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I visited the happiest place on earth Disneyland! Disneyland is known for its attractions and rides, but I didn't go there for that. I went to go on a food adventure to see what best and worst foods they served in Disneyland. After touring the food stalls at the park, I had to get some real dinner because eating the food at the park didn't fill me up as much. So I went to eat some Chinese food at one of my favorite restaurants in San Gabriel.
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12 mars 2019




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Commentaires 4 077
bibou Plays
bibou Plays Il y a 9 minutes
All the pineapple stuff looked so appetizing
Namhart Elkor
Namhart Elkor Il y a 30 minutes
Would love to see you come to the Texas Renaissance Festival (biggest Ren Fest in the country) and try the food. Turkey leg is always a classic!
Cesaire Chase
Cesaire Chase Il y a heure
I'm loving the Disneyland theme music!
jay sullivan
jay sullivan Il y a heure
Do people watch this pessimist? ‘It’s okay.’ ‘It’s hard to mess this up; it’s alright.’ ‘It’s not bad. It’s the best thing I’ve had all day.’ Wow, great compliments!
linda yi
linda yi Il y a heure
This was a legit Disneyland food review! Thank you!
Hanah Henderson
Hanah Henderson Il y a heure
Can you try out the food in epcot (for authenticity)?
rachel schemel
rachel schemel Il y a heure
Pickle and Turkey leg, I think you're pregnant.
Yo-Fam Il y a 2 heures
Disneyland is a scam
Austin Lewis
Austin Lewis Il y a 2 heures
Jeremy Jacobs
Jeremy Jacobs Il y a 3 heures
go to disney world during the food and wine festival!
ari k
ari k Il y a 3 heures
I’ve Never been to Disney.... one day🙌🏼
mynameis bob
mynameis bob Il y a 3 heures
finally going to Disney world for Christmas, cant wait
u h u r t m e b u t i s t i l l l o v e u
Hes said better things about 7/11
Shawn Goodson
Shawn Goodson Il y a 4 heures
The kabobs looked the best to me... BTW, you're not supposed to use a fork when you eat fried chicken LOL
Saul Garcia
Saul Garcia Il y a 5 heures
Total spent on food? Total about 1000 bucks
Berserker Il y a 5 heures
damn those food in Disneyland is Hella Expensive!
ZeroMyHero Il y a 5 heures
Chili bread bowl on main street is also very delicious after a long day. ♡ maybe the food is always made to serve 80k people a day.. but it's always a little magical.
Oceanstalker Il y a 5 heures
Ah... I remember the turkey leg. X3
unnamed af
unnamed af Il y a 5 heures
This food is fantastic for ppl who are starving not just hungry
Project Create
Project Create Il y a 6 heures
"This tastes really really just okay" lol
djernie808 Il y a 6 heures
“ this thing taste sweeter than my mom”... I’m dying lol 😂🤣🤣🤣
Emily Inman
Emily Inman Il y a 6 heures
Interesting review, but do you go to Disneyland for the food.??
Mace Windu
Mace Windu Il y a 7 heures
See how that f****** Nazi Disney profits off the people ten bucks for a f****** corn dog butts that corn dog cost like $0.89 to make
Miguel Lopez
Miguel Lopez Il y a 7 heures
My family never ate at amusement parks cuz they're overpriced 😂 I was always jealous of ppl who did eat in park but seeing this... now I'm glad we always went out to some restaurant instead
Fireurchin Productions
Fireurchin Productions Il y a 8 heures
If there's no Mickey, it ain't disney
zach way
zach way Il y a 9 heures
Haha I love your channel mate
PRINCESS & DANE TV Il y a 10 heures
Just go to Japan Disneyland it’s worth it!!!😅
XGC REPO Il y a 10 heures
I remember when I was younger the food quality was way higher than present day. Its a shame that places like Disneyland have sacrificed quality to save a few bucks while at the same time overpricing their food. The Blue Bayou was always my go to and I do have to say that Ive been lucky enough to have been invited by a Club 33 member to eat there with them and the food quality was the best in the park (Probably because of the cost of membership). Not sure if Club 33's quality had drop since then, but unfortunately it wouldn't surprise me if it had.
