Drunk People Vs. Stoners Challenge (Mario Kart, IKEA, Building, Riddles)

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This is the Drunk vs. Stoned Challenge. Watch to see who wins!
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Drunk People Vs. Stoners Challenge (Mario Kart, IKEA, Building, Riddles)




12 févr. 2020




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Commentaires 100
REPLAY Il y a 7 mois
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D M Il y a 6 mois
Team stoner... YEAAAH
Arashii Il y a 7 mois
Are they really drunk or stoned?
Pixel M0nkey Gaming
Pixel M0nkey Gaming Il y a 7 mois
You guys should react to Mother 'reunites' with dead daughter using virtual reality
Pinglord Il y a 7 mois
I might be in a minority here, but if you have an audience that consists of a lot of underage people, putting out videos of how "fun" getting drunk and stoned is might not be the best route to take.
Shreya Samanta
Shreya Samanta Il y a 7 mois
@REACT pls react to bollywood songs or Indian Festivals pls pls pls pls pls
The Goat
The Goat Il y a jour
Why was I so exited for the stoners (wait I’m high)
Alana David
Alana David Il y a 4 jours
SHARON Pissed me tf off
Deadroses667 Il y a 5 jours
Yasssss i was rooting for the stonerss!
Black Rambo
Black Rambo Il y a 7 jours
The purp man was not wrong
Nishant Il y a 15 jours
Hit the like if you hate Sharen the Karen
Laddo Smokes
Laddo Smokes Il y a 16 jours
Lmao “look at this road isn’t it scary”😂😂🤣
Gamble Il y a 17 jours
Depends how drunk/stoned you are, your tolerance to the effects of each, how good you are at the given task physically/mentally regardless of how sober/drunk/stoned you are, your ability to work with others, your general coordination and luck. This test says nothing, where's the control group? The sample size of 3 vs 3 isn't highly conclusive either! At least have them compete sober first! Find out how they do without impairment!
Oussama Soussou
Oussama Soussou Il y a 19 jours
High or drunk. You wouldn't do this task
Renato Vicencio
Renato Vicencio Il y a 20 jours
I was full of myself until the third riddle. Dude that got it is a god!
Aaron Hangshing
Aaron Hangshing Il y a 20 jours
"i didnt go to college this doesnt count"
Evan Ballard
Evan Ballard Il y a 22 jours
Daniel always gotta make these videos!!! I love him!!
Evan Ballard
Evan Ballard Il y a 22 jours
Lemme get the girl with the purple hair’s number. PLEASE bruh!
sensi milia
sensi milia Il y a 24 jours
Great job stoners
Robert Fitzpatrick
Robert Fitzpatrick Il y a 24 jours
These people are neither drunk nor stoned wtf?
taishaun holloway
taishaun holloway Il y a 27 jours
Stoner gang
Belal Abu Sultan
Belal Abu Sultan Il y a mois
saying the Alphabet backwards is a hard task on its own, I can't do it alone WHILE sober lol also, I am not dumb, so that's not the reason :P
20 02
20 02 Il y a mois
Man, they aren’t as bad as I’d hoped. the drunks should be unable to stand straight and the stoners shouldn’t be able to form sentences without skipping a few words
Connor DeKeyrel
Connor DeKeyrel Il y a mois
my high ass screaming for the drunk team to lose im focusing so hard on typing right now.
Lulls Baby
Lulls Baby Il y a mois
I could watch purple hair all day. All DAY. WHAMLhats her name?
Precise Kicks Reviews
12:18 funny asf if u stoned he grown asl mad asf 😂😂
Taylor Lindsey
Taylor Lindsey Il y a mois
Elaina Small
Elaina Small Il y a mois
I can't put together IKEA furniture even when I'm sober.
