Dollar Tree BEAT by Dollar General (not sponsored!) 😱 How is no one talking about this?

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Hey, guys! Today we are going on a shopping vlog in Dollar General and their new store POpShelf. What?! I was BLOWN away. There are so many $1 home decor and organizing finds, and great deals too. Let me know if you enjoyed the video of this shop with me. I was good in store (just a mini haul for you) but there are so many things you can save money on. Bold move Dollar General and I'm loving it!
More on POpshelf here:
Dollar General vs. Walmart statistics:
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8 févr. 2021




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Do It On A Dime
Do It On A Dime Il y a 18 jours
Hope you enjoyed today’s video! It looks like they are planning to open 30 more POpshelf stores soon! They are sister stores of Dollar General, so it makes sense both stores are improving their selections. I hope that helps in savings!!
tgayer1 Il y a 6 jours
@Flora Braswell I don’t think Dollar Tree and Dollar General pay their people very well. They also leave them understaffed, which is why they have the highest robbery rates in the country. I stopped shopping at my DG because I don’t want to support a business that doesn’t care for its employees. Also, the Dollar General by my house is very dirty. It was that way before the pandemic, so I decided if they can’t keep it clean, I am not going to shop there.
Jennifer Reed
Jennifer Reed Il y a 10 jours
I hope we get a Popshelf in sw Michigan! I would be there all the time!
Stephanie Jordan
Stephanie Jordan Il y a 11 jours
@Payman crafts okay, so you made a couple of butterfly mobiles. I don’t know about other viewers, but I resent people posting unrelated links to their videos in the comments section of other FRvidrs in an effort to get views & subscribers.At least be upfront about it & write a comment saying what it is about & that you’re trying to grow your channel. You might actually get a lot of positive feedback & *more* views/followers. 🙄
presilla sherly
presilla sherly Il y a 12 jours
How do we find the pop shelf near my area it already opened in nc ?
Payman crafts
Payman crafts Il y a 13 jours
Lynda Sadlier
Lynda Sadlier Il y a 2 heures
Would love to see a Popshop in Tulsa! Great finds at both.
Pat Hardy
Pat Hardy Il y a 10 heures
not shopping at dollar general store ,taking my money to places less liberal!
Dave's Skillet
Dave's Skillet Il y a jour
Awesome thanks for sharing
Ellen Scarano
Ellen Scarano Il y a 2 jours
I’m only concerned that yet again everything will come from China. We’ve got to stop buying everything made in China. The profits they receive from what we buy go to benefit their military.
Cheri Palmer
Cheri Palmer Il y a 2 jours
Don’t forget about DG digital coupons too 😀❤️
Tammy Fisher
Tammy Fisher Il y a 2 jours
I shop at Dollar General at least once a week. I always find tons of bargains on all sorts of stuff. I live in MS so I don't think they have a Popshop here, but I wish they did. I really like the canvas art I saw in the video.
Pop shelf is amazing it's right down the road from me here in hendersonville tn and I can get lost looking for hours in that store..they have a little bit of everything there and awesome prices and stuff..I have a video of me showing what I got from that is now my favorite store love it
Lost Capone
Lost Capone Il y a 3 jours
Ayee been listening to your beats but I believe the one thing you are missing is getting hooks with your beats as well and selling it for more $$$. I know I can create some fire with you. Direct message on IG @iamlostcapone
Lauren W
Lauren W Il y a 3 jours
I can't tell you how excited I am to hear about PopShelf! It looks really nice and I hope my area will turn one of our three Dollar Generals into one. :D I think that Dollar Generals are underrated, even though mine don't look nearly as nice as this one. But it's worth the prices and quality. I shop there all the time for organizing (especially the Sterlite containers) and the decor is super cute. I agree the candles are good too.
Joyce Kibler
Joyce Kibler Il y a 3 jours
I love Dollar General.
allentown Gal
allentown Gal Il y a 3 jours
**you've been ripped off!** just watched a video by THE DEAL GUY. He just put out a video identical to this one. You know you are doing a great job when people steal your cont. 😉
Amanda McMahan
Amanda McMahan Il y a 3 jours
I have been looking for a flower canvas picture like you have there. Ugh! To bad I don't have a pOpshelf near me. :) Thanks for sharing with us.
Deanna Cunningham
Deanna Cunningham Il y a 3 jours
So cool.
Sarah S
Sarah S Il y a 3 jours
My Dollar General looks like someone went through the isles and used a leaf blower on the shelves. Very, very messy. I don’t go there. Tbh our dollar stores in this area are much nicer.
shelley baine
shelley baine Il y a 4 jours
Thanks ! I’m the DG Queen I call it the DG Boutique LoL when you can get 5/$25 every Saturday plus all the digitals too ? I may end up paying 1/3 of the cost or less . This coming weekend is another clearance sale on top of already marked down goods !!!
