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We somehow tricked Jarvis Johnson into stopping by for a very special Halloween edition of Shayne’s favorite show- Eat It Or Yeet It!
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15 oct. 2019




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Commentaires 80
Meredith Hagan
Meredith Hagan Il y a 19 heures
I want to know who the real star of the show is - aka the person who goes to Joann Fabrics and makes all those seasonal bibs.
Naruto Uzumaki
Naruto Uzumaki Il y a jour
Everyone needs to have a friend like Shayne 💕
-Tokusatsu Man-
-Tokusatsu Man- Il y a 6 jours
17:41 is the best part i watch it over and over again just for Shayne face.
Lise Magic
Lise Magic Il y a 8 jours
In our neighborhood, there’s a group of Jehovahs Witnesses that give kids conversion magazines and damaged candy. It’s creepy.
Ddawg Il y a 9 jours
that song at the intro was so good, that it could go on itunes and spotify
#crazy Lad
#crazy Lad Il y a 9 jours
Who is here in qauritine
Amira Abdelwahed
Amira Abdelwahed Il y a 10 jours
That song Courtney sings gets stuck in my head constantly guys
P_diddly Il y a 10 jours
Aw man they didn't have the twinkie of death in this episode
Utube Fren
Utube Fren Il y a 10 jours
Keith:×gets ready to ding da bell× Ian:×pulls his hand back× Keith:×uses other hand anyway
Denki kaminari *traitor*
Denki kaminari *traitor* Il y a 11 jours
Why do I watch this when I'm hungry :
Gexill Il y a 12 jours
Shayne has broke
jonathan lowe
jonathan lowe Il y a 13 jours
Shane is dead inside it hilarious
Hudson Aventures
Hudson Aventures Il y a 15 jours
Please make Shane a channel!!
tyler mcginnis
tyler mcginnis Il y a 16 jours
Wait how does he know how poison tastes like??????
Kayla Denney
Kayla Denney Il y a 18 jours
25 million.... thats says 7 and its 2020...,
Chrimsyn Il y a 21 jour
Tomato Gris
Tomato Gris Il y a 23 jours
I liked the terraria boss sound just idk which one it is
Flora Il y a 24 jours
The eat or yeet song courtney sings is actually a low key banger
Disowned Asians TV
Disowned Asians TV Il y a 24 jours
Did they even reach the goal😂???
Greta Kline
Greta Kline Il y a 25 jours
Can u pls do an episode of try not to laugh with Garrett?
SMario64 Productions
SMario64 Productions Il y a 25 jours
My pez people are pleased with the pez
shannon menendez
shannon menendez Il y a mois
Shaynne’s face at the caramel apple 😂
Josie Creations
Josie Creations Il y a mois
everyone dislike this comment ( cause I never see anyone dislike comments )
Isabella Sears
Isabella Sears Il y a mois
Keith is always so enthusiastic about trying food and then yeets EVERY. TIME.
RJK7 Il y a mois
Licorice powder is really good *keith*
Cortney Woolston
Cortney Woolston Il y a mois
Awwww Courtney calling Olivia Liv Love❤
Spiral Chain
Spiral Chain Il y a mois
I was kinda hoping the pixie stix were full of gravy powder.
Spiral Chain
Spiral Chain Il y a mois
Keith, why you always cheating, homie?
That One Guy You Click On
They just hit 25 mill
Lillian Tipken
Lillian Tipken Il y a 13 jours
wait but it says 7 mil?
perturbing Il y a mois
I can imagine garret on Halloween wearing a sign that says “eat or yeet” and is giving out all the BAD foods
perturbing Il y a mois
Shayne: “the sick son of a bitch!” Courtney: “yes!”
timmy hell
timmy hell Il y a mois
i fucking died at 7:11
Memes_Samurai Il y a mois
fun fact: the halloween before the 2019 one in my area somebody had filled sour patch kids with CRACK COCAINE and was giving it to children
noldenxd Il y a mois
Jarvis is just scared the whole time xD
Lololo Lallaa
Lololo Lallaa Il y a mois
Fish paste is good because I'm combodian
Peyton BR
Peyton BR Il y a mois
Omg Damien is wearing a Mie Hatsume shirt yass. ( idk how to spell her name. She is from my hero academia.)
