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16 nov. 2020




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Commentaires 100
Quackity Il y a 17 jours
Elixr The Smol bean
Elixr The Smol bean Il y a 12 jours
MrJelly Il y a 17 jours
quackity is very habibi
• Ectopii •
• Ectopii • Il y a 17 jours
Wrath Was here
Wrath Was here Il y a 17 jours
Bazinga indeed
MochaFreezie13 Il y a 17 jours
Gogyshallnotbefound Il y a 42 minutes
SAD-ist SOMETHING GOT HEATED UP BETWEEN GEORGE AND DREAM AND I WAS WONDERING IF YOU CAN MAKE AN ANIMATIC OF THEM 🥺 (P.S. Did you watch Quackitys stream and witness Dream being a massive Pissbaby?)
Maddie G
Maddie G Il y a heure
I'm so confused
Kana Foxy
Kana Foxy Il y a heure
I call that Sad-ist is going to make a Ramboo animatic when Ramboo was telling Tubbo that Tommy wasn't selfish ✋
Komaru Naegi
Komaru Naegi Il y a heure
řanđøm stuff
řanđøm stuff Il y a 2 heures
Drista was there lol
Wham Do
Wham Do Il y a 2 heures
*B H A Z I N G A*
MLBB GAMEPLAYS Il y a 3 heures
Soo your from the Philippines 🇵🇭?
Glitchi Ghost
Glitchi Ghost Il y a 3 heures
U should make a movie about them!!!!
ELLIE JONES Il y a 3 heures
you are an amazing animator!!
Optimal Unknown
Optimal Unknown Il y a 3 heures
Head canon This is legit just a show and Sadist is the director
Ayden Macavinta
Ayden Macavinta Il y a 3 heures
Lol I like how sadist is in the corner just like bruh.
Imma_gamin Il y a 4 heures
what????? WHY????? its so random. its too random it sounds like just random words that they said in different scentences but you can tell its all in one part
Sally Cahill
Sally Cahill Il y a 5 heures
Bazinga is my new ring tone.
Magical Article
Magical Article Il y a 5 heures
I can’t stop laughing at this is so well animated keep up the good work and Bazinga
The Guy
The Guy Il y a 5 heures
*is this foreshadowing??*
Adriana Perea
Adriana Perea Il y a 6 heures
When is the third part coming ??? :(
Anna Lucas
Anna Lucas Il y a 6 heures
*Thank you FRvid for asking me how good this video is but I’m disappointed there is no better than amazing+++++++++++++++++ option like all her/his videos.*
MiningLanz Yt
MiningLanz Yt Il y a 6 heures
Sad-ist can you make the latest news in the Dream Smp Please Take Your Time and good luck :)
Bob Billy
Bob Billy Il y a 6 heures
Mad sadist
Bob Billy
Bob Billy Il y a 6 heures
Bro A - 11
Bro A - 11 Il y a 6 heures
I don't remember this in any video did you actually scripted this and ask these persons to act?
Bro A - 11
Bro A - 11 Il y a 6 heures
Plz make more plz
Launcher Jake 3000
Launcher Jake 3000 Il y a 8 heures
When you realize that she used the music that dream used in the Speedrunner vs 4 Hitmen video
afzal kmcpe
afzal kmcpe Il y a 8 heures
Plz make tommmy innit animations i have the blade
ZaaTheWizard TwoPointZero
So Sad-ist when is the next movie trailer for the Dream SMP when dream got angry at tommy?
GiveUpOnYourDreams AndDie
Dreckno Tokito
Dreckno Tokito Il y a 11 heures
Hey Sa-dist Pls Make A New Animation Pls And Name It "The Blow Up" Or "The End Of Manberg/L'manberg"
Captain_Arrrkasu •—•
Ok for a second I just thought that was Drista for some reason at 0:24
Mr Azan
Mr Azan Il y a 11 heures
Sadist please make a animation of Dream SMP where wilbur destroyed Lmanerg please
bj leo
bj leo Il y a 12 heures
the “please stop” animation was so cute🥺
lil anonymous
lil anonymous Il y a 12 heures
someone know what is ist?
