Everything Wrong With Knives Out In Whodunnit Minutes

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Knives Out, Rian Johnson's follow up to The Last Jedi, was a universal home run with critics, and a hit with audiences alike. Because it's f*cking rad.
But we do what we do, so we did what we do, and here is what we did...
Thursday: Animated sins AND a brand new CinemaSins intro video-bumper!!
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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24 mars 2020




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Commentaires 100
Jonathan B
Jonathan B Il y a 12 heures
Amusing about the blood on the shoe being red rather than brown once it’s dried, since that was a key detail in Rian Johnson’s previous film The Brothers Bloom.
Kyle Vernon
Kyle Vernon Il y a 13 heures
Good film and great acting but the mystery was very lackluster. Kind of obvious who the bad guy was. The detective was such a cliche and hated how he ruled Marta out immediately and made her his little Watson. So the drop of blood on her shoe makes not a suspect for some reason. Harlan was such a drama queen and I hate People like him who give their fortunes to random nurses. 99% of the time a person gives their inheritance to a nurse they are often tricked or not mentally sound. The family 100% deserves the money and they got screwed out because 1 of them caused the death. Why was Marta so pissed at the family, did she honestly expect them not to be mad. Of coarse they would be mad and would try and coerce her to give up the inheritance. That’s a lack of empathy for other people. So much for a “kind heart”. Harlan probably gave it to her because she’s an anchor baby and was screwing her. A film about Americans futures and fortunes being stolen by illegals.
Don MelMel
Don MelMel Il y a 17 heures
*4th I Know What You Did Last Summer movie
Robo-Horus Il y a jour
0:30 she has a cross hanging from the rear view mirror
Dominic Barandica
Dominic Barandica Il y a jour
The fog horn leg horn reference was sooooooo good
Warriorz Catz199
Warriorz Catz199 Il y a jour
But this movie was beautiful tho
Vaibhav Bhosle
Vaibhav Bhosle Il y a jour
This is not your average whodunnit movie, this is an allegory! Everything that happens in the movie has subtle undertones of the current political situation in the USA or for that matter, in most of the countries!
FantillDeath Il y a 2 jours
The mic deserves 10 sins it was a good movie but that shit bothered when I saw it.
That Random Guy
That Random Guy Il y a 3 jours
Actually bringing Marta to the investigation had purpose since Bond had already seen the blood stain on her shoe
Tom Weise
Tom Weise Il y a 3 jours
“He died of fisting!” 😂😂😂
StorksandStarks Il y a 3 jours
I am so happy that you pointed out that dogs are not a good judge of character. I personally love dogs myself but I have been misled many times by trusting awful people just because they liked dogs...
I_KILL_PHILL 64 Il y a 4 jours
Dude i want the podcast behind this but i dont want to go threw all the episodes
Danny Buenaventura
Danny Buenaventura Il y a 4 jours
Ooh this is among us without the murder.
L8 Sheffcity
L8 Sheffcity Il y a 4 jours
You took 4 sins off at the end not 5
ian long
ian long Il y a 5 jours
Blanc kept Marta around because he knew she had something to do with the death, but believes she is a good person
Bryant Merriman
Bryant Merriman Il y a 5 jours
"not changing your Windows XP default wallpaper" what are you talking about? That thing is the only wallpaper you need for that Operating System
cora b
cora b Il y a 5 jours
i have another sin. why didn't they just take fingerprints of ransoms letter to blanc? he clearly isn't wearing gloves or smart enough to do so. it plays in 2019 so it's definitely a possibility.
Egg and friends Mtb
Egg and friends Mtb Il y a 6 jours
I think that this movie is good
Mr. Stone
Mr. Stone Il y a 6 jours
I don't get, why everyone loves this film. Johnson wasted all the good actors he had at hand, Craig is just the wrong guy for this role and the movie focuses so much on little details that it forgets to tell a good story.
Scott Isitt
Scott Isitt Il y a 6 jours
18:10 😄
Shredd Il y a 6 jours
While the movie has it's plot holes, many of these felt forced, or plain out incorrect
Vivian 11037
Vivian 11037 Il y a 7 jours
theres already a third i know what you did last summer
Janeen Durr
Janeen Durr Il y a 7 jours
How do you not sin the accent?
