Ferrari Service asked me to bring my 458 in for its Alignment...

Tj Hunt
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20 mars 2019




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Commentaires 80
Clif Bradley
Clif Bradley Il y a 17 jours
Blue light filter is bullshit. They don't protect your eyes. That was a gimmick invented to sell expensive tint on your eyeglasses. But there are reports about it.
Marco A
Marco A Il y a an
Great job, really! One remark though, why not do the inside of the doors red to? It looks so.... well you know. Or you don’t open the door getting in our out would be better.
mansoaptheif Il y a an
I just watched this entire series you guys are an inspiration. TJ you’re a beast
G yungin
G yungin Il y a an
No more videos after this?
Jamyrin Adams
Jamyrin Adams Il y a an
how much for the rx7 ??
amine abahri
amine abahri Il y a an
Tj hunt... you talk so much dud .....fuck
Kyung Kim
Kyung Kim Il y a an
is that it?
Mr Legendary
Mr Legendary Il y a an
Hey I’m waiting on the wrap up to this build I’ve been overly invested and wanna see the body kit, wrap and final cost I gotta see how this thing is gonna turn out
The Pixalator
The Pixalator Il y a an
Looks like these comments have pissed him off, No video's for days now!
Alex Murillo
Alex Murillo Il y a an
Says it’s quiet, can’t really hear his voice when he does a pull lol
katrina crown
katrina crown Il y a an
How much did it cost to repair
HealedDegree Il y a an
collab with dailydrivenexotics, show him the 458 and what you guys were able to do and the story, and then show him the BRZ, and RX7!!
Blue Head2Toe
Blue Head2Toe Il y a an
They fix it you film it. They might be able to see other things that are common in Ferrari crashes that you didn't see. Their electrical genius, Ferrari has to replace harness and these bad mother mother fu*kers can fix.
Edris Ajmal
Edris Ajmal Il y a an
Is this the salvage one?
karz7787 Il y a an
Ha Armytrix.....
Federico Faenza
Federico Faenza Il y a an
If you want to enjoy that car 100%, you need to mount that camera somewhere :)
UltraPlayz Il y a an
Three weeks later “wrecked Lamborghini build pt.1” or something like that.
BLK Barron392
BLK Barron392 Il y a an
That panel on the roof that’s missing and you see metal and wires bothers me no time lol
Nathan Countyrman
Definitely needs the exhaust
Ethan Reyes
Ethan Reyes Il y a an
I been seeing the same thing for a month , when are you gonna send it and be like freshhkiicks ....., braking stuff and actually racing and not giving a fucking review of wtf you fixed and now
Ethan Reyes
Ethan Reyes Il y a an
Tbh your channel is dry asf rn
Rey Baybay
Rey Baybay Il y a an
Great job mclovin !
DJ Statyk
DJ Statyk Il y a an
I'm not trynna talk shit but damn, i never seen someone so obsessed/impressed with themselves as this guy.
Brandon Simonson
Please put that headliner panel back on. Its driving me nuts
IG LuckyFetus
IG LuckyFetus Il y a an
Next video: Bad news guys, dogs gone and... Just found out my gf's been shitting into a plastic bag and keeping in under her seat all along😕
J-P vergaman
J-P vergaman Il y a an
Next video: My ferrari gets wrecked again :"(
Josh Hixson
Josh Hixson Il y a an
Aperently it is even harder to book a haircut than it is to book an alignment.
arno clerens
arno clerens Il y a an
give us the old outro back !!
Tanner McDaniel
Tanner McDaniel Il y a an
I think he hires Mickey to tell him what's wrong with the car and then just repeats it?
Seth Baldwin
Seth Baldwin Il y a an
Please do not put that thai garbagio armytrix on your Ferrari! Go with something else please.
Sameer Hameed
Sameer Hameed Il y a an
Buck up
The Jersey Ninja
Also TJ my guy. As someone who works in highway construction, please for the love of god slow down near construction zones. Regardless of it it looks like they’re working or not. You have no idea what it’s like to work on a highway every single day where people always ignore everything and you’re constantly checking your back to make sure someone doesn’t come flying in and cream you. Highway construction is like the second most dangerous job in the country after deep sea fishing, so please man, respect the area and slow down. It goes a long way when we’re out there and we notice someone slowing down to a respectable speed as we’re working instead of flooring it as they go past us to try and show off. It pisses us off to no end because we almost all know at least one or more people who have been seriously injured or killed working on the side of a road because people are idiots. It’s not that I think you’ll lose control and hit someone, it’s just a respect thing. It makes our job safer
The Jersey Ninja
Did you just call it an alignment MEETING?’s an appointment....come on
Carlos A
Carlos A Il y a an
just swallow your pride and ship it. it'll be cheaper for you $6k is stupid expensive for a new harness
Marcus P
Marcus P Il y a an
The haters post comments but ..... your literally funding him by watching and commenting 🤣🤦🏽‍♂️
Chandler Schroeder
Sacramento babyyyyyyyyyy
KiRoFF Reporting
Wide body kit pls, i know you would love it !