Joshua octobers
Joshua octobers Il y a 11 heures
For me majority of the foods are not that good and also so expensive :/
Awali Fikry
Awali Fikry Il y a 11 heures
I never know jackie chan so into food
Satwik G
Satwik G Il y a 12 heures
Heyheywill Il y a 12 heures
my dude really ate a feast at the end
hempwhatnot Il y a 12 heures
Food probably is just okay because Disney doesn’t pay that well.
Jett Halili
Jett Halili Il y a 12 heures
I remember him saying he’s not a sweets guy in older videos. Liar liar pants on fire
j1ltoy Il y a 13 heures
10$ for a corndog? no thanks
tony Il y a 13 heures
Sam Cha
Sam Cha Il y a 13 heures
A lot of Disney foods are disappointing. Some of my favorites are in Downtown Disney and not in the parks. I like the fruity pebbles churro at California Churro and the Ham and Cheese Panini at La Brea Bakery. Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Cafe has really good beignets, but I never tried the Mickey ones.
htenkable p
htenkable p Il y a 14 heures
Last time I went there the food was super expensive for what you got
Branden Nguyen
Branden Nguyen Il y a 14 heures
Growing up in a middle class family, my mom told me this: “you live only once, and when you’re splurging on vacation, you splurge on everything.”
Cristal Valencia
Cristal Valencia Il y a 15 heures
Does he go alone to all these places ???
Channa Taylor
Channa Taylor Il y a 16 heures
I love this!!!
Naomi De La Cruz
Naomi De La Cruz Il y a 16 heures
my son can eat the plum churro!!!! yay!
Naomi De La Cruz
Naomi De La Cruz Il y a 16 heures
so glad I watched going to Disneyland in 2 weeks! got some yummy food to try :)
AHR 42
AHR 42 Il y a 16 heures
FTR the food at disney hotels tends to be a lot better in my experience. Not Amazing but definitely outpaces the themepark food.
Rocío Sartelli
Rocío Sartelli Il y a 16 heures
"I need a bigger mouth" 😂
robert brown
robert brown Il y a 17 heures
17 dollars for 3 pieces of dry chicken and a scoop of mashed potatoes
Sophia Lee
Sophia Lee Il y a 17 heures
I wish I saw u there 😭
garrybarrygirl Il y a 17 heures
I bet they make millions daily
Peter Tran
Peter Tran Il y a 17 heures
What most people outside of SoCal don't get is that Disneyland is not part of Los Angeles. It's in the city of Anaheim which is part of Orange County
Alejandra Cruz Fuentes.
Alejandra Cruz Fuentes. Il y a 18 heures
The masons do it again!! Club 33, that was necessary? poor guys.😁🐍🔼
Stephon Brooks
Stephon Brooks Il y a 18 heures
subscribe to Stephon Can Eat!!!!
Dare Jones
Dare Jones Il y a 19 heures
Don't live in America so I'm glad to watch this
Aca Edlabu
Aca Edlabu Il y a 19 heures
Where do u put all of those food and still get a crave for 5 course meal after Disney?lol you're a legend! I wish I can have the same endurance and remain fit!
Arii MSP
Arii MSP Il y a 19 heures
You should’ve got the grey stuff twist based on beauty and the beast
Jesus Delgado
Jesus Delgado Il y a 19 heures
prices ruin appetites!
Chris Camacho
Chris Camacho Il y a 20 heures
Disneyland the most expensive place on earth....
Xenzorg Il y a 20 heures
Chinese people didn't invent forks lol
anarchism Il y a 20 heures
and that's why disney sucks :/
MrTommyboy357 Il y a 20 heures
Eating potato chips to offset the grease of the corn dog, LOL!
DOINK Il y a 20 heures
SinimonPatcake Playz
SinimonPatcake Playz Il y a 21 heure
Tbh they all look good!
PyroOF Il y a 21 heure
California Adventures food is so much better!
Smitty4 Il y a 21 heure
Disney World > Disney Land
Kuron :p
Kuron :p Il y a 22 heures
The Asian jumped out in the turkey leg scene
Jimmy Swenson
Jimmy Swenson Il y a 22 heures
Dude I'm genuinely amazed at how much you can eat
Erika Bodlak
Erika Bodlak Il y a 23 heures
You have to try the tomatoe soup and grilled cheese and their raspberry macaroons!
Dana Marie
Dana Marie Il y a 23 heures
Did you film this prior to posting??? Candy can and holiday churros?? It’s March ?!
