Football in Hotel!

Danny Duncan
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Thanks for watching! Love you guys!
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14 oct. 2019




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Commentaires 3 006
Danny Duncan
Danny Duncan Il y a mois
3 million merch available for a couple days only at
BB Gomez
BB Gomez Il y a mois
I will be in texas around Dallas in around Chrasmas
Eddie Chavira
Eddie Chavira Il y a mois
Hunter Schafmayer
Hunter Schafmayer Il y a mois
Danny, I dare you to cut your hair short.
Tiffany Tipp
Tiffany Tipp Il y a mois
Danny Duncan going a round saying hey Daddy
Tiffany Tipp
Tiffany Tipp Il y a mois
Danny Duncan saying hay
Julian Meza
Julian Meza Il y a 5 heures
I go to the school right there, luna
Jagger Ray
Jagger Ray Il y a 15 heures
I’ve been there too
Cameron Hartsfield
Cameron Hartsfield Il y a jour
This dude really just whatever tf he wants
Joe Vollet
Joe Vollet Il y a jour
omg kian and jc used to live in that house
why u bully me
why u bully me Il y a jour
Danny is the type of person that would go to ur house for a sleepover and ruin the house. Like if u agree
Purple Plaza
Purple Plaza Il y a 2 jours
You mean to tell me I moved away and my best friend gets suspended and then gets onto his favorite FRvid star’s channel 😂 (love you Thorn 😂)
Yeah Okay Sashayed
Yeah Okay Sashayed Il y a 3 jours
0:33 that’s someone’s phone yeeted haha
Angel Hernandez
Angel Hernandez Il y a 3 jours
Wow I whore a virginity rocks shirt and legalize eating ass and practice safe sex but I didn’t get in trouble wtf
Supreme Sour Cream
Supreme Sour Cream Il y a 4 jours
0:33 A pink iPhone X just got yeeted out of some guys hand
jack hiatt
jack hiatt Il y a 4 jours
At our school your clothes got banned we get suspended if we wear them now
Bani Antoine
Bani Antoine Il y a 4 jours
RIP to the person that dropped their phone 0:33 lol
Isaac 1904
Isaac 1904 Il y a 5 jours
6:03 - 6:07 song ?
Joseph Bloomer
Joseph Bloomer Il y a 5 jours
This is me and my friends FOR SURE😂
Just Barbie Seitz
Just Barbie Seitz Il y a 5 jours
he was looking at kian and jcs old house that’s sick man!!!
Prouty Il y a 6 jours
I only love an hour from there😂
Ethan Il y a 6 jours
RIP 0:30 the phone that fell on the ground 💀
Jeop Meister
Jeop Meister Il y a 6 jours
0:33 some ones phone was flying
Trash2Treasure 2000
Trash2Treasure 2000 Il y a 6 jours
Susan do you use meth??
Raymond Vargas
Raymond Vargas Il y a 7 jours
0:33 the iphone
••FBI•• Il y a 7 jours
At 0:33 when he drops in the crowd someone’s phone go flying 🤣
Chevy Townsend
Chevy Townsend Il y a 7 jours
Baseball Beast 11
Baseball Beast 11 Il y a 7 jours
Am I the only one who got suspended for wearing a practice safe sex hoodie
King Croc
King Croc Il y a 7 jours
i like how daniel duncones head never moves even when dropping 12 feet onto a human hand wall onto his back. his neck posture is so fucked it actually gives him super neck str.
pkiller Il y a 7 jours
Did anyone else notice that phone falling in 0:34 ?
King Croc
King Croc Il y a 7 jours
danny duncan video: also danny duncan video: destroying 1 football against hotel room walls
RAW . Il y a 8 jours
got caught with 20 grams of weed @ school , i’m now suspended indefinitely , & i’ve discovered Danny Duncan . one hell of a week .
Jeremy Wankerdonger
Jeremy Wankerdonger Il y a 8 jours
Those frat guys were absolute assholes
KING DEE Il y a 8 jours
6:52 it’s baby Shaquille O’Neal
WolfyGladly: Accountability Inspector
Public school is a public can't take tax dollars from parents and then turn around and strip their children of freedom of speech...but they do, and it's immoral and treasonous.
Rcmustang Vids
Rcmustang Vids Il y a 8 jours
When he stage dived he nocked out Someone’s phone
Hunter Il y a 8 jours
R.I.P to the phone at 0:33
Eric Bergstedt
Eric Bergstedt Il y a 9 jours
Who saw the phone flying at 0:33
brandon rice
brandon rice Il y a 9 jours
haha i’m supposed to be sleeping rn but you’re videos are way too legit 😂
victor helburn
victor helburn Il y a 9 jours
Noah James
Noah James Il y a 9 jours
there was a phone that he landed on
stack Il y a 9 jours
guy wearing twenty one pilots shirt: “i have... issues” how surprising
Sav Ran
Sav Ran Il y a 10 jours
Baby Kodakkk
Baby Kodakkk Il y a 10 jours
Dannny Duncan is my favorite FRvidr bra, & I’ve never had one of those bc truly no FRvid but Danny can make me Gshyt laugh, just had a dream he came to my school & I got to meet him 1on1 litterally woke up & rushed to his channel best dream ever
Gus Gus Games
Gus Gus Games Il y a 11 jours
Our school actually allows them lol most of the sweat shirts I have seen at my school say virginity rockas
Cory Steinmetz
Cory Steinmetz Il y a 12 jours
I wanna hangout to with you so bad for one day 😂😂 your a legend.
MadMitchell Susac
MadMitchell Susac Il y a 12 jours
I HAVE MEMES Il y a 13 jours
Jack Gaspar
Jack Gaspar Il y a 13 jours
Does this happen to be kian and jc’s old house?
Ryan Clark
Ryan Clark Il y a 13 jours
The end though😂😂😂
clips YT
clips YT Il y a 15 jours
U know that kids fucking 😂
Steezy Andy
Steezy Andy Il y a 15 jours
Did anyone catch the iphone x that fell out of someones hand at 0:35 i feel bad for who ever lost that lmaoo
aiden reaction
aiden reaction Il y a 15 jours
Love from Arizona
Spec-Darnit Il y a 16 jours
did nobody notice that at 0:33 someone dropped their phone lmao
xeno Getbopped
xeno Getbopped Il y a 16 jours
That’s jake Paul’s old house 😂😂😂😂
Elliot Bent
Elliot Bent Il y a 16 jours
When Danny knocked a kids phone out of their hand when he did the first stage jump
Ripped And Dipped
Ripped And Dipped Il y a 16 jours
anyone else see the fans phone danny landed on at the start and it launched across the room?
NGUP SHEEP Il y a 16 jours
8:54 song?
NGUP SHEEP Il y a 16 jours
8:54 song?
NGUP SHEEP Il y a 16 jours
8:54 song?
Meam Creater
Meam Creater Il y a 17 jours
Whatever u do don't sell it to Jake Paul we all know what he is like 😂
Matt Spencer
Matt Spencer Il y a 17 jours
Roman Hager I see you bro
JB Vlogs
JB Vlogs Il y a 18 jours
New Mexico gang
brooke langdon
brooke langdon Il y a 18 jours
the news articleeee
Camron Smith
Camron Smith Il y a 18 jours
"OH SHIT, I dropped my IPhone I hope it isnt cracked" My Iphone: 11:41
I Love Hawaii!