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Colton Underwood has had quite a journey so far in Bachelor World, but this season of The Bachelor is bringing all the emotions, stay tuned for more!
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Here you'll find your favourite Bachelor, Bachelorette and Bachelor In Paradise moments from all around the world. Thought The Bachelor was just a US phenomenon? Think again! The romance, glamour and heart-ache may have started in the States, but the love-bug soon spread around the globe, from Australia and Canada, to the UK, New Zealand and beyond! Bachelor World is here to share the fan favourite and memorable moments from over 1000 episodes and 30 countries - Will you accept this rose? 🌹
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Engaged with JoJo & Jordan
Colton is going to make such a great bachelor! Can't wait to watch this season unfold 🌹🌹🌹
Chris Farah
Chris Farah Il y a an
Yes!!! My recap is up, let’s get into this season
REZZ live 30 minute set
Karol G, Anuel AA - Follow