Archangel Host
Archangel Host Il y a 23 heures
That last meal though lol he really went in after over priced food 😂 cant blame you
Ellen Dexter
Ellen Dexter Il y a jour
U spent like 1000 on food alone lol too expensive n overrated, im good.
Corissa Dorethy
Corissa Dorethy Il y a jour
Dole Whip float, just ok? Blasphemous ! haha
Michael Breckshot the Soldierhog
Hey, Mike. Try the food at California Adventure next time
Keith Anderson
Keith Anderson Il y a jour
Food looks over priced and underwhelming!
Nicholas Mastro
Nicholas Mastro Il y a jour
4 dollar pickle probably costs 20 cents to make
Nicholas Mastro
Nicholas Mastro Il y a jour
Those prices are INSANE
Matthew Jaeger
Matthew Jaeger Il y a jour
Simple food will always be the best and a great value for money
Sothary Nham
Sothary Nham Il y a jour
Aww...just missed you. Was there just yesterday. The food was...bleh . The only thing I probably enjoy was the desert at River Belle Terrace. I believed it's called Cookie butter Monkey bread. The food was just so dry or had too much bread. Pack your own lunch better or wait to eat out unless you're willing to spend over 100.
cristina solano
cristina solano Il y a jour
Way over price... It's ridiculous!
0202 pmurT
0202 pmurT Il y a jour
Wow what a racist
Angelique Quick
Angelique Quick Il y a jour
*bang-ayy* *bayonnaise* *benèt* Lolll it's *ben-yay*
Cynthia Hernandez
Cynthia Hernandez Il y a 19 heures
Angelique Quick lol I was looking for this comment!! Definitely Ben-yays 😂
Angelique Quick
Angelique Quick Il y a jour
The turkey legs at the Renaissance festival where I live (in Texas) SO MOIST, TENDER, JUICY 😭😩
ExiaAvalancheMkII Il y a jour
wtf 10 dollars just for a stick of corndog
Pied Piper
Pied Piper Il y a jour
"If you're paying 11 dollars for a turkey.. you are finishing it!" I CAN RELATE TO THAT 😂😂🤣🤣
KT LoveBTS Il y a jour
Always watch his food reviews !! The biggest foodie !!!! I swear Disneyland is legit so magical❤️ when you gotta say bye to Disneyland 😭
Sahil King
Sahil King Il y a jour
We need *Gordon Ramsay* to go a rampage by reviewing foods in Disneyland!
Ashleigh Jankowski
Ashleigh Jankowski Il y a jour
"How about we go grab some dinner" HHOOOWWWW??? Where are you putting it????
The rides amazing! The food is um... okay.
Jason McAllister
Jason McAllister Il y a jour
Anaheim my hometown
Mai Her
Mai Her Il y a jour
I pack my bologna n cheese sandwiches to Disneyland and it still tastes way btr
April Parchment
April Parchment Il y a jour
If you come to Disney world in Orlando need to hit me up!! Plus we have great noodles out here if no one told you!!
Myucel Il y a jour
wow.. just pick one of the menu, and the price is equal to my 3 meals a day + drinks.. looking at those prices really reminded me of how broke i am
Kukay Lim
Kukay Lim Il y a jour
He did not enjoy it at all. 🤣🤣
ansyzzz Il y a jour
the chinese food u had in the end look tastier than all of the disneyworld food combined
breadface 202
breadface 202 Il y a jour
I'm not gonna hug Mickey.
Adam S
Adam S Il y a jour
Great video I’ve had the turkey leg in Florida Disney they were terrible but loved the dole whip
Deamon Castle
Deamon Castle Il y a jour
Kno, what, Mike? I'm glad to have waded through that day of mostly mediocre foods to get that last shot of twinkling music and comfort food. That was lovely.
Michael Bjerke
Michael Bjerke Il y a jour
Try the food around Epcot
David Male
David Male Il y a jour
Don’t go to Disney land for the food srsly - I have a Tokyo pass and it’s always be meh and not really price worthy
Phan Ngoc Huong
Phan Ngoc Huong Il y a jour
I like this video and I hope to have a change try this food in Disneyland.
Alondra Velasquez
Alondra Velasquez Il y a jour
I go for the food too lol 😂 gotta love me some churros and a dole whip
Grouchy Dude
Grouchy Dude Il y a jour
You are over-priced!
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