Falling In Reverse - "Losing My Life" LIVE! @ Warped Tour 2018

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Watch Falling In Reverse perform their brand new single "Losing My Life" LIVE at Warped Tour 2018 in Las Vegas, NV!
Audio mixed by: Matt Thomas @ AshTone Audio
Video by: CaliberTV & BVTV Music
Thumbnail photo by: Alyson Coletta
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Commentaires 80
BVTV Music
BVTV Music Il y a an
New videos from Warped Tour 2018 coming all summer long! Be sure to subscribe! :) What bands do you guys want to see next?! Let us know in the comments below!
Michael Giordano
Michael Giordano Il y a mois
Bring me the horizon , Evading sunset , and Tom DeLonge with blink 182......
slayer71392 Il y a 10 mois
Chelsea Grin
fais sykes
fais sykes Il y a an
Invisible drummer at 3:16
neteroide Il y a 4 heures
esse cara ganhou o meu respeito
neteroide Il y a 4 heures
PwnManpower Il y a 11 heures
This song to me sounds so much better live than the recorded version to be honest. Would love to see these guys live.
Shawn Rae
Shawn Rae Il y a 16 heures
The BassPlayer all day. But Fuck this lame shit for real.
Stacy Cakes
Stacy Cakes Il y a jour
Yo, Mr. Bass Player, please introduce yourself to the world, we've been waiting for you.
Thanos Il y a 2 jours
That back up vocalist is better live than some lead vocalists.
Jacob Ashcraft
Jacob Ashcraft Il y a 2 jours
Damn, FiR really did just turn into a Butt Rock band and added rapping. Kind of sad looking at how good their first album was.
dreamyKiN Il y a 3 jours
Didn't know Alisson Becker toured with FiR
Rocking readings
Rocking readings Il y a 3 jours
This is so amazing in so many ways, every time I re-watch this video I find a new thing to admire about this band
under88Me Il y a 4 jours
I wouldn't say I am a big fan of this kind of music but what a flawless performance
Daniel Klein
Daniel Klein Il y a 4 jours
Man, I remember the early days of FIR when a lot of people were shitting on the band and especially on Ronnie, it's just fkng amazing how far they got and how amazingly they evolved! \m/ \m/
21innocentbystander Il y a 5 jours
What the hell is this... I thought I hit rock bottom.
koli pil
koli pil Il y a 5 jours
Stile music? Rock hop ? Scream hop ...xd
Philip Doud
Philip Doud Il y a 5 jours
This is the best live song I've ever heard what in the???????
RavishingRob Il y a 5 jours
I’m blown away by this performance, it’s perfection in every sense of the word. Wish they had more live videos on FRvid that are professionally shot and recorded.
Philip Bernard
Philip Bernard Il y a 6 jours
"bro rock"
FTLGU Il y a 6 jours
FugginRambo Il y a 7 jours
Not a huge fan of the band prior to this, but holy shit this recording and everything that goes along with it is excellent
Get his stupid Ass
Get his stupid Ass Il y a 7 jours
Yo this crowd was weak af my guy. Giving me limp-dick energy
Brandon B
Brandon B Il y a 7 jours
10x better than studio version. I have never listened to a single performance of a song on repeat as much as this.
Brian P
Brian P Il y a 8 jours
4:24 He looks like a bee just landed on the mic 😂😂
BradlyFC Il y a 6 jours
Literally laughed out loud at this. Holy fuck that's funny.
Little Us
Little Us Il y a 9 jours
fucking cool ...what you don't like about it???
Mike O’Connor
Mike O’Connor Il y a 11 jours
Fucking amazing. %1000
Ярослав Мокрецов
сильно) мне очень зашло. подача ребята ваша охуенная)
Karl Blake
Karl Blake Il y a 12 jours
Everyone’s hoping for a guitar pick or a drum stick to be thrown out to the crowd... I’m here like “Ronnie, throw me them Off-Whites!!!” His OW collection is nuts! So jealous 😅😅
Joeddiejoe Il y a 12 jours
That bass players voice is amazing
Lukáš Sváta
Lukáš Sváta Il y a 13 jours
Ronnie is tatted up and ripped like an old criminal. Oh wait..
Ailurophile Il y a 13 jours
Thomas Delabra
Thomas Delabra Il y a 14 jours
Watch this video almost every day love it
Maddin Speiche
Maddin Speiche Il y a 14 jours
the crowd is dead
plabols Il y a 14 jours
i think i had an orgasm
ColorBlindArtist Il y a 15 jours
Nice of ronnie to do back up vocals on this song 😂😂
Merle Dixon
Merle Dixon Il y a 15 jours
is that mgk singing
Jennifer Cummings
Jennifer Cummings Il y a 15 jours
The sound guy on this was fucking insaaaaane! It sounds soooo fucking good
Ubi Soft
Ubi Soft Il y a 16 jours
Suck it every other band on earth
Neihana Cross
Neihana Cross Il y a 16 jours
Ronnie needs max in here and then the band would be complete
Petter Il y a 16 jours
cringe music, so cringe
John SnowFlake
John SnowFlake Il y a 16 jours
These guys are on fire!!! Very nice
LegacyOfWolves Il y a 17 jours
Approved by Wolves
VEGASS KIDD Il y a 17 jours
Stage presence: check Performance: check Charisma: check Music: check
Muhaimin Mohammad
Muhaimin Mohammad Il y a 17 jours
Holy shit
Rahmatullah Ron
Rahmatullah Ron Il y a 17 jours
somehow i like this version more than the album version
innosanto Il y a 17 jours
Great band
Horizon Il y a 18 jours
They're crazy,that's all I have to say
Colin Stevenson
Colin Stevenson Il y a 20 jours
the bassist has a backup voice
TWO EV Il y a 23 jours
Ronnie still sucks. Came here to double check.
