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Hey boos! Today I'm trying out a bunch of new makeup from the drugstore. I took some chances on products that the drugstore usually sucks at and I was pleasantly surprised!!!! Hope you all enjoy today's look!
P R O D U C T S M E N T I O N E D:
Maybelline Superstay Foundation Stick
L'Oreal Full Wear Concealer
Colorpop Concealer
Milani Make It Last Setting Powder
Morphe Setting Spray (code edges)
Morphe Just a Crush Palette (code edges)
Maryam Maquillage x Pixi Liquid Eye Shadow
Kiss Lashes Chiffon
Maybelline Ultra Slim Brow Pencil
L'Oreal Bronze Liner
The Lip Bar "Just Got Paid" Bronzer
Milani I am Bold Lipstick
NYX Butter Gloss (sugar cookie)

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8 oct. 2019




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Commentaires 2 498
Nasrin Nazira
Nasrin Nazira Il y a 15 minutes
yeah. i unsubsribe and then subscribe again
Shelby Weatherly
Shelby Weatherly Il y a 48 minutes
Is there something wrong with me that I actually like the smell of the morphe setting spray??😟
Jennifer Lestin
Jennifer Lestin Il y a 3 heures
Seeester! I love your videos but this one is Top 5 for me. It’s time to update my makeup bag with some drugstore finds
Sophie Shaw
Sophie Shaw Il y a 3 heures
Sydney Rae
Sydney Rae Il y a 11 heures
hi i think i love you
Desilex Thermitus Jean- Baptiste
Fentyyyyy by Rihanna
Karen Garrett
Karen Garrett Il y a 13 heures
10:39🤣 caught me by surprise
M.H. T
M.H. T Il y a 15 heures
Nice and cheaper good value 🤩🙏💋🎉
Patricia Alba
Patricia Alba Il y a 16 heures
Can we please adjust the blur on the video! And move that mirror away from the camera. My eyes hurt from trying to watch your videos. Some of us can't take that much blur that's right on foreground of your videos. I'm not watching anymore. Not because of bad content, it's just painful to the eyes!
Emmy C
Emmy C Il y a 17 heures
Brooke Sosa
Brooke Sosa Il y a 17 heures
This eye look is INCREDIBLE!
Eva Amelia
Eva Amelia Il y a 18 heures
Omg this look literally SLAYEDDD
Melissa Mondesir
Melissa Mondesir Il y a 21 heure
Love this look
Imani M Thomas
Imani M Thomas Il y a 22 heures
Honestly ... I’m just as curious as you are lol that never made sense to me! The looks usually come out really pretty, but the process confuses me
R K Il y a jour
Wow she is so pretty
Paris Cymone
Paris Cymone Il y a jour
Man, the Setting spray from morphe is my favorite lol. I’ve gone through so many bottles.. Okay *continues watching video*
O Riskii
O Riskii Il y a jour
Jackie I just love you. I don’t even wear makeup but I’m here for you and all your goofy antics. ❤️🥰😘
Judie Joseph
Judie Joseph Il y a jour
That NYX Brush is the bomb ( I bought 4🤗🤗) just in case
Ruth Ramirez
Ruth Ramirez Il y a jour
add a little more gOWLD
Margaret Tone
Margaret Tone Il y a jour
why did i JUST find jackie?? she's so funny i've been missing out!!
Empress C.
Empress C. Il y a jour
12:22 oh God 😂🤦‍♀️
Angellic T
Angellic T Il y a jour
At 10:40, I choked on my Mac and cheese
Diana Bhagwanji
Diana Bhagwanji Il y a 2 jours
Why is this woman so amazing!! We ask - you listen 😭😭😭😭😭😭
RiverdaleSweetheart Il y a 2 jours
“Shade matched, face slayed, foundation blended, hairline undetectable, lace laid, kids vaccinated.” 😂😂😂 girl don’t say that too loud Kat Von D might come after you
ms meekseeks
ms meekseeks Il y a 2 jours
I'm interested in some of the Florence stuff :)
Kaivon Nix
Kaivon Nix Il y a 2 jours
ok ok ok wait i think there is one spray at morphe that smells like fruit
Kylie Carpenter
Kylie Carpenter Il y a 2 jours
Your the best hands down !!! Kids vaccinated 😂😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😂😂
Neli Santiago
Neli Santiago Il y a 2 jours
We LOOOVVE that crackhead energy when it comes to makeup we live for thaaat🤣🤣❤️❤️
Erika Nani
Erika Nani Il y a 2 jours
This is the only channel where you can learn about products, learn how to use them and get a good laugh. I truly adore you Jackie ❤️❤️❤️
Danna Banana
Danna Banana Il y a 2 jours
I wished you would've actually used a drugstore shadow
Tamasha Perryman
Tamasha Perryman Il y a 2 jours
You are gorgeous
sxmmie ftw
sxmmie ftw Il y a 3 jours
Joy Lamont-Smith
Joy Lamont-Smith Il y a 3 jours
Please do one comparing cheap to expensive primers! Prices included! Love your tutorials!
