DJ D-Wrek Gets Burned Again, And Again, And Again | Wild 'N Out | MTV

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Everybody takes their shots at DJ D-Wrek in this week’s edition of Hood Jeopardy. Thursdays at 11/10c on MTV!
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Wild 'N Out is your home for freestyle comedy. Watch as Nick Cannon and an A-list celebrity lead a team of improv comedians in a battle to see who’s the best.
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15 févr. 2018




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Commentaires 286
silentx mirage
silentx mirage Il y a 25 jours
Whats the white girl name
Joshua Russell
Joshua Russell Il y a 26 jours
If Chico does that laugh, you know it's over
period_pooh 123
period_pooh 123 Il y a 27 jours
chico had me weak 😂😂😂!
Pamela Jett
Pamela Jett Il y a mois
I love the show especially my men DC Karlous Chico and Emmanuel!❤❤❤❤💋💋⭐
Isaiah _2335
Isaiah _2335 Il y a mois
Are we gonna talk about how he gave Chico a buzzer but was laughing
Tonya Harris
Tonya Harris Il y a mois
Chico Bean...😍😍❤❤
pops pops
pops pops Il y a 3 mois
That should been a bell
Princess The HairSavior
Andrew Pacan
Andrew Pacan Il y a 4 mois
Dj my back 😂😂😂
gladiator 1
gladiator 1 Il y a 4 mois
Da'Shawn Vass
Da'Shawn Vass Il y a 4 mois
What is : He’s a Phantom
William Jeffries
William Jeffries Il y a 4 mois
Daily Gaming
Daily Gaming Il y a 4 mois
Dj dwrek sang the danny phantom song😂
Papa TV
Papa TV Il y a 4 mois
What is the title of the game that they push the buzzer?
Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith Il y a 5 mois
0:42 Started at the bottom and I’m still there😂😂
Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith Il y a 5 mois
0:14: dj AARP presents ahhh my back😂😂
2themoon Il y a 6 mois
What could have been one: What is, “Mine sells more than Nick Cannon’s!”
Zaria Bryant
Zaria Bryant Il y a 6 mois
“Ahh speed up big man.” 😂😂😂😂😂😂
King Allen
King Allen Il y a 6 mois
What is Nick Cannon Presents: A N-Credible Production of The Guy Who Pushes Buttons on Wild 'N Out???
Swipa AC Empire
Swipa AC Empire Il y a 6 mois
Katherine Wade
Katherine Wade Il y a 6 mois
CHERYL R. GAY Il y a 6 mois
I 💘 💘 💘 LOVE DJ D WRECK😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Amanda Doyle
Amanda Doyle Il y a 7 mois
Please Nick do more hood jeopardy. I can’t stop laughing
Jerrell Warren
Jerrell Warren Il y a 7 mois
You juss gone keep laughing at Chico shit but buzzing it ?... Hater. You mad they laughing. 😂😭😂😭😭😭
Dwight Chatman
Dwight Chatman Il y a 7 mois
What’s wild n out song outro
DeVonte Easby
DeVonte Easby Il y a 7 mois
DJ AARP Presents😭😂
Maya Mcdaniel
Maya Mcdaniel Il y a 8 mois
what is started at the bottom and I'm still there
Jerrell Warren
Jerrell Warren Il y a 9 mois
That's how you know he's a hater because he was laughing at Chico's joke his self
Raxmo Mohamed
Raxmo Mohamed Il y a 10 mois
Anime Lab
Anime Lab Il y a 10 mois
Chico bean so funny I pead my pance watching this with laughter
Tony N
Tony N Il y a 11 mois
karlous one was the best
Mia Salazar
Mia Salazar Il y a 11 mois
I thought of one what is turning into nick cannon
Ju 215
Ju 215 Il y a 11 mois
click link 🔥🔥
Ju 215
Ju 215 Il y a 11 mois
click link 🔥🔥
RealTakerslady Il y a 11 mois
Lol DJ D Wrek been getting them Wildin’ Out coins for bout 10 years, good for him
Cruz zone
Cruz zone Il y a 11 mois
Wat is nick cannon alblum
Absolutely Nobody
How about started from the bottom and i’m still there
Unknown_. Weirdo
They took Karlous out or something and he had the most best roast 👏😧
Alexander Kreft
Alexander Kreft Il y a an
i've been watching dj d-wrek getting roasted for like 3 days straight and shit is still funny😂
jspreezy Il y a an
Ah my back! Haha episode was funny
Natalie Reed
Natalie Reed Il y a an
Joy C
Joy C Il y a an
"Started from the bottom and I'm still there" 😂😂😭😭
luis angel trives rapado
Dj D-.wrek laughs at chico
Kionna Crawford
Kionna Crawford Il y a an
He hate chico
Destiney Matthews
He stay hatin on Chico 😂
Empire22 Il y a an
*what is that outro song called*
Gmg_jay 89
Gmg_jay 89 Il y a an
Umair Khan
Umair Khan Il y a an
chico always roasting d wrek
Pratik Sharma
Pratik Sharma Il y a an
Anybody knows what is that song at the end in all of these videos?
Dj my knee😂😂😂😂 Dj ah my back😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Triple P
Triple P Il y a an
That’s is funny and D-Wreck was laughing. Why a buzz, it should be a bell next time.
Queen B
Queen B Il y a an
Who was the guest?
Jaelen Armstrong
Karlous killed me ☠️☠️☠️☠️😂😂😂😂😂😂
Beck Gappy
Beck Gappy Il y a an
Fire song on SoundCloud called block ops😂🔥🔥
TheLookatit Il y a an
28 did someone say hurry up?
McKayla Danielle
Where’s Bardi gang at? Get her Bardi on the show
McKayla Danielle
No ones safe 😭
Ace Melv
Ace Melv Il y a an
The second one was funnier
GhettoWizard Il y a an
Brandon Kerandi
Brandon Kerandi Il y a an
olman palomo
olman palomo Il y a an
I feel sad for dj