FaZe Jarvis - Banned 4 Life (Official Music Video)

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So I actaully made a Music Video... This is of course a joke.
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12 janv. 2020




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Commentaires 26 771
Jarvis Il y a 14 jours
I actually made a music video holeeeeeeeeeee
GUCCI BRUV Il y a 13 jours
That’s amazing JARVIS
jovanigaming 248
jovanigaming 248 Il y a 13 jours
Haters gotta hate remember that jarvis
Okesene Okesene
Okesene Okesene Il y a 13 jours
This is y u got report because u aimboting without even looking at ur opponents
Faze Semirmessi
Faze Semirmessi Il y a 13 jours
SamTheBeast ya
Jaymon Clark
Jaymon Clark Il y a 13 jours
Jarvis is a goat without aimbot
cz Labyrinth
cz Labyrinth Il y a 20 secondes
Why don’t you just make a new account and spend a millionth of your BILLION DOLLAR bank account to buy some skins
Meleina Hendry
Meleina Hendry Il y a 5 minutes
Ewwwwwwww this song is trash 🤢🤢🤢🤢
Rigidglacier82 Il y a 6 minutes
I saw on sc this was cringe af now I’m here and I regret it all
Tempt ._.
Tempt ._. Il y a 6 minutes
Imagine being so sad that you cry like a fkn bitc* cuz of a game and then joke about it in a music vid. I actually think he deserves getting banned at the game.
Meleina Hendry
Meleina Hendry Il y a 6 minutes
Eww tash9
Rhys Knowlton
Rhys Knowlton Il y a 7 minutes
He really is horrible at singing wait this isn’t singing this is bullshit right this song is bullshit
AHNv2 Il y a 8 minutes
*He keeps saying Hard work and dedication but this song is the complete opposite of it*
xxjoshy Il y a 9 minutes
They should extend your ban just for making this video
YtJoshua Rp
YtJoshua Rp Il y a 9 minutes
I wish u play Fortnite
Lord Potato
Lord Potato Il y a 10 minutes
I wonder if Jarvis has actually assed to look at these comments 😂😂 you can’t make a song. Just don’t buddy 😂
Hatedl Il y a 16 minutes
Thanks Jarvis you just made people want to commit suicide🙄
Ehsan Ahmad
Ehsan Ahmad Il y a 19 minutes
Please grant me the sweet release of death
FastlaneRemixs Il y a 19 minutes
My dead nan risen from the grave to turn this shit off.
AngelC9F Il y a 20 minutes
Even with audio tune you still as$
Impulse Il y a 21 minute
Got what you deserve
AngelC9F Il y a 22 minutes
What does banned for life have to do with flexing
Gaming Guys
Gaming Guys Il y a 23 minutes
Brittney Howard
Brittney Howard Il y a 25 minutes
FaZe Jarvis: "pulls out a pistol" and shoots random guy Me: holeeee Jarvis your insane bro
ElectroLP Il y a 27 minutes
He should be banned from rapping, not from fortnite...
FaDe Blendz
FaDe Blendz Il y a 28 minutes
Unban jarvis epic!
Dragon flamer Xx
Dragon flamer Xx Il y a 35 minutes
HojiShotz _
HojiShotz _ Il y a 37 minutes
U probs still play. But on another acc
MousemanLV Il y a 37 minutes
Damn this guy is gg. Fkin sad😄
JOHNATHAN ORTIZ Il y a 38 minutes
I am Alfuh
I am Alfuh Il y a 38 minutes
Songs ass
AJR2_GAMING_ Il y a 40 minutes
Autotune m8
Uhb Hjb
Uhb Hjb Il y a 40 minutes
Sick guy
Noah Masiu
Noah Masiu Il y a 41 minute
love u jarvi
Autismo1 Il y a 41 minute
Who gives a shit fortnite is dead
Delete Fortnite
Delete Fortnite Il y a 42 minutes
i lost alot of braincells cuz of this
Matt Armstrong
Matt Armstrong Il y a 46 minutes
this is so bad😂
Koury & Khi Breezo
Koury & Khi Breezo Il y a 47 minutes
This is 🗑 garbage throw it out NOW 🙏 plz
Ahmed Abba
Ahmed Abba Il y a 50 minutes
Just make a another account calm down
Ahmed Abba
Ahmed Abba Il y a 51 minute
This so cringy
Edward Harvey
Edward Harvey Il y a 54 minutes
XXXNotMysticX Il y a 55 minutes
I made a better song when I was 2 years old
esko Il y a 56 minutes
Epic games , don’t give him his account back , please
RIO carbon
RIO carbon Il y a 57 minutes
joshua weaver
joshua weaver Il y a 58 minutes
This song makes that *its something about you girl* Sound like straight FIRE xD
Diamond Imperium
Diamond Imperium Il y a 59 minutes
How does this have any likes lol this shit has to be the worst song i've ever heard
Cursed Stray
Cursed Stray Il y a 59 minutes
Tripping on crack? Shooting people? Bro its a game you got banned for a reason Edit 1: just got a fortnite ad
Darth Maul
Darth Maul Il y a heure
Snipe kids all day .. pff... imagine thinking you are cool by playing 10 hours a day,you loser
Erupt Scares
Erupt Scares Il y a heure
romjom Il y a heure
Hes doing like a Fortnite withdraw tf
mudb0y Il y a heure
portalonmobile 44
portalonmobile 44 Il y a heure
if anyone told you , you can rap they were probably lying or they have autism
saniclaus Il y a heure
Man this is so cringe I can’t watch this
portalonmobile 44
portalonmobile 44 Il y a heure
even deaf people wouldn’t wanna hear this
panda red
panda red Il y a heure
i seen this snap story saying that he now holds the record for the worst rapper on yt
OrbaStudio Il y a heure
This sucks
Harrison Harper
Harrison Harper Il y a heure
this is ass
uh 2016 and 2017 is gone we dont have youtube rappers anymore
BlersianFNM Il y a heure
Is this even a diss track
Jonathan Barbosa
Jonathan Barbosa Il y a heure
This song be on Spotify's top hits 💀
Fate Mexican Deigo
Fate Mexican Deigo Il y a heure
This song is ASS
Eric Corbin
Eric Corbin Il y a heure
Such a elevated level of garbage wow..
OfficiallyGood Il y a heure
Rip Kobe 😭
K Ho
K Ho Il y a heure
Stay banned for life
TG- sypher
TG- sypher Il y a heure
Chill this his first song it's kinda 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