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14781 Pomerado Rd. #115
Poway, CA




29 mai 2019




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Commentaires 80
epr1 Il y a 3 mois
Nyahhhhhh naaa naaa naaaaaahhh
Lil Green bean
Lil Green bean Il y a 6 mois
It’s hard watching someone else live out your dream
Gaz Sandall
Gaz Sandall Il y a 6 mois
Cheers for the Fixd add TJ. Is it the Fixd official website I have to use for 10% off?
Roger The gummy bear 210
My favorite car of his but why the wide body kit?
getstuk Il y a 9 mois
9:36 first time ;)
ULSTERISBRITISH 1690 Il y a 9 mois
its aswell your wee mate cal or whatever hes called is good with the motors because hes about as funny as razor blading the wee bit between your ball sack and arse hole.
Patrick Catacutan
Patrick Catacutan Il y a 9 mois
Cal something off ^^
james bond bond
james bond bond Il y a 10 mois
Not a good sound
Andraž Logar
Andraž Logar Il y a 10 mois
This car ia trash
Kk 9
Kk 9 Il y a 10 mois
I’m get a Ferrari458 when I 18
Vinny Il y a 11 mois
"homiesexual" that is the BEST
RAMBO ! Il y a 11 mois
My phone speaker just died becauce your car is f*cking loud
Scott ToastToGo
Scott ToastToGo Il y a 11 mois
oh god that car is gorgeous.
Gaming Revolution
Gaming Revolution Il y a 11 mois
Kaya orang indo yg baju item
raf miranda
raf miranda Il y a 11 mois
can we talk about the upgrade in the videography? haha keep up the great content!
Farhan Shameel
Farhan Shameel Il y a an
We all came for 9:32 I’m guessing.
michek Il y a an
in germany they would sent the whole police of the country after you with such an exhaust x(
infoslinger Il y a an
8:27 leave it to a minivan driver to try to race a ferrari.... :)
Francis Francis
Francis Francis Il y a an
Hey, you all subscribers. My dick is so small but I have the loudest Ferrari. That makes it even.
Demarcus Q
Demarcus Q Il y a an
Tj looks like he don’t wanna be friends with Calvin anymore🤣
prince boa
prince boa Il y a an
Like an F1
Mm Pp
Mm Pp Il y a an
Loudest in the world, definitely not. Lol
Nicolas Leblond
Nicolas Leblond Il y a an
It sounds awful
Robert Waczynski
MaZo 1337
MaZo 1337 Il y a an
My Civic is louder
Cesar Lopez
Cesar Lopez Il y a an
You should get a tune on the Ferrari
blazers Il y a an
These new camera angles and editing style are NICE
TheWantedMrP Il y a an
If THAT...?¿?¿ your definition of "sending it through all the gears!"...????....YOU ARE A TOTAL WEAK SUCK!!!!
Perpetual Student
Please buy a better microphone.
Perpetual Student
Beautiful sound! Well done.
photo world
photo world Il y a an
Best car in the world
lil ozai
lil ozai Il y a an
if only yall had better mics ... def not doing the exhaust justice
javier garcia
javier garcia Il y a an
Raw footage of a car that isn’t my favorite is a little boring tbh
Y _RB Il y a an
409 people who disliked are Lambo lovers !!
Ahmed Sayed
Ahmed Sayed Il y a an
RIP headphones
joshbsz Il y a an
At the CA BAR Referee like “it’s stock”
Arpus Il y a an
I don't think you got enough wind noise. Can you put the mic in a balloon, send it to space and then drop it? Perhaps you could attach some sort of booster to it to make sure it hits Mach 2 or 3 on the way down? Don't forget to amp up the gain so the whole thing is blown out too! :D Honestly the car sounds cool though. If you can, get some monitors so you can hear the audio as you're recording and make the necessary changes. Thanks! Keep putting out the guud stuffs.
Ryan G
Ryan G Il y a an
I saw my house on those pulls you made on the 56!