emily warr
emily warr Il y a mois
bruh i cant even speak drunk omg lmao congrats to them
Vibezy Yaha
Vibezy Yaha Il y a mois
This was soooo fkng entertaining
E.D.S Gaming
E.D.S Gaming Il y a mois
Peter Sartorius
Peter Sartorius Il y a 2 mois
I didn't go to college so I'm not good at drinking liquids. 😂
JERRIEBOY Il y a 2 mois
me:YAaaaa a drunk man was stoner vs! Reality: Reality is often dissapointing
Good Bye
Good Bye Il y a 2 mois
Michelle clutched holy crap lol
Youngbuddha Il y a 2 mois
Yay stoners won
burningphoenix36 Il y a 2 mois
Shoulda had a crossfaded team
Sebastian Rose
Sebastian Rose Il y a 2 mois
Got every riddle right
mankin 888
mankin 888 Il y a 2 mois
"I didn't go to college it didn't count"😭😭😭😭😭
Dorsey TV
Dorsey TV Il y a 2 mois
Sharon is what made this video 😂🤣
Adrian Chazz
Adrian Chazz Il y a 2 mois
"We are going into the final round and it's 2-2" Stoners: I'm starting to come down, can I take another hit, please?
TheSimonliton Il y a 2 mois
The guy whith the red hat is the cop in the video if they can spot the stoner
KriscoGames Il y a 3 mois
There’s no i in weed
matthew castaneda
matthew castaneda Il y a 3 mois
I think FBE needed cabinets and made them do it as a goof lmao
Cordelindeceptumcy Il y a 3 mois
That is the lady version of will ferrel
AkiraGaming2K Il y a 3 mois
dont even know how they do this when high or drunk.... when high or drunk i just lay on bed.... 🤣😴
Mihai Colceriu-Nicola
Mihai Colceriu-Nicola Il y a 3 mois
damn! i couldnt figure out those riddles being sober even. dumb :))))))
Derwin Liman
Derwin Liman Il y a 3 mois
Sharom seems like great drinking mate
Rodolfo Lara Valdés
Rodolfo Lara Valdés Il y a 3 mois
If they are heavy drinkers and heavy smokers, you can't really see the difference between intoxicated and sober. And also, weed effects are not predictable at all. You can smoke a joint and just space out for an hour or two, or you can smoke a joint and get shit done. Mindset it's a more important factor than even the sativa/indica dichotomy; That's why they are focused instead of falling asleep in the bathroom, just like you the other day after two puffs.
Elber Galarga
Elber Galarga Il y a 3 mois
Some challanges were not fair because it was 3 guys vs a guy and 2 girls.. ohh wait. Lol jk
Ethan B
Ethan B Il y a 3 mois
R they actually drunk and stoned
Spingbob square
Spingbob square Il y a 4 mois
is that my 6th grade civics teacher
Oliver Maliu
Oliver Maliu Il y a 4 mois
THE LAST SECONDS LMAO! ‘Because of the drunkenness and .. the people! ‘Ok that’s a bit rude’ - cut
Oliver Maliu
Oliver Maliu Il y a 4 mois
Oliver Maliu
Oliver Maliu Il y a 4 mois
High five! 5sec no response *high fives* 😂😂😂😂
Baconzombies Il y a 4 mois
is danny ever not stoned?
XXL Florez!
XXL Florez! Il y a 4 mois
Stoners are better😁
Samarjeet Mokashi
Samarjeet Mokashi Il y a 4 mois
12:55 that look was just like I'm gonna destroy this womens whole career😂 and she did 14:30
Aliza Cruz
Aliza Cruz Il y a 4 mois
“Say riddle me this please” LMAO 😂
KC Stoned
KC Stoned Il y a 4 mois
Aye if had a chance to be on here I'd be stoned every episode for the challenges I be smiling and munchin sum wings
upset Il y a 4 mois
That asian is so bad omg
AnneLien1987 Il y a 4 mois
I prefer being stoned over being drunk 🙏
Christine Alice
Christine Alice Il y a 4 mois
man im so stoned right now and this video gave me so much anxiety
random Il y a 4 mois
I love that stoned girl💖💖
Paddie Il y a 4 mois
I kept thinking there should be an off camera break to keep them f’d up.