Fuck Google
Fuck Google Il y a 4 jours
Just heard of this store so I thought I'd watch some walk-throughs. Not impressed. I have at least 8 Dollar Trees within a half hour of my home, 3 Walmarts, Dollar Generals, Family Dollars, Big Lots, Home Goods, At Home, ect. I'd shop at this store for variety, but I can already spot stuff that's cheaper at Walmart by over a dollar and also stuff that's sold at the dollar tree.
juliet bonilla 7
juliet bonilla 7 Il y a 5 jours
Now that I saw your video and review on DG I will most definitely be going to DG ty katherine 🤗❤
megavolumequeen Il y a 6 jours
Darn I wish there was a dollar general in Canada, I don’t have one where I live in Bc. Looks like they have super cute things! Thanks for the great video
Sandra Brock
Sandra Brock Il y a 6 jours
I have yet to go to a dollar general that was neat. They have all been messy. What’s up with that??
Dawny C
Dawny C Il y a 6 jours
I used to be management for Dollar General back in the early 90s I think the prices and the stuff they got back then was better than now their prices on most things seem to be high for what it is and the new store pop shelf I thought they were going to be a five and under like five below but I see a lot $10 things you were showing
Michelle Morales
Michelle Morales Il y a 6 jours
I absolutely LOVE the Dollar General chain stores!!! For years, we've used them for Home Decor, cleaning supplies and even a few favorite food items we can't find anywhere else!
Angela Miller
Angela Miller Il y a 6 jours
Love your videos!!! The all the info!! 🥰 I am so ready for a Pop Shelf to open in the Houston area. 🤗
Maileia O'shea
Maileia O'shea Il y a 7 jours
You are such a sweet ray of sunshine when I get to see your videos.
Kellie J
Kellie J Il y a 7 jours
uh, I might have to drive out to Garner to check out popshelf
Kristina G
Kristina G Il y a 7 jours
Omgosh this store’s amazing 🤩
Lolamoo Joy
Lolamoo Joy Il y a 8 jours
I love love love! The coppery bee containers!!
Raquelpixie Il y a 8 jours
A Kidwell
A Kidwell Il y a 8 jours
I don't know why all Dollar Generals are so different. I quit going to the one by my house because it was getting sketchy, but they recently renovated and cleaned it up. It's a little better. I go there sometimes now and they had the cutest Valentine's stuff ands I noticed their home decor was way nicer than it had been. Hopefully we get a pop store here soon
mircas Il y a 8 jours
I LOVE dollar general. I buy all my cleaning supplies and organizing baskets.
Adine Mateo
Adine Mateo Il y a 8 jours
I hope they come to Las Vegas!
Judy Miller
Judy Miller Il y a 8 jours
Love dollar general, my daughter in law is an employee of the one I live RIGHT NEXT DOOR TO.... They are an awesome store and all of the employees are the sweetest
Katrina Piunno
Katrina Piunno Il y a 8 jours
Wish we had these kinds of stores in Canada. We barely even have Target anymore - and the ones that are left are nowhere near me.
Pamela Poolaw
Pamela Poolaw Il y a 8 jours
I have seen a lot of things those thing in our dg also. They have stepped up their game.
Joan Mildner
Joan Mildner Il y a 9 jours
Dollar General store by my town is.ghetto.No stock messy.
Aya Salem
Aya Salem Il y a 9 jours
Is there a popshelf in Houston.TX?
sheila ringer
sheila ringer Il y a 9 jours
Sure no store like that on my area
KATHY Caffey
KATHY Caffey Il y a 9 jours
Check out who owns dollar general
** Il y a 9 jours
Is that in garner North Carolina
Nicole HJ
Nicole HJ Il y a 9 jours
My nearest popshelf is about 2hrs away ughhh
Grammy Sagmoe
Grammy Sagmoe Il y a 10 jours
My Dollar General is a hole in the wall! Actually stopped today with expectations of new items. Right! Absolutely nothing!!! Won’t be wasting my time, not going back, again!
Jayme Gordon
Jayme Gordon Il y a 10 jours
Ma'am I'm afraid to go in the dollar generals around me. How is yours so nice?!
