Flat Earthers vs Scientists: Can We Trust Science?

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11 oct. 2019




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Jubilee Il y a mois
We started a podcast! Listen to a follow-up conversation with one of the Flat Earthers in this first episode: 👉 👈 - leave us a voice message after listening! After many requests, we're happy to share this episode of Middle Ground with you all! In this episode, we explore belief, science, and how our experiences shape our worldview. We'd love to hear your thoughts!
Owen Heart
Owen Heart Il y a 29 jours
@Lucrecea Nazar they wont bring flat earther that can debate well. Like eric dubay. They just wont.
Gaudio Wind
Gaudio Wind Il y a 29 jours
@Owen Heart so it's quite by chance that Moon is only full when they are opposed. And the moon is dark when they are apparently close together. And also all other Moons match perfectly with a Sun which is farther, farther way and the Moon reflects its bright. It must be the Devil again! Come on, my friend! Open your eyes. God wouldn't do it. Don't you say He is perfect and wants to save us? He wouldn't trap us into that, would He?
Lucrecea Nazar
Lucrecea Nazar Il y a 29 jours
Jubilee why didn't you bring dave Murphy he is flat earther
Owen Heart
Owen Heart Il y a 29 jours
@Gaudio Wind dont promote lie. You liar
Owen Heart
Owen Heart Il y a 29 jours
@Gaudio Wind i always observe moon and sun. Moon doesnt rely on sun.
Lukas The Dark
Lukas The Dark Il y a 11 heures
Send flat earthers to space, I’m 100% serious, have them come back and discuss their experience
b-boogie with the hood
b-boogie with the hood Il y a 11 heures
You have a woman who think the earth is flat you know it wrong sorry😂
thechosen 1
thechosen 1 Il y a 11 heures
I think I just lost some brain cells listening to the flat earthers
페르난도 Il y a 11 heures
This was so entertaining!!! Great freaking content guys gj.
lisa Kenny
lisa Kenny Il y a 11 heures
My brain gets smaller every time the flat earthers open there moth
Desirea Gonzalez
Desirea Gonzalez Il y a 11 heures
Nasa does talk about the firmament
Yul Kwon
Yul Kwon Il y a 11 heures
This annoyed me but was pretty funny at the same time
Jordan Pham
Jordan Pham Il y a 11 heures
Now imagine these people go to space...
Jordan Pham
Jordan Pham Il y a 11 heures
These people must have failed science...
The Best
The Best Il y a 11 heures
sooo what hepens when u go edge is there border or we teleporting other side
SuitedSS Il y a 11 heures
this is like arguing with a preschooler on why they cant eat glue
Aline Geralducci
Aline Geralducci Il y a 11 heures
11:13 that was so classy
Marie Cardona
Marie Cardona Il y a 11 heures
God this video pains meeeee, I would not have been so mature I would have been rude to them
TAduke Il y a 11 heures
“Please step out if the internet has affected your interpretation. “ All flat earth era step out Scientist: well that’s the problem.
TAduke Il y a 11 heures
I know that’s not exactly what they asked but I wasn’t bothered to write it exactly :)
Soren Gurney
Soren Gurney Il y a 11 heures
Earth is Round
TAduke Il y a 11 heures
I respect the scientists for remaining more passive in this situation. I know I couldn’t
Flare Thorn
Flare Thorn Il y a 11 heures
Ironic how the woman says don't attack religion, yet makes here statement from the bible. Also she sky dives??? Y hasn't she seen the curve when she's opening the door on a plane?
Vi-P. Il y a 11 heures
Here are my thoughts on flat Earth: -If you believe that the Earth is flat, then why does all our math work? The same people who used the same calculations with the same methods figured out how to manipulate electricity, vehicles, nuclear reactors, computers, quantum computers, and black holes (from interstellar, if the math worked there then that is probably a good sign). There are so many things math is used for that you use today that it’s irrefutable to believe the earth is flat. -If the earth is flat, then how am I able to comment? Because of satellites, I am able to access the internet, which brings me to my next point. -If satellites don’t work, then why are the governments “wasting” billions of dollars sending spacecrafts into space? It would save so much money saying the earth is flat. -Many flat earthers claim the sun and moon hover over the earth in a circle, how? Wouldn’t the gravity pull them down to earth? -I have many more questions but this is taking too long, enjoy :D
Logic Λόγος
Logic Λόγος Il y a 11 heures
Thumbnail: "Flat Earthers vs Scientists" Me: "So, 2 groups will have their time wasted instead of 1... that's productive."