Mauricio Movilla
Mauricio Movilla Il y a 4 mois
Remember when this used to be a family friendly channel
Ruby Castaneda
Ruby Castaneda Il y a 4 mois
“ l didn’t go to college so I can’t drink water “
64imma Il y a 4 mois
7:00 that's more of a tongue twister
Aura Lives
Aura Lives Il y a 4 mois
Carlos wearing Dolan Twins Merch makes me SO HAPPY!! ✌❤🤟
Anna Carrillo
Anna Carrillo Il y a 5 mois
This was awesome we need more of this
Nicolas Schwarz
Nicolas Schwarz Il y a 5 mois
Mit drunk enough
CoolinDown Il y a 5 mois
They neeed to di someone off an edible and someone off 11 shots
CLyDer ClYdE
CLyDer ClYdE Il y a 5 mois
The guys from Fbe just love the parricipants to build their furniture
It's Me
It's Me Il y a 5 mois
Sharon's belly popping out hilarious!!! 😂
kiki avila
kiki avila Il y a 5 mois
i watch all these shows at night high asf and laugh so much
XPLR Biscuit Aubrey
XPLR Biscuit Aubrey Il y a 5 mois
They weren’t even that high or drunk lol they were just at the point where they are funny still enjoyed it though
Andrew Newman
Andrew Newman Il y a 5 mois
0:42 Stop reading my mind!!
emolious markz
emolious markz Il y a 5 mois
is it just me be i like daniel lol
Prismatic Awesome
Prismatic Awesome Il y a 5 mois
I don't think its very good that they're stoned, I don't know, just my opinion.
Heather U.
Heather U. Il y a 5 mois
Okay but when the girl on the drunk team was purposely saying letters to throw the other team off, whatta sore loser bruh 😗
Ryry L
Ryry L Il y a 5 mois
That one IKEA employee who hasn't slept for 3 days but is still trying to sell stuff 3:48
LIGHT Il y a 5 mois
Stoners 4 life❤
GloryTahj Gaming
GloryTahj Gaming Il y a 5 mois
Bro the water helped them get sober
Michael Gambrell
Michael Gambrell Il y a 5 mois
I'm sober & I didn't notice all those R's... XD
amir Il y a 5 mois
am i the only one who thought that they weren’t drunk or high enough
Jerry Traveler
Jerry Traveler Il y a 5 mois
This should be called slightly Buzz.Neither are really stoned or drunk.
Miyah's Mommy
Miyah's Mommy Il y a 5 mois
Im stone cold sober and I still dont know my alphabet backwards
Blanche Wright
Blanche Wright Il y a 5 mois
hella impressed by reverse alphabet
Isaiah Thompson
Isaiah Thompson Il y a 5 mois
As a person who is allergic to weed I’m upset with Sharon lmao 😂
Jerry D. Metz
Jerry D. Metz Il y a 5 mois
This Rainbow Road is too easy.. Where is the 64 one? xSD
8soul wolf
8soul wolf Il y a 5 mois
I can’t tell if they are all sober
Luis CK
Luis CK Il y a 5 mois
I love this
Tristan Beck
Tristan Beck Il y a 5 mois
Video: There was a one story building- Me: There are no stairs.
Tristan Beck
Tristan Beck Il y a 5 mois
Ok round 1 already got me mad. The drunks were drinking faster but the stoned were flipping the cups faster. And the speed you drink isn't affected by being under influence.
EmAnne Kim
EmAnne Kim Il y a 5 mois
Can we please talk about Kendelle's face at @12:56 I am DYING LOOOL
A Melon Named Kate
A Melon Named Kate Il y a 5 mois
If they are drunk/stoned, they definitely would have sobered up by the first third or half of the video
Brandon Kern
Brandon Kern Il y a 5 mois
That is not a sobriety test. It's an insanity test.
Pablo Quijada Salazar
Pablo Quijada Salazar Il y a 5 mois
Now do the flip episode: same teams, switch substance of impairment.
ExplorationOfAdhd Il y a 5 mois
Sharon is just a frat boy isnt she. (In a good way)
Kaiden Howe
Kaiden Howe Il y a 5 mois
Rainbow road is a perfect representation of drinking and driving 😂😂😂
dope man
dope man Il y a 5 mois
can i join in stoner team? i want to get HIGH .
Perkayy Il y a 5 mois
That white guy is cooked
PeeJay100011 Il y a 5 mois
Typical gingers suck at everything
xXunknownXx Il y a 6 mois
That mario cart game was WAY to stressful
Rey Ramos
Rey Ramos Il y a 6 mois
Tht fuking HOT
Len Seidler
Len Seidler Il y a 6 mois
One of the drunk people was wearing the Dolan twins mearch
Winning at Pokemon Stadium
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