Jag är en kött popsicle
I'm convinced that this is another book written by Harlan
Human Bean
Human Bean Il y a 9 jours
just watched it. thought it was pretty good and hilarious that they always say a different ethnicity for Marta lolol
Zephyr Stryke
Zephyr Stryke Il y a 9 jours
Same here lol
C-MONEY Il y a 9 jours
At 0:48 1 time on the phone is 10:15am and the other time on the phone is 10:26am
Karey Trevizo
Karey Trevizo Il y a 9 jours
I'm really sad you left out the Nazi boy masturbating in the bathroom.
Michael Schwab
Michael Schwab Il y a 10 jours
steven universe movie trailer
Velasbloc Il y a 10 jours
This move was so fucking good.
Joe B
Joe B Il y a 10 jours
Daniel Craig sounds like that dude Harlan Fontaine from LA Noire
PalmQuigley Il y a 12 jours
Did you do a everything great about knives out though?
Priscila B.
Priscila B. Il y a 12 jours
That's gotta be the least amount of sins ever lol.
DIOTHICC66 Il y a 12 jours
Im so glad you liked this movie because you it’s PHENOMENAL and im SO HAPPY you pointed out the LEGENDARY final scene
BucketBabe Il y a 12 jours
10:14 I think the reason Ransom didn't just leave the time and meeting point on the note is because of handwriting. If Marta read the note and saw that "I know what you did" was in one set of handwriting and then the meeting place and time were in another set of handwriting, she would start to get suspicious, probably not of Ransom but she would at least know that there are actually two people involved and that there are now fewer people she can trust. Of course, for his plan to work, Ransom needs Marta to be as trusting as possible.
Emmy D
Emmy D Il y a 12 jours
Can you do everything wrong with dream girls?
Brian Quincy Scott
Brian Quincy Scott Il y a 13 jours
The cop let the aide follow him because he already knew from the beginning she was involved...I believe he gave her space because he needed to see if someone would try to fix the problem.
Tanvi Khare
Tanvi Khare Il y a 13 jours
They really did struggle sinning this one😂
Maya Salazar
Maya Salazar Il y a 14 jours
I started out watching this movie telling myself that there is no way Chris Evans, basically a baby panda stuck in the body of an adult man, could successfully play a conniving, arrogant, asshole of a villain in a whodunnit movie about killing your own family member. I was wrong.
Kenton Miller
Kenton Miller Il y a 15 jours
This movie is great I was surprised cinemasins didn't catch the plot hole that I noticed... If the toxicology report was normal why did fran think she could blackmail ransom with it... Unless I'm forgetting something then there shouldn't have been any real reason for fran to try to blackmail ransom aside from him just being a dick
Attilablabla Il y a 14 jours
They said she didn't know what the numbers meant, she just thought he switched the meds so the tox report would show it. That's why she didn't even include the actual findings in the blackmail letter
rumpel stiltskin
rumpel stiltskin Il y a 16 jours
drew gooden
Daniel J. Machado
Daniel J. Machado Il y a 17 jours
You took off only 4 sins at the end, not 5.
Connor Weir
Connor Weir Il y a 19 jours
This movie is f*cking brilliant
Butterball Adderley
Butterball Adderley Il y a 19 jours
Maybe the camera outside the medical examiner’s office was damaged early on and the footage wasn’t usable. It’s logical that the arsonist would take out the camera first.
Aiden Hopkins
Aiden Hopkins Il y a 19 jours
Even though this movie was so good. My favorite part is definitely when Ransom just starts to tell everyone to “eat shit.”
JaeWitThaK Il y a 20 jours
The window when he threw out he baseball was open tho
leon knott
leon knott Il y a 21 jour
Marta got the phone call about fran because she left her number at the hospital so she would get updated about it, that’s why they leave the hospital in the first place. -1 Sin.