Emerald Games
Emerald Games Il y a 12 heures
So I made a thing that everytime I click on your channel and there’s not a new video, I watch this, it’s so funny
James Zero extablet
James Zero extablet Il y a 13 heures
THIS IS SO FUNNY Sad-ist XDDDD Btw I will join your discord but first I have to reinstall it
devin Il y a 13 heures
im gonna update this everytime i watch it ||||| ||||| ||||| |||
Anny Youth
Anny Youth Il y a 13 heures
Drista looks like "Man, I-"
Olivia Hanan
Olivia Hanan Il y a 14 heures
The amount of times I’ve rewatched this animatic LMAOO
Ramil Eustaquio
Ramil Eustaquio Il y a 14 heures
fact:sadist used to make animations on A PHONE
Elijah Batestil
Elijah Batestil Il y a 14 heures
Revolution animatic pls
Ombric Shalazar
Ombric Shalazar Il y a 14 heures
what's that epic background music?
Internet Dweller
Internet Dweller Il y a 14 heures
Expectations: The Fall Reality:
Specter _5nights
Specter _5nights Il y a 14 heures
Best one yet
ɪᴄʜɪᴋᴀ c͎h͎a͎n͎
Quackity stans be like👁️👄👁️👏 BaZinGa
BooksAreFoob Il y a 15 heures
I like how it looks like there acting and sad-ist is the derector while being disapointed XD
ً Il y a 15 heures
Thepoket watch
Thepoket watch Il y a 15 heures
ahh animation at it purest form
Laviña Gretel
Laviña Gretel Il y a 16 heures
Where's the Wilbur blowing up L'manburg animatic? I was looking forward to it.
Azhar Daffa Al Ghifari
Azhar Daffa Al Ghifari Il y a 16 heures
Snow Dragon
Snow Dragon Il y a 16 heures
Now I want pancakes :( u flipping drew the pancakes like animes do, I HOVE u >:EEEEE ❤️❤️❤️
cod gamer ml gamer
cod gamer ml gamer Il y a 16 heures
Kuya sad-ist filipino viewer ako
debi malo
debi malo Il y a 16 heures
Billy Brown
Billy Brown Il y a 18 heures
iam a banana
iam a banana Il y a 17 heures
• DanisWorld •
• DanisWorld • Il y a 19 heures
Princess of ?
Princess of ? Il y a 20 heures
LISTEN UP The song "Play with Fire (feat. Yacht Money)" by Sam Tinnesz WOULD BE AMAZING FOR THE NEXT ANIMATION! I am telling you, listen to the song and think of the TNT, Wilbur, and all of the anarchy that Techno caused, this song would be PERFECT! Like if you agree
Mind Breakz
Mind Breakz Il y a 20 heures
BaZiNgA Me: cOuGh* COUGH* Also me: waffles be good tho .,.
Female Dream
Female Dream Il y a 20 heures
savage iggy
savage iggy Il y a 21 heure
that was kinda weird
savage iggy
savage iggy Il y a 21 heure
• adalyn james •
• adalyn james • Il y a 21 heure
@SAD-ist this is just a suggestion you don’t have to :D but, do you think you can make an animation of tommyinnit and the whole exile thing? I watched both of those streams and I thought it would be pretty cool! Btw I love your art style and videos!
Oofio likescheez
Oofio likescheez Il y a 21 heure
I just love how Sad-ist is just looking at them like, "The hell are you guys making me animate?"
kabbuj babye
kabbuj babye Il y a 21 heure
Damaris Il y a 21 heure
SADIST!!!! Please include the Ranboo clip when he stands up for Tubbo for not being selfish on your next animatic PLEASE!!!
