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The squat is one of the most important exercises you can include in your leg training. That said, if you experience knee pain while doing it or just don’t have the strength you think you should with this staple leg exercise, then you need to watch this video. I’m going to show you one thing you need to do before any squat that will instantly help you decrease knee discomfort and put more weight on the bar as you realize your true strength.
The effectiveness of this relies on the dysfunctional recruitment of the posterior chain (namely the glutes and hamstrings) that most of us have from muscle imbalances we have developed over time. When you perform a squat you need to be able to load the muscles on the back side of our bodies to handle as much weight as we are capable of. All too often, we tend to shift the load too much to the anterior chain muscles which winds up hurting our knees and limiting the amount of weight we can lift.
There are two major requirements of a properly performed squat biomechanically. You need to have proper amounts of knee flexion and hip flexion. One without the other can lead to one ugly looking squat. That said, if you can marry the two and optimize the contributions of each you are going to have a squat that is not only capable of handling maximal loads but is going to do so as safely as possible on your joints.
That said, since we know the squat is a glute driven movement it makes sense that in order to neurologically wake up the posterior chain we would want to perform a quick warmup with an exercise that does so directly. In this case, it’s a weighted glute bridge or a barbell hip thrust depending on your available hip range of motion and level of training experience.
I like to start everyone on the floor if they have not done this exercise prior to squats before. The key to the effectiveness of the movement is that it trains the glutes to be the primary driver of hip extension while working in concert with the hamstrings (which is their secondary function). With both the knees and hips in flexion, we are better mimicking the true function of the lower body during the squats.
When you perform your weighted bridge you want to be sure that you are feeling the hinge take place in your hips. A lot of times, the proprioceptive awareness of what true hip hinging should feel like is lacking. This leads to an overreliance on the quads to try and take the brunt of the load on the squat. After performing the bridge however, the glutes are more prepared to allow the posterior loading of the body during the descent. Likewise, the hamstrings are more alert to their role as eccentric controllers of hip flexion during the down portion of the squat and are therefore more capable of giving you stability that you have not had.
On the way up, the activation of the glutes provides you with keys to the ignition of the main driver of the ascent on the squat. While the quads are important for getting out of the hole, it’s the glutes that are primarily responsible (with their immense strength capacity) for getting you up and out with minimal disruption to your bar path. Those with weak glutes will demonstrate ugly looking squat form out of the whole. Often times, these guys and gals will lurch their bodies forward, raising the hips and shifting the load to their low backs to compromise for their weaknesses in the glutes.
Over time, this will lead to chronic low back pain and is completely avoidable.
A couple sets of 6-8 reps of the barbell glute bridge or barbell hip thrust with a 4 second hold at the top is enough to warm up the body to perform the squat to your maximum potential. Neurologically this will allow you to tap into strength reserves you never knew you had all while building up your volume over time through your other leg training on the glutes and posterior chain muscles.
If you are looking for a step by step program that never overlooks the importance of the glutes when it comes to athletic performance and obtaining your most powerful physique, head to the link below and check out the ATHLEAN-X Training System.
For more videos on how to build a bigger squat as well as the best way to strengthen your glutes and avoid red flags for weak glute development, be sure to subscribe to our channel at the link below and turn on your notifications so you never miss a video when it’s published.

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14 avril 2019

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ATHLEAN-X™ Il y a 2 mois
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Tiffany Song
Tiffany Song Il y a 28 jours
80 USD for 100iu HGH ( No brand , you know what i mean )
Dennis HP
Dennis HP Il y a 2 mois
Aravind Barath
Aravind Barath Il y a 2 mois
Give your thoughts on One Day A Meal diet
Artur D
Artur D Il y a 2 mois
Hey Jeff! I am really interested what would be your advice (or a plan) how to prepare for workout in terms of warming up and dynamic streching. Can you refer to the video of this guy:? I think it is a major stuff for all us out there trying to push hard but still stay out of injuries. Cheers!
Adetokunbo ADEKOYA
Adetokunbo ADEKOYA Il y a 2 mois
Hi Jeff, I just want to ask about the pull up bar you use at home( the one that is in one of your videos ). I would like to know where you got it from.
Teacher Phill
Teacher Phill Il y a 2 jours
There is definitely a reason why this is the biggest fitness channel on FRvid. Thanks for all the good stuff!