Brew City Boat Club
Brew City Boat Club Il y a 21 jour
Genuinely RJ made up for TLJ tenfold with this movie. I genuinely can't think of a movie I've gotten more enjoyment out of in the last 15-20 years
The Humble Channel
The Humble Channel Il y a 21 jour
A sin for CinemaSins for not making a Captain America voice-over for Ransom
Akaashi’s wife
Akaashi’s wife Il y a 21 jour
Jaeden martell is in it therefore all sins removed
BaddCamden Il y a 22 jours
so many of these comments are just saying sins in the video are not deserved, how does a movie get this good?
brazierf Il y a 25 jours
11:10 - point about villains not using iPhones: doesn't the creepy nazi kid jacob literally have an iPhone in the poster/dvd cover/main artwork for the film? bit of a massive giveaway before you've even seen the movie
ReinQ _
ReinQ _ Il y a 27 jours
It seems that cinemasins guy miscounted. 71-5 = 67? Idk.. shouldn't it be 66?
Dr Fizzy
Dr Fizzy Il y a 25 jours
I think he added another one for something else.
Deter Il y a 27 jours
0:42 Are those 2 chairs CGI? They seem off...
Aidan The Wizard
Aidan The Wizard Il y a 27 jours
For the sin about Ransom doing something to her car, he probably did. That’s why he left early.
Killukawa Il y a 28 jours
I feel like I’m one of the few people who couldn’t stand this movie it was so incredibly boring and predictable
Cosmos Code
Cosmos Code Il y a 28 jours
I think this is the first time eww felt remorse for sinning a movie! Good on you man!
Loki Il y a 28 jours
He made comments about the girl being a "good nurse" but the thing is sometimes when a loved one is the one that is hurt or in serious need of medical help even a good nurse can panic because that is their loved one
J Griffin
J Griffin Il y a 28 jours
You aren't gonna take a sin off for the mastefull use of hand held camera while Marta tries to escape the house after the will reading?
Videos Il y a 29 jours
The racist dinner scene was rly a movie masterclass.
Ponti Vids
Ponti Vids Il y a 29 jours
I agree, Ana de Armas deserved an Oscar for her performance in this
Patrik Tobola
Patrik Tobola Il y a mois
Wait...1:25 What kind of monster would change their wallpaper on XP ?!?!?!
blah blah blah
blah blah blah Il y a mois
The way Fran goes up to serve Harlan his breakfast in the opening.. She goes up to his bedroom first, and he isn't there.. What does she do? Go to the room where Harlan plays Go with Marta usually. Where is that room behind? A trick door. Early on we were introduced to a trick door, idk why it's a sin to reveal that there was another trick door.
Matt Young
Matt Young Il y a mois
I’m giving a sin to Cinema Sins, because you didn’t sin Rian Johnson. Whom I believe has stated that he does not like Cinema Sins. Even if I’m wrong, it’s still getting a sin, because reasons. *ding*
Arjun Wali
Arjun Wali Il y a mois
I love how each of Harlan's children differently remembers how the cake was given to him, each making themselves the center of attention
Phil Newton-England
Brilliant movie, but I guessed what had happened when I first saw the bottle switch.......(tho I didn’t know who’d done it)🤣
Roland Stone
Roland Stone Il y a mois
No sin for Daniel Craig's awful accent
Eddie G
Eddie G Il y a mois
“He died by fisting” 😂😂
Amelie Il y a mois
Just thinking about how I used to hate these videos because I thought its actually your opinion lmao why was I so stupid
John Smith
John Smith Il y a mois
add 10 sins for this plothole: if ransom injected fran with the 100 milligrams of morphine, he wouldve had to do it 10 minutes before marta got there, but he was with marta for over 10 minutes before fran died, at the med lab and during the police chase. fran shouldve been dead long before marta got there.
BustANut Cheerios
BustANut Cheerios Il y a mois
That’s the lowest sin counter I’ve ever seen. And if any movie deserves it it’s this one. I loved this movie
Willow Rosen
Willow Rosen Il y a mois
Surprised they didn't take a sin of for the subtly of Richard's new black eye when the are gathered outside looking up at Marta. And one off for Harlan earlier in the film lamenting that Ransom was so coddled he could not tell the difference between a real and stage knife. Also surprised there was no Eat Shit/Language outtake.
