Everything Wrong With The Shining in Murderous Minutes or More

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The Shining rules. But since the sequel is coming soon we did our duty and went looking for sins. Found some. I bet you're surprised.
Thursday: Holiday sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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5 nov. 2019




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Commentaires 3 710
1717Dave Il y a 33 minutes
If Jeremy tries to sin 2001, he’s shit outta luck.
Keith Alcorn
Keith Alcorn Il y a 36 minutes
Thank you CinemaSins. I can no longer enjoy movies.
Michael Miller
Michael Miller Il y a 9 heures
CinemaSins: picks apart a month miscalculation by a character that could easily be an estimate by said character and simultaneously narrates "MAPS" instead of "math". Goteem
Advanced Raymondology
Advanced Raymondology Il y a 10 heures
They're not twins. They are just dressed the same. Which is creepy. But doesn't make them twins.
Advanced Raymondology
Advanced Raymondology Il y a 10 heures
They're not twins. They are just dressed the same. Which is creepy. But doesn't make them twins.
HeyItsMeJk 69
HeyItsMeJk 69 Il y a 12 heures
Is it disturbing to realise that the hotel turned jack so crazy he forgot his first name?? Like when he yelled Here’s Johnny??!!
Cheyenne Bates
Cheyenne Bates Il y a 21 heure
Alright Sin Guy. You've had it too damn easy covering all these shitty films like "The Shining" and "Die Hard". I think I speak for everyone here when I say you've been challenged to the test of an actually good piece of art. The true American classic. "Beavis and Butthead Do America"
rtpoe Il y a jour
The real sin? A hotel in (presumably) the Rockies is CLOSED FOR SKI SEASON!?!?!?!
Julie Kennedy
Julie Kennedy Il y a jour
I'm tired of the f**K in your videos. I'm unsubscribing.
Gwen Starr
Gwen Starr Il y a jour
Less than 100 means it’s a great movie. Less than /80/??? Only Stanley Kubrick
Syarif Alkaf
Syarif Alkaf Il y a jour
About the twins. I dont think thats the kid that been murdured by charles gredy. Its gilbert's daughter that been dead in 1920.
LucyInTheSky10 Il y a jour
Can someone clear up the timeline with the hotel murders? All the clues around the hotel.. the party, the picture.. all point to the 20s. But the guy at the beginning said the incident happened 1970?
JC Il y a 2 jours
Dumb video.
Dominic Hazell
Dominic Hazell Il y a 2 jours
I’ve always been pretty sure that the frozen grub (the turkeys and chickens) is all for them as they’re going to be there for 6 months.
ncjay08 Il y a 2 jours
Any hotel in Colorado being closed during SKI SEASON! WTF? 10 sins.
Madame Midnight
Madame Midnight Il y a 2 jours
I finally got the DVD
sydIRISH Il y a 2 jours
There is NOTHING wrong with this film....only you.
Sherbaan Naab
Sherbaan Naab Il y a 2 jours
5:55 ... 'What the fuck good does it do me to know it was Tuesday is I don't have a frame of reference to what day was before this?' It was Monday, dude. Before Tuesday it was Monday.
Mr. Noah
Mr. Noah Il y a 3 jours
You missed one thing, in the bathroom scene Jack says to Mr. Grady that he read in the newspaper that Grady killed his family, how could this be possible if Mr. Ullman was the first person to tell Jack about the 1970 incident? When Ullman asked Jack if he heard about the tragedy that happened in 1970 Jack said he hadn’t heard about it, therefore he never read it in the newspaper! There’s another Kubrick mistake for you.
WillJM81280 Il y a 3 jours
You’re sinning things deliberately put in the movie to make the viewer more uneasy. Sin yourselves for that.
Brendan Hall
Brendan Hall Il y a 3 jours
The guy in the bear costume is sick but the USA has been so plunged into depravity since 1980 they make videos to try to convince people that it is normal.
Chris R
Chris R Il y a 3 jours
Okay seriously am i the only one that notices him saying ex machina in every fucking video?
Joshua Alvarez Cruz
Joshua Alvarez Cruz Il y a 3 jours
Spoiler alert, the sequel is bullshit, recicles a lot from this one to make it more relevant and messes the end of the book, which was actually pretty damn good, the mc dies and abra is damn black (no racism intended :p)
Nic Rock
Nic Rock Il y a 3 jours
The true horror of this movie is the idea of being married to Jack Nicholson
Oliver Books
Oliver Books Il y a 3 jours
These sins aren't sins tho. Your tongue is in your cheek!
ApatheticZodiac Il y a 3 jours
I'm last
Ami Scythe
Ami Scythe Il y a 3 jours
Is it bad that about half of the sins on here are actual reasons as to why I don't like this movie?
Telivision_ Tom
Telivision_ Tom Il y a 3 jours
TamekaxLovely Il y a 3 jours
This man really watches every detail of every movie!
Robert Damned
Robert Damned Il y a 4 jours
What a Bullshit
Louis Sbelgio
Louis Sbelgio Il y a 4 jours
Danny wrote murder backwards because it was Danny's future self warning him and Wendy about Jack.
Cheryl Fleming
Cheryl Fleming Il y a 4 jours
Edward Lorn
Edward Lorn Il y a 4 jours
All of this, even the furry costume sex stuff, is explained in the book. Is it any wonder King hated this movie?