Granyte Ferch
Granyte Ferch Il y a an
I wanna see Calvin drive and have fun
Trading Reliance
Omg that’s my dream car right there. Sounds so fucking good and looks amazing!
Mark Felix
Mark Felix Il y a an
Twin turbo your Ferrari from by sheepy racing like DDE
Shadowboost Il y a an
Shit place to get an exotic turboed. Get it done right at Underground Racing
actionfaktory Il y a an
Edii Il y a an
worst camera man ever
Xion Il y a an
such a dream garage....
jC Romeen
jC Romeen Il y a an
Y’all getting that AD money
steve 07
steve 07 Il y a an
very nice episode with the washing #mood
Bailey Ryan
Bailey Ryan Il y a an
‘The pitch is gonna be louder but I’m not sure about the volume’
Oh Teck Xuan
Oh Teck Xuan Il y a an
time for twin turbos
Alan Walker
Alan Walker Il y a an
9:21 pacific trails middle school on the left!
Just a comment but this has got to be best cinematography of a 458 on FRvid
Ahmad Al Hamoodi
"I tuck em in at night" 😆😆😆
sharp diamond
sharp diamond Il y a an
its quite
wilfredo aguilar
Why dont yal use air tools . Or even you tire dismount machine.???
PRDX Shuriken
PRDX Shuriken Il y a an
It sounds so much like an F1 car
mason jones
mason jones Il y a an
sounds very f1
G Il y a an
Whip that monster bike teej!
starky carrillo
starky carrillo Il y a an
Tj were is your bikini
Ghostbit Il y a an
Can't wait for the wide body kit. Great work on the 458!
Keller Racing
Keller Racing Il y a an
When Damon has the ballz to liberty walk his 458 and the meme king of bag and widebody everything doesn’t widebody his car lol
José Reis
José Reis Il y a an
Don't get me wrong but... it's starting to sound like a LFA
Jorge Il y a an
Amazing sound, but the wrap looks cheap in my opinion, for all the work you did on the car it deserve something better please
Mick Dees
Mick Dees Il y a an
Love the outro now sort reminds of the fast and furious for some reason. ☺
Michael Samuel
Michael Samuel Il y a an
Sounds good, you can really hear that rich tone of the v8. But the wind distorts some of the audio.
GSA _ Trip
GSA _ Trip Il y a an
damn i wish i could buy one of these cars
noah skillman
noah skillman Il y a an
Tj should I get this product? Think it will help with my Five cylinder Volkswagen problems?😂
Max M
Max M Il y a an
I love your videos :)
MrOne Smile
MrOne Smile Il y a an
It sounds like an F1 Race Car IMO 🤭🔥👍🏻
Carlo Gonzales
Carlo Gonzales Il y a an
Perfect video periodt
Madèo W
Madèo W Il y a an
We want some flames 🔥
Jacob Lennon
Jacob Lennon Il y a an
Alex!!!!! Your videos are great, keep up the good work my man!
Scratchbook Films
sounds amazing
Jesus De La Cruz
Honestly, not a fan of the new videos. The filter is shitty, too much nonsense talking, and just too much slow motion and random clips to make the video longer.
Quentin Porcupine
That prancing horse sounds almost like a Le Man's car damn mane is that a La Ferrari that sounds mean mean
Quentin Porcupine
Always got to wash her got to make sure her red dress is clean clean
Kevin Noon
Kevin Noon Il y a an
Still need to top off your blinker fluid bro!
Rens Il y a an
9:41 this 90 degree turn shot is so freaking awesome!
CMC JULIBO Il y a an
tj you should do some POV in the rari
Connor Il y a an
At 8:36 My mans TJ couldn’t even let the van in the other lane pass him up 😂😂
whooshie woosh
whooshie woosh Il y a an
Next time use a gopro on the car itself
whooshie woosh
whooshie woosh Il y a an
Next time use a gopro on the car itself
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