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idk why i did this
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-emma chamberlain




12 janv. 2020




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Commentaires 12 280
Holly McDowell
Holly McDowell Il y a 15 heures
My eyes were burning watching this because I can vividly remember the fumes of the bleach everytime I helped my friend dye his hair 😂
Nakyiah Stark
Nakyiah Stark Il y a 15 heures
we love emma no matter what
Jessica Finn
Jessica Finn Il y a 21 heure
“dont smile because it’s over, cry because it happened” ~ emma chamberlain 2020
Sheena Aaron
Sheena Aaron Il y a 21 heure
damn why people hating when in the title it clearly said *fail* smh just because she didn't do something doesn't mean she deserves hate
Spiral Il y a 22 heures
she dyed her hair but it was a fail.. exactly what she said in the title. so honestly, why are those specific people getting upset..
Monse Barajas
Monse Barajas Il y a jour
People are really judging Emma for not painting her hair?!? Get a freaking life
April ajkd
April ajkd Il y a jour
lmaoooooooooooooooooooooooooo stop y is she so funny
Nicole Depass music playlist channel
Those which say I lost 10 mins of my life on this SHUT UP OK because no one asked or made u watch this it was ur choice
Gloria Son
Gloria Son Il y a jour
I dont care that she didnt end up coloring her hair but i do care that that she didnt “talk about her feelings”
Nicole Mecca
Nicole Mecca Il y a jour
i love uuuuu
Skittle Il y a jour
Olivia Odom
Olivia Odom Il y a jour
Emma, I just need to say I am a eleven year old who watches all of your videos. You are beautiful no matter what anyone says. Love you soooo much. BTW ( what’s is your favorite emoji? Please reply with your favorite emoji. And , yes I know you do not usually give shoutouts but please give me a shoutout 😂 lol)
Tonya Horn
Tonya Horn Il y a jour
Emma: Today we are going to be doing something a little bit different... Emma: I'm so ****ing board.
Poppy sofia Truscott
OMG why so much hate she is so funny
Ashley Navarro
Ashley Navarro Il y a jour
All these haters made me subscribe, it's so stupid , I love your personality never change❤
Von Word
Von Word Il y a jour
There’s nothing wrong with this video ???
Hadi 7597
Hadi 7597 Il y a jour
It was fun. Thanks emma
Gacha default 2468
Gacha default 2468 Il y a jour
How are you "spicing it up" when you dye a strand of hair and your not dying all your hair only a strand just my opinion sorry 😶😑
Miss Dilan
Miss Dilan Il y a jour
Love how everyone pretended they didn't say shit when she posted the video where she did actually dye her hair
allison loves frank iero
oh no please no splat
Anna Marker
Anna Marker Il y a jour
"Don't smile because it's over, cry because it happened" Such inspiring words
Laia Gallego
Laia Gallego Il y a jour
Who else can’t find the hate coments? | | | 🔽 like it you r trying to find them Too😂
Luna Irizar
Luna Irizar Il y a jour
i love this video!
Luna Irizar
Luna Irizar Il y a jour
and you emma! <3
Dastiny Thing
Dastiny Thing Il y a jour
Why can’t the comments be normal without people talking abt the worst video ever like I’m not even subscribed to Emma and I watched this one with interest like stop hating and be happy she don’t delete her FRvid bc of the haters 🤪
Morgan Bell
Morgan Bell Il y a jour
lol Il y a jour
skip to the end. Press replay. And it'll drop the ads
Meike Van Der Wall
Meike Van Der Wall Il y a jour
Life Of Reini
Life Of Reini Il y a jour
What If Emma did a video of her getting a lace front
Jack New
Jack New Il y a 2 jours
Don’t think it that’s bad of a video Emma! Least you know it didn’t work, learned, moved on and still uploaded it. That’s freakin’ hardcore bro!
Jack New
Jack New Il y a 2 jours
Wasn’t that bad of a video Emma, least you had an idea, gave it a go, didn’t work, move on.
