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This year we are getting a seemingly brand new take on the classic Batman villain, the Joker. This version stars Joaquin Phoenix as a failed comedian named Arthur Fleck - a new name for the old character. People are saying it's a whole new origin story for the Joker and I think that's true... but maybe not in the way most people are thinking. I think this Joker is not actually REAL! What do I mean? You're about to find out!
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Writer: Matthew Patrick and Zach Stewart
Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert, BanditRants, and Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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8 sept. 2019




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Commentaires 12 202
Matthew Pierce
Matthew Pierce Il y a 8 heures
I saw king of comedy in there. Amazing movie!! Underrated and deniro in reverse roles in joker
Matthew Pierce
Matthew Pierce Il y a 8 heures
What do get when you cross a mentally ill loner with s society that abandons him and treats him like trash? Crack in voice !! I'll tell you what you get ... YOU GET WHAT YOU FUKING DESERVE !!!!! Made me cry. Amazing acting great story guy who did the hangover lol
Panda Il y a 14 heures
I know right its not the joker. its not like the movie of the name is joker, its in the dc universe and he dresses like a clown which laughs uncontrollably just like the OTHER jokers
Jonathan Boogaard
Jonathan Boogaard Il y a 15 heures
You wanne know how i got these oscars? -joker
Jonathan Boogaard
Jonathan Boogaard Il y a 15 heures
"oke" -joker
Chechakkim Norbirth
5:37 the average gamer
Laufield Il y a jour
If he’s not really the joker, then why there’s Gotham and family Wayne?
Christopher Henriksen
Christopher Henriksen Il y a 2 jours
Half way right kinda counts I guess.
ً Il y a 2 jours
what if we are fake?
Andres Sanchez
Andres Sanchez Il y a 2 jours
The joker is not a person it's an ideology
The Gaming Hunter
The Gaming Hunter Il y a 2 jours
I don't have any ofthe other symptoms but I do jave very poor hand writing exactly like you described for scitsafrenea so now I'm kind of worried
Melissa Williams
Melissa Williams Il y a 3 jours
ALFINATUL JANNAH 2014 Il y a 4 jours
Film Theory: The Joker Is Not Real (Joker 2019 Spoiler Free) full movie ----------------------- ---------- ----- Watch film >>> Leurs états de santé respectifs les empechent de s'approcher trop
Just Another1
Just Another1 Il y a 4 jours
Well it's not Heath Ledger
Sjors Hoeijmans
Sjors Hoeijmans Il y a 4 jours
Wait a fucking second. This isn't Film Theory you bunch of assholes, this is fan theorizing.
DionGames Il y a 5 jours
Worst part of having Schizophrenia is believing you dont
Joseph Oliveras
Joseph Oliveras Il y a 5 jours
What if Arthur had a child and that child became the joker that fights batman. because I mean the joker always said want to know how I got these scars and his father yada yada and because sometimes depression and mental illnesses are genetic.
Music Subscriber
Music Subscriber Il y a 5 jours
When the comments don’t realize that this video came out before the movie. R/whoosh
Dude Il y a 6 jours
I thinks Phoenix joker is just a younger heats joker.... That's why the dark Knight joker sounds like a smoker
CLN Il y a 6 jours
Arthur looks like The Caretaker at Hogwarts
Mr. Binx
Mr. Binx Il y a 6 jours
This all becomes irrelevant after u see the dreaming in the actual film, (SPOILERS)when he’s at the talk show in the audience
Kaos Espada
Kaos Espada Il y a 7 jours
Just think about it. Arthur fleck is around his 40s. Bruce is around 10. It will be another two decades till Bruce becomes Batman. Does it make sense for the Joker to be 60 years old or older and fighting BATMAN?! I think not...
A 17
A 17 Il y a 7 jours
But joker claims in the movie that he didn't have any intentions of being the figurehead of the rebellion, he only did what he did because people were just being jerks. So with that, I don't think the uprisings are his fantasies because he says he didn't want/intend for this to happen. He wouldn't fantasize about something he didn't want. (but still a great theory because you only used the trailer)
You don’t care abt my name
Btw Fleck means “stain” in German do with it what you will
Nicolas Sanchez
Nicolas Sanchez Il y a 8 jours
5:19 Does the wall behind his mother move?
Donamtrx Il y a 9 jours
Mmk..I gotta give it to u...🤔I haven't heard anyone talk about him walking thru th crowd...very good catch!👌🏻
Do Not Watch
Do Not Watch Il y a 9 jours
Joker: your right... But your wrong
peanut butter jelly
peanut butter jelly Il y a 9 jours
thanks for helping me out on my essay
Shmandazza Il y a 10 jours
I know I’m late but I just saw the movie yesterday. Very good movie
A M Il y a 10 jours
he's one of the three.
Shawn Fields
Shawn Fields Il y a 10 jours
Joker is a bad Joke he's also boring why you think no one laughs at his jokew
JJsays Il y a 10 jours
Amazing video! The Film Theorists killing it as always! For anyone that might be interested, I recently made a video analyzing what mental disorders Arthur may have potentially had. It gets in depth about Arthur's sociopathy, and other potential mood disturbances he may have suffered from. Please feel free to check it out!
Rofern Fernandes
Rofern Fernandes Il y a 11 jours
Your prediction were wrong i guess
Bad Man
Bad Man Il y a 9 jours
Not wrong. Director himself said events was left ambiguous.