Ghosty Il y a 21 heure
Waffles are just pancakes with abs
Deniz Ermiş
Deniz Ermiş Il y a 22 heures
TheGoldenLink AJ
TheGoldenLink AJ Il y a 23 heures
BAZINGA -Quacktiy2020
Little movie Empire
Little movie Empire Il y a 23 heures
Can’t wait for the next animatic
Daniel Hughes
Daniel Hughes Il y a jour
Neko Butler
Neko Butler Il y a jour
I've replayed this about 14x over now- The way you drew Schlatt is goddamned adorable and I'm so here for it. And at the end w/ Quackity and all the SMP Chibis :D
Alex 987
Alex 987 Il y a jour
Can I know what programs you use? Plzzzz, if anyone knows it... Plz tell me
Lemon King
Lemon King Il y a jour
Yay, Drista is here! :3
Shuhrat Fuze Kessikbayev
So this is the other Side of the dream smp
Effxrt Il y a jour
The best dream smp war
potadoDOGE_yee Il y a jour
Okokok I love schlatts line, and hiw it looks with the smol animation. Tis my favorite part. YOU NEVER FAIL TO MAKE EVERY9NE HAPPY!!
Mika FF
Mika FF Il y a jour
how you make such a good animation?
Astral YT
Astral YT Il y a jour
As one wise man said" did u try getting good? "
Ghostly Il y a jour
The fact that Yes
XxBløssomxX Gachaplayz
Cordelia Chickon
Cordelia Chickon Il y a jour
Why does SAD-ist look like Drista lol
Cordelia Chickon
Cordelia Chickon Il y a jour
Adrex0000 Il y a jour
@sad-ist here's a suggestion Credit to random person for the idea Epic battle ends Cut to George building a house with explosion in back ground and Disney music playing
NoobsailerRBH Il y a jour
Just saying, we need a SAD-ist animatic of Tommy being told to empty the Dishwasher by his mum.
Kono dio da
Kono dio da Il y a jour
Animate the tommy dish washing scene
Evie Kelley
Evie Kelley Il y a jour
This is never gonna be found lol, but any chance you would be willing to email people?
Ava Nadeau
Ava Nadeau Il y a jour
Hi, I had a really good animation idea if u just respond to this I could tell you it PLZ? it would make my year
TotallyNotJerry Il y a jour
Psalm Casanes
Psalm Casanes Il y a jour
Bruh Sad-ist was literally on the vid with full disappointment.
CHEW TIAN LE Moe Il y a jour
•A random Boi•
•A random Boi• Il y a jour
SADist trying to keep up with all of the stuff going on in the SMP: I AM S P E E D
Ryan Segalla
Ryan Segalla Il y a jour
Are you planning on doing an animation of the final battle and schlatts death?
Tandias Il y a jour
You have some work with this stream that happend.
Waffle Dog
Waffle Dog Il y a jour
I need a piano
River Il y a jour
The next animation should be about Wilber slowly going nuts, cause he really does. 😂
I’m sadistic but remove the istic
Poo Slide
Poo Slide Il y a jour
"Ooh I love waffles" Woah Schlatt is going crazy
Atom Playz
Atom Playz Il y a jour
Pancake nation
Julian Parra
Julian Parra Il y a jour
you need to make a movie or a show-of smp event of the festival bro the video the fall was the trailer so plz i would like you to do that
Nicole Teo
Nicole Teo Il y a jour
Btw sad-ist you should make a vd about the ghostbur I think it will get view and it's sad (・ัω・ั)
Saphereye Il y a jour
Max Greenwood
Max Greenwood Il y a jour
For those of you who disliked this video, please go to this link.
Jadk Il y a jour
I have to side with jschlatt on this one guys
wait wait wait you're filipino? wh- Y E E E E E E AA A A A S
Aliza Ysabel Quizon
this is so smooth than my life
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