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Is there any other way to make pizza other than boiling it? Wait, there is? Ok, so apparently there's also oven-baked, cast-iron and microwaved pizza. In fact, Amiel Stanek is here to show us almost every way to make a pizza. We're betting the waffle iron pizza may be a method to avoid.
Filmed on 2/11-2/12/20

Check out each method here:
Baked Pizza 1:42
Pre-Heated Sheet Pan Pizza 2:30
Twice Baked Pizza 3:13
Pizza Stone Pizza 4:00
Ceramic Tile Pizza 4:38
Baking Steel Pizza 5:21
Crisper Pan Pizza 6:09
Frozen Pizza 6:52
Rack Baked Pizza 7:40
Oven Floor Pizza 8:24
Grilled Pizza 9:02
Baking Steel Grilled Pizza 9:42
Flip Grilled Pizza 10:24
Kettle Grilled Pizza 11:10
Ooni Oven Pizza 11:57
Grandma Style Pizza 12:40
Deep Dish 13:58
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pizza Oven Pizza 15:13
Waffle Iron Pizza 15:53
Pizzazz Plus Pizza 16:55
Breville Oven Pizza 17:44
Stovetop to Oven Pizza 18:31
Stovetop Pizza 19:32
Boiled Pizza 20:33
Deep Fried Pizza 21:30
Steamed Pizza 22:20
Stovetop Oven Pizza 23:08
Pizza Stone Firepit Pizza 23:59
Wood Grilled Pizza 24:36
Camping Pot Pizza 25:17
Easy Bake Oven Pizza 25:55
Microwaved Pizza 26:37
Pizza Cone Pizza 27:23
Dehydrated Pizza 28:19
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Every Way to Make Pizza (32 Methods) | Bon Appétit




28 mars 2020




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Commentaires 60
mastrblastr8 Il y a 15 heures
Flip-Grilled Pizza "This looks so much better to me." Amiel, it looks like you ran it over. Please stop.
Space_Mate Il y a 16 heures
The deep fried Pizza is obviously called panzerotto. 🤣 Search it on Google FRvid will find it. In the part of italy where i lived it was looking like this but a little bit smaller... 😁
Brian therobloxplayer
boi you can cook the pizza longer but you dont
HazardousFarts Gaming
HazardousFarts Gaming Il y a 2 jours
Who else looks away when it shows all of the end results of each pizza so you don’t get spoiled
Mx. Self Destruct
Mx. Self Destruct Il y a 2 jours
what is it with amiel and undercooking everything
Linda Baehr
Linda Baehr Il y a 2 jours
"It's soupy. It's almost wound-like"...............:-P
Fr4nc0 G4m3s
Fr4nc0 G4m3s Il y a 2 jours
Wtf, that's not a pizza, that a piece of bread with cheese and tomato sauce, don't you dare to call that a pizza
Tucker Latsha
Tucker Latsha Il y a 2 jours
I have one thing to say, pizza time
Nobody That's it
Nobody That's it Il y a 3 jours
Mmmh... Boiled pizza
Tarik Vehab
Tarik Vehab Il y a 3 jours
i expected him to taste an uncooked pizza
Anh Triết Bill
Anh Triết Bill Il y a 3 jours
Well, it is inedible
Anono mus
Anono mus Il y a 3 jours
You forgot deep fried
joker vids
joker vids Il y a 4 jours
"Boiled pizza" is more like a calzone then a pizza
Malachi Stevenson
Malachi Stevenson Il y a 4 jours
Where do the food go
CrazyNoodles Il y a 5 jours
*You've mama'd your last Mia*
Yukari Takeba
Yukari Takeba Il y a 5 jours
So.. is he remy? he sounds like him
-Cotten Flower-
-Cotten Flower- Il y a 5 jours
"There is a beautiful lepard pattern on the bottom" There were ashs on the bottom of that pizza-
Spencer Andrew
Spencer Andrew Il y a 6 jours
I like my pizza boiled.
Pixxy Il y a 6 jours
21:30 is basically a pizza calzone
Vincenzo Siesto
Vincenzo Siesto Il y a 6 jours
Y am I watching this at 3 am but I’m fine with watching this
guitar with Alex
guitar with Alex Il y a 7 jours
Pizza Dumpling? I think you mean pizza pop you uncultured swine
Peace my Friends
Peace my Friends Il y a 7 jours
Okay, hear me out. You cook the dough with the waffle iron to get that crispy texture, THAN add the cheese and sauce on top and heat it in an oven just enough to get those toppings cooked and delicious
69 or 420
69 or 420 Il y a 8 jours
This i a terrible way to cook a pizza Italians: *crying* THEN WHY DID YOU DO IT!!
Mostly Pizza
Mostly Pizza Il y a 8 jours
You've just mamad your last mamia
Bruhmomento Il y a 8 jours
The age old tradition of this show *ways to make a thing* then later says “so this isn’t that thing buuuut”
Game N.K.M.
Game N.K.M. Il y a 8 jours
22:20 the chinese and the italians want to know your location
Onyehuchi Ebube
Onyehuchi Ebube Il y a 9 jours
Have u tried using a popcorn machine or cotton candy machine to cook pizza or anything
Lisa Troiani
Lisa Troiani Il y a 9 jours
Why is everyone in the comment section so gatekeep-y? LET PEOPLE ENJOY PIZZA THE WAY THEY WANT
LAVINDER Il y a 9 jours
I think he prefers his pizza rare Just like everything else he eats -_-
CrazyNoodles Il y a 5 jours
Cats are just rare Chinese food
john doe
john doe Il y a 9 jours
waiting on my pizza to be delivered
The Worst
The Worst Il y a 9 jours
🤔...I reckon I kinda like the grandma pizza the best...👌🏼🍕😋💯✔
Chaz Morris
Chaz Morris Il y a 10 jours
Amiel: Breaths Comment Section: Hate
jessica wroten
jessica wroten Il y a 11 jours
Daren Leonardy
Daren Leonardy Il y a 12 jours
Why that have flour at the bottom of the pizza is that normal
Maria Moreira
Maria Moreira Il y a 13 jours
why are these videos so addictive
That Legend15
That Legend15 Il y a 13 jours
Just a quick reminder that he is making New York style pizza and will not fold it. New Yorkers cringe at the sight of not folding your pizza. . . . Edit: FULLY FOLDING NOT GOING HALF WAY
Embr_wolf Il y a 13 jours
I am trying so hard not to eat rn
Thure Raaskou Madsen
Thure Raaskou Madsen Il y a 13 jours
Amiel is a person who didn’t have “square homemade baking sheet pizza” as a kid. That’s why he’s creating these *p r o t o t y p e s* of pizza.
Lightning X
Lightning X Il y a 14 jours
"it tastes like the burnt edges of lasagna" and that's a bad thing??
SuperPieCat 123
SuperPieCat 123 Il y a 14 jours
28:16 “Pizza is good! Don’t mess with pizza!” (Proceeds to mess with pizza)
Autist Il y a 14 jours
13:15 can i just suffer enough?
M.D. Wolfe
M.D. Wolfe Il y a 14 jours
“Boiled pizza” Oh no. Ohhh no no no no no no no. It’s going to be a disaster like the waffle iron pizza.
P/FW Il y a 10 jours
This could actually be good but in a different way. Pelmeni are also just boiled dough pockets with filling inside and they taste awesome. You would just have to use a different filling.
Fron Fron
Fron Fron Il y a 15 jours
Wood fired pizza? How will pizza get a job now.
Pony_QwQ Il y a 16 jours
Did you tried boiling ?
Eclipse Il y a 17 jours
Listen… You guys have already pissed off the Italians with this one… If you do ‘every way to cook a sausage’ or ‘every way to cook a pretzel’ and do the disgraceful things displayed in this video… We Germans WILL start another World War…
Ryan Callaghan
Ryan Callaghan Il y a 17 jours
My dad actually made a margarita pizza on the grill with his pizza stone, the smokey flavor was amazing the way it mixed in to the dough the sauce and the mozzarella cheese, highly recommend it
Zane Il y a 19 jours
I first looked at the comments to see whether there were fake chewing noises in this video or whether i could watch it
Brett Ellison
Brett Ellison Il y a 19 jours
The way the sheet pan twisted when he put the cold pizza on it in the 2nd try was mildly interesting
Clay Williams
Clay Williams Il y a 19 jours
That’s not a pizza dumpling that’s a calzone lol
Clay Williams
Clay Williams Il y a 19 jours
Chicago style needs so much more cheese
Clay Williams
Clay Williams Il y a 19 jours
Imagine not using a pizza stone to make pizza lol
The Red Eye Rabbit
The Red Eye Rabbit Il y a 21 jour
I have a question though Were all these pizzas go after the taste test?
PANDORUM 3576 Il y a 21 jour
Ma povera Italia mamma mia
Calaspo Il y a 21 jour
Everyday to make a pancake!
you just got memed lol
you just got memed lol Il y a 22 jours
Is it just me or is that a really weird thumbs up 4:07
DaNK PaStA Il y a 22 jours
you do not know how to make a pan fried pizza
Some Dude
Some Dude Il y a 23 jours
what does he do with all this pizza
Xtremis Il y a 23 jours
every way to cook a hotdog. do it.
Erol Hyso
Erol Hyso Il y a 23 jours
15:05 he likes grandmas more than a deep dish pizza
Xenotrunksfan 7000
Xenotrunksfan 7000 Il y a 23 jours
Requested Video: Every Way To Cook A Lamb
Spo0kie Mo0kie
Spo0kie Mo0kie Il y a 24 jours
12:29 she’s beautiful, is there anyway I can get her number?