Eat It or Yeet It #10 - DATE NIGHT!

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It’s date night at the Eat It or Yeet It table, and Garrett’s whipped up some extra special treats for our favorite couples this Valentine’s Day!
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11 févr. 2020




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Commentaires 100
Olivia Sui
Olivia Sui Il y a 7 mois
Saad A
Saad A Il y a 2 jours
No love in my air ☹️
*-.Midnight Blues.-*
JakePlayz Nothing I guess
Olivia Sui no corona is
Rebellion Il y a mois
Shanel Silk
Shanel Silk Il y a mois
Immense t jpf txts rep pod
HappyAngel Gaming
HappyAngel Gaming Il y a 17 heures
Mari's husband looks like Grant Gustin! ❤️😍
Ashton Djaio
Ashton Djaio Il y a jour
Tbh the only person suffering this episode is courtney.
Jose Sidfried Gacusan
Erin W
Erin W Il y a jour
Marie: Garret you broke the italian
Amare Ramirez
Amare Ramirez Il y a jour
You should bring damien hass and Courtney miller ... Dourtney
Mitch C.
Mitch C. Il y a 2 jours
I have watched this a dozen times since it came out and just now realized they spelled Gnocchi wrong...
Flash_savage King
Flash_savage King Il y a 3 jours
Next February bring koah,shaymien and courtivia
Dhwani Shah
Dhwani Shah Il y a 5 jours
TheFlash _RS
TheFlash _RS Il y a 5 jours
Peter looks like Grant Gustin. I can see him playing The Flash.
SpRinkles Il y a 6 jours
I thought Maris dude (don’t know if boyfriend or husband soo...) was the guy who plays flash on the first glance
Berto Andon
Berto Andon Il y a 6 jours
I thought Garrett was vegan. Does worm count?
Ernest CHEUNG Il y a 6 jours
Garret, we feel your emptiness
ŁaRaye Johnson
ŁaRaye Johnson Il y a 7 jours
all there boyfriends/husbands are so adorable and funny
Mayra Elias
Mayra Elias Il y a 10 jours
Aziz Il y a 10 jours
I lile the fact that garrett asked about the kosher thing. Respect for each other's beliefs is always a plus on my books 😊👌🏻
Justin Quan
Justin Quan Il y a 11 jours
Now I understand why everyone says Claudio is so nice and sweet
Epic Gamer Moments
Epic Gamer Moments Il y a 11 jours
“I bought powerful worms” - Garrett 2020
Daniel Christie
Daniel Christie Il y a 12 jours
Its adorable to see Sasha's husband not speak English perfectly, but God damn that accent is hot!
Sasha MacRitchie
Sasha MacRitchie Il y a 12 jours
They're POWER WORMS tho!
AndyisweirdUwU Il y a 13 jours
For some reason I think they find random things in their fridge and make them look like the food topic.
{ milani. }
{ milani. } Il y a 13 jours
“Baby, that’s too big.” - Olivia Sui, 2020
Amelia Chan
Amelia Chan Il y a 13 jours
Claudio is so adorable 🥺🥺
Teamdarkfire x
Teamdarkfire x Il y a 13 jours
That life point counter had me dying. YUGIOOOOOOOOOOOH
cecep chaerudin
cecep chaerudin Il y a 13 jours
Love You ❤️🙏🥰
E Brodsky
E Brodsky Il y a 14 jours
Someone off camera: It looks like poop Mari: Yeah, this doesn’t look bad
DoctorSharkie Il y a 15 jours
Pete looks like Grant Gustin
Just a gamer boy Blake
Just a gamer boy Blake Il y a 15 jours
Is it just me or does Mari's man look like grant Guston as Barry allan
Arnold Hubbard
Arnold Hubbard Il y a 17 jours
Nobody's talking about the use of the original Yu-Gi-Oh life points counter
Eli M
Eli M Il y a 17 jours
Is no one gonna talk about how at 16:50, the caption saying the food spelled "gnocchi" as "yoki"?