Shiro Kuro
Shiro Kuro Il y a 11 heures
This video gives me the anger
Shiro Kuro
Shiro Kuro Il y a 11 heures
Oh wow what perfect English I just used, you might as well praise me
Ya nan Ya Nan
Ya nan Ya Nan Il y a 12 heures
The guy in red looks like el macho from despicable me
Vv Vvu
Vv Vvu Il y a 12 heures
“If you think you can achieve true level with your sad naked caveman eyeball, you’re the reason humans are doomed as a species and it makes me angry” - rick sanchez..... live outside of your senses
Now what?
Now what? Il y a 12 heures
tell me this u flat earther how can u see sun set through sea horizen but not mount everest 😎,ohhh wait are they also lying abot mt everest being the tallest mt🤔
Zentenze Il y a 12 heures
Ok boomer
Elliott Eng
Elliott Eng Il y a 12 heures
Geniuses vs Joe shmoes, who will win???
Originallymunch Il y a 12 heures
If the earth was flat you could see every tall building, from every single country, regardless how far away it was.
Vivien Kok
Vivien Kok Il y a 12 heures
I'm sorry... But everytime the flat earthers started to talk I always needed to stop the video and cringe...Nothing against the people, but the reasons and the huge support of believing that the earth is flat was just too much for me.
Flameblasta Il y a 12 heures
Just wanted to say as a Christian I believe the earth is round
Caylon Masters
Caylon Masters Il y a 12 heures
So your telling me if I keep walking north, I would reach the world barrier? What the hell is a "localized sun?"...... The amount of immaturity that comes out of that womans mouth by the interruptions that start heated arguments. Also, how would a compass work?
Logan Tough
Logan Tough Il y a 12 heures
why as soon as the flat earthers ran out of answers the director stopped the. discussion
Julia Karns
Julia Karns Il y a 12 heures
I’m sad that none of the scientists believed that God created the Earth. I believe that God was never created, instead He created everything, including the Earth and everything in it, and that one of the ways that God reveals Himself is through the science He created. The Earth is not flat, it is proven and obvious to be a globe. That’s the way God designed it and yes, there are scriptures that can be interpreted many different ways, but there is also a level of ignorance that is warned about even in the Bible, when one chooses to ignore science. Science that is correct will never deny the existence of God. And there is no science out there that claims that since the Earth is a globe, God did not create it.
Steve Flow
Steve Flow Il y a 12 heures
3 crazy people vs 3 sane people
Steve Flow
Steve Flow Il y a 12 heures
Is this healthy
Logic Λόγος
Logic Λόγος Il y a 11 heures
You asking "is this healthy for them debating" or "is this healthy for us watching?" Oh, who am I kidding... I can't imagine how this is healthy for anyone. 🤣
Ryan_the _aviation_geek
Ryan_the _aviation_geek Il y a 12 heures
C'mon on guys it's actually a cube have you seen minecraft
Ethan Bryant
Ethan Bryant Il y a 12 heures
These people prolly put there phones on there left pocket
Ethan Bryant
Ethan Bryant Il y a 12 heures
Kevin Pena
Kevin Pena Il y a 12 heures
The earth is flat hahaha wow "it's faulty logic" The moon is also flat. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Docs God
Docs God Il y a 12 heures
You should of showed them the LIVE video of the earth from outer space
Ricardo Garcia
Ricardo Garcia Il y a 13 heures
I just see this as dumbasses vs intellectuals
Help I Need To Pick a Bias
right, so. i know no one is going to see this but ill say my opinion anyway: Basically, my friend is muslim. She believes that the earth is round, and that God did create it, however, her religion does not defy science at all (apart from bits of the theory of evolution, since she believes that we didn't come from apes, but apart from that, most of it doesn't defy science.) she believes in the big bang theory and everything. Point being, that wahmen kinda assumed that religious people are flat earthers or disagree with science a lot, but that simply isnt true
Alexsami Lopes
Alexsami Lopes Il y a 13 heures
The problem with these meetings is that they choose scientists with too high academic backgrounds, when you get to a certain point in education it's hard to explain things in a simple way because you assume the person has some previous knowledge to some notions that are key to understand more complex conclusions. It would be more constructive to give a free course to those people, from basic to a certain level.