Billy Il y a 3 jours
Your videos are awesome, helping a lot with my correct mechanics as well as passing the correct knowledge and not bro science!
renata brogno
renata brogno Il y a 4 jours
Very very helpful, THKS
Marissa Sanchez
Marissa Sanchez Il y a 4 jours
Hey!. I did thrusters today!!
Erik Joosten
Erik Joosten Il y a 4 jours
As a cyclist I found out many years ago that when I concentrate on my gluts within pedal rotation I had a lot more power. It's basically the same, this is the first time I see some one explain why this is important.
perviguana Il y a 4 jours
m0untainw0lf Il y a 6 jours
That is exactly what I did wrong. Thank u so much
Avik Chandra
Avik Chandra Il y a 7 jours
Excellent! I cycle before squatting. And also a bit of treadmill. I will try this from tomorrow 👍
WBFbySteefen Il y a 7 jours
People should not have flat hamstrings, people should have some rise, right? Leg curl machines give you rise? ? ? ! ! !
O Paz
O Paz Il y a 8 jours
Looks like it can build some serious penile caluses.
Cradle the balls, swallow the gravy
Just before Leg Day! 🙏👍
Jyi Dorne
Jyi Dorne Il y a 9 jours
Gotta show this video to a friend of mine who refuses to do glute bridges because "it's a ball buster move". :D
Harris Axer
Harris Axer Il y a 9 jours
Jeff can you analyse the differences between front squat and back squat and the benefits of each for the olympic lifts?
Nishan Singh - Dating and Relationship Coach
Thanks Jeff, I did the hip exercise before I did squats today. It made a huge difference!!! I actually was to get a bit lower than usual when I was squatting and the intensity of the workout increased substantially. Seems I was doing the squat wrong for the past 20 years. Thanks, this advice is a Game Changer!
Eddy Jimenez
Eddy Jimenez Il y a 9 jours
Wow! Ive always been concerned with squats due to really painful kneed, im really hoping i can do a proper squat now, thanx Jeff!
MERK RETRO Il y a 10 jours
Those are dope shoes.
Roberto Smith
Roberto Smith Il y a 10 jours
I was supposed to go do squats tonight but I had a bowl of ice cream while watching this video. Not gonna make the gains with that routine.
Bboy Arcane
Bboy Arcane Il y a 10 jours
Make video DISPELLING ELECTRONIC ab stimulators
jason uttley
jason uttley Il y a 10 jours
tHANKS FOR explaining "how & why."
Kalle Sandberg
Kalle Sandberg Il y a 10 jours
Jeff, I have a problem. when i try this before my squatting sessions i only feel this exercise in my quads and my lower back.. Can you answer why this happens to me? im using about max 85-110 lbs in the hip thrust.
ADRIAN G Il y a 12 jours
Awesome. I'm certainly going to try this.
MNasty Il y a 12 jours
Coach said you’re not a powerlifting coach
Gabriel Henrique
Gabriel Henrique Il y a 12 jours
3:01 Awaken my masters!
Angela Steinkamp
Angela Steinkamp Il y a 12 jours
I am currently retraining myself to do squats properly (keeping my knees from passing my toes) b/c it is likely what has caused me to experience patellofemoral pain. In addition to the warmup hip thrusts before squats, what exercises/stretches/etc would you recommend for recovery? (I'm not working with weight right now, since I don't want to aggravate it, just bodyweight.) If you already have a resource for this or know of one that is on-point, feel free to direct me to it. Thanks!
Aditya Yerunkar
Aditya Yerunkar Il y a 12 jours
very informative!
gary priest
gary priest Il y a 13 jours
How many reps and sets
gary priest
gary priest Il y a 13 jours
I see 2sets 6-8 reps
Liz Andrew
Liz Andrew Il y a 13 jours
this is so legit.
JCmakeupMaster Il y a 13 jours
Jonathon Jones
Jonathon Jones Il y a 14 jours
What happened Jeff? You're wearing a t-shirt?
Denise Marie Johnson
Denise Marie Johnson Il y a 14 jours
I do this every time already :) love your videos, very thorough and helpful. I also have a bad knee and I definitely took your advice and stopped doing leg extensions. Made a huge difference!
Jon Luna
Jon Luna Il y a 17 jours
I love ya Jeff. But there’s no way in hell I’d ever do a hip thrust.
Rick Stewart
Rick Stewart Il y a 18 jours
Can't wait for Monday now, been trying to develop my glutes better.