Alex Marshall
Alex Marshall Il y a mois
Cinema sins is rly stretching it with this film
Christopher Reynolds
+100 sins for only removing 4 to the sin counter at the end
Notorious MiGZ
Notorious MiGZ Il y a mois
One massive sin missed. The morphine overdose is meant to take 10mins to kill the victim, and Ransom meets Fran at 8am in which he gave her the overdose. Marta meets Fran 2 hours later so she should have been dead for at least an hour and a half and unable to move or speak.
LINK MAN Il y a mois
The fog horn leghorn at the end was perfect 😂
Ian Korapatti
Ian Korapatti Il y a mois
You forgot about the sin where Harlem wrote down morphine overdose as a method of murder and it’s not used as evidence or anything!
G-Unit1111 Il y a mois
Thanks to Archer, I can never hear anyone say the name "Beniot" without almost immediately replying "balls".
TheAtkey Il y a mois
:30 I think that shadow on Marta's cheek us just the car's rear view mirror.
J Il y a mois
"I'm removing 5 sins, mainly because I've been an unruly asshole to this fantastic film." *removes 4 sins*
Danny Buenaventura
Danny Buenaventura Il y a 4 jours
Oh shit, shame on me for not spotting that, that's a SIN.
Benjamin Preutenborbeck
I watched that video multiple times and I didn´t notice it until you guys pointed it out
Rodolfo Miranda
Rodolfo Miranda Il y a 9 jours
Yes I noticed too
ReinQ _
ReinQ _ Il y a 27 jours
YAS.. I'm surprised very little notice that😂
AndiRAin1 Il y a mois
Btw, Rian Johnson is a piece of shit.
Jannat Il y a mois
9:36 Even though the report would show the overdose, there's no reason to believe Marta would have caused it. Since she left the medical kit in that room every night, Harlan could've used it himself... maybe even slitting his throat under the effect.
Trent Russo
Trent Russo Il y a mois
That shadow in sin 2 is the cross hanging from her mirror, not equipment
꧁Odysius꧂ Il y a mois
Nah you can’t say this film is sinning, f#ck you.
Tiffany Reene
Tiffany Reene Il y a mois
I gotta watch this movie. And the sentence is GOLDEN!!!😂😂👏🏾👏🏾
Gregory Yarchow
Gregory Yarchow Il y a mois
The fact this video is 18 minutes. Ding
Holly Schwinn
Holly Schwinn Il y a mois
when a movie gets under 80 sins, you know he liked it A LOT
Faulty Is Tired
Faulty Is Tired Il y a mois
You should review ax em you might get a laugh at out of it.
Tera La'Shun
Tera La'Shun Il y a mois
The biggest sin. They had Jamie Lee Curtis and didn't use her!!!!
Hamzah Aziz
Hamzah Aziz Il y a mois
not changing a computer's default wallpaper is a mistake? come the fuck on
Missing Link
Missing Link Il y a mois
Why not add 2 sins to make it 69?
SlyScroll Il y a mois
I'm sorry, is NOBODY going to mention the removal of only 4 sins at the end. Such an asshole to this movie you gave it a sin for making you remove 5 sins.
None of Your Business
I´d just like to point out that if you´d remove five sins from 71 sins at the end, you´d end up with 66 sins, not 67.
Espio Il y a mois
To speak on the message of this film. I always thought this film was an analogy for White Privilege.
Danny Lieberman
Danny Lieberman Il y a mois
Abigail Sarafian
Abigail Sarafian Il y a mois
Okay, Harlem forgetting the toxicology report is not a sin, he thought of that. He said "it has to be so obvious that the average detective would dismiss it as suicide" or something like that. That's why he slit his throat, so no one would think to do an autopsy.
Marcus Il y a mois
Everything about this movie was stupid. That will would absolutely not hold up in court.
Thomas G
Thomas G Il y a mois
0:29 that's the cross that Marta has hanging from her rear-view mirror. We get a shot of it during the car chase later. Ding, or whatever.
Ken Mugisha
Ken Mugisha Il y a mois
In all the videos I've seen from this channel it's the first time there's a less than 100 and even more less than 70 son count This is a worldwide record
Imogen O
Imogen O Il y a mois
I really did not like this film surprisingly
Benji Walker
Benji Walker Il y a mois
I can't believe Daniel Craig's accent didn't get sinned