Everything Wrong With Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

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Quentin Tarantino is back with Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. It's got Brad Pitt, Leonardo, Margo Robbie, and Bruce Lee & Charles Manson (no, really). Most everyone liked it and it was up for Best Picture, but it still has sins. So we counted them.
Next week: Recent-past horror & recent narration.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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13 févr. 2020




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Commentaires 100
merctrader Il y a 4 heures
Total and utter garbage. Tarantinos previous work is all genius, but this dross shows Tarantino trying to recreate his previous genres with zero success. It seems like he has lost the magic and is trying too hard to recapture it. It is just pure bovine excrement. It was so boring I actually fell asleep half way through. Di Caprio was brilliant as usual, but even he could not rescue this stupid, stupid, stupid plotless waste of time. It is incomprehensible how Tarantino has failed so badly here. Just goes to show even the greatest fall eventually. Sorry Quintin, this is just bad, bad cinema.... Its time to retire gracefully if this is what you will now be producing. Its actually so bad it looks like a very talentless first year film student made it.
Lynch Reacher
Lynch Reacher Il y a jour
That’s just under 15 minutes of driving...
T.P. Thompson
T.P. Thompson Il y a 3 jours
Why is Kermit the frog narrating this you tube video?
Leo Mathlein
Leo Mathlein Il y a 5 jours
I’m so confused, this vid should be like five secs
Anti-Heroine Il y a 5 jours
I had to look up the history and after crying a bunch, I understand what happened and I appreciate this end now. Oh here come the tears again..
Carmelo Anthony
Carmelo Anthony Il y a 6 jours
Tarantino is a fucking hack.
method of madness
method of madness Il y a 6 jours
Man the first time I watched this movie, I had no idea what it was about or what was going on. 2nd 3rd and 4th time I watched it, I still don't know what it's about lol but God damn it, I love Quintin Tarantino movies!! To me, that's the beauty of his work. It don't need to make sense lol it's fuckin QUINTIN TARANTINO!!!! Best director and writer in the business, in my opinion lol there's just something about his movies that call to me lol they just hit home hard for me lol I've been working on my QT collection for a few years now and I'm almost done lol
james presnell
james presnell Il y a 7 jours
Manson did meet sharon tate at her house.
Dale Anderson
Dale Anderson Il y a 7 jours
I absolutely loved this film, it was a homage to old Hollywood.
Michael Setiawan
Michael Setiawan Il y a 8 jours
GTA 1969 sounds like a great idea.
Estrella Casias
Estrella Casias Il y a 9 jours
To be fair when I'm high i can hear a car a long ways away cause I'm paranoid about certain things and they're in a cult so they may here it in the desert
Estrella Casias
Estrella Casias Il y a 9 jours
I was so ready for that facial looking at stuff from the 60s and Brad pitt were my only reason to watch this
Flutter Shiy
Flutter Shiy Il y a 10 jours
Why does everyone think Bruce Lee was a hard ass? He was an actor with only 1 real fight ever. I am sure most people could go toe to toe with him.
Clifton Sargent
Clifton Sargent Il y a 10 jours
This will be a good one....still waiting on that memento video....DING!
eyeGOREror Il y a 11 jours
8:28 That may be true, but in The Social Network Jesse Eisenberg looks even less like Mark Zuckerburg
leo ernst
leo ernst Il y a 13 jours
I'm sinning your pronunciation of "affluent" - aff-LOO-ent ?? Give me a break. Ding!
Alien Dewd
Alien Dewd Il y a 13 jours
204 sins off for Margot Robbie looking so damned hot.
Jason Hobbs
Jason Hobbs Il y a 15 jours
Fuck bruce lee the myth bigger then the man
THE PROPHET Il y a 17 jours
The kind of person that could feel sorry for a Manson Family killer is the kind of person that would give film 204 sins.
Martine Pagliari
Martine Pagliari Il y a 17 jours
This movie is one giant sin. You're right, the historical revision was totally unearned.