BEISisICE Il y a 19 jours
Before watching this video, my guess is he is going to say, "Hang on a pullup bar for 20 seconds between sets to decompress the spine."
BEISisICE Il y a 19 jours
UPDATE: I was way wrong.
jordan sheppard
jordan sheppard Il y a 20 jours
I started saving these videos to a playlist and eventually i was just literally saving every single one. Great channel.
Luv Il y a 22 jours
2 millions people broke their dicks doing this
ToTy Stark
ToTy Stark Il y a 27 jours
Ross from friends But muscular one 😂
SuperAmazingAnt Il y a 27 jours
Timothy Haskell
Timothy Haskell Il y a 28 jours
Wake that ass up
Declan Tobin
Declan Tobin Il y a 28 jours
Thank you so much man; I feel like you’re only one of the legitimate dudes on here
pqsnet Il y a 29 jours
Oh rest assured Jeff... I do hip-trhusters every night in bed... Try that for a workout :P
PhilomathBret Il y a mois
This is a great form of birth control.
david jones
david jones Il y a mois
Getting really sick of these videos. Its more usefull to have one video that lays it all out rather than a bunch of one issue videos
ntilicki85 Il y a mois
Jeff i cant keep my feet flat on the ground when I squat. I've tried everything to fix it. My heels always lift up halfway through when I'm going down on my squat. Any suggestions for a fix?
Tj Hodgetts
Tj Hodgetts Il y a mois
ntilicki85 stretch more. In the meantime put a 2.5kilo plate under both your heels 💪🏼🤔
Brad Kays
Brad Kays Il y a mois
Jeff is a gift sent to earth from the Gods of the Gains!
Erik  Danner
Erik Danner Il y a mois
Can you make a video on hip and and ankle flexibility for squating
Sean Il y a mois
Ok thank you
MusaAbdullah425 Il y a mois
Hey Jeff, you should really do an Athlean X certification training program for trainers.
Patty Talataina
Patty Talataina Il y a mois
Thanks for tips, will try this on my next leg day. Any more tips on knee problems? Always appreciate your videos thanks.
Ramya Ram
Ramya Ram Il y a mois
How much of weight do you have to put on the bar to do hip thrusts? Is this ok for beginners-for a person who has never weight lifted before? Is there a similar way to do these hip thrusts if I don't have a gym near me?
loserxgamer Il y a mois
Put weight you can handle, hip thrusts are beginner friendly but I’d recommend only using your bodyweight(so just doing hip extension w/o a barbell) to practice first. You can just do bodyweight without a gym, progressing from more reps to leg being farther out, to single leg.
Mak Orya
Mak Orya Il y a mois
In Jeff we trust 🙏🏻
Justin Olson
Justin Olson Il y a mois
Would RDLs serve the same purpose as hip thrusts? Still posterior chain. Still eccentric load
Tony Montana
Tony Montana Il y a mois
Βut...isnt hard for the lower back ?
Jeff Ochoa
Jeff Ochoa Il y a mois
Thanks for another nice video Jeff, I've got to reach out to you I want to teach your methods
Neurtalized Il y a mois
"Hip thrust a great exercise for building glutes, also a great exercise to look like a chicc getting her panties slid off and getting pounded in the mish" dom.
Thank You
Thank You Il y a mois
Is this the crotch crunch? because that's what it looks like
Despicable Jez
Despicable Jez Il y a mois
Great video, very helpful as always. Could you do a video with alternatives for leg workouts for those of us who can't do squats or high-impact exercises? I have very bad knees, you can hear them creaking from across the room when I do squats or kneel for whatever reason. I love walking, but nowadays, if I walk for too long, I'm in pain for days afterwards, it even wakes me up in the middle of the night. The doctor suggested only a couple of resistance band exercises and swimming, no kneeling, running, walking long distances or anything that involves bending the knees until my leg muscles are strong enough to support the knee more properly. I can't spend the next 3-4 months doing the most boring resistance band exercises, I know myself, I'll simply give up and do nothing and the situtation will keep deteriorating. I've bought the max/shred training and I do most of the exercises, but these limitations are holding me back.