Nike Calunsag
Nike Calunsag Il y a 3 jours
"kids vaccinated!" hahahah i laughed so hard...and so...i am subscribing hahahaha Bratatatat!!! hahahah
Erika Brown
Erika Brown Il y a 3 jours
Blush underneath 😮
Erika Brown
Erika Brown Il y a 3 jours
Girl u , make my day u r cra car and I love it 😍
Jessi Vampyrize
Jessi Vampyrize Il y a 3 jours
Oh my gosh your absolutely stunning fifth video in! I’m deffo binge watching more! Hehe Thank yooooou so much for sharing and being awesome, hilarious creative and such good walk through so glad I came across your tutorials! Knew nothing about foundation and now.... dammmmmmmn girrrrlll! 🖤❤️🖤🥰
Purple Kloud
Purple Kloud Il y a 3 jours
The beginning was very scary oh jeez
Shanel Smith
Shanel Smith Il y a 3 jours
Your skin 🥰
Blessing Eborka
Blessing Eborka Il y a 3 jours
Ok I definitely need to try the Maybelline brow pencils omg! I usually use loreal but looks like they may have some competitionnn
Vicki Tolbert
Vicki Tolbert Il y a 3 jours
I love that Lancomes' drugstore brand Loreal is stepping up the affordable line.
ally Il y a 3 jours
i literally hardly wear makeup and still watch all of her videos just for her energy
Lranee Il y a 3 jours
Jackie 🤦🏿‍♀️ this Flavor of Love clip, I screamed 😂
Shaina Marie Johnson
Shaina Marie Johnson Il y a 3 jours
Girl you deserve every subscriber you have!! ❤️💯
Shea Il y a 3 jours
This look is a VIBE! Now I gotta buy every product mentioned 😩
Degan Duke
Degan Duke Il y a 3 jours
I had to rewind it to make sure she said kids vaccinated 🤣🤣
Khloe Thomas
Khloe Thomas Il y a 4 jours
I sit at work and watch Jackie she says everything I’m thinking
Tanesha Reed
Tanesha Reed Il y a 4 jours
Finally make up I can afford!!
LaToya Chenelle
LaToya Chenelle Il y a 4 jours
Girl you crackkkkkksssss me up! Whew chile i needed this while on auntie duty this morning 😂😂😂
Raiza The Artist
Raiza The Artist Il y a 4 jours
2Fat2Vlog Il y a 4 jours
It's like she knows Milani and Loreal are watching
Lauren Boyd
Lauren Boyd Il y a 4 jours
“Please believe baybeee,” 😭😭
Alexis Orantes
Alexis Orantes Il y a 4 jours
She lies! Lmao
Katherin Hernández
Katherin Hernández Il y a 4 jours
“I’m calling out. I got the flu. I’m legally blind.” 😩😂😂😂
morrisahj Il y a 4 jours
Crying throughout this whole video as always 😂👌lmao If you need cheering up, go watch any one of Jackie's videos, take your pick! ✨
payalikespapaya Il y a 4 jours
Whatever auntie J recommends I’m buying
Brit_Loves_ Tea
Brit_Loves_ Tea Il y a 4 jours
Girl.... this has to be my favorite look of yours in a long time 😍😍 And I can actually afford every product 😁
Ola Elo
Ola Elo Il y a 4 jours
im commenting so the algorithm can be on your side
Ola Elo
Ola Elo Il y a 4 jours
jackieeeee youre so funny x)
Shenni Il y a 4 jours
This is my favorite look. Absolutely gorge!
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