EATING All The WEIRD Cereals with Colby Brock (TASTE TEST)

Brennen Taylor
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Hi I'm Brennen. I've been eating food for 23 years. I'm basically a professional. Here is my Food Review:
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9 juil. 2019

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Commentaires 4 032
Karlie Schilling
Karlie Schilling Il y a 39 secondes
am i the only one who has not had frosted flakes
Marta's Life
Marta's Life Il y a 27 minutes
Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeew milk first 🤦🏼‍♀️🙄
Marta's Life
Marta's Life Il y a 28 minutes
This is soooo entertaining 😂
leah Fouts
leah Fouts Il y a 34 minutes
Very girls dream is to eat Serial I think this how you spell it but every girls dream is to eat it with Colby lmao
leah Fouts
leah Fouts Il y a 40 minutes
Where is Sam its Colby not same and Colby its just Colby Brock
Ashtion Maree
Ashtion Maree Il y a 58 minutes
Brennen the cereal goes first!
Abi Oehlerking
Abi Oehlerking Il y a 59 minutes
I wanna try the sour patch kids cereal
Panic! With me Friend
I bought the birthday cake Froot Loops yesterday and today I noticed this video had them and I was like I’m going to try it with them...the smell is real man😂
Shy Girl
Shy Girl Il y a heure
You guys should try the Chicken Waffle cereal. My friend always have waffles with chicken nuggets and maple syrup together
Summer Crawford
Summer Crawford Il y a heure
I died when Brennan spilt all the Sour Patch Kids cereal and I saw Colby's face..... Like wow😂😂😂
NovaWolfie YT
NovaWolfie YT Il y a heure
Milk before cereal .-.
Lillian Porter
Lillian Porter Il y a 2 heures
whay did you put the mlik first
Coleby Burford
Coleby Burford Il y a 2 heures
If you’ve never had an actual maple bacon donut, you are missing out. Literally so freaking delicious.
Courtney Ezell
Courtney Ezell Il y a 2 heures
When the sour patch kids are sold in stores
Zabrina Keating
Zabrina Keating Il y a 2 heures
The amount of us who got pissed off that Brennen put the milk in first then the cereal
shauni trevino
shauni trevino Il y a 2 heures
Am I the only one who can't share milk? It grosses me out. Like I can share every other thing but I draw the line at milk. Idk why lmao.
Small Mouse
Small Mouse Il y a 2 heures
on the first one (the churros) Colby blew on it like it was hot
Kylie Wolfe
Kylie Wolfe Il y a 2 heures
You and colby should do weird food combinations
Koala Bear
Koala Bear Il y a 3 heures
Andrea Pavia
Andrea Pavia Il y a 3 heures
I knew I wasn't the only one that pours milk first 😂😂😭
Megan Hook
Megan Hook Il y a 3 heures
so i know i’m super late to this video but these are definitely sold at stores. not sure what stores you go to but there is only one that isn’t sold in stores around me and that’s the peeps 😂
Crystal Day
Crystal Day Il y a 3 heures
BRENNEN TAYLOR YOU NEED HELP but will always love you no matter what
Pugs Rule
Pugs Rule Il y a 3 heures
Nobody: Me:dang how do colbys nails look better than mine like how yo nails on fleek? what yo secret boi!?!?!
Noelles_Girl S
Noelles_Girl S Il y a 3 heures
When he poured the milk first, I thought, “He is a disgrace to humanity but, he is the best and most amazing disgrace to humanity”😂😂 I just disagree with milk before cereal
Nicolas Rosales
Nicolas Rosales Il y a 4 heures
Bailey White
Bailey White Il y a 4 heures
Colby and me with our Cocoa Puffs
Francisco Garcia
Francisco Garcia Il y a 4 heures
i dont know if anyone has provided the website but you can purchase these cereals + more snacks at
Kaylyn Purple Potato
Kaylyn Purple Potato Il y a 5 heures
14:32 Colby: "like it like punched my esophagus" 😂😂😂😂😂
Chocolate_cra_owo Puppy boop
Bruh i put milk first befire cereal ;w;
Cristina DH
Cristina DH Il y a 5 heures
Why does Colby blow the cereal??
Angel Blaylock
Angel Blaylock Il y a 5 heures
My dad had the sour patch kids with milk and said it was so disgusting, so he made rice crispy treats out of them.
Jose Islas
Jose Islas Il y a 6 heures
I love colby give it a like if you to🖤
vella night
vella night Il y a 6 heures
Colby: no this is gross *continues to eat the cereal*
shrek Il y a 6 heures
I have the the peeps cereal not to mention its at my moms work for a dollar 🤠.
Marilyn Manson
Marilyn Manson Il y a 6 heures
My store has every one of those I've eaten them all they're so good
Alex Cara Gardner
Alex Cara Gardner Il y a 6 heures
Anyone else notice how different Colby acts in other people’s videos compared to his own... he always looks so bored
chyanne. bell
chyanne. bell Il y a 7 heures
10:49 now that you say that I think you should take that bag of cereal and make a smoothie 🤠
Nancy Herrington
Nancy Herrington Il y a 7 heures
I always pour the milk in the bowl first then the cereal so the cereal don't get soggy
AlySno Il y a 7 heures
I thought the BT on Brennen’s sweater was actually a BJ, just saying...😂
chyanne. bell
chyanne. bell Il y a 7 heures
For the ppl on Colby’s video saying eat cereal for a video and that would be enough - y’all satisfied?
Pink_ _Roze
Pink_ _Roze Il y a 7 heures
Did anyone else notice brennen said fruit loops instead of lucky charms?
Makaio Uchiha
Makaio Uchiha Il y a 7 heures
Hey guys what’s your favorite floavor of fruit loops Read the rest after u reply Trick question THERE ALL THE SAME FLAVOR
Layla Balsink
Layla Balsink Il y a 7 heures
Hannah Mcguckian
Hannah Mcguckian Il y a 7 heures
Hold up @ 3:05 did Colby really blow on his cold cereal
kims eats
kims eats Il y a 7 heures
Colby blew the cereal to cool it down. Hahaha
Sam and Colby // trap house edits!
*Brennen starts to pour hand milk with the cap on* Colby: you gotta *points to the cap* Brennen: the cap goes with it *Colby goes back in his chair quickly 😂👏*
Sam and Colby // trap house edits!
Colby made his spot a straight up MESS 😂👏
Sam and Colby // trap house edits!
"Bro you did not just do that bro" Colby's not as angry as I am about Brennen pouring milk first 😂
Sam and Colby // trap house edits!
I have 3 of those cereals in my house 😂🤷‍♀️
Stacy White
Stacy White Il y a 8 heures
Colbys laugh at 9:02 is the cutest thing ever.❤❤ I could not stop replaying it.