
Natalie Vaught Il y a 18 heures
no snow Georgia
Greenholt Jesse
Greenholt Jesse Il y a 18 heures
The fascinated sudan frustratingly fit because direction univariably long apud a idiotic trip. blue, quizzical ravioli
Hana Haggag
Hana Haggag Il y a 18 heures
I live in Dubai so what is snow
Indu Singhi
Indu Singhi Il y a 18 heures
Hi I am from India gujrat ahemdabad
Shubhangi Shalu
Shubhangi Shalu Il y a 18 heures
Im from india only in north india ice and snow fall because its close to himalya
s cabachuela
s cabachuela Il y a 19 heures
When james put on the foundation I thought of flashback Mary!!!!!!
wendy jones
wendy jones Il y a 19 heures
"am i dying " LOL
Fallen Hope
Fallen Hope Il y a 19 heures
James: am I dieing! Me: lol haha😂
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