Do Hannah Brown and Alan Bersten know that they're in love??

Kat Provenzano
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It's obvious that Hannah and Alan are in love with each other to everyone except maybe Hannah and Alan. Who's Peter?
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13 janv. 2020




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Commentaires 26
Ana Tangente
Ana Tangente Il y a 9 jours
I love them being inlove, its obvious😍😍😍😍😍
Macy The Artist
Macy The Artist Il y a 2 mois
It would be nice if the two of you started to realize the chemistry between is strong and give each other a reason to take this journey together I feel there so such passion
Traci Pape
Traci Pape Il y a 3 mois
I have no idea why they are not a couple??? Wish they would tell us.
Margaret Wiley
Margaret Wiley Il y a 4 mois
They would be a great couple but would probably get in the way of friendship between them
Marion Eaddie
Marion Eaddie Il y a 5 mois
yeah, their I love. can c it clearly. can't FOOL us. cute couple. I'm for it
Maritza Lloyd
Maritza Lloyd Il y a 5 mois
She is very pretty is good for peter peter and Hanna love 💞💞💞
Sandra Crider
Sandra Crider Il y a 5 mois
Hell no he gotta go hed not the one
Karen Luciani
Karen Luciani Il y a 5 mois
Don’t think she is with Peter, I think it would be impossible for anyone to watch someone they care so deeply for continue having relationships with others. Alan & her are adorable!
Cindy Dominguez
Cindy Dominguez Il y a 5 mois
Honestly, there just really good friends! What an Awesome Friendship! 😊
Kim Putnam
Kim Putnam Il y a 5 mois
Love them both
Mary Lewis
Mary Lewis Il y a 5 mois
You're so cute😍
Beverly Angermeier
Beverly Angermeier Il y a 5 mois
You can see the way Hannah looks at Alan that they are in love
LifeAffairs with Devota
Im happy if it's true she has been through alot ,with the heart breaks .
Sandra Crider
Sandra Crider Il y a 5 mois
No hanna give up on that
Sandra Crider
Sandra Crider Il y a 5 mois
Go on dancing with stars with petter... Now
Sandra Crider
Sandra Crider Il y a 5 mois
Stop being in the spot light .. Hanna go take a flight with petter again ... Hes the one for u girl u guys look great ....
Erin S.
Erin S. Il y a 5 mois
Everyone is saying Hannah and Peter should be together but if Tyler had been the Bachelor yall would be saying Hannah and Tyler should be together. She shouldn't be with either of them
Sandra Crider
Sandra Crider Il y a 5 mois
You happy right now because its all for show ... And act like its real at the moment .. Watch. U. I bet u everything in the world its all for shiw ... U can tell his tip. .. Only to win ... And thats it ... Its easy to say i love someone... And u dont look that good with him u look beter with petter..
Sandra Crider
Sandra Crider Il y a 5 mois
No hanna brown it isnt the same love that petter and u have .. Its a joke it wont last as long as u and petter will... No on the man on dancing with the stares yes on petter forwver girl go get petter
הילה כהן
הילה כהן Il y a 5 mois
How I can get a man like Alan?
Amberlyn32 Il y a 5 mois
I can't stop watching this. haha! I went through some videos of her with all the different guys on the Bachelorette and she NEVER smiled and laughed as much as she does with Alan. Don't get me wrong....she smiled, but no where near as big and real as when she's with Alan. I can see more of a connection with these two WITHOUT all the kissing etc. that she did with the Bachelorette guys. So either she loves him or she is a HUGE flirt! I'm hoping for love!!! :)
Amberlyn32 Il y a 5 mois
@Toni Frontino It was actually about 4 months from the time she got done with the Bachelorette and she started DWTS. And I never said she fell in love on day one of DWTS. 🙄 But she spent 6 or more hours a day with Alan for 3 1/2 months. They could have easily started to have feelings for each other. But either way, no need to be mean about it. Calling people naive and saying Hannah sucks is uncalled for.
Toni Frontino
Toni Frontino Il y a 5 mois
Big flirt, let me ask you a question, how was she in love with at least 2 bachelor and 2 weeks later in love with this guy? Come on are you that naive? She sucks.
Beverly Angermeier
Beverly Angermeier Il y a 5 mois
I hope so too because they are really good together
Karen Morgan
Karen Morgan Il y a 6 mois
It's a Wow from me. They just make us Smile 🌹
Evangeline Arcilla
Evangeline Arcilla Il y a 6 mois
They dont mean to be in love ,but they really are. they just denied it. Accidentally in love. The way we look at it, Alan and Hannah are more in love than Alan and Alexis Ren before. just our opinion
Amberlyn32 Il y a 6 mois
I love this so much! I don't know why i am so invested in finding out if they are together!? haha! I guess the chemistry just seems so real and genuine. I seriously just love these two!!! And honestly, they are both such great people who seem to truly be best friends, which is how any great romance should start. :) I SOOOO hope that after the dust settles with The Bachelor and the DWTS tour, that they will finally be able to tell the world that they are in love!!!
Janneth2211 Il y a 6 mois
What a couple 😍😍 they just make me smile
Kay Heizman
Kay Heizman Il y a 6 mois
They know😉
Anita Tillotson
Anita Tillotson Il y a 6 mois
Love it!
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