Fabijan Cakanic
Fabijan Cakanic Il y a 18 jours
5:49 "this is gluten free" ... is he gay or something
glow in the dark star stickers
yoKI???? Is it not gnocchi?
Jennifer Carafa
Jennifer Carafa Il y a 18 jours
jasmine wright
jasmine wright Il y a 20 jours
Plot twist normal strawberry but hallow with the hot cake stuff
S C Il y a 20 jours
I can't believe this video was posted this year, it feels like so long ago!
daniisaurushax Il y a 21 jour
omg they should do this again but non couples, and try to get bad stuff purposely! have shayne and courtney, damien and ian, etc
Radalz Il y a 22 jours
"it's like poop" "Yeah it's not that bad"
Tyler Bailey
Tyler Bailey Il y a 23 jours
Mari’s husband looks like Grant Gustin
Abby Frasure
Abby Frasure Il y a 23 jours
Maris boyfriend sorta looks like garret grant (a.k.a the flash)
CC Lewis
CC Lewis Il y a 23 jours
Claudio is like a cartoon character OML. “It’s okay, love is to share” in that accent sounds like something a cheesy, stereotypical French guy would say. (I don’t actually know where he is from, but my mind is saying French accent) Edit: he’s Italian I promise I’m not stupid
Harm C
Harm C Il y a 24 jours
Man all three of the girls got super lucky. Claudio, Peter and Sam all seem like super sweet and nice guys
Jacob Grossmann
Jacob Grossmann Il y a 24 jours
Borivoje Djordjevic
Borivoje Djordjevic Il y a 24 jours
TheOnionQueen Il y a 24 jours
That food is gross and so is love.
D Shx
D Shx Il y a 24 jours
is that the flash xD
Ryan Johnson
Ryan Johnson Il y a 26 jours
So yall not gonna talk about the fact that Peter Kitch looks a lot like Grant Gustin
Nina Jeffries
Nina Jeffries Il y a 26 jours
I never noticed this till now but Olivia is dating GEOFF SCHWARTZ from the GOLDBERGS and I’m so amazed that I never realized they were the same person. My mind has been blown
Secrelight Il y a 26 jours
wait, sarah is Asian?
Rafael Araújo
Rafael Araújo Il y a 26 jours
2:49 Me: :( Claudio(w/ Italian accent): You're gonna be okay Me: :)
Onetnec Ghoti
Onetnec Ghoti Il y a 27 jours
Pete looks like grant gustin disguised as clark kent
Horror Movie Scream Queen
Pete is a good looking guy lol no offense to Sam & Claudio.... Oh and I'm guessing Olivia met Sam thru Shayne since they are both on the goldbergs
M Schnabel
M Schnabel Il y a 29 jours
Why is Mari married to the flash
Christopher Il y a mois
Christopher Il y a mois
All the asian girls brought their white partners!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣😂😄😂😄😂😄 thats too funny. 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Tea Cakes
Tea Cakes Il y a mois
Sam: ShRiMp Everyone else: 👁👄👁
Brooke Mattingly
Brooke Mattingly Il y a mois
If I don’t marry a man as polite and sweet as Claudio, I don’t want him
ItsAmberLightsFreak gacha
I thought court had a boyfriend-
fastcool andfurious
INTRODUCING Olivia and sam Sarah and claudio Mari and pete And Courtney Me: and? Just courtney
Cora B
Cora B Il y a mois
I love that when Garrett knows he did a bad he will taste his creation 😂
E Il y a mois
Mari's boyfriend looks like Grant Gustin/ The Flash
Gabrielle Quinn
Gabrielle Quinn Il y a mois
this was by far the best episode of Seinfeld
Kris Doyle
Kris Doyle Il y a mois
"Like potato dumplings but there's one ingredient that's freaking crazy. What is it, is it gasoline?" Beautiful off the cuff reactions
DIBZ3 Il y a mois
Why does peter look like flash from cw
Raghav Sinha
Raghav Sinha Il y a mois
...peter looks like grant gustin...a bit
Rose L
Rose L Il y a mois
“Oh Fuck, baby, that’s too big.” - Olivia Sui, 2020
Sarah Williams
Sarah Williams Il y a mois
I love Sarah’s husband lol
gentle side character
ah yes nothing to prove your love then to bring the ones you care about to eat the most dangerous food ever.