WhatzUp Momoland
WhatzUp Momoland Il y a 18 jours
Uncle John
Uncle John Il y a 19 jours
This movie was so bad, the whole thing should be counted as a sin
sjoormen1 Il y a 20 jours
Are Tarantinos movies unwatchable on purpose?
Ooga Booga
Ooga Booga Il y a 20 jours
That ending though.
Lee Colfax
Lee Colfax Il y a 21 jour
I feel like I or anyone with some common sense about history or base for the characters would be able to make a 204 things wrong with this video.
Robert Hill
Robert Hill Il y a 22 jours
Wrong? There is nothing “wrong” with OUATIH. It is perfection. QT has a consistently amazing output.
Mj Mockingbird
Mj Mockingbird Il y a 23 jours
I love the movie but I'm real glad you made these points I was bugged by a lot of the things you called out props to you good video
therequestdude Il y a 23 jours
I'm surprised that Rick Dalton's instant reaction of BBQing a woman in distress in his pool isn't a sin. He didn't hear a thing throughout the chaos. For all he knew this may have been victim of some sort of car accident. He had that flamethrower primed and ready in no time. Almost as if he only kept it on the off chance he would be able to murder a home invader...
Cole crank
Cole crank Il y a 23 jours
Imagine having a bone chilling escape room delivered right to your door!
Jasmin Urbina
Jasmin Urbina Il y a 26 jours
I love the super Mario bonus round music
Joseph Callahan
Joseph Callahan Il y a 28 jours
The Bruce Lee insult to his honor and reputation scene is worth 50 sins. The big lie of hippies being out of touch murderers, also 50 sins, so 100 plus 93 is 193 sins. Peace.
fyukfy Il y a 28 jours
This movie was terrible, I watch a movie to learn a story. Why the hell should I first have to know the story in order to understand the movie, let alone a 3 hour movie
Rippinglipfishing Il y a mois
please do kill bill
Damidas Il y a mois
I usually like these videos but most of the sins mentioned here are completely ridiculous. I could explain them but I don't feel like it
Mr11ESSE111 Il y a mois
When Tarantino made movie everything is wrong or at least unlogic in most of scenes
Jack Keegan
Jack Keegan Il y a mois
Julia / trudie / marabella was easily the greatest character in the whole movie
John Lopezbian
John Lopezbian Il y a mois
Why am I watching this
MotoMatt Il y a mois
Am i the only one who thought this movie was excruciatingly boring until the fight scene at the end?
The end seems "less than earned???" "You're making me feel sorry for a manson family killer" 👎 Fuck off cinema sins
4real Action meme team
Everything wrong with true romance
111danish111 Il y a mois
16:40 whats wrong with that door / entrance ?
DYKWINNING Il y a mois
@11:11 cliff says he was part of the chain gang in houston to get on tex's good side. He was probably telling the truth in the car.
Super Aidan
Super Aidan Il y a mois
You feel bad for someone that killed a pregnant lady and used her blood as paint?
Walk of Fame Wednesdays with Todd Pickering
It is sort of the whole movie because of the name ONCE UPON A TIME.....ha. Always fun to watch these. I did an episode on Quentin Tarantino on my channel!
gbonkers666 Il y a mois
They took the taxi back because they were both drunk and couldn't drive...and Rick is letting his buddy crash there...because that is what buddies do when they are drunk.
gbonkers666 Il y a mois
And you actually think that there is a problem with Brad Pitt taking his shirt-off.?
gbonkers666 Il y a mois
Pussycat was always trolling in Rick's neighborhood...that was their section to go and try to convert people..
Peter Lohnes
Peter Lohnes Il y a mois
I get the feeling that Tarantino (who I loved and watched since True Romance) is kinda fucking with (or is on drugs) the narration thing because he does it badly in Hateful 8 and it is BIZARRE in this movie...I think he's purposely saying "Fuck you and what you expect in narration, I'm gonna fucking put it in ineffectively" Not sure WHY, but I just feel like its so weird in both films it has to be intentional.