Mighty Il y a 13 heures
Scientists when they entered the room: 200iq Scientists when they left the room: 200iq The just realized that there are idiots in this world
DUC Il y a 13 heures
Aaah Americans, Love you guys, Always willing to put the Smartest & Bat Sh*t Crazy into one room and See who Dies first...
Donovan B
Donovan B Il y a 13 heures
That woman will never be convinced and it really is sad. Her husband showed her the moon stuff and, I feel that I'd be correct in assuming he was Army as well and was a KIA, now she probably has resentment towards the government over her husbands death. Also, I feel she dove so hard into flat earth as a means to feel close to her deceased husband. As a result, IMO, anything that goes against her position is seen as an attack on her husband's memory.
Audrey and mimi
Audrey and mimi Il y a 13 heures
Do you think the other side is uneducated> Flat earth 🌎 ers ; IM RuNNiNg😂 I’m telling you EaRTH iS FlAt ! So scientist are UNEDUCATED
Arsi Tayyab
Arsi Tayyab Il y a 13 heures
Their faces are so punchable
Andrew Matos
Andrew Matos Il y a 13 heures
When she said that only NASA can interpret rocket science I hollered
Micah Pillsbury
Micah Pillsbury Il y a 13 heures
I am a Christian, but I am also strongly in agreement with the scientific theory. People of old, like the Jews, Syrians, and Mesopotamia, were not aware of how the world works. Science is the explanation of God's wonder. The best we can do is guess and try to improve what we think happens, but the ultimate creator knows exactly how the universe works. Most of the early scientists were Catholic Christian, but did that mean that they didn't seek the ends without an absolute truth? No! They had a foundation for belief, but Copernicus still proposed the idea that the earth goes around the sun based on SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE. This is why discovery brings us closer to Him.
Logan Tough
Logan Tough Il y a 13 heures
shelley is clearly of low intelligence i don’t know why they picked her for this discussion and for their podcast
Alexsami Lopes
Alexsami Lopes Il y a 13 heures
This video is painful. "If I don't understand the scientific explanation then the scientists must be wrong". It's just painful. Or maybe lets assume all the scientists in the world are lying to us, WHY would they do this? What would they have to gain from it? I've lost some neurons watching this video.
x Mandii x 222
x Mandii x 222 Il y a 13 heures
If scientists and NASA have already been to outter space then why is this even a friggin debate...wouldnt the evidence alone be a gd enough answer?
x Mandii x 222
x Mandii x 222 Il y a 13 heures
The one big reason the earth HAS to be round is bc of the sun and time..if flat then how come we have diff times and diff times for when the sun hits diff parts of the world???? Explain that then...
Polygon Podcast
Polygon Podcast Il y a 13 heures
For flat earthers where do they think they’ll go at the edge of the earth? Just fall off??
Donovan B
Donovan B Il y a 13 heures
"Logical, biblically based." ... those two things are so unbelievably opposite of each other it's not even funny...
Jarvis Xiong
Jarvis Xiong Il y a 14 heures
The earth is flat because i can't wrap my head around a round earth.
valardohaerish Il y a 14 heures
Petition to sterilice all flat earthers
noge rivan
noge rivan Il y a 14 heures
Flat earther with globe belly
220 tdjr
220 tdjr Il y a 14 heures
This discussion really gets under my skin lol I never knew scientists would b so close minded n I never knew ppl of religion were "logical"
Pisica Urlatoare
Pisica Urlatoare Il y a 14 heures
You managed to bring those incredible scientists there and you brought those bitches from the country side to speak with them. They had no respect for them ehat so ever. They lost an hour maybe 2 from their lives to speak with those flat earthers... i am acctualy realy mad that flat earthers exist
Originbaby 1
Originbaby 1 Il y a 14 heures
I was sooo glad/happy when only the scientists sat there alone!!!!!