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Our First time to discover and explore Baguio, we were amazed at how cold and beautiful this place was! Colorful buildings and flowers everywhere! Definitely one of my favorite cities in the Philippines now! Also spent a short time in Sagada to see the hanging coffins! See that at the end of the vlog!
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Philippines Travel Vlog #96 Amerikanong Bisaya!



23 mai 2019




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Commentaires 80
Bisayang Hilaw
Bisayang Hilaw Il y a an
Maayong Buntag Mga Besh Mga Bai! What's your favorite city in all the Philippines?
Angel ÆY
Angel ÆY Il y a 4 mois
Naga city cam sur bicol. Laag nya didto caloy, ako bahala sa motor ug balay 💪
jerald empig
jerald empig Il y a 7 mois
davao del sur
KAKUSA JEFF Il y a 7 mois
Idol hilaw bisitaha ang north side sa cebu😍😍
Lanibel Aguto
Lanibel Aguto Il y a 9 mois
Robert Alolino
Robert Alolino Il y a 10 mois
Baguio the best..destination..So far.
pennelope crasher
pennelope crasher Il y a mois
hope youll last forever you both good heart..
Chito Rodica
Chito Rodica Il y a 3 mois
I love this lady Zowie, lucky Caloy
Angielou Abarico
Angielou Abarico Il y a 4 mois
Nice one Brad caloy...amping kanunay bisan asa mong duha..
Joram Rara
Joram Rara Il y a 6 mois
Hi idol
Krstyl Padua
Krstyl Padua Il y a 6 mois
caloy and zowie is very generous specially to kids :)
earl garcia
earl garcia Il y a 7 mois
I hope i will see you bisayang hilaw im from cebu im your fan haha idol kaayu tika bai!
zan zy
zan zy Il y a 7 mois
Zowie super inlove kay bisayang hilaw...
zan zy
zan zy Il y a 7 mois
You should have visited tamawan village in quezon hill baguio city
KAKUSA JEFF Il y a 7 mois
Hi guys pinuntahan namin yan ganda pala talaga tamang tama si idol hilaw😍😍 ipopost din namin yung video namin soon sana bisitahin nyo rin channel ko THANK YOU😍😍
Mark Freakz
Mark Freakz Il y a 9 mois
Calowie adto mo didto sa samal
Mark Freakz
Mark Freakz Il y a 9 mois
#Tatakteamspartan #teamcaloy #teamzowie #Calowie
Mark Freakz
Mark Freakz Il y a 9 mois
I like kuya caloy at ate zowie Kumusta ate zowie
Peachy 2470 peach
Peachy 2470 peach Il y a 9 mois
Hey guys zowie she as a good heart and pretty ❤❤❤
Enrique Guillarte
Enrique Guillarte Il y a 9 mois
Caloy is so lucky zoey is the most beautiful flower under the ☀
mary harrington
mary harrington Il y a 9 mois
Place I once called home baguio city at camp 8 kennon rd. I miss it there
Ronaldo Antillon
Ronaldo Antillon Il y a 10 mois
Beautiful girl friend
Angelo Tiotangco
Angelo Tiotangco Il y a 10 mois
Grabe walang Arte zowie sobrang gwapa pa, astig bai.🤘💪
Ed Crescini
Ed Crescini Il y a 10 mois
gigantic ang eyebag ni Zoey :p
Nani Gagatam
Nani Gagatam Il y a 10 mois
Kadto kmu bacolod calowie oi!!
Robert Alolino
Robert Alolino Il y a 10 mois
Very nice video...mga Bai mga Besh...Astig sa lamig..gitugnaw si Caloy... ..
sunflower vlogs
sunflower vlogs Il y a 10 mois
caloy ganahon jod ko makakita nimo oi . okay ba mudung ka ani sa balay namo og manayaw ta og budots inig September 29, 2019 kay birthday ni papa
jeay ssa
jeay ssa Il y a 10 mois
ano po title ng song and artist sa part po ng 5:41
Panabla Il y a 10 mois
Caloy's Tagalog has already touch of Visayan accent. Nakakatuwa
roman Orio
roman Orio Il y a 11 mois
Dala unta ka drone kuya caloy
Nep Jam
Nep Jam Il y a 11 mois
Caloy ug Zowie new fan here, 😍
Daadaa Punongbayan
Daadaa Punongbayan Il y a 11 mois
Yung mata
jr Gallego
jr Gallego Il y a 11 mois
Idol caloy 😄😄😄😄😄😄
jbass66 Il y a 11 mois
My late grandmother was from Baguio. She survived Japanese occupation and then immigrated to the US after the war. She spoke often of Baguio and it's beauty. Thanks for the video.
jbass66 Il y a 11 mois
3:28 CC Translation - I'm a common tomato road for hamburger. LOL
Roselle Oliva
Roselle Oliva Il y a 11 mois
Mga Bro Ito ganitong babae pinaka mahirap hanapin,,, Swerte ni paring Caloy 😊
Carmelita Marquina
Carmelita Marquina Il y a 11 mois
Ganda ni inday zowie good luck ingat god bless
Mangelin Kamugo
Mangelin Kamugo Il y a an
Sayang walay drone Bai.. naka Anha nako Bai caloy.. gikan pako general Ni Anha ko.. so sweet mo'ng duha tanawun.. nagbangka bangka me dinha sa burham park.. sadya kaayu Bai caloy
Robert Alolino
Robert Alolino Il y a an
Its more fun in BOHOL try to visit Caloy & Zowie you learn alot of a nice places made by natures specially in town of CARMEN & SAGBAYAN some other places its the way
electrical techn.
idol bisayang hilaw nice partner your grlfrnd is mix...fill am hajaha...beutyfull lady nice bro...