BulletProofMySoul Il y a 4 jours
They are so NOT twins. There is clearly one that is taller and older looking.
Brendan Hall
Brendan Hall Il y a 3 jours
That's what I always thought. One looks larger.
Yan Il y a 4 jours
Everything is wrong with videos about everything being wrong with "The Shining".
Alan Lloyd
Alan Lloyd Il y a 4 jours
Dude, NONE OF THESE ARE ACTUALLY PROBLEMS... you do realize this right?
[] Il y a 4 jours
yeah sometimes he'll make a joke and sin the movie for his joke
Stephen Siegel
Stephen Siegel Il y a 5 jours
The shining is not only one of the best horror movies ever made, it's a freaking experience and an experiment into the human psyche!
Ghost Face
Ghost Face Il y a 5 jours
I know it’s haunted or whatever but I don’t care. I still want to stay at the Overlook hotel
Ghost Face
Ghost Face Il y a 5 jours
“Sure he didn’t make a bad first impression, but it’s not like he lit the room on fire “😂 I don’t know why I find that funny
Rishi Gunness
Rishi Gunness Il y a 5 jours
dang-it cinema sins you have officially crossed the line with this one, Kubrick is a legend a movie legend and you have officially sinned your last film before I un sub! Damn you Damn you all to hell!!! P.S. no damning
Anyongsayo Saranghae
Anyongsayo Saranghae Il y a 5 jours
How many ads do you want in this thing? Cinemasins: yes
Wolf Lover
Wolf Lover Il y a 5 jours
Dorian Green
Dorian Green Il y a 5 jours
SIN: It's not Nicolas Cage in the bear suit.
The Works
The Works Il y a 5 jours
Okay going to be honest their's so many things that are wrong with the hotel and Stanley Kubrick did this on purpose he did it to give it a sense that somethings not right.
Lorenzo Il y a 5 jours
I grew out of this channel a while ago, but I came back to see if there were any mistakes because someone said Kubrick never makes mistakes. Why didn't I realize how annoying this guy was way back? Jesus Christ.
Tiffanie Monroe
Tiffanie Monroe Il y a 5 jours
The thing about the snow, it's from the wind blowing snow drifts against the building.
dpsamu2000 Il y a 5 jours
So I guess you don't know how alcoholics think. They can go crazy. 5 months of sobriety nearly always turns into 3 years in their minds. "Look how good I've been." You quit only 3 months ago." Jack; "I started quitting 3 years ago, and I started thinking about it 5 years ago. Don't I get credit for anything?" "Besides you're supposed to 'overlook' my digressions same as we all 'overlook' that the rich 'best people' built this place on indian burial grounds, and killed a bunch of them doing it. I overlook your ugly ass. You're lucky to have me you scrawny Olive Oyl bitch. I'm Jack fucking Nicholson". No wonder Danny has nightmarish delusions. Wendy's mind isn't in much good shape either after being terrorized like that. Halloran recognizes there is something wrong with the kid but doesn't realize what it could be until he is on vacation. Same as you didn't understand what it's about even though it's been out nearly 40 years. What it's about? That the lives of ordinary people, even the "best" people, can be a horror. What's the meaning of Jack in the old picture at the end? That it's always been that way. So there's no excuse that you don't know it. You just "Overlook' it. With your eyes wide shut.
Alex Hrycaj
Alex Hrycaj Il y a 5 jours
Make a sins video for 2001? I’m sorry Jeremy, I’m afraid I can’t do that.
chrys smyth
chrys smyth Il y a 5 jours
Why was there a bolt lock on the freezer door?
R Bailey
R Bailey Il y a 5 jours
November 5th, 2019: The day CinemaSins lost whatever last shred of credibility it ever had.
Stevie G
Stevie G Il y a 5 jours
I always liked the truckload of the Torrance's personal items in the lobby. As if all of that would actually fit in a Volkswagen Beetle.
Tiger Lily
Tiger Lily Il y a 5 jours
This movie would have been far creepier if Jack Nicholson hadn't played himself.
Tiger Lily
Tiger Lily Il y a 5 jours
Can we sin Wendy's teeth??
Daniel Schneider
Daniel Schneider Il y a 5 jours
76 sins? I'm sorry Jeremy. I'm afraid I can't do that.
charles reid
charles reid Il y a 5 jours
i will never be able to unsee the eyes wide shut scene!
sulls bulls
sulls bulls Il y a 5 jours
You should of took all the sins off for the “here’s Johnny” part.
Lee Higgins
Lee Higgins Il y a 5 jours
It kinda feels like you guys are younger than I think you are. Yeah man. No one wore seat belts before pretty much the 90's. I remember that clearly. Also yeah man, they really were THAT sexist back then. Wanna know how I know that? Because Kubrick was literally allowed to psychologically torture Shelley Duvall until he got the performance he wanted out of her. Her hair started falling out from the stress. Do you think that would play at ALL in today's social climate? Also, did you make a fucking Laws of Attraction reference? Holy shit.
Merrimour The Red
Merrimour The Red Il y a 5 jours
the documentary #Room237 breaking this movie down is worth a look
Hybrocule Il y a 6 jours
Jeremy is question why a crazy person is doing crazy things. Sounds about jeremy
Tim Baxley Tattoos
Tim Baxley Tattoos Il y a 6 jours
Have you ever noticed the disappearing & reappearing ice (in his drink) in this shot?
Blursed images is HILARIOUS