Kristoffer Evers
Kristoffer Evers Il y a mois
I don't understand the biomechanics in your explanations Jeff. You're saying that the glutes are too weak or not being activated enough when doing a "half" goodmorning in the concentric phase of the squat, and the lower back is taking the strain and doing the extension for you. As i know anatomy that doesn't make sense, since we have no back muscles that extend the hip. I'd actually say, by letting your upper body lean forward, allows you to decrease the strain of the quadriceps by 1: You shorten the muscle so actin and myosin easiler can contract. 2: you decrease the momentarm for the quadriceps while increasing it for the posterior chain. So i'd say the glutes actually takes more of the load when leaning forward, while the lower back is just working isometric, since it can''t do hip extension. I might be wrong, i just don't understand the biomechanics you're argumenting for.
Cgetsgains Il y a mois
Brige before squats!This is too 🔥! I just dropped a squat video on my page featuring the amazing Odeebri! Would love if you could like and comment on it! Thanks!
Navin Bisht
Navin Bisht Il y a mois
Hi, Jeff i need your help, can we do squats with the help of Dumbbells instead of barbell ? Pls answer i am eagerly waiting for your reply.
Hello Hello
Hello Hello Il y a mois
Why you look sad, jew? I wouldn't be if I had your abz.
Quarter Mile
Quarter Mile Il y a mois
guys legs are hella low-key huge!!!!
Alex Santarelli
Alex Santarelli Il y a mois
This is amazing!
Chris S
Chris S Il y a mois
anthony decarlo
anthony decarlo Il y a mois
Face pulls every workout? Even on leg day?
whocantexplain Il y a mois
Non negotiable
mynameistitch Il y a mois
Joshua Athey
Joshua Athey Il y a mois
JustLiftinBro Il y a mois
So never?
Chen young
Chen young Il y a mois
the cover is scary
James HIGHSMITH Il y a mois
Do leg press and calf raises before will not experience knee pain..when doing the exercise before squats
iM Valiant
iM Valiant Il y a mois
Yo I cannot squat at all my body doesnt want to stay straight when I'm going when ever I try I can't and I just fall complete bodyweight squats. What can I do help me squat all the way down straight ?
Average Joe
Average Joe Il y a mois
@iM Valiant You're welcome bro I hope you'll get legs built like a pro cyclist! :D (oh looks like cycling might work too! Cycle uphill for ultimate gainz I once squatted 80kg fatboy ass to the grass when I was only 55kg because I was cycling in the street every day :))
iM Valiant
iM Valiant Il y a mois
@Average Joe Much appreciated man Thank you for the help !
Average Joe
Average Joe Il y a mois
Do uphill running, ab wheels, back extensions, core exercises, lower back exercises, swimming if you can. You can also try to squat like a russian gopnik and just try to hold the position for as long as you can, try to put an arch to your back while you are in the squat. What I'm trying to say is that you need to get stronger everywhere. Being unable to do bodyweight squats is not healthy bro. Keep up the good work
Khamba Rajatdeep Singh
Short & to the point... Marvelous as always...keep up the good work man..!! Love from India💪🏻
Matthew Marquis
Matthew Marquis Il y a mois
This is great! I didn't realize my problem and now I know. Thanks!
A Aron
A Aron Il y a mois
very helpful to see a breakdown of where I go wrong with segmented lift on my last sets
Abhi Singh Thakur
Abhi Singh Thakur Il y a mois
my knowledge clashes with him
jiggamaaan Il y a mois
Will try this tomorrow. Just wanna say Jeff, you are a great PT/AT. Andvyour FRvid vids are 2nd to none. Don’t know you but I love you. Your knowledge and expertise have given me a 2nd lease in life after 3 knee surgeries and a back surgery. I feel stronger know at 35 then I ever did on my teens and 20s following your guidance. Blessings to you and yours.
Sid Mukhtadir
Sid Mukhtadir Il y a mois
Aaaah now that desynchronisation of glutes explains why I experience lower back pain from doing squats at times
granddaddyfunk Il y a mois
This is the most important exersise for men lol
Cristian Herrera
Cristian Herrera Il y a mois
Can we have a squat checklist video
BANG & BOUNCE Il y a mois
Wow!! If you like sexy indonesian come to my channel
Yinunna Il y a mois
I started hip thrusts (against a bench) before my squats a couple of weeks ago as I think my glutes were not developed enough, making my squats weak and too much forward. I am starting to see a difference in my form now and feel my glutes much more. I am glad your video shows I had the right instinct. I started banded hip thrusts yesterday and will try your way of putting the feet together. Thanks for the advice!
blackpicha Il y a mois
I've been hip thrusting for a few months now and I'm squatting an extra 40 pounds. Clearly my glutes were too weak.