Andriana Hountalas
Andriana Hountalas Il y a 2 jours
Love this Emma
Jordan Elizabeth
Jordan Elizabeth Il y a 2 jours
please make a "before/after, my accutane journey" vid! i'm starting my first cycle in 2 weeks and i'd love to know how your experience was
Sophy Sophy
Sophy Sophy Il y a 2 jours
To be honest it’s not the WORST video but like not her best tho ,.. it’s only 10 minutes long ): ...I think in other videos and in all her older video she put more energy in the videos and there were like 25-30 minutes long and very entertaining! In my option it’s not the worst video but there are videos which are a little bit better (:
rafli zachery
rafli zachery Il y a 2 jours
Literally what is all the drama surrounding this vid it’s not that serious lll
alexa k
alexa k Il y a 2 jours
Ummm yea she didn’t even put bleach on her hair . This is a sponsored video
༄ XᎾXᎾ KᏟ ༄ Il y a 2 jours
y'all i'm pretty sure when she said "worst video ever" she was referring to the dislikes lmfao.
Say San
Say San Il y a 2 jours
I bleach my hair at hair salon, they bleach it twice and my hair still dark
Полина Мезенцева
Помогите найти таких же блогеров как она😫
matty Il y a 2 jours
I love u emmaaaaa❤️❤️❤️❤️
Anastasia Alexander
Anastasia Alexander Il y a 2 jours
Why tho?
Darion Del Val
Darion Del Val Il y a 2 jours
Honestly glad she didn't dye her hair I can't stand the whole "Oh I'm dying my hair because I'm having a breakdown" sh*t. Like grow up and get some therapy lol. Shout out to you Emma for actually being smart about this 💀
melissa david
melissa david Il y a 2 jours
Take a shower dumb a**
AJ Agnew
AJ Agnew Il y a 2 jours
Can someone explain how this is the worst video ever
Jeemaeca Canizar
Jeemaeca Canizar Il y a 2 jours
bruh there is SOO much dislikes O.O
honest kvo
honest kvo Il y a 2 jours
OMG... I love you
Sierra Il y a 2 jours
Emma: "something inside me is telling me to STOP" Me: "you're conscious" XD
Sydney Kleinhans
Sydney Kleinhans Il y a 2 jours
I used that same bleach
Anna Perez
Anna Perez Il y a 2 jours
Did the SAME thing last night to my hair. DIDN’T WORK FOR ME EITHER IM SO UPSET!!! I KEPT IT ON FOR 2 HOURS
Molly ann Furey
Molly ann Furey Il y a 3 jours
How old are you
HESSA ADEL Il y a 3 jours
Well it’s Emma so it’s expected why all of this drama god grow up people I mean the HATERS only
Isabella Trimborn
Isabella Trimborn Il y a 3 jours
brad mondo wya
Savanna Strunk
Savanna Strunk Il y a 3 jours
Emma nervously cleaning her bathroom counter while she was explaining her anxiety is a mood
Estelle Pieterse
Estelle Pieterse Il y a 3 jours
“i’Ve bEEn uSInG tHesE PrOducTS fOr A wHiLe nOw” **has the caps and everything still on** Guys the hate is bc she just Made this vid with low-effort and just for the sponsership. She just stretched the Video just to hit the 10 Minute spot... smh. This is my opinion don’t haaaateee
Pash Girl
Pash Girl Il y a 3 jours
cynthia parker and emma chamberlain sound alike hmm
hat dog
hat dog Il y a 3 jours
for the ppl asking why it is the “worst video ever” because its the only video with alot of hate. ok now shut up and love emma
Life Avakin
Life Avakin Il y a 3 jours
Emma got botox
joe degel
joe degel Il y a 3 jours
Y’all need to understand no one dislikes Emma and if she didn’t want to dye her hair I have no promblem with that it’s the fact that she legit click baited because she never dyed her hair like she could of just named the Vedio something else no hate but like that’s the only reason I am annoyed
bambii Il y a 2 jours
joe degel it says fail fora reason
Stephen Shine
Stephen Shine Il y a 3 jours
F everyone that was rude
Laceylilies Il y a 3 jours
emma love u, ur doing great sweetie, f*ck the haters
Hanna Ali
Hanna Ali Il y a 3 jours
The day this was uploaded I watched this video and I saw SO MANY HATERS in the comments. But after uploading her next video now I see no hater. Either people feel bad for her now or... people are trying to cover up the fact that everybody was hating
bambii Il y a 2 jours
Hanna Ali or its just people who werent hating