Courtney Dor2Vintage
Courtney Dor2Vintage Il y a 10 jours
Palmundo91 Il y a 10 jours
Please share which locations these are
Sassy Critic Beauty
Sassy Critic Beauty Il y a 10 jours
I love Dollar General! The prices are great
Leslie Ridley
Leslie Ridley Il y a 11 jours
Can't find any PopShelf locations in my area! :(
kate Ramsey
kate Ramsey Il y a 11 jours
I work at a dollar general. I love my store and most my customers. Yes we always have unique finds I love see what we get new for each season. Don't forget about the digital coupons either they do come in handy. I know at my store we pride ourselves on keeping it clean. Many of my customers say it's the cleanest one they have ever been in. I live in eastern nc I have not heard of pop shelf I'll have to look it up.
A Ong
A Ong Il y a 11 jours
OMG why we don’t have thOse big stores here our dollar general is so tiny as well as the dollar tree 🤧😅
Tara Hower
Tara Hower Il y a 11 jours
You’re excellent at persuading. I want to go to dollar general now!
Rhonesha Bontemps
Rhonesha Bontemps Il y a 11 jours
Sorry, The Dollar General is dingy, dirty, and stinky, and overpriced.
Stephanie Jordan
Stephanie Jordan Il y a 11 jours
My closest Dollar General is about 40 minutes away, so I haven’t been there. Hopefully they will drop one of their new stores closer. I’d love to check it out! Also, wanted to thank you for your tip on finding the DT banner stores (in another video) in my area. My closest stores are smaller, but I was able to find a banner store not too far away & was able to check it out yesterday! One tip for those searching on a mobile device, turn your phone to landscape mode & those options you mentioned show up. I was getting frustrated at first because I couldn’t see the options, then I turned my phone sideways & voilá! 🤙🏻
Meaghan Champagne
Meaghan Champagne Il y a 11 jours
I can’t wait to see if a pop shelf comes to my area. Thanks for a great video!
hibo hussein
hibo hussein Il y a 11 jours
Where is this stores because it doesn’t look like most of the ones I have been to😳😳
Emily Rodriguez
Emily Rodriguez Il y a 12 jours
Why did you not do a Valentines video
Amy Franco
Amy Franco Il y a 12 jours
I like to get my granddaughter pj’s and socks from there! We have her every other weekend and sometimes she doesn’t come with a lot of clothes and so I always try and have extra clothes for her! They are good quality for the price!
Sharon Grant
Sharon Grant Il y a 12 jours
I like that what's it called the shop Pop shop where is that located as they got one in Lake Isabella little general store I never seen one I live in Lake Isabella and Bakersfield was like a half hour away where I live that's called Pop shop that's a funny name I like your DIY they're really good do it on a dime and doing a good job okay take care
CherryGumdrops707 Il y a 12 jours
This is not what dollar general looks like...
G P Il y a 12 jours
I live up north ... I’ll be waiting 😉
Jessica P
Jessica P Il y a 12 jours
I would love to visit a Pop Shelf.
Anthony Kenny
Anthony Kenny Il y a 12 jours
The DG is the pits in our area. It is one store we avoid, dirty, dingy, etc..
Markiss Dorsey
Markiss Dorsey Il y a 12 jours
I need a popshelf near me 😪
Amber Rom
Amber Rom Il y a 12 jours
Does pop shelf ship? I live in Ohio and don’t have one 😞
CinnaBear21 Il y a 12 jours
I...I don't have this store. I NEED IT. Thanks for sharing. ♥♥♥
Victoria Lambert
Victoria Lambert Il y a 12 jours
Wait, I'm in North Carolina. Why have I not heard of this? Lol
Dionne Jewell
Dionne Jewell Il y a 11 jours
@Victoria Lambert We can’t win. LOL Guess we have to wait for them to expand. 🤞🏻
Victoria Lambert
Victoria Lambert Il y a 11 jours
@Dionne Jewell same! The one near me is in Monroe which is about an hour lol
Dionne Jewell
Dionne Jewell Il y a 11 jours
Me too and never heard of it. The closest one to me is in Garner and that’s 45 minutes away! 😕
Anne Il y a 12 jours
Check out Dollar General’s political views!
Peri Erdmann
Peri Erdmann Il y a 12 jours
Hardly any items from dollar general.
Tina Marie Button
Tina Marie Button Il y a 12 jours
I havent seen a new store hope they make one in Fort Worth Pop cute thanks for sharing i love Dg and Dollar Tree :)
Pat Schomann
Pat Schomann Il y a 12 jours
We don't have a popshelf store but we do have Dollar Generals. They vary in neatness and lighting. There is one not too far from me that is very nice. Their prices on some of the name brand soups is very good.Their cleaning products are well stocked and I've had good luck with Holiday decor. Thanks for sharing!