Neil Tinga
Neil Tinga Il y a an
ka sweet ba oi!!
ryan masicampo
ryan masicampo Il y a an
Punta kayo molo polo beach sa liloan southern leyte
Carmelita Marquina
Hi caloy at zowie bagay kayo dalawa ang ganda ganda ni zowie
Glenn Delito
Glenn Delito Il y a an
Bai caloy adto mo diri sa polomolok nindot mga view pineapple plantation
Amaro Opeña
Amaro Opeña Il y a an
Mga bai Ka gwapa ba ne Zowie....bagay mo duha....❤❤❤❤❤
World Tech HD
World Tech HD Il y a an
sige raman tag tingsi mag sa inyo vlog caloy.. haha
Random Videos
Random Videos Il y a an
5:43 perfect kaau ang shot ba gwapa kaayo madam zowie
rensgar garcia
rensgar garcia Il y a an
Bisaya na jud ko kaayo caloy.... Always take care and your beautiful gir friend
Luzon Archives
Luzon Archives Il y a an
Kulas is here in Baguio a few weeks ago also...
Gazzer Sports Entertainment
Damn! My crush zowie was taken 💔 it's okay I know caloy takes care ms zowie
Rex Bueno
Rex Bueno Il y a an
Kailn mo papasyal sa inyo c zowei ipakilala mo sa parents and relatives..😊😊😊
AJ Ferns FAMILY Il y a an
nindot kaayo ang lugar ba taga Bohol ko bisaya kaajong dako hehehe
Rico Gutierrez
Rico Gutierrez Il y a an
Caloy & Zowie, you should've visited the vegetarian resto Oh My Gulay along Session Road. It's such an interesting place where you can take great pictures for your respective Instagram accounts. Sayang.
Christopher Francis Faustino
Try to dine in Cafe by the ruins...old japanese bunker.
Christopher Francis Faustino
There are nice place to in Baguio such as Mines view park, wright park, burnham park, Camp John Hay (US base).
Emilie C123
Emilie C123 Il y a an
Hello Caloy and Zowie musta kayo ? nasa Baguio maganda yng bagiuo. Enjoy lng kayo maraming magandang view dyan pasyalan nyo. Ingat kayo.2 at God bless..
Marvin pogi
Marvin pogi Il y a an
M A X B E A T S Il y a an
Adto nya mo sirao caloy nindut sd didto naa sa Cebu didto Busay
Stormy Jack
Stormy Jack Il y a an
the slippery snake whitey finally got her for himself...typical snake..
Earlmonroe Llavore
hehehehehehehe.... der ang imung mesh garments ning guwa.....
Maida Quesada
Maida Quesada Il y a an
inlab na gyud si kaluy uy!😊
Reina Mae Lachemulala
Lalaki na kapariho nimo Kuya Caloy... 💝Okay na nako.
Neil Baawa
Neil Baawa Il y a an
big mistake not all baguio is the location jaja
irish lyn
irish lyn Il y a an
Pagbiglang tingen ni Caloy looks like Redford white hihi
lauraregina Il y a an
loved your vlog, my vlog on the other just kinda turned into a mukbang haha👼🏻
Joyce Chavez
Joyce Chavez Il y a an
the girl looks like belle daza gosh i cant unsee it
Rhomy TV
Rhomy TV Il y a an
Mga ka emal na small youtuber gaksa ko gakson sad tamo hehe comment lng kung humana pra balsanay lngta.
what ever kids studio
Caloy said babe to zowie
Maying Cornel
Maying Cornel Il y a an
Pagka nindot sa sunflower! Pero mas nindot jud si zowie 😘😘😘 Kinsay gusto ug sub to sub dha 😊😊😊
Bibing Madar
Bibing Madar Il y a an
laag pd Dre sa Davao caloy
NIELMER degano
NIELMER degano Il y a an
Whui uyab congrats sweet kaayu..from Zamboanga city here..laag laag sad mo dri sa LATIN CITY
stupid freak
stupid freak Il y a an
kaloy pa tuloga pud na c zoey! dagko na kau cyag eyebag! hahah
wander marj vlog
@xjwg watch like and subscribe. Thanks @kalon barak
Masir Jailang
Masir Jailang Il y a an
Ilove your Vlogs with Zowie😍
Raymund Cueco Barot
Zoew is so cute.. Bai swertiha nimo..
Rj gerado
Rj gerado Il y a an
sayang wala ta nagkita sa baguio pero i enjoy niyo lang baguio godbless sa inyo caloy💕
Dianne Jol Hermosilla
Caloy pls visit SOUTHERN LEYTE
Aiswanya Joyce
Aiswanya Joyce Il y a an
Lucid Ducil
Lucid Ducil Il y a an
Tagalog mo dira bai o English. Lisod mn pd mg bisaya mo dira haahaha
Lemz Adane
Lemz Adane Il y a an
Tarzan goes to Philippines
queenbee's corner
I love going to Baguio City.. and La Union... thanks for sharing your Baguio and Sagada adventure... I haven't been to Sagada yet..
mary harrington
mary harrington Il y a an
My home town...welcome to baguio city I miss it there so much.
Annabelle Marie
Annabelle Marie Il y a an
Gi unsa nimu pagkahibalo mu sulti ug bisaya?
I Am Happy And I Deserve It
How come her eyebags swollen on this video?
Marjorie Günzel
Wow. Pa shout-out po Caloy. Watching from Germany