Live Shows HD
Live Shows HD Il y a 23 jours
Oml all you kids calling these guys great singers 😂😂 go listen to alter bridge. This is crap
Christopher Smith
Christopher Smith Il y a 24 jours
Bruh this band slaps god damn
Andrew Michael
Andrew Michael Il y a 25 jours
I was thrown in jail on lies because the mom of my daughter was plotting to run with my daughter so i filed for custody.... next thing I know I get a text.. i show the local police, Have you they already knew her plot of lies and everything in advance because I reported it all to them... Well I was thrown in jail an innocent man... I proved my innocence, But sadly after granted my custody rights the mother had already skipped the state nowhere to be found even harder because shes undocumented. This is my fkd up story of how the system failed me and my child 😔
Brett Legros
Brett Legros Il y a 21 jour
Gratz on gratz brother. Im also dealing with a crazy ex (we have a 10 year old) and its hard as fuck. Especially after being locked up off and on but im glad you got your kids that you seem to deserve to have nrotha.
Yanuar Yoga Mahendra
Yanuar Yoga Mahendra Il y a 25 jours
So who's here still think that the band is nothing without ronnie?
topdee123tv Il y a 25 jours
Great live sound, passionate, vocals on point love it!
Goblin Slayer
Goblin Slayer Il y a 25 jours
Frank. l
Frank. l Il y a 26 jours
Copied Lincoln Park!
Josh Lynch
Josh Lynch Il y a 26 jours
Ronnie needs to pull the mic away from him instead of down, he's losing a shit ton of sound by pulling it straight down.
Jack Hunt
Jack Hunt Il y a 26 jours
That's a whole lot of anger and shouting lol. But kind of catchy.
janna_brunei Il y a 26 jours
أخبرني عن ذاك الشخص الذي سرق قلبك ولا تستطيع العيش بدونه ⁦❤️⁩⁦❤️⁩
Xero Delacroix
Xero Delacroix Il y a 27 jours
I miss Jacky and Ryan, even though I like this direction better than anything Ronnie has done in the past.
lifewithmayra Il y a 27 jours
who is the bassist? anyone know his insta?
LastWisdom Il y a 28 jours
can i have the version without the rap shit?
Jonas D
Jonas D Il y a 29 jours
toooooooooo fucking wild!!!!
Devin Rodriguez
Devin Rodriguez Il y a 29 jours
This is gay
Jerome Morales
Jerome Morales Il y a mois
the back up vocals were so good i thought it was playback at first lol
Wedson Nascimento
Wedson Nascimento Il y a mois
one word, CARALHO
Zoen Victo
Zoen Victo Il y a mois
bands of bodybuilders hahahaha
Elivan Jânio
Elivan Jânio Il y a mois
Deveria ter mais som a esse nível de rock... esse é o único som que presta !!!
Diego Jaimes
Diego Jaimes Il y a mois
Also, that bassist was fucking FIRE. I love that he could match Ronnie like that
Diego Jaimes
Diego Jaimes Il y a mois
Professional video and live audio are my favorite kind of live videos
Deddycation Il y a mois
i forgot how many times i dropped comment in this video
WB IsMe Il y a mois
Sick band. Lead vocal can do rap, clean and harsh while backup vocal can do both clean and harsh.
Pat Rivera
Pat Rivera Il y a mois
Stupid ass people dont know musical art when they hear it desreves more views fucken dumb ass people
Craig Rodgers
Craig Rodgers Il y a mois
Ladies and gentlemen... We've found the new Jason Newsted of backing vocals!!!!! Freaking beast
The Jackal
The Jackal Il y a 22 jours
The newish bassist from Bullet For my Valentine is also crazy good
Martin Kaste
Martin Kaste Il y a mois
Without the rap i would like it much much more. When they go hard like they do at 3:00 ronnys voice sounds awesome. Just my opinion nothing more
christian gentiles
christian gentiles Il y a mois
Can't live without haters, It's my first time but they are cool i like them.
Liam Harlow
Liam Harlow Il y a mois
Does anyone else agree that this key change of the song is better than the original?
Goblin Slayer
Goblin Slayer Il y a mois
Holy shitttt
Mohsen KiaMaN
Mohsen KiaMaN Il y a mois
that Bass player (Tyler Burgess) is good , sure ... he has been playing for a long time and his sound and his Vocal performance is really good but ronnie is something else ... after performing several songs as lead singer he still sound nice (at least not worst than Tyler Burgess at any degree) ... frankly (it`s just an opinion) i think the only important thing is they need each other for live performance and studio recording to create Vocal this full and thick
Ann Johnson
Ann Johnson Il y a mois
All I can say is DAMN!!!!!!
Insert Clever Username
... Damn Ronnie. What a fucking master.
Chris Drago
Chris Drago Il y a mois
4:03 there is no drummer in frame hahahaha
CX • DEVASTATOR Il y a mois
2 sets of drums. Slow it down to 0.25x @4:13
Ezra Motz
Ezra Motz Il y a mois
Chris Drago what the actual heck
Making aerogel
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