NewbVsPro Il y a mois
Did Jeff just lift 240lbs with his dick?
Leigh Phillips
Leigh Phillips Il y a mois
This is a great tutorial. I will give this ago. I have terrible glute engagement. I have had hip pain when back squatting only. I use to have bad knees. I struggle with my long legs. I believe I do everything wrong he bought up.
Constructo Jay
Constructo Jay Il y a mois
I must be doing something wrong, when I do hip thrust my dick gets crushed
Gireesh Dashhare
Gireesh Dashhare Il y a mois
Fletch vang
Fletch vang Il y a mois
Is a squat of 295 lbs good? I am 5'3 and 134 lbs. Just started lifting lately
xXMr.e doodXx
xXMr.e doodXx Il y a mois
When u workout really hard and are still unattractive...this guy looks like a fish that's been on asphalt for a good 6 days. Eyes are more sunken in than all hell
Squidy Baby
Squidy Baby Il y a mois
Alton Crooks
Alton Crooks Il y a mois
What is your opinion on Belt Squats. My gym just got a Belt squat machine and I love it. My bad does not hurt at all. But am I missing development that bar squats provide.
TheGerto Il y a mois
The thumbnail looks like the start of a step brother porn video
capt loco
capt loco Il y a mois
Do you even thrust, bra?
Manish Agarwal
Manish Agarwal Il y a mois
Hi your videos give a very scientific explanation of every body movement. I like to gym and swim. Could u please recommend FRvid Swimming channels as good as yours. Your videos has saved so many from possible Gym injuries. God bless you. Even wrong Swimming strokes can result to injuries and pain. Please reply
Colin Jordan
Colin Jordan Il y a mois
You just fixed my squat ! i have ankle mobility and other stuff to work on but this just made the rest of my life so much less complicated. Thanks so much Jeff!
Jacob Nolan
Jacob Nolan Il y a mois
So if I am already doing heavy hip thrusts, should I just move them before my squats?
JR422 000
JR422 000 Il y a mois
I guess just warm up with a couple then do them normally after you’ve finished with squats
michael p
michael p Il y a mois
Always learn something new - and key - from you. I was doing these in reverse. Thanks man!!
6 Bits
6 Bits Il y a mois
In reverse, fantastic now what else is reversed? Is Jeff A man or woman?
Andi Hochsteger
Andi Hochsteger Il y a mois
Thank you so much. I'll trie it tomorrow and hope my knee pains will stop 👍👌
Jeffery 'Jeff' Jefferson
What if you crush your ballsack?
Ashwin Kerr
Ashwin Kerr Il y a mois
Jeff has the ultimate body ,watch his videos and he will help you achieve yours.Once you start believing in his channel you will slowly have a wide range of ideas to explore. Wish I could meet you if I ever could.Cheers to ATHLEAN X the all star bodybuilding channel. Your Unknown friend Ashwin Kerr
Jessica Moase
Jessica Moase Il y a mois
I love your videos!! I have gained so much knowledge and understanding of exercises from your explanations. Please keep doing them :) Question from me, I am new to compound movements with any sort of heavy weights. I'm used to muscle soreness. Until I started upping the weight on squats or trying deadlifts I've never had any back pain or tightness. How can you tell if you are sore because your technique sucks or if it's 'good pain'. I'm worried in particular about my lower back and have been paying a lot of attention to your videos about the glutes. I am desk based so definitely had a 'dead butt' at the beginning.
Xavier Vasquez
Xavier Vasquez Il y a mois
Loved it :)
KTM990WFO Il y a mois
Hey Jeff, I've been getting back into working out consistently lately and something I really want to improve on is my squat. I'm making progress but today as I started loading some decent weight onto the bar and doing my reps, I felt a moderate tweak in my back. Not my lower back, but around the middle just off to the right of my spine. It wasn't enough to cripple me or anything, but I recognize that something in my form is wrong. I'm squatting to about parallel and making sure to keep the bar movement vertical. Just not sure what's going on but I want to correct it instead of just plowing ahead and causing a more severe injury doing the road.
Vimal V
Vimal V Il y a mois
Planet Fitness is the closest gym and they got no barbells.. All Smith Machines, urgghhh
Samuel Weinzaepfel
Samuel Weinzaepfel Il y a mois
@Jeff - Does this also help to improve the deadlift?
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