Lane Moyes
Lane Moyes Il y a an
The air freshener doesn’t not make the car smell “brand new”!!! It make it smell like black ice air freshener. It does smell great but it’s not that new car smell
snopro 27
snopro 27 Il y a an
You would be dumb to buy the new harness
Quinton Il y a an
secretly sabrina farts in her car, dont go blaming it on the dogs tj lol
I SEE YOU Il y a an
this double add gives me hemroids and makes me not want to use youtube any more
Ligit Cliff
Ligit Cliff Il y a an
Hey TJ how come you never did a bmw build?
Ozzy C
Ozzy C Il y a an
Ship the car
jeeps005 Il y a an
Teej get f.lux, its a must for late night gaming
Nick Lowe
Nick Lowe Il y a an
Stings now. But it’ll be dope to see it perfect
ranveersingh madan
Dude i really like watching your vlogs You have a really positive personality. Keep up the cool stuff ✌🏻
Andrew Dobbs
Andrew Dobbs Il y a an
drive the car up to norcal, vlog experience, take some footy up there with the car, 2-3 vids of the trip and the car, feel like it'd work well
K3K Il y a an
lmao you've been paying or getting other people to do work on your cars forever. you don't even know how to hold tools properly
Joe Marchione
Joe Marchione Il y a an
Take it to a specialist to have it diagnosed, don't just throw parts at it because you have money.
Tony Blaze
Tony Blaze Il y a an
Go boi that looks like so much fun
Jessie Baral
Jessie Baral Il y a an
What brand are you using for your blue light blocking glasses?
Tyler Woolford A.K.A. Chicken Little
Op back to the same intro music as Evan Shanks 😂 competition much? When y’all coming to DFW Teeg!?
stzy Il y a an
You should powder coat the rx7 wheels dark grey or black, it would look so good!
Spencer Tran
Spencer Tran Il y a an
Where did you get your blue light glasses tj?
Roger C
Roger C Il y a an
Try chemical guys products for detailing to interior odor
Roger C
Roger C Il y a an
Why your tail lights still flickering
Jonathan Edwards
That Rx though 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Dale Schmidt
Dale Schmidt Il y a an
Most people just say I booked an alignment and they called to confirm you're still coming
JustBardin Il y a an
Buy the harness and do the fix yourself! Spend it, it'll be worth it. Gr from Holland
Killir Beard
Killir Beard Il y a an
Ship the car. It’s cheaper and makes it so you can save money and get that exhaust done lol.
italianman191 Il y a an
Send it to Sacramento save the money and if u got the time fly out and document even if your schedule is backed up just send the car
Stampz Il y a an
Go with a new harness, thrn you can put it in yourself and you're sure to get the problem fixed
MKSB .07
MKSB .07 Il y a an
you should let yannimize do a wrap for your Ferrari
zehlersan Il y a an
Should have never cut that new harness you had in the first place. Should have done it right the first time. But it's all good you will get the kinks straightened out!
cheezcruncher Il y a an
Why is the inside of the door white? Is it a wrap? That is so disgusting..
Ricardo Quezada
Ricardo Quezada Il y a an
You don’t need that much grip Adam runs street tires on his s15
Elvin Ayala
Elvin Ayala Il y a an
Tow it
mark eaves
mark eaves Il y a an
Anybody can see the guy has more money than sense.
BarrinK3 Il y a an
If you put the new from Ferrari harness in, is it covered under the car's warranty? Or is that already gone. I know if you keep using the OEM parts then it is covered by the insurance if something should happen to the car. Otherwise, a 5k for add on's limit is usually in place.
Austin Inge
Austin Inge Il y a an
He is a Fanboy of super cars now he not a tuner boy anymore
Mattsgottaknow Il y a an
Ship it!
Black Phantom
Black Phantom Il y a an
Next video. I took the ferrari to go home and bone my gf.
A_Rackzzz Il y a an
Your Ferrari clean is clean bro put a liberty walk kit on it
Bryan Wedekind
Bryan Wedekind Il y a an
cant even hear himself talk... says it needs an exhaust
AJ B Il y a an
Hey TJ, love your series of the rebuild of the Ferrari...looks like you need a new project now. As I was looking through other rebuilds and came across this gem. Not sure if you need a second Ferrari for the Mrs but this may be something worth looking into. Came across this from another FRvid channel...look at 4:04 in the timeline at the Ferrari California.
LilHazardX24 Il y a an
Send it to sac
austin calderon
austin calderon Il y a an
This dude wants us to feel bad for him, His 4th car isn’t working and he’s moving into a new house. Sucks bro! Lol
Stuart Tennison
Stuart Tennison Il y a an
Send it to Sacramento. Youve taken it as far as you can. If you can document it then great. But sending it off isnt a bad thing :)
TJzz Adamszz
TJzz Adamszz Il y a an
How big are the spacers on the z that looked crazy
1991hbryan Il y a an
who makes those glasses?
Rest in Peace.
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