Monserrat lopez assef
ok why r they all so cute
KimmiRoki UwU
KimmiRoki UwU Il y a mois
Claire Il y a mois
The “oh baby that’s too big” from Olivia absolutely killed me 😂😂😂
Komal Rajput
Komal Rajput Il y a mois
In the description Claudio added Sarah's insta instead of his he's so cute 😭😭
Nehemiah Squire
Nehemiah Squire Il y a mois
Anybody else thinks mari's husband looks like grant gustin
SomeOne Il y a mois
JTP Sam ! JTP ! :D
Botato And panana
Botato And panana Il y a mois
I thought olivia was pregnant when she send the strawberry wasnt bad
Tayler Ragle
Tayler Ragle Il y a mois
The yugioh life points counter 🙌
Vidit Deshpande
Vidit Deshpande Il y a mois
God, the couple were getting so mushy mann! What sissies!!!
Unknown Person
Unknown Person Il y a mois
For chocolate strawberries it’s supposed to be wet on the bottom
Hot Bagel
Hot Bagel Il y a mois
Hear me out... mustard and mayonaise filled Twinkie
Francisco Alejandre
10:40 This is the only thing I envy about Californians, how considerate they are about people’s cultures and customs.
Aleksandra Klimaszewska
Is it Just me or anyone else Just can't stand Olivia?
Max Leong
Max Leong Il y a mois
Take a BIG BITE! *between Garette and Olivia* 🤣 EIOYI have been destroying appetites and bowels since it begun but still for entertainment sake it had survived. The relationship for Sarah's husband, Claudio and Italian food will forever be changed after this
Juan Jaramillo
Juan Jaramillo Il y a mois
I think the most underrated line is: "The FUTURE?!? This is the present!"
looks like poop mari: yea this doesnt look bad
Spiral Galaxy
Spiral Galaxy Il y a mois
11:57 hmmmmm
Marshal Mallow
Marshal Mallow Il y a mois
Those men are beautiful 😍
ash !!
ash !! Il y a mois
and in this moment, we all fell in love with claudio
Kaitlyn T
Kaitlyn T Il y a mois
Looks like poop Yeah this doesn’t look bad
justskydive Il y a mois
The Goldbergs jtp
D4CE 42
D4CE 42 Il y a mois
I’ve decided on my 4th watch of this vid that Claudio is ma y favourite person on this planet
EnderBorn Il y a mois
Sherquan Jn Baptiste
Everyone's s.o.'s are so cute
Jumulus Gaming
Jumulus Gaming Il y a mois
Is nobody gonna talk About how olivias boyfriend was on the goldbergs
David Nobre
David Nobre Il y a mois
15:46 Claudio is hilarious! there's one ingredient that is freaking crazy is it gasoline? ahahah lmao!
Low King
Low King Il y a mois
Sarah's husband sounds like he could make a bridge in like 10 seconds. 11 tops. (Disney's Atlantis ref)
matthew murray
matthew murray Il y a mois
When I see Peter all I see is the flash
Mr. Food
Mr. Food Il y a mois
11:57 that's what she said
Bowl Of Rice
Bowl Of Rice Il y a mois
c l a u d i o l o o k s l i k e m i k e v a r s h a v s k i s f w s f g d r g h v x d e
Peeko Spaulding
Peeko Spaulding Il y a mois
This is equally the most wholesome and vulgar video of all time.
MrRudyc85 Il y a mois
0:40. Hilarious.
The Sqaud
The Sqaud Il y a mois
U should get Courtney to play
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