Dominic Manriquez
Dominic Manriquez Il y a mois
i was wondering what was up w the random narration too😂
_ jeromethegreat
_ jeromethegreat Il y a mois
I've never scoffed so hard at a sin as I did the white pants one. I'm still laughing
dead inside prod.
dead inside prod. Il y a mois
I don't get cinemasins. You sin the movie for Cliff having dog food at Ricks house, but that could've been left over from before they went to Italy.
JohannaMueller57 Il y a mois
what are you even talking about? the scene with margot robbie in the cinema was unbearably uncomfortable.
Jack 27
Jack 27 Il y a mois
We NEED an Everything Wrong With Inglorious Bastards. Not that the movie is bad or anything, but I think it would be awesome is there is one. Same goes for both kill bills.
Glicksman1 Il y a mois
Everything you sinned here was correct, mostly. But, I mean wasn't/isn't driving around town a big part of what living in LA. was/is about? Tarantino was six in1969, so his version of Hollywood as it was then is pure fantasy anyway. I know that this film portrays a fantasy Hollywood in that year, but I lived in L.A. around that time, and let me tell you that he got the look of it perfectly right, but not the music. So, was the complete absence of the Beatles, Stones, Doors, Byrds, etc. on the radio all part of the "fantasy"? Or was it too expensive to use their music in the film? He did include a mention of Jim Morrison and a mention including playing a part of a tune from Paul Revere and the Raiders. This was a very subtle and brilliant homage to the fact that Mark Lindsey, PVATRs lead singer lived in that fatal house with Terry Melcher who also produced some of PVATR's records. They knew Manson and he visited them at that house. Melcher, his girlfriend Candice Bergen, and Lindsey left the house shortly before the murders and it was then rented by Polanski and his wife Sharon. Like so many, I always find the end of this film so very bittersweet. Once Upon a Time... indeed.
ferox965 Il y a mois
I found this movie really boring. Maybe I need to watch it again...the Sharon Tate scene in the theatre was one of the best made me really sad.
06. Eric Devdan
06. Eric Devdan Il y a mois
8:19 i didnt even noitce that it wasnt margot robie
Donnie Darko is the most underrated movie
I have a feeling this movie was made for ppl in Hollywood (as in business).
Donovan Guilfoyle
Donovan Guilfoyle Il y a mois
I really liked the ending, but I fell asleep 3 times watching the middle parts :(
hunter gantz
hunter gantz Il y a mois
This guy sounds like he doesn't like the film or something 😂
Apoorva Solanki
Apoorva Solanki Il y a mois
No something is always wrong with Quintin Tarantino
Nadia Boulanger
Nadia Boulanger Il y a mois
You can't do a film about LA without a LOT of driving scenes. IMO.
Vanity Cyan
Vanity Cyan Il y a mois
I used to love this channel... But off lately it has become quite boring and unreasonable. Like marking every freaking thing a SIN!?!?! That's just too being too pessimistic and unnecessary just to increase the SIN count... Pathetic. Unsubscribing now... !!
Zachary Rissman
Zachary Rissman Il y a mois
This song for the bonus round is kinda catchy
José Manuel Sánchez Gómez
Rick Dalton was born in 1924.
José Manuel Sánchez Gómez
Brad Pitt was 57 in 2019. Dou you realise Cliff was born in 1912? I miss a flashback of Cliff doing stunts for John Wayne in cheap westerns from the 1930s.
Erik Killmonger
Erik Killmonger Il y a mois
This bloated, pointless, meandering piece of shit movie was the biggest waste of nearly 3 hours I've ever sat through. Never liked Tarantino but I never thought even he could make something so empty and worthless. If my sister-in-law hadn't wanted to see this, I never would've bothered with it.