Bradley McEwen
Bradley McEwen Il y a 12 jours
if u see this pls give it a like
Sabrina Lee
Sabrina Lee Il y a 13 jours
Nowadays, $5.00 candles, you need to watch out whether they are from China or not. I am concerning about the wax, the wick & also the scent that they used. If the manufacturer uses all local materials & sell them for $5.00 each, that is a very good deal. Otherwise, it may cost more to get a better quality candles.
Yan-yan Digal
Yan-yan Digal Il y a 13 jours
Hi Momsh! I wanna suggest for an episode of organizing your accessories and jewelries.. How do you organize them? Where do you store them for a dime. Hope you make one very soon! Regards!
Joan Johnson
Joan Johnson Il y a 13 jours
NC too. I shop dg almost every week. Saturday they have 5 off 25 and that helps alot.
Lori Jackson
Lori Jackson Il y a 13 jours
I go to DG much more now that I see awesome finds!!
Imo's Asim
Imo's Asim Il y a 13 jours
You are enough too...great video...x
Jill Smith
Jill Smith Il y a 13 jours
Hope one of the PopShelf stores comes to Pittsburgh. Would be my new go to store. 🙂
Crafting With JC
Crafting With JC Il y a 13 jours
Nice! Thanks for sharing! Hope they open one in Southern California! Not too many Dollar General stores close to me though.
Patricia Helms
Patricia Helms Il y a 13 jours
I visited the store. Thanks for sharing.
Dee B
Dee B Il y a 13 jours
Their Corporate Office has told their employees not to say anything to people about masks !!!
Dee B
Dee B Il y a 13 jours
theresabaum Il y a 13 jours
It's like Five Below for grown-ups with taste!!! :D
Gisel Cervantes
Gisel Cervantes Il y a 13 jours
Pop shelf reminds me of 5 below but better. I have been loving DG decor
Sharon Jones
Sharon Jones Il y a 13 jours
Hi i am new to your channel my name is sharon and I love how youshop at the dollar store i love the dollar store and how you organize your home with your family that is so beautiful and a wonderful blessing well that is all that i wanted to say oh and thank you for showing me so many things to help me
Cindy Hasson
Cindy Hasson Il y a 13 jours
A few years ago I found Dollar General! It was always there I had not shopped there, but they are my first go to even over Dollar Tree. Love Love Love Dollar General❣️❣️🤬
mobbishlove Il y a 13 jours
1:32 And even Target. Target is SO expensive in Illinois.
Magdalena Robles
Magdalena Robles Il y a 13 jours
Unfortunately I don’t have a dollar general by where I live. I wish they had one they look like they have nice stuff. I googled it and the closest dollar general is like 69 miles away which is pretty far ;(
Ashley Hall
Ashley Hall Il y a 13 jours
Is popshelf going be a nationwide thing? That looks awesome
Victoria Wilson
Victoria Wilson Il y a 13 jours
Come to Kentucky, Popshelf! This is awesome.
HTW Il y a 13 jours
Boycott retailers who don't support freedom of speech for a dollar.
Sonya Stone
Sonya Stone Il y a 13 jours
I want to go shopping with you!! Yes, I love Dollar General. Never heard of PopShelf, but I'm excited!!
gloria johnson
gloria johnson Il y a 13 jours
I love this because our Dollar Trees are very sad in Macon Georgia. But, the Dollar Generals are much bigger and I can’t wait to go explore. Thank you for what you, do you are adorable!
Johanna Johannsen
Johanna Johannsen Il y a 13 jours
Great Video! Our $ General shelves are empty!
Ann Greene
Ann Greene Il y a 13 jours
I have always loved to get my candles from Dollar General as well. They really have a great selection and their scents change with the seasons. The price point is great as well. I cannot wait to find a Popshelf in my area. I hope they expand quickly. Thanks for sharing!
Debbie Savings
Debbie Savings Il y a 13 jours
I had no idea DG had this sister store! I’ll be looking for this when I travel!
Hayliee Michelle
Hayliee Michelle Il y a 13 jours
I'm so happy, maybe this will be the new video trend. I always go to dollar General
Mary Mahoney
Mary Mahoney Il y a 13 jours
To bad I am REFUSE to buy from CHINA
juanita wade
juanita wade Il y a 14 jours
Im in LOVE, please hurry to NH lol...
marideathy DEELZ
marideathy DEELZ Il y a 14 jours
So many cute things! I want one!!! The store, that is.
Lanese M
Lanese M Il y a 14 jours
Where is this dollar general at I'm on the way
Ann Brookens
Ann Brookens Il y a 14 jours
Dollar Tree has been a longtime favorite of mine so I'll be looking into PopShelf locations. Looks like a good store!
Miss Anita Michelle
Miss Anita Michelle Il y a 14 jours
The Dollar General I live by looks just like's actually very well stocked and clean! 😁😁
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