Austin Hancock
Austin Hancock Il y a 11 jours
Theroy confirmed RED ALERT RED ALERT THE SKY IS FALLING he should have just stoped
kaleb Sanborn
kaleb Sanborn Il y a 11 jours
Scobloosh Il y a 11 jours
Ernest Nelson
Ernest Nelson Il y a 12 jours
Joker: Dances Game theorists: Ima pretend I didn't see that
JanPan Il y a 10 jours
SOUL 41 Il y a 12 jours
going tbh you are right and wrong
Synthetic Descent
Synthetic Descent Il y a 13 jours
Shut up
Big Boi Bucci
Big Boi Bucci Il y a 14 jours
*"The Joker is not real."* l... I mean duhh.
sxciallysick __
sxciallysick __ Il y a 3 jours
Big Boi Bucci *WHY DID THIS SEND ME?-*
Eagle 2Feathers
Eagle 2Feathers Il y a 14 jours
Tbh would rather American psycho
A Taurus Knows Best
A Taurus Knows Best Il y a 14 jours
It is DEFINITELY a Batman movie...that’s the joke he was laughing about at the end. There’s still a Wayne out there...
Kevin Burkett
Kevin Burkett Il y a 14 jours
honestly, this whole "it didnt happen theory" is the only one i cant agree with for one simple reason: If joker was just making up the whole thing, why would he purposely reveal that he hallucinated so much of the story and forced himself to be as miserable as arthur was constantly throughout? if it was all in his head why would we see him failing at the comedy club? why would we see him furious at murray for making fun of him? why would we see him constantly pushed down and abused if he was in control the whole time? that's why i disagree with that narrative
A 17
A 17 Il y a 7 jours
For me, I think the uprisings at least were totally real. (Matpat didn't know this when making this theory) but Arthur said he didn't intend on being the figurehead of the rebellion. He wouldn't fantasize and/or hallucinate about something he didn't even know was an option. so yeah.
TrueSlav 69
TrueSlav 69 Il y a 14 jours
First of all how can you tell people something becouse you watched trailer and second he is JOKER so please stop makeing nosense
addie Il y a 15 jours
i was today years old when i learned that that kid was batman
K-bear Does Art
K-bear Does Art Il y a 15 jours
Did anyone else notice that on the King of Comedy cover art the main character is on a playing card. A JOKER playing card!
David Solt
David Solt Il y a 15 jours
What is rhuparts movie called?
David Solt
David Solt Il y a 15 jours
King of comedy
David Solt
David Solt Il y a 15 jours
Lmao I write like a schizophrenic
Norah T
Norah T Il y a 15 jours
was that... the blue wizard hat from runescape?
Norah T
Norah T Il y a 15 jours
@ 13:49
Keon Sohn
Keon Sohn Il y a 16 jours
Interesting but ultimately a poor analysis of Joker. Feels like you could've made the same point in half the time. A lot of heavily construed examples from the movie with no real convincing evidence.
Daniel Kinney
Daniel Kinney Il y a 16 jours
“As he himself in the trailer says...” “LETS PLAY RAID SHADOW LEGENDS!!!!” gots love mid roll ads Lolol
Eleven 15
Eleven 15 Il y a 16 jours
Oml mat u need to wach the movie😂 I love your vids btw
Mr. Magistral Malik
Mr. Magistral Malik Il y a 16 jours
2:50 Perfect Summary of a Time Skip understanding what this video is talking about.
Mr. Magistral Malik
Mr. Magistral Malik Il y a 16 jours
Hey I didn't like the "I smell like beeeef" thing so I made a time skip to get to the point for those who are not into seeing that over and over so you could get to the point warning you based upon the time stamp. It's on here 0:45 - 0:48. So, if you are going to play the video again just watch the first part until 0:40-0:45 and skip it on 0:48 so you don't have to see that part. Because honestly, it's annoying see that over and over when I am watching this Theory. No offense to those who like the meme. I am just looking out for others.
kadimah1 Il y a 16 jours
I call BS. Not being real wouldn't contribute anything. It doesn't add a layer or make it more interesting if it's not real. Thus, not being real just undercuts the story itself (why tell a story and then say it isn't real?) and imho the filmmakers wouldn't have done it.
Eray Erdin
Eray Erdin Il y a 17 jours
Türkçe şizofreni araştırması. As bayrakları as as as. 6:17.
Hargosmos Il y a 17 jours
haha ur wrong soyboy
Michael Augusto Enriquez
Michael Augusto Enriquez Il y a 17 jours
You didn’t mention the scene when Arthur is called “Son” by the talk show host. De Niro says “I would give this whole thing up to have a son like you”. That was definitely a fantasy.
Michael Augusto Enriquez
That cool dude! is awesome! Have u seen the movie? I saw it at Redbox today, and jaw dropped. I’m pretty stoked to be renting it tomorrow.
That cool dude! is awesome!
He didn't get to see the movie just the trailer when this came out you nice man!
Miss Dire
Miss Dire Il y a 16 jours
He mentions it in his other Joker theory video.
Cherry Girl
Cherry Girl Il y a 18 jours
It would be a series plot twist that by the end of the of the Batman universe it turns out that all the villains and Bruce Wayne to even the sidekicks as well as the side characters were all imaginations in the joker's head And everyone that we know in the Batman universe never existed, that would mean that Batman was a lie! 😮
Gaming4Justice Il y a 18 jours
I was reading through the symptoms and was quite surprised as to how many of those traits matched me. Except the most traditional and stereotypical part of it - hallucinations.
JuiV Il y a 18 jours
his mother isn’t his mother. he is adopted