Tara Chew
Tara Chew Il y a mois
Sorry to wake you up from your self induced delirium......But this Film is A 100% Bonafied MASTERPIECE,,, that any seasoned Cinophile would easily recognize as the greatest American film since ""There will be Blood"!! Get with it,and Dig it➡💥
Elivelton Luza
Elivelton Luza Il y a mois
Came here to see if I was mistaken from unsubbing from this shit a year ago... nope. Nothing to see here. Moving along, then.
connor payne
connor payne Il y a mois
If this had of been a miramax product it would of been contracted obligation to accept that blow job from pussy cat 😂
wild card
wild card Il y a mois
15:59 that moment
Guillaume Parola
Guillaume Parola Il y a mois
Sin: if you're going to make a close-up of Margot Robbie's feet. Please clean them a bit before filming.
ᴡʜɪᴄʜ sᴏɴɪᴄ sᴏɴɢ ᴀᴛ ᴛʜᴇ ᴇɴᴅ?
Andrew Hicks
Andrew Hicks Il y a mois
The opening logo loses its punch because “Sony didn’t own until such and such year” That’s the dumbest thing to sin a movie for
Flags of our fathers
dam how am i just seeing this
B Elston
B Elston Il y a 2 mois
MORE SINS: -Leo throws the girl onto the ground spontaneously without her permission and is praised by his director and the little girl herself. -When the girl in the pool is on fire shes shooting and rick stands right in front of her she could have easilly shot him. Her gun is pointing right at him. She stops and allows him to set her on fire, with her gun pointed right at him, not shooting! -Then, she could have just ducked down into the pool before he torches her... or during, or after, but no she just stands upright and still, getting more torched ...while shes in a pool..where she could just duck down into the water at anytime.
B Elston
B Elston Il y a 2 mois
@15.25 "Manson drove the other three Family members who had departed Spahn with him that evening to the Venice home of an actor. He left them there and drove back to Spahn Ranch, leaving them and the LaBianca killers to hitchhike home."
Jutta Maier
Jutta Maier Il y a 2 mois
One more sin: leaving his dog all day locked up in a trailer in the blazing Californian sun. That poor critter would have been dead within an hour of heatstroke.
spaceman Il y a 2 mois
I absolutely disagree with all those bullshit bonus sins. So none of the main characters are allowed to drive in the movie??
켄신TV Il y a 2 mois
6:52 One more point. Where did people go after Bruce Lee got up after knock down? They completely disappeared.
켄신TV Il y a mois
Maybe they're afraid of Janet and ran away, I guess.
Kendrick LaVar
Kendrick LaVar Il y a 2 mois
You have one of the most annoying voices I’ve ever heard
Kendrick LaVar
Kendrick LaVar Il y a 2 mois
On behalf of everyone who watches movies to be entertained: shut the fuck up
earendil señordelamuerte
16:50 To be fare he could have done something better with this scene.
earendil señordelamuerte
4:00 Is not a bad idea, the problem is the script itself, the format is too brief by definition.
John Poo
John Poo Il y a 2 mois
These aren't sins ffs
Sebastian Vella
Sebastian Vella Il y a 2 mois
This movie is like Tarantino's version of Forest Gump remaking the parts of American history he likes i.e. film history rather than political history like in Forest Gump. Di Caprio's character is in fact the opposite of Gump.
Sean Millette
Sean Millette Il y a 2 mois
He used the same font in Jackie Brown as well
K0Fa Danks
K0Fa Danks Il y a 2 mois
Cliff approaching the Manson camp was supposed to be a modern parallel to a spaghetti western when an anti hero approaches a saloon. He took forever looking around the same way the the other guy in the red jacket.
Third Pigeon
Third Pigeon Il y a 2 mois
1: It is owned by Sony when this film was made so... licensing 2: Yes 3: He’s an auteur 4: If it’s on purpose it’s clever don’t you reckon seeing as Cliff is Rick’s stunt DOUBLE 5: All people eat and drink shit, you made it a cliche 6: You’re easily jarred aren’t you? 7: He’s Pacino 8: Show as well as tell 9: 1 minute out of 162 and it’s not THAT funny 10: It’s a Tarantino movie 11: Would you rather a skeleton for a story? 12: It’s a Tarantino Movie 13: It’s a Tarantino Movie 14: What? And also, what? I know only children watch your videos now but why bleep Rick saying “fuck” 15: It’s a Tarantino Movie 16: It’s a Tarantino Movie about old Hollywood, what on earth do you expect? 17: Finally, the first technical flaw pointed out here, good one, some actual insight used. 18: ??? 19: It is cinematically appealing 20: It’s 1969 I gave up here. Your videos were funny 8 years ago when they were only 5 minutes long and pointing out actual flaws, no wonder your view count continues to drop, your videos have been trash for years, either stop churning out 20-minute-long unfunny, non-insightful videos or attempt to assess actual flaws with a film instead. “Liam neeson is Liam neeson in this scene” it’s not funny, entertaining or clever, it’s lazy. You are lazy.
Mister February
Mister February Il y a 2 mois
Start a new cinema sins
A Clockwork Tangerine
A Clockwork Tangerine Il y a 2 mois
I could be wrong about this, but the scene near the end where Leo is on the pool lounger with the headphones on could be a throw back to the actual murders - there was a guy in the guest house that night, William Garretson, and he later told the police he didn't hear anything cos he had headphones on listening to music
David D
David D Il y a 2 mois
You don’t understand buddy. Driving is everything in LA. Cliche to say but no one walks in la. We take a lot of pride in driving and seeing all the lights and countless landmarks. We literally make an event out of driving along the coast enjoying the perfect weather and sunset. It’s a shame you don’t understand.
rudy nosa
rudy nosa Il y a 2 mois
I like Zoe bell
Dopamine Driven
Dopamine Driven Il y a 2 mois
Brad Pitt likes sparkplugs
Kyle Coleman
Kyle Coleman Il y a 2 mois
Dude your correcting a movie thats suppose to be all wrong....
Diogo Sabino
Diogo Sabino Il y a 2 mois
Fuck You. It is Tarantino's best movie A movie to think and enjoy the journey, with such complex characters. The murder of Sharon Tate that makes us wish the real end was the Tarantino's end...
Erik Killmonger
Erik Killmonger Il y a mois
Fuck off, Taranteenybopper fanboy. You assholes praise anything that hack does because you're too immature to admit what a fraud he is.
Manoah van der wolf
Manoah van der wolf Il y a 2 mois
the bruce lee throw into the car was effing hilarious though. i still lol at that every time and it never gets old.
ryan wolf
ryan wolf Il y a 2 mois
40th sin is actually not sorry but when you theow someone like that its avout a 240 degree throw i promise
Zariyat Rashid
Zariyat Rashid Il y a 2 mois
GTA in the 70s would be pretty badass ngl
scentless apprentice
scentless apprentice Il y a 2 mois
This movie wss great and I award it zero sins. You seem to be offended by the Bruce lee scene lol. Realize its once upon a time, a fairy tale, the scene was implemented to show the viewer that pitts character was extremely good at fighting being as he beat Bruce lee. Don't know any people got offended by it, including his daughter, if anything Tarantino provided free marketing to Bruce lee inc which resulted in his movie sales going through the roof along with Bruce lee merchandise. Too many people are way too sensitive today. Kind of feel like you were looking real hard for things to talk about. Tarantino purposefully puts hidden eggs in spots in the movie such as the tora tora Tora sign. He wants you the viewer to pay attention to whay your seeing. It was paying homage to old-school Hollywood as well as the people who passed away including Bruce lee who died too young and was supposed to be there that night. There were actually rumors going around that Bruce lee may have done it and Jim Morrison lmao. Wacky stuff. Anyway lee is A legend and I'm.sure if he were still alive today he.would of laughed his azz off at his scene. All the time.and effort the actor put into becoming lee shows you how much he loves Bruce lee as well. Everyone needs to stop being so sensitive.
JustMyOpinion Il y a 2 mois
Was I the only one who got fuckin terrified after watching that last scene in theaters
Bernadette Montembault
Aw yes !! The return of bonus rounds after all this time !! It'd been a while !
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