Gabreil Hernandez
Gabreil Hernandez Il y a mois
Why did it take me three views to realize Jarvis had braces in this episode?
joshua hanner
joshua hanner Il y a mois
Courtney should be a participant with Garrett and shayne takes Garrett spot and Ian hosts
Dartslinger Il y a mois
Do a stuffed donut filled with mayo and on the top powder it with a mix of powdered sugar and maca powder
ThatDepressedMistake :C
You guys should change ding the bell to hit the bell and have a fan edition where you have 4 fans instead and 1 Smosh member and ofc Courtney serves with Garrett cam (like those parts are normal)
Kaitlin Il y a mois
I wanna know who makes their cute ass bibs
Victoria Il y a mois
What I wanna know is why Courtney is never in any episodes. Like she's never eating any foods.
Galev Il y a mois
I dunno why, but Shayne being so pissed off every time is really endearing.
Vindy Son
Vindy Son Il y a mois
I’m Cambodian, and even I stay away from fermented fish paste lmao
Butter5ticks Il y a mois
Courtney go in eat or yeet
Lizzy B
Lizzy B Il y a mois
I would’ve loved that fish paste, cause ceased salad dressing is made out of fish paste and I love ceaser
Grace :p
Grace :p Il y a mois
If I were on the show and they gave me anything with apple in it that isn’t cooked apple my mouth would be soooo itchy (I’m allergic to apples)
Grace :p
Grace :p Il y a mois
Courtney’s song in the beginning needs to be the theme song for this show
Hazel Anne Pula
Hazel Anne Pula Il y a mois
Olivia: **looks at the caramel apple** Courtney: it's a cara-- Also Courtney: *oh, no one heard it... i'll just laugh...* hehe
;3 Il y a mois
I know that jarvis was f****** terrified because he was so quiet.
Rex Hendrix
Rex Hendrix Il y a mois
they could’ve done a caramel onion, the same thing as a caramel apple but an onion
Saturn AndDaDragons
What is cortneys Spotify
Lucas Dimond
Lucas Dimond Il y a mois
Non gamers: vomit noise Gamers: terraria eye of cthulu sound
Kendra Cormier
Kendra Cormier Il y a mois
Y’all currently have 6.99M subs
Phoenix X
Phoenix X Il y a mois
Mix the spicy candy corn with regular candy corn and now you have trick or treat candy corn
Antonio Benavides
Antonio Benavides Il y a mois
Courtney the beautiful and best host ever
JoyBox Trickster
JoyBox Trickster Il y a mois
Is no one gonna notice Olivia just eating everything on the bread besides the crust, and the slice just has a massive hole?
Julogold Il y a mois
Me seeing this seeing they have 6.99 million
Gamer Lyd
Gamer Lyd Il y a mois
It’s time to eat or yeet It’s time to eat or yeet It can taste so good It can smell like feet But it’s time to eat or yeet
dksHoderi Il y a mois
These are the cringelords of youtube
Kelbey Brewer
Kelbey Brewer Il y a mois
That song is iconic
Swashy Il y a mois
Smosh: Trick or Trick just trick or trick
alia hogue
alia hogue Il y a mois
Him: i feel like im eating chalk \ poison. Me: umm.....chalk IS poison, buddy
Cameron Atherton
Cameron Atherton Il y a mois
Chris Rock is definitely one of the best parts of this show
KeilNah Il y a mois
I subbed cuz of jarvis
Junky M3nk
Junky M3nk Il y a mois
I watch this in 10th April 2020 and they only have 6M 😭😭😢
George Doty-Williams
Not "Smosh Pit", the main channel "Smosh"
K T Il y a mois
Can someone tell me what pixie is for the licorice pixie sticks?
BryThesavage Yeeters
The end is just funny idk why
Azura_ San
Azura_ San Il y a mois
I love jarvis’s slight lisp. It’s so adorable
Artitron IRL
Artitron IRL Il y a mois
If Garrett is a monster... dress up like him for Halloween...
Reid Summers
Reid Summers Il y a 2 mois
Yoooooo court kills it on that eat it or yeet it beat!
Ken R
Ken R Il y a 2 mois
I told myself "i'm gonna bet any money that's a Carmel covered onion."
FoxyWes Il y a 2 mois
Why is no one mentioning Damien’s Hatsume shirt?
Ashley Irwin
Ashley Irwin Il y a 2 mois
I would love to be on eat it or yeet it i will eat just about anything
Ruby Mills
Ruby Mills Il y a 2 mois
I would love to see rhett and link on the show
joel quinn
joel quinn Il y a 2 mois
Black licorice is fucking delicious
joel quinn
joel quinn Il y a 2 mois
Pez is delicious
Amiel Laxamana
Amiel Laxamana Il y a 2 mois
Courtney and Shayne should switch spots in this series. Because Courtney should Eat or Yeet this time and Shayne should host this it
Smelly Avocado
Smelly Avocado Il y a 2 mois
My man got banned from fortnite
Ve Nom
Ve Nom Il y a 2